Allen Saddler Radio Plays

Allen Saddler is an experienced writer who has written reviews, television scripts, radio plays, short stories, monologues and a novel.

A thumbnail sketch of his life and work can be found on his own website, www.allensaddler.co.uk.

Allen wrote a lot of radio drama in the 70s and 80s; twenty-five plays plus monologues. It was a lot simpler then....." You submitted an outline on one side of paper to the producer. If he liked the idea he booted it upstairs and you were commissioned within the month."

Ninety-minute plays were common in those days and he did several, mainly biographical, about the financial swindler Horatio Bottomley, the revolutionary educationalist Homer Lane, and Georgi Dimitrov, the Bulgarian defendant in the Reichstag Fire Trial.

He also wrote a play about the English comic Robb Wilton, famous for the monologue "When War Broke Out".

Many of his plays have been bought by overseas stations and broadcast in translation.

We do not have recordings of many of these. Please email if you can assist.


Second Chance
29/03/88 AFT

12/11/87 AFT

Up Against The Wall
21/05/86 AFT

Man Of The People
11.1.1986/Patrick Mower SNT

Working The System
27/03/85 AFT

The Day War Breaks Out
07/11/84 AFT; about Robb Wilton; stars Michael Williams.

Arson In Berlin
26.11.1983/Trevor Eve/Bill Wallis/Stephen Sylvester SNT

Undesirable Alien
30.10.1982/Don Fellows/June Barrie SNT

Old & Blue
19.8.1982 Nicholas Courtney/Steve Hodson AFT

Daddy Good
22.1.1982 Edward Jewesbury/William Squire AFT.
A musical. Frank Goodman runs a holiday home for slum children. The home is under-funded, but Frank has his faith.

The Price Strike
8.4.1981 AFT

Willie Banks & The Administrative Machine
19.5.1979 Terry Scully/Malcolm Stoddard AFT.

Revolution At The Palace
19.5.1979/Harry Littlewood/Christine Pollon/John Sharp SNT

Archie's Watergate
27.4.1979 Keith Alexander/Christine Pollon/John Bennett AFT

Ahead Of The Game
22.3.1978 Miriam Karlin/Bob Grant AFT

Penstone Revisited
19.8.1977 Anthony Jackson/Dinsdale Lansden AFT

The Penstone Commune
12.8.1977 Anthony Jackson/Dinsdale Lansden AFT

Willie Banks & The Technological Revolution
14.11.1975 Terry Scully/Nigel Graham/Nigel Anthony AFT

The Road
15.5.1974 Howard Goorney/Tim Fearon/Diana Olsson AFT

Who Needs Money
5.1.1974 Nigel Stock/Norman Terrell/David Gooderson AFT

Willie Banks & The Technological Revolution
30.6.1973 Terry Scully/Nigel Graham/Nigel Anthony AFT

The Penstone Commune
3.1.1973 Anthony Jackson/Dinsdale Lansden AFT

AFT=Afternoon Play or Afternoon Theatre; SNT = Saturday Night Theatre.

Nigel Deacon, Dec 2010.

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