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Peter Whalley was born in Colne, Lancashire. He started writing when teaching at a school in Pontefract, but gave this up after joining Coronation St. He has written forty radio plays, two stage plays and ten novels. He is one of the senior writers on the Coronation Street team, starting in 1979. By the end of 2001 he had written 360 scripts.

02.03.77 The Hilton Boy 60m
20.01.78 Happy Families 60m
22.07.78 Nearly Dead
21.09.78 Nightingale's Defence 60m
02.12.78 Scapegoat (Just Before Midnight)
05.03.79 Miracles
06.04.79 Bodies Beautifu(JBM)
28.04.79 Poachers 60m
06.10.79 Telephone Calls (JBM)
04.01.80 Conversations prior to kick-off (JBM)
16.02.80 The Liverpool Match SNT
04.06.80 Last Tango in Salford 60m
24.06.80 Albert's Quest 30m
21.01.81 Maintaining Standards 60m
11.04.81 Crises SNT
07.10.81 Driving through 45m
07.11.81 Not Cricket 30m
26.11.81 Love of a good woman 60m
23.10.82 Who shot Ada Tansey? SNT
11.12.82 Uncertain Angel SNT
09.05.83 Urbane Riots 75m
19.07.83 Not Cricket, rpt
27.10.84 The maroon Cortina SNT
09.03.85 Neighbourhood Watch
05.01.94 Letters of Introduction (6 x 30m)
09.12.00 The missing wife
17.05.01 Blackpool Detective
08.05.04 The Absent Guest 55m
16.03.07 The Longest Journey
19.07.08 The Test
15.04.10 The Disappearance 45m
05.10.12 The Trial, 45m
17.05.13 The Second Son
30.11.15 When last I saw you, 45m
17.06.16 Reasons for leaving, 45m

SNT=Saturday Night Theatre

Compiled by Barry Pike; about half of the above known to exist in VRPCC collections.


17 Jun 16: Reasons for Leaving
By Peter Whalley. A woman thinks someone is breaking into her house and calls the police. It is her estranged husband. Ian: Jason Done, Lauren: Sally Carmen, Tracy: Julia Roundthwaite, Sarah: Rachel Leskovac, Policeman: Stephen Fletcher, Policeman in Brighton: Eric Potts. Producer: Pauline Harris.

30 Nov 2015: When Last I Saw You
By Peter Whalley; a psychological thriller. Jane was violently attacked five years ago. Now she thinks she has seen him. But some time back she wrongly identified someone else as having done it. Nevertheless this time she is certain. Jane: Lyndsey Marshal, Mike: Graeme Hawley, Neil: Will Ash, Cath: Nicola Ferguson, Detective: Kate Coogan. Produced by Pauline Harris.

17 Apr 2013: The Second Son
By Peter Whalley. A psychological mystery drama. A son tracks down his estranged father only to discover that someone has beaten him to it. A stranger has taken his identity. Robert ...... Jason Stone, Laura ...... Gillian Kearney, Bob ...... Stephen Fletcher, DI Pine ...... Stephen Fletcher, Henry ...... David Fleeshman, Elaine ...... Denise Black, Producer Pauline Harris.

THE TRIAL....2012
A welcome addition to the schedule was Peter Whalley's 45-minute thriller, THE TRIAL (R4, 1415, 5 Oct 12). Molly, a teacher, finds an interesting man on an internet dating site. She turns up to meet him but he looks a bit odd so on an impulse she sits next to someone else and asks him to pretend they're on a date. A relationship develops. But this man, Colin, isn't what he seems. He's involved in various kinds of trouble; eventually he is arrested, and Molly finds herself in danger. The action flicks between Molly's experiences and the events leading to the trial. Molly was played by Tracey Wiles, Graeme Hawley was Colin and Prosecuting Council was played by Jonathan Keeble. The producer was Pauline Harris. ND, VRPCC review, Dec 2012

R4, 15 Apr 10. Excellent thriller by Peter Whalley, described as a 'psychological' thriller in 'Radio Times' .This usually means that the person you imagine to be the baddie isn't necessarily the guilty party... A young girl rents the top floor of a Victorian house from a young male landlord. But ... who is he, and what does he want?

Full cast: Alice: Joanne Froggatt, Lee: Martin Ingleby, Denise: Beckie Hindley, directed by Pauline Harris.

THE TEST....2008
19 Jul 08, 14:30 Psychological thriller by Peter Whalley. John Newland's life is turned upside down when an old murder case from 20 years ago; in which he was a suspect; is reopened. He now must take a DNA test; and is terrified that his wife will at last discover the terrible and strange lie he has been living for 20 years. John Newlands ...... David Bamber, Sue Newlands ...... Denise Black, Mike ...... David Fleeshman, David ...... Seamus O'Neill, DI Musker ...... Craig Cheetham. Directed by Pauline Harris.

Fri 16 Mar 07. R4. 'Murder in the Afternoon' series. A man picks up a female hitch-hiker. They are both concealing a secret. A murder has been committed; but who is the victim and who is the murderer? John ...... Ian Puleston-Davies, Amy ...... Emma Atkins, Barnes ...... Martin Reeve, George ...... Anthony Flanagan, Don ...... Seamus O'Neill. Producer Pauline Harris.

8 May 04, Saturday Play. 60m. Robert Pickavance, Deborah Findlay, John Thomson, Katy Cavanagh, Denise Welch, John Kazack. Rpt. Sat 6.8.05.

17 May 01. A young out-of-work actor comes back to his home town with his girlfriend to run his convalescing father's private investigation agency. A straightforward surveillance case turns out to be something far more serious. With Jason Done, Abigail Ramsay, Sarah Parks and Glenn Cunningham. Producer Pauline Harris.

A young man is worried one day when his wife fails to return to the house. Has she walked out, or has she come to harm? Producer Pauline Harris. Saturday Play, 60m.

Letters of Introduction....1994
A man receives, out of the blue, a stream of blackmail letters. He shows them to his wife as they arrive, who first regards it as a joke, but by the time several have arrived, implicating him in an extra-marital affair, it is no longer funny. .......Paul Shelley, Sandra Clarke; with Saskia Downs, Melissa-Jane Sinden, Peter Rylans, Michael Duggan, John Lloyd Fillingham. Producer Tony Cliff (Manchester).

The Maroon Cortina....1984
with Don Henderson, Lynda Rooke and Joe Searby; 27 October 1984 (Saturday Night Theatre)

"Who Shot Ada Tansey?" opens at Broadcasting House on the set of a TV soap as they begin shooting the 3,009th episode. Once a top show, they now they rank 37th in the ratings which causes the new Head of Series, Sam Richardson, to decide to pull the plug on the show...
full review by Jim

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