Adrienne Mans

The following notes and photograph have been contributed by Juergen Schlenker, who also supplied a recording - to whom, my thanks. -N.D.

Adrienn Mans is the alias of Anneke Lueders.

Adrienne Mans was born 1918 in Batavia (Djakarta) in Dutch East India. In 1921 her mother went back to the Netherlands (The Hague) . Adrienne Mans studied English, French and German in Cambridge, Lausanne and Bonn.

1941 she married the German soldier Karl Lueders. At the end of the war she had to leave the Netherlands with her 2 children, because she was a so called "Moffenbraut", a collaborationist (Moff is the dutch nickname for the Germans, braut is bride). After the war she worked as a translator for the British and Dutch military and for Dutch companies in Luebeck and Hamburg.

Later she moved with her family to Essen (Ruhr). There she was a translator in a large American company.

Beside her job she translated  a lot of English and Dutch books into German and started to write criminal stories. In 1968 the German magazine "Stern" published her first novel "An den Ufern der Nacht" ("On the shores of the night") as a serialised novel. It was a great succes. The book versions followed in USA, GB, Netherlands and also in Finland.

She published other novels in the Netherlands.

For some German magazines she wrote short crime stories, one of them was "The Traitor". It was not accepted. So she rewrote it as a radio play, and the BBC produced it.

Today Adrienn Mans still lives in Essen.  She doesn't write but she reads and watches intensively the crime scene.

Update: On September 1st 2008, Adrienne celebrates her 90th birthday. I append a link to a newpaper-report. It's in German.

1965 An den Ufern der Nacht, Stern, Hamburg (Serialized novel, Heft 20 bis 32/1965)
1966 De keten is gesloten . [Vert. van G. W. M. van Kalmthout] Utrecht : De Fontein
1967 Steeds in de zomer [Vert. van V. Stalling] Utrecht : Uitgeverij De Fontein
1968 On the Shores of night: . Transl. from the German by Frances Hogarth-Gaute, London [usw.] : Harrap
1968 Veel liefs van de moordenaar . [Vert. van V. Stalling] De Bilt : De Fontein N. V.
1971 Nattens offer : . [Oevers.: Ingrid Berglöf] Stockholm : Wahlstroem

Juergen Schlenker / Diversity website

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