Amanda Dalton Radio Plays

02.03.21 The Ventriloquist's Dummy
15.03.20 The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, by Carson McCullers, dram.
29.04.18 The Aspern Papers, by Henry James, dram.
31.03.15 Three Soldiers
16.02.08 Spellbound*
18.07.07 Second Chances
17.06.04 Beneath Dry Land* (with Alan Southgate)
19.05.04 No Harm*
13.03.03 Lost In Space*
30.08.00 Desire Lines
28.10.98 Room of Leaves*

Date not known:

Her Things*
I Ran For Miles*


2 Mar 21: The Ventriloquist's Dummy
By Amanda Dalton. We've all had an unconscious 'gut feeling' from time to time. There's a reason for it; some of the feel-good hormones in the body are actually secreted by the gut. And no-one seems to know what's wrong with Jess. Apart from the gut, that is. This drama-doc looks at the relationship between mind and body, the mysterious wisdom of the gut, and the history of ventriloquism. Jess.....Christine Bottomley, Eurycles.....Sanjeev Bhaskar, The Gut.....Meera Syal. Programme Consultant Dr Nick Read. Producer: Nadia Molinari

15 Mar 20: Classic Serial: The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, 1
By Carson McCullers (novel, The Lonely Hunter), dram Amanda Dalton. The story is set in a small mill town in the 1930s in the middle of the Deep South. Mick Kelly is a tomboy who loves music and dreams of buying a piano. John, a lonely deaf-mute, comes to stay as a lodger in Mick's house; no-one knows where he's from. People who live in the town are drawn towards his kind, sympathetic nature. Mick Kelly .... Coco Green, Bubber ..... Aaron Gelkoff, John Singer ..... David Bower, Biff Brannon ..... Michael S. Siegel, Jake Blount ..... Andonis Anthony, Alice Brannon ..... Laurel Lefkow, Portia Jones ..... Anna Jobarteh, Dr Benedict Copeland ..... Delroy Brown, Etta Kelly ..... Lily Green, Willie Copeland ..... Tachia Newal, Harry Minowitz ..... Eric Sirakian. Producer: Susan Roberts. BBC, Drama North.

    Ep.2, 22 Mar 20:
    Kelly loves music and dreams of buying a piano. The owner of the café where John Singer eats every day is an angry socialist drunkard; a frustrated black doctor. Singer is this man's silent confidante, and he helps others in a similar way. He in changes their disenchanted lives in ways they could never imagine. Mick Kelly ..... Coco Green Bubber ..... Aaron Gelkoff John Singer ..... David Bower Biff Brannon ..... Michael S. Siegel Jake ..... Andonis Anthony Portia ..... Anna Jobarteh Dr Benedict Copeland ..... Delroy Brown Etta ..... Lily Green Willie Copeland/Deputy Sheriff ..... Tachia Newall Harry Minowitz ..... Eric Sirakian. Dramatised by Amanda Dalton; produced by Susan Roberts.

29 Apr 18: Classic Serial: The Aspern Papers
By Henry James, dramatised by Amanda Dalton. Described in RT as a novella of deceit and obsession, set in Venice. The Editor: Zubin Varia, Juliana: Sian Phiillipos, Tina: Julia Routhwaite, Mrs. Prest: Susan Twist, Henry James: John Lynch. Producers: Gary Brown and Nadia Molinari.

31 Mar 15: Three Soldiers
By Amanda Dalton. The play is about the lives of three Mancunian 15-year olds who have all been affected by war in different ways. Refugee Angel was forced to become a child soldier. Ryan is a reserved boy who wants to join the army. Carly is a troubled teen with an unhappy home life. They meet at Ryan's hideaway just off a riverside path. Angel: Marlene Madenge, Ryan: Ben Ryan Davies, Carly: Shannon Flynn, Police officer: Chris Jack, Social worker/police officer operator: Verity-May Henry. Produced by Susan Roberts.

Saturday Play, 16 Feb 08. Amanda Dalton's adaptation of Francis Beeding's murder mystery The House of Dr Edwardes, upon which Hitchcock's film Spellbound (scripted by by Angus MacPhail and Ben Hecht) was based. Constance Sedgewick, a newly qualified psychiatrist, and Doctor Murchison, author of several books on psychiatry, arrive at Landry House in Yorkshire. But Murchison is soon suspected of being an imposter. Constance ................ Hattie Morahan, John ............... Benedict Cumberbatch, Nurse Deeling .......... Alexandra Mathie, Dr Edwardes ............. David Fleeshman, Geoffrey ................ Gerard Fletcher, Ciceley ................... Christine Cox. Directed by Susan Roberts. ...."Francis Beeding" was a nom de plume adopted by Hilary Saint George Saunders and John Palmer.

18 Jul 07; Plays about adoption; part of the BBC Family Wanted Campaign. 3/3. I Ran for Miles By Amanda Dalton. Carol and Stephen want to adopt; but will Stephen's past jeopardise things for them? Brandon ...... Josh Spencer, Stephen ...... Paul Copley, Carol ...... Olwen May, Sonia ...... Siobhan Finneran, Niall ...... Paul Hickey, Jim ...... David Hargreaves, India ...... Victoria Braizer, Daniel ...... Graeme Hawley, Kerry-Anne ...... Nadia Wand. Directed by Nadia Molinari.

NO HARM....2004
19 Mar 04; Friday Play, rpt. 29 Jul 05. 60m. With Rachel Brogan, Caria Henry, Jody Latham, Siobhan Finneran, Dave Hill, Olivia Jardith.

13 Mar 03. In Alan's mind, it's 1969 and he is an astronaut, floating in space. In fact, it's 2003 and he's suffering from dissociative amnesia. He shares a secret with his sister that he's suppressed, until a shock fragments his fragile world and his memory begins to return. Paul Copley, Sihobhan Finneran, Dave Hill, Barbara Marten, Graeme Hawley, James Nickerson, Tara Prendergast.

Desire Lines....2000
30 Aug 00. It is 2am in a small town in the Pennines. Three strangers, each intent on a journey, share the night, carrying desires - and a secret which torments them. With Valerie Edmond, Antony Booth and Barbara Marten. Producer: Susan Roberts.
(Note- Annie McCartney has published a novel with the title 'Desire Lines'....ND)

Room of Leaves ....1998
28 Oct 98 Using poetry and prose, Amanda Dalton's poignant story tells of how a jilted 70-year-old woman is found dead in a room of leaves, with supermarket eggs clustered in the grass of her garden and pink ribbon everywhere. With Emily Woof, Christopher Eccleston and Ann Rye. Director Susan Roberts. Rpt. 31 Mar 00.

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