Nick Warburton Radio Plays

Nick Warburton was born in 1947 and is married with one son. He gave up teaching in primary schools after ten years to try writing (also doing part-time work in libraries and selling on craft stalls). He writes children's books, radio, stage and television scripts, and in 1985 was joint winner of the BBC/Radio Times drama award for Conversations From the Engine Room.(info. found by Clive Lever, in "The Man In Black", BBC Publications 1990, ISBN 0 563 20904 6)

UPDATE, 2006
Nick's play "Beast" won the Tinniswood Award; best play of 2005. See brief mention below and Tinniswood Award page.

    UPDATE, 2007
    I was pleased to hear Nick as Christopher Martin-Jenkins' guest in "View from the Boundary" on Test Match Special, 26 May 07, England v. West Indies at Headingley. Nick talked about radio plays and cricket, and the similarities between them. Cricket can be relatively dull (I have a friend who says it's the one sport which is improved by not being able to see it- by listening to TMS!), but it's punctuated by highlights, and it's these which determine the course of events. Rather like a play.

    Nick was in charge of cricket at the primary school where he worked, in Cambridge in the mid-seventies, playing on Parker's Piece. (In 1976-7 I had to cross Parker's Piece five times a week on the way from Fair St. to the Chemistry Labs on Lensfield Rd., so perhaps our paths crossed.)

    He mentioned that he had a cricket-based play going out on 6 Jul 07, entitled "Lawn Wars", about a man who tries to bowl the perfect off-break. The original title (vetoed) was "The one which went on with the arm", but it probably wouldn't be understood by non-cricket fans, so "Lawn Wars" had to do.

    A collection of five plays based on Luke's gospel was broadcast in the run-up to Christmas, 2008. This is reviewed briefly below. There have been numerous other plays and adaptations since then (see the list and notes below).

UPDATE, 2024
A long time has passed, and Nick's number of radio episodes is now well into three figures. He has written for six-years so far on 'The Archers'; in fact this night's episode (14 Jun, where Harrison has a private prayer session with the vicar)) is one of his. We've also had Mardle Fen, some plays in the 'Tommies' WW1 series, the long-running comedy-drama Holding Back the Tide, some Biblical stories, cricket plays, one-off original plays and probably other things I've forgotten to mention. I've done a fresh update to the notes below.

1. The Colonel's Wife (30', 1983)
2. Another Crack of the Whip (30', 1986)
3. Conversations from the Engine Room* (60', 1986)
4. Sunlight on the Garden* (60', 1987)
5. The Way Through the Woods* (60', 1987)
6. Music Lovers (30', 1988) (Fear on Four)
7. The Messenger (60', 1988)
8. His Last Card (30', 1989) (Fear on Four)
9. The Nativity Letters (45', 1989)
10. The Thirteenth Owl (30', 1990) [R5]
11. Saving Grace (30', 1991) [R5]
12. Straightening Pictures (30', 1991)
13. Resurrection (3 x 60', 1994) [Adaptation of Tolstoy's novel]
14. A Grove of Straight Trees (45', 1994)
15. Baboushka (30', 1995)
16. David* (2 x 60', 1997)
17. Making Sacrifices (30', 1997)
18. The Christmas Card (60', 1997)
19. Moonfleet* (90', 1998) [Available on cassette]
20. A Soldier's Debt* (45', 1999)
21. Lark Rise and Beyond* (3 x 45', 1999)
22. Doreen’s Chair* (30`, 1999)
23. Purvis* (45`, 2000)
24. Paradise* (30’, 2001)
25. Mountaineering* (45’, 2002)
26. An Uneasy Peace (15’ - monologue; part of Soldier, Soldier, 2002)
27. Our Late Supper* (45, 2002); rpt. 23 Sep 04.
28. To Winchester* (45, 2002)
29. Toad Squad* (30, 2003)
30. Mustard Seed* (45, 2004)
31. My love must wait - Matthew Flinders (45, 2005)
32. Beast* (45, 2005)
33. Father & Son (2 x 55m, classic serial, 2005)
34. Peter Pan in Scarlet* (90m), adap.
35. Friday when it rains* (45m), 2006
36. Every book in the world* (45m), 2006
37. Lawn Wars* (45m), 2007
38-42. Five plays based on Luke's Gospel, 2007*
43-46. A four-episode series entitled "On Mardle Fen" on successive Fridays*
47. Foundling, 2008*
48. Last Days of Grace, 2008*
49. Not Bobby, 2010*
50. Setting a Glass, 2010*
51-54 On Mardle Fen, series 2, four plays, 2010*
The Snow Goose, adap.
55 Turf Wars, ep. 1*, 2011
56 Ten Lessons in Love, 2011
57-60 On Mardle Fen, series 3, four plays, 2012*
61-65 The People's Passion: 5 plays for Easter
66 Available Means
67-70 On Mardle Fen, series 4, four plays, 2012*
71-73 Classic Serial - Barchester Towers, Trollope, dram

