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As a writer, Alex Jones has working on plays for about twenty years. He is an actor, and readers may recall his appearances in "The Archers" as the odious Clive Horrobin. He is also a composer and poet.


Supernatural play by Alex Jones. R4, 21 Nov 95. 30m. With David Holt, Jilly Mears, Terry Molloy, Lorna Laidlaw, Joyce Gibbs, Sally Ormond, Richard Kernow, Mia Busby. Music composed by Alex Jones; play directed at Pebble Mill by Sue Wilson.

A Miracle in No-Man's Land ....1997
15 Dec 97, rpt. BBC7, 17 Dec 06. The play starts in 1915 in a Black Country foundry where we meet Joe Taylor and his circle of friends. It leads to a Court Martial on the Western Front in 1917, where Joe maintains that he was commanded to lay down his arms and abandon the war by a vision of Christ. Cast: Alex Jones [Joseph Taylor], Christopher Scott [Simpson, the Chaplain], Gareth Tudor-Price [Wilkie], Martin Hearn [Billy], Kim Durham [Fred / Robbins], David Holt [Walter], John Webb [Sykes / The Landlord], Anthony Pedley [Benham], Andy Hockley [The Corporal / Donovan / Sergeant Foster], Mark Finn [Morton / Mr. Birch], and Lise Stuart [Sal]. Produced at Pebble Mill by Sue Wilson..(....Jim)

Plays of the Severn: A Magnificent Prospect of the Works....2000
By Peter Roberts, with poetry by Alex Jones. The first of three plays charting the course of Britain's longest river through history and landscape. An artist looking for inspiration clashes with an obsessed inventor at the dawn of the steam age. With Jane Lapotaire, Stephen Tomlin, Nick Fletcher and Jeffery Dench. Directed by Peter Leslie Wild. 5 Dec 2000. Afternoon play.

Plays of the Severn Just Another Tunnel....2000 6 Dec 00.
By Christopher Denys, with poetry by Alex Jones. The second of three plays charting the course of Britain's longest river through history and landscape. Boatman Skiff Morgan respects the river that gives him his livelihood. But debts tempt him to join the gangs excavating the Bristol tunnel. With Jane Lapotaire, John Duttine, Sion Probert and Lennox Greaves. Directed by Sue Wilson.

Plays of the Severn A Little Bit o' Bacon Fat....2000
By Martyn Read, with poetry by Alex Jones. The last of three plays charting the course of Britain's longest river. To Davey Sabin, the river `Sabrina' is his friend and confidante. Each year she yields up her elvers into his waiting nets, but will she demand a sacrifice in return? With Jane Lapotaire, James Grout, Shaun Curry and Theresa Gallagher. Directed by Sue Wilson.

*The Worcester Pilgrim ....2003
R4, 12 Nov 03. In 1987 the grave of a humble pilgrim was discovered in a part of Worcester Cathedral normally reserved for bishops and princes. How did such a man come to be buried there? With David Hargreaves, Robert Lister, Kim Durham, Rob Swinton, Paul Clarkson, and John Flitcroft. Music consultant Adrian Lucas. Director Peter Leslie Wild.

RIVER'S UP....2005(?)
This was advertised in Radio Times for broadcast 14 Jan 05. The story is about the flooding of the River Severn and takes place in Bristol. However, on listening to my tape of 14 Jan, the play broadcast was Angela Turvey's "The Moon is Mine" (also set in Bristol). Greg Linden also thinks this play remains unbroadcast. (ND, May 2005)

Update - Bob Thirsk has solved it - would have been tactless to broadcast a play about a flood so soon after the Asian tsunami.


Wayne, a Growth Industry....1997
7 Jul 97. 55m. The world of public relations can use some dubious tactics, but in John Dixon and Charles Nicklin's black comedy, an employee neatly turns the tables and calls conscience into question. With Jillie Meers, Alex Jones, Terry Molloy and John Webb. Directed by Sue Wilson.

*A Bird, a Heart, a Bicycle,by Peter Roberts....2004
R4, 17 Dec 03. In December 1903, according to history, the Wright Brothers were the first men to achieve powered flight when their primitive plane took off over the dunes at Kitty Hawk. But did a minor English aristocrat beat them to it? With Richard Derrington, Alison Pettitt, June Barrie, Alex Jones and Andrew Wincott. Producer/director Peter Leslie Wild.

The Walsall Boys....2004
31 Jan 04. By Nick McCarty.
In 1892 a group of Socialists in the Black Country town of Walsall are targeted by both the Fenian Branch and a group of International Anarchists. The secretary of the local Socialist Club, Joe Deakin, becomes drawn into events beyond his experience and quickly gets out of his depth. A true story of political and social intrigue.
Joe Deakin ...... Alex Jones
Inspector Melville ...... Stephen Critchlow
Marie Pibelne ...... Julia Hills
Sergeant McIntyre/Cailles ...... Tom George
Chief Constable Taylor ...... John Webb
Mrs Taylor ...... Ann Beach
Sarah Deakin/Singer ....... Jo Rafferty
Deakin Senior/Littlewood ....... Michael Tudor Barnes
Westley/Willets/Guard ...... Greg Hobbs
Coulon/Charles ...... Ben Crowe
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild.

Falco: The Silver Pigs....2004
Lindsey Davis's adventures of a Roman detective, dramatised by Mary Cutler.
The Roman Detective continues to investigate the mystery of how a stolen lead ingot containing silver came to be in the bank box of a senator's daughter. Things have taken a turn for the worse and he now finds himself investigating a murder, and, worse still, is forced to visit a remote and dangerous outpost of the Empire - Britain.
Falco ...... Anton Lesser
Petronius ...... Ben Crowe
Decimus ...... Robert Lister
Publius ...... Richard Derrington
Gaius Hilaris ...... Ian Brooker
Helena ...... Fritha Goodey
Aelia ...... Susan Jeffrey
Triferus / Cornix ...... Alex Jones
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild

Asterisked plays known to exist in VRPCC collections.

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