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16.07.04 Star Man
22.02.06 The Passion of Plum Duff
11.08.06 The Sensitive
28.11.07 The Sensitive, 2: The Hanged Man
27.03.08 The death of Magnus Sweet

date nk: The Devil's Alliance


This occasional series gets better and better. Here's a listing for all of the episodes I can trace.

2006-08-11 (missing woman)
2007-11-28 (uncle & young boy) The Hanged Man
2009-03-04 A Possession
2010-03-24 A Nobody
2011-04-19 A Casualty of War
2012-05-18 The Protector
2012-12-27 Queen of the Dead
2013-06-25 Terma
2013-06-26 Black Island
2014-05-07 Underground Man 1.2
2014-05-08 Underground Man 2.2
2014-07-22 (missing woman), rpt
2014-07-29 (uncle & young boy),rpt
2014-08-05 (music student)
2014-08-12 A Nobody, rpt
2014-08-19 A Casualty of War, rpt
2014-08-26 The Protector, rpt

The Sensitive - (untitled) ....2014
By Alastair Jessiman. 5 Aug 2014. Thomas Soutar uses his psychic gifts to help find a music student who disappeared a year ago. Robin Laing, Anita Vitesse, Sheila Donald, James MacPherson, Cara Kelly, Juliet Cadzow, John Paul Hurley, Patricia Kavanagh. Produced by Bruce Young. .......... note from ND - I don't think this one has been broadcast before, but most episodes in this series were repeats (see list above).

The Sensitive - Underground Man ....2014
7 May 2014. Glasgow psychic Thomas Soutar helps track down a killer who is hiding in the city's underground tunnels. Part 1 of 2. Robin Laing as Thomas, with Julie Duncanson asKat, Simon Donaldson as Brodie, Finlay Welsh, Stevie Hannan, Finlay McLean, John Shedden, Ann Scott-Jones, Sharon Young. Producer Bruce Young.

27 Mar 08, R4. At a remote Scottish public school in the late 1960s; two boys invent a fictitious fellow classmate. But they face a dilemma when everyone; even the headmaster; starts to believe that Magnus Sweet exists. Caspar ...... William Barlow Solly ...... Miles Jupp Headmaster ...... Gareth Thomas Uncle Bill ...... Michael Mackenzie

    ND comment ... It is rare but not unknown for teachers to invent a fictitious pupil when the Head or one of his cronies boasts he knows every pupil in the school. A few years ago a teacher friend told me how it happened in the school I used to attend.....so it was astonishing to hear a play with an identical plot. However - the action of the play goes a lot further than the harmless bit of fun which I heard about.....

Thomas Soutar discovers some unsettling connections between his uncle's past and the murder of a young boy. AJ's second play about a psychic who helps the police with their inquiries. With Robin Laing, Sheila Donald, Michael MacKenzie. Producer: David Jackson Young.

Offbeat thriller, where the Police call in a psychic to help find a missing woman. Thomas Soutar is adept at solving crimes - but is his extraordinary gift a blessing or a curse? 11 Aug 06, R4, 45m. Thomas ...... Jimmy Chisholm, Mrs Soutar ...... Sheila Donald, DC Sharon Webb ...... Julie Austin, Mrs Allsop ...... Mary Riggans, Mhairi ...... Kathryn Howden, Calum ...... Chris Young, Duncan/Attendant ...... James Bryce. Producer Bruce Young.
    ND comment: ..... I was expecting a nutty psychic ridiculed by the police yet being able to solve problems for them. I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, at an excellent story with good writing and an intelligent resolution to the plot. The BBC might commission more of these; I hope so.

Comedy about the clash of spiritual and human yearning, as an overweight Glasgow minister faces a mid-life crisis. When the 23-stone Reverend Plum Duff is suspected of having an affair with both the son and the wife of his session clerk, he turns to drink and his ukelele for support. 22 Feb 06, R4.

Star Man ....2004
On a visit home to Glasgow for his father's funeral, Tom's thoughts go back to 1974, the year when - as a 15-year-old schoolboy - he was fascinated by stars: astronomical stars in the night sky, glamorous rock-stars like David Bowie, and would-be local stars like the charismatic and sexually ambiguous Danny who he meets one day on the bus.
Tom (40) ...... Paul Young
Tom (15) ...... William Barlow
Tom's father ...... Finlay Welsh
Tom's mother ...... Carol Ann Crawford
Danny ...... John Kielty
Steve ...... Michael Stewart
Pork ...... Steven Cree
Produced and directed by David Jackson Young. Rpt. 2006.


Commissioned by the Wellcome Trust. No other information at time of writing.

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