Not sure now of the total 'count' so am continuing with dates:
2013 Turf Wars
2014 Tommies
2015 Psalm
2015 Tommies, second series
2016 Holding Back The Tide
2016 Classic Serial: The Honorary Consul, by Graham Greene, dram.
2016 More 'Tommies'
2016 The Power and the Glory, by Graham Greene, dram.
2017 More 'Tommies'
2018 More 'Tommies'
2018 Holding Back The Tide, series 2
2019 The Canterbury Tales
2021 Holding Back the Tide, series 3
2022 Ambridge version of The Passion Play
2023 Downstream
2019-2024 Numerous episodes of 'The Archers'

OTHERS (no information)
Billing's Island
Catching Heathcliff

*exist in collections within VRPCC

compiled from info. supplied by Nick Warburton; used by permission
Nigel Deacon / Diversity website


Skilfully intercut monologues from the "engine room" - from which the school is really run.

A fourteen year old girl wants some help with her history project, about the second World War. She goes to an elderly neighbour for help. He is crotchetty, self-opinionated, and a thorough nuisance to everyone nearby. Her fourteen-year-old brain is too naive to realise how her mother, and others, keep him in check. Stars Patrick Trouton; producer Matthew Walters.

Fictional story of a latter-day Thoreau who buys a shed and goes to live in the woods. Advertised as "by N.J.Warburton".

Broadcast: Tuesday 1st November 1987; 9:25 p.m. "Drama Now", R3.

The setting is June 1911 at the Quinn and Lundy Building, London, where Albert has arrived in search of a position. He has been sent by his uncle to Quinn and Lundy Publishing to see Mr. Jerome, who offers him a job as the new Messenger.

Day by day, Albert finds his way into all the rooms of this large establishment, stumbling on secrets and delighting in them, guided by his unwitting gift for discoveries. Each small journey simply begun and ended becomes his quest and the most inaccessible places open to him; the most remote people allow him in. ...

With Juliet Stevenson [Miss Quinn, Majority Owner of Quinn and Lundy Publishing], Alec McCowen [Mr. Tooth], Don Henderson [Mr. Drummer, the Lift Operator], and Anthony Howes [Albert, the New Messenger].

Directed by Stuart Owen

65 min. (Review from Jim; many thanks)

Purviss (29 Nov 00, 1415), by Nick Warburton was an entertaining play about a lonely widower appointed by the vicar to act as safety officer to the church. The vicar never imagines that his kindness in finding something for him to do will be so ruthlessly exploited. When he finds Purvis writing a sermon, things have gone too far. Peter Sallis was an admirable Purvis, supported by James Fleet as the vicar and Jasmine Hyde as his wife; Peter Kavanagh directed. (VRPCC Newsletter Dec00)

Nick Warburton is gaining a reputation as a master of the 30-minute play; his latest is Paradise (R4, 2302, 29 Nov 01). Antonia (Amanda Root) is moving to the country after resigning from her city job. She finds an ideal cottage selling for about half its proper price, and snaps it up. She reckons without the crabby housekeeper (Liz Smith) or the equally awkward Fison (George Baker). His last two plays on R4 were Doreen's Chair (30m) and Purvis (45m), both with the excellent Peter Sallis. (VRPCC newsletter Dec01)

Nick Warburton has been busy; Our Late Supper (R4, 1415, 15 Jul 02) concerned a shy elderly lady befriended by a twelve year old girl, and Mountaineering (R4, 29 May 02), where another young lady has the hobby of nocturnal climbing, unknown to her parents. We also had "To Winchester" (R4, 23 Jul 02) in which a brother and sister attending their mother's funeral learn, on hearing the will, that she has asked them to transport a box from the family home in Scotland to Winchester. When they do so, it has far-reaching consequences. (VRPCC newsletter, Sep02)

TOAD SQUAD....2003
Mon 19 May 03; 11.30am. The Toad Squad is a group of enthusiasts who see that the toads get to their breeding ground on the other side of the main road. Light comedy drama in the series 'Hopes and Desires".

6 Aug 2003. Kindness in the midst of rural brutality....when Jimmy asks Clara to teach him to read, an unlikely relationship develops.

Clara ...... Penelope Wilton
Jimmy ...... Jim Sturgess
Producer Sally Avens.

A play by Nick Warburton about the explorer Matthew Flinders, who was the first European to circumnavigate Australia. He'd just got married, and thought that his bride could go with him, but it wasnt't to be; she had to wait ten years for his return in 1810. Those who are happily married will realise what a loss this was. With Jenny Agutter, Stuart Cox; Mark Smalley directed.

