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Events and our Leicestershire Heritage Apples news are on our Leicester Heritage Apples page. Note that we put updates at the TOP.


COSBY, APPLE DAY, 23 Oct 2021
If you are interested in tasting unusual varieties of apple and one or two of our own seedlings, including redfleshed, head for Cosby on Sunday 23rd October, 12.00-1530. Our venue is the Methodist Church on Park Rd. On show will be a large display of apples, plus a wide selection of apple cakes and other recipes to sample. There will also be about twenty types of single-variety apple jams to try and to buy, of different colours and flavours - everything from Scarlet Surprise to Laxton's Fortune and George's Red.

15 Oct 2021

Apple Tasting 1, 10 Aug 2021: Earlies
Apple Tasting 2, 28 Aug 2021: More earlies
Apple Tasting 3, 10 Sep 2021: Early midseason
Apple Tasting 4, 21 Sep 2021: Midseason
Apple Tasting 5, 7 Oct 2021: Later Midseason

Scores for 21 Sept 2021.

Our first apple tasting of the year took place on 10 Aug with Julie Drake - the first we have done since the chaos of 2020. The link for it is below; we hope to do more soon.
Apple Tasting 1, 10 Aug 2021: Earlies

12 Aug 2021

Sorry for the long silence, but it's been a while since things were normal.

At long last it seems that the dratted China virus is on the run and we can participate in apple events again. At the present time we have four apple days planned, where we will host apple tastings. These will be at Leicester University Botanical Garden, Cotesbach Hall, Donisthorpe orchard and Cosby Methodist Church (hall at the back).

Dates are listed on our Leicester Heritage Apples page . Times will be listed later. Generally they're 10-ish or 11-ish until late afternoon.

3 Aug 2021

An old favourite from way back (2012) - but worth showing again: interesting article on modern apple inbreeding and how this is causing susceptibility to disease. By Hans-Joachim Bannier, originally published in Erwerbs-Obstbau Volume 52, 2011, Numbers 3-4, 85-110, DOI: 10.1007/s10341-010-0113-4; translated into English by Reinhard Schomberg-Klee & Nigel Deacon of 'Diversity' and republished by permission.

10 Feb 2021

I am being sent some late apple varieties from the hedgerows by some interested collectors. These are types which have derived from pips and which hang on the trees until New Year or later. Most are unremarkable but a few are good.

Apples which remain on the tree as long as this generally store well. It must be said however that up to about mid-Jan, they store better on the tree than they do in a box.

10 Feb 2021

Coronavirus is still affecting the whole country, which is under lockdown as I type this. However the vaccine rollout has started - very rapidly - and there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. We are hoping that apple events will become possible later in the year.

1 Feb 2021

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