Terence Rattigan Radio Plays

15.11.1947 The Winslow Boy/Peter Watts
12.05.1951 The Winslow Boy/Peter Watts
18.10.1952 Love In Idleness
05.10.1957 French Without Tears
19.10.1957 While The Sun Shines
02.08.1958 The Deep Blue Sea
30.01.1965 The Winslow Boy
11.12.1965 Flare Path
07.01.1967 The Sleeping Prince
30.09.1967 Adventure Story (Alex the Great)
24.05.1969 While The Sun Shines
30.08.1969 The Winslow Boy
04.10.1969 Flare Path
29.07.1972 The Deep Blue Sea
19.04.1980 In Praise Of Love
??.??.1981 Ross (T.E.Lawrence)
21.03.1981 The Winslow Boy
18.04.1981 The Deep Blue Sea
02.05.1981 Cause Celebre
23.05.1981 Bequest To The Nation (Nelson)
08.06.1985 The Deep Blue Sea
??.??.1985 French Without Tears
21.04.1990 Bequest To The Nation
10.06.2011 The Browning Version (Rattigan Centenary)
11.06.2011 Flare Path, R3, new production

FLARE PATH....2011
7 Jun 11, R3. This is Terence Rattigan’s Second World War play arising out of his experiences as a tail gunner in coastal bomber command.

Directed by Deputy Artistic Director of the Royal Court, Jeremy Herrin, with Rupert Penry Jones, Ruth Wilson, Rory Kinnear, Monica Dolan, Una Stubbs, Tom Goodman-Hill, Justin Salinger, Julian Wadham, David Hartley, and Kelly Shirley.

Tim Crook: ...... a play written ..... at a time when all scripts were dribbled over by the Lord Chamberlain, there was the ever present burden of patriotic consensus, and before the gritty realism and ironies of Catch 22 and Oh What A Lovely War.

The play is about dislocated love; the action takes place in a hotel near to an RAF bomber base in Lincolnshire in 1942; during the hardest times of WW2, when Bomber Harris was organising 1000-bomber raids on German cities. There was a significant chance if you were a bomber pilot that you would not come back.

Sunday play, R3, 90m. A Catherine Bailey production for R3.

We owe a profound debt of gratitude to those brave pilots - Ed.

10.06.2011 R4; Play about an unpopular classics master, set in a school.

29.10.2002 Casting Shadows : a play by Mark Burgess. On a summer's afternoon in 1962, three distinguished residents of Brighton - Max Miller, Laurence Olivier and Terence Rattigan - share some theatrical gossip. (Thanks to Greg Linden for this information).

In the late eighties, when BBC Radio Collection first went on sale, the BBC a double bill of Terence Rattigan plays on cassette. They were the early eighties dramatizations of The Winslow Boy and The Browning Version. As part of the BBC’s Classic Drama series, The Winslow Boy came out twenty years later on CD (.....Clive L).

compiled from info supplied by Roger Bickerton

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