1 Nov 2005, 1415. Afternoon play based on a Suffolk sea legend, starring James Fleet as a fisherman who hauls in a huge creature. But ... what is it? And can it be allowed to live?

UPDATE ... this play won the 2005 Tinniswood Award. See Tinniswood 2006 and pictures.

FATHER & SON .... 2005
Edmund Gosse's account of the spiritual struggle between a lonely boy and his charismatic father. Dram. by Nick Warburton. With Derek Jacobi, Roger Allam, Steve Williams, Kate Buffery, Colleen Prendergast. Producer Jonquuil Panting. R4 6 Nov 05 and 13 Nov 05, 1500.

A sequel to J.M.Barrie's "Peter Pan", written by Geraldine McCaughrean (on commission from the Great Ormond Street Hospital) and adapted for radio by Nick Warburton. Music by David Pickvance; producer Celia de Wolff. The CD of this play is available from the BBC shop. Stars Robert Glenister, Daniel Mays, Kate Maberly, Roger Allam, Tom George.

Gillian Reynolds ...... "McCaughrean ....loyal to the spirit of the original... Daniel Mays is Peter, Kate Maberly is Wendy, Roger Allam is new character Ravello. Robert Glenister narrates". Produced by Celia de Wolff.

Nick Warburton's play, FRIDAY WHEN IT RAINS (R4, 1415, 20 Oct 06), was in the style of "Fear on Four". It's the age of steam, and a girl on a late-night train journey hears a frightening tale from a fellow passenger. Riveting stuff; Clive Swift and Lyndsey Marshal starred, and Claire Grove directed. (.....N.D., VRPCC newsletter)

This play by Nick Warburton (R4, 1415, 5 Dec 06) showed the same quality as "Beast", which won the 2005 Tinniswood award. You don't need a world-shattering story to write the best drama, but you need to show what makes people tick. Here we had the Victorian book-collector Sir Thomas Phillipps moving his collection, his long-suffering wife, and a carter moving the books; a three-hander for Benjamin Whitrow, Lia Williams and Peter Gunn. Sparks fly; Mark Smalley directed. (.....N.D., VRPCC newsletter)

LAWN WARS....2007
6 Jul 07. Cricket-based play featuring a middle-aged lady who's just lost her mother, and the guy she takes on for some gardening work. Unfortunately there's a rotter of a brother-in-law determined to throw a spanner in the works. RT described this as a gentle comedy about relationships, property and cricket. Cast: Anna Calder-Marshall, Richard Johnson, Robert Daws; produced by Peter Kavanagh.

    There were some interesting comments on the BBC messageboard, which I've summarised below:

    "Another gem from that ever-reliable writer for radio, Nick Warburton. The performances by Anna Calder-Marshall as Alice, Robert Daws as Rob, and (especially) Richard Johnson as Anthony were so spot-on that I had to remind myself that it was just make-believe. I don't want to give anything away about the plot, but I think I can safely say that it is moving, very funny, and of an almost Monty Python level of eccentricity. As the famously eccentric, very English, cricket-loving pure mathematician G. H. Harvey might have said, the production was "in the Bradford class". (This comment make slightly more sense after you've heard the play.)"

    Another listener commented ........"quite eccentric and with a truly English feel. Right from the start my interest was held - to the extent that I became quite worked up over the awful brother-in-law's antics.

    I am glad you gave Nick Warburton's name as the author because I noticed that this did not appear on the Listen Again page, nor was it given at the end when the cast list was read."

Afternoon plays, 5 successive days, 17-21 Dec 07.


Witness: Five Plays from the Gospel of Luke....2007
17-21 Dec 07. The story of Jesus imagined through the eyes of those who witnessed it.

1.The Lake
Peter and his brother Andrew tell the story of how Jesus was baptised and began to teach in Galilee, and how they were inspired to leave their lives as fishermen and follow Him.

Jesus ...... Tom Goodman-Hill
Peter ...... Peter Firth
Andrew ...... Paul Copley
Baptist ...... Stephen Greif
Elder ...... Sam Dale
Possessed man ...... John Lloyd Fillingham
John ...... Simon Treves
Woman ...... Laura Molyneux
Tempter ...... Peter Marinker

Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Simon, and an unnamed Woman tell how Jesus’ teaching began to embrace outsiders and outcasts and to challenge the authorities.

Jesus ...... Tom Goodman-Hill
Peter ...... Peter Firth
Andrew ...... Paul Copley
Judas ...... Paul Hilton
Woman ...... Maxine Peake
Magdalene ...... Lorraine Ashbourne
Joanna ...... Rachel Atkins
Simon ...... Peter Marinker
Friend of the sick man ...... Ben Crowe
Child ...... Poppy Friar

Judas Iscariot tells the story of Jesus’ growing reputation, dramatic entry into Jerusalem and his own decision to betray Him.

