English Apples - Allen's Everlasting

An excellent apple in most years; highly variable appearance depending on the growing conditions. Very late dessert fruit; leave on tree as long as possible. One year I picked these from a tree on M25 in the first week of January; they were crisp and fresh, heavily russeted, and coloured pale green. This year they have had more sun, lots of rain; the ones on MM106 are red all over (some showing no russet at all) and almost ready now (18 November).

Scotts of Merriot describe this apple as a dark green russet.

Graham Deacon says "yellow flushed red, with some russet".

Bernwode Nurseries refrain from commenting on the colour but say "rough skinned". They also comment that it was once known as one of the best late dessert apples.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):


...... ......


...... ......

First picture: Brogdale, 2004; second picture: private orchard, Leicestershire, 2006; third picture: Leicestershire, 18 Nov 07. These are all the same apple. The slower-maturing green ones have the best flavour.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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