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Paul Thain was born in South Shields, UK. He acted with the National Youth Theatre and studied Drama & Theatre Arts at Birmingham University. He was a teacher, then "primary parent" and teacher. He has written a number of interesting radio plays on scientific and social issues. THE KORVAK CONSPIRACY is about a master criminal's attempt to orchestrate the perfect bank robbery. THE PARADISE MACHINE won the 1995 Award for best European Drama and explores what happens when a woman tries to defy nature in a virtual reality machine. THE SINGING COMMUNITY OF 1926 is about Lord Beaverbrook and the collapse of the miners' strike. CHANGES covers a nineteenth century family forced off the land, BOYS' TOYS investigates domestic friction, and in AN ENGLISH LESSON, a London teacher tries to explain the Irish question to a sink-class....

24.3.90The Korvack Conspiracy
27.11.82Project Genesis

28.8.1983 Revelations
14.7.1983 Working In The Dark
9.6.1982 Biggest Sandcastle In The World
23.12.1981 Biggest Sandcastle In The World

28.7.94 The Paradise Machine
1986 The singing community of 1926
1986 Changes, BBC schools
1985 Boys' Toys
1980 An English Lesson

Compiled from information supplied by Paul Thain and Roger Bickerton.
Paul's website is at:www.stageplays.com/today.htm

Biographical details from Paul's website; reproduced by permission.



This was about a virtual reality machine. It starred Elizabeth Mansfield, Miranda Thain, William Hope, Jonathan Adams. A scientist tries to recreate her recently-deceased daughter in the computer. Excellent play but not very cheerful. Producer Andy Jordan.


In an oppressive future, the main-frame bio-computer of the Internal Security Department develops sentience, and a conscience... Artificial Intelligence creator Doctor Dowing has to decide whether or not she should obey her masters and destroy this new form of life.

The play opens in the interior of Communications Centre for United Kingdom Internal Security. An interrogation is taking place between Charles Hammond, Director of Internal Security and TOBOL. For reasons which will become apparent, TOBOL is more difficult to describe, but for the moment we should consider TOBOL as a character under great stress, confused and disorientated...

With Charles Gray [Charles Hammond], Anne Morris [Doctor Mary Dowling], Michael Turner [Michael], Michael Tudor Barnes [TOBOL], Christopher Schooler [Robert Cartwright], John Webb [Allan Braithwaite], Peter Toddenum [Arthur], Jennifer Piercey [Betty Dobson], Clive Panto [David], Moir Leslie [Sally], Michael Speight [Professor Jim Davis], Timothy Bateson [Professor Mason], Michael Jenner [Doctor Sanderson], Irene Prodow [Charlotte], and Geoffrey Collins [Professor Winthrop]. Directed by Glyn Dearman. 90m. ..............details from Hans Olsson, Stockholm.


27 Nov 82. The year is 2007, and a superior intelligence from a distant galaxy which has been observing the moral progress of our planet decides that it is time to intervene.

With Nigel Anthony, Ed Bishop, Jill Lidstone, Miriam Margolyes, David March, Peter Arne, Barry Dennen, Stephen Thorne, Anthony Newlands, Peter Tuddenham, Stuart Organ, Crawford Logan, Paul Russell, Frances Jeater, Katherine Parr, Alex Jennings, James Kerry, Nigel Graham, Simon Hewitt, Rosalind Adams.

Producer Glyn Dearman.

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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