Ukraine: Amulet

This is a Ukrainian apple, with beautiful appearance and flavour. It is a few days later than Discovery and of a similar size, but more spherical in shape.

The flavour is of the same type as Discovery but is higher up the flavour spectrum; the lower notes of Discovery (which become prominent on storing Discovery for a few days) and the strong rose-like aroma are absent.

The blossom is unusually large and beautiful; perhaps this is the origin of the apple's name. The clusters of flowers, so large that they might be triploid, look like circular jewelled bracelets in the sunshine.

The second apple picture shows Amulet on the left; Discovery on the right (for scale).

I tested a freshly picked apple for vitamin C content: 4.5 mg per 100g fruit; relatively low.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):





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