Jesus ...... Tom Goodman-Hill
Peter ...... Peter Firth
Judas ...... Paul Hilton
Caiaphas ...... Robin Soans
Rich man ...... Simon Treves
Pharisee ...... Alex Lanipekun
Martha ...... Joannah Tincey
Zacchaeus ...... Sam Dale
Tempter ...... Peter Marinker
Woman ...... Anna Bengo
Lawyer ...... Sam Pamphilon
Child ...... Skye Bennett

Jesus’ trial and crucifixion through the eyes of Pilate, Caiaphas, Peter,and Jesus’ mother Mary

Jesus ...... Tom Goodman-Hill
Peter ...... Peter Firth
Judas ...... Paul Hilton
Caiaphas ...... Robin Soans
Mary ...... Penelope Wilton
Baker ...... Ben Crowe
Centurion ...... Peter Marinker
Girl ...... Anna Bengo
Guard ...... Lloyd Thomas

In the days following Jesus’ death, his grieving mother Mary ponders on the story of His birth, while Peter, Mary Magdalene,and the disciples are witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection.

Jesus ...... Tom Goodman-Hill
Peter ...... Peter Firth
Mary ...... Penelope Wilton
Magdalene ...... Lorraine Ashbourne
Angel ...... Julian Bleach
Simeon ...... David De Keyser
Joanna ...... Rachel Atkins
Joseph of Arimathea ...... Ben Onwukwe
Young Mary ...... Laura Molyneux
Cleopas ...... Sam Pamphilon

Director Jonquil Panting.
    Notes on these plays

    Numerous comments appeared on the BBC messageboards, most of them enthusiastic about the productions. A few killjoys moaned about a whole week's plays on the same subject, but in a Christian country one can hardly grumble about five Christmas plays on the life of Jesus.

    GILLIAN REYNOLDS, in a long piece in the Daily Telegraph, said that it was brave of Radio 4 to commission these plays. Religion is a subject which will turn many people off, and they certainly don't appreciate a playwright coming along with a new version. In Gillian's words: "At the 40 days and nights in the desert, as Jesus considers his mission, and devilish voices started jumping around in stereo, I was tempted to give up. Yet once Jesus began to preach in a quiet sort of voice, making homely sorts of reference, I stopped thinking of "Monty Python's Life of Brian" and started listening.

    This Jesus is recognisable, practical. You understand why he would need a boat, pulled out a little from the shore, in order to talk to the crowd which had followed him."

Summarised comments from the BBC messageboard (edited for clarity. if you see your contribution and would like it crediting or removed, please email me. I do not know how to contact you).

I am loving this series of plays based on Luke's writings. It is engrossing and brings the account of Jesus' life to life. It makes a change from the 'middle class angst' plays usually in the afternoon play slot.

I agree with the general opinion so far on this thread. Today's play reminded me a little of Potter's Son of Man, re-shown recently on telly (originally shown in 1969?).

Like many, I'm not a believer in any religion. Civilised tolerance of the right of people to express the whole range of considered views (excluding those that advocate torture and individual or mass-murder, for example) should be regarded as the norm.

It's good to read that some folk are finding this series engrossing. I was rather gobsmacked to hear that the BBC were doing this, but, as a Christian, delighted that the quality of the writing and production gave a feeling of authenticity. I was very moved at the dialogue and treatment of many of the scenes. I hope that others who may feel disgruntled that such prominence is given to such a series will continue to listen.

Just realised why the Nick Warburton plays are so irritating - the 10:00am bbc7 drama slot is also given over to 12 plays about Jesus - "The Man Born to be King". They are really dull.

That's a matter of taste. It may not always be easy going, especially if the listener is anti-Christian, but consider it in its historical context (early WW2). D. L. Sayers was criticised at the time for breaking certain conventions, and for writing a series as "heavy" as that. Anti-religious sentiments were widespread then, too.

A shame to not listen to Nick Warburton's creativity just because you don't believe in Jesus. Surely that's not the point.

These plays are brilliantly done. Why shouldn't mainstream radio focus on the things which lie at the heart of British culture?

I am a Christian, predisposed to be sympathetic to the subject matter. But what I love is the dramatisation; the portrayals of the disciples and other "witnesses" as ordinary folk, the portrayal of Jesus' loving compassion and deep humanity rooted in his relationship with his Father. This for me is a triumph of radio drama. No false "modernising", but a depiction of real human beings in the world in which they found themselves.

And I am really enjoying Ernie Rae's little pieces afterwards, especially Tom Wright's contributions.
    "Witness" won the Sandford St Martin Award in a ceremony at Lambeth Palace back in June.

Four-episode series beginning 4 Apr 08, set in a restaurant in the Fens. Episode titles:

1.A distant cold light
Trevor Peacock, Sam Dale, Chris Pavlo, Liza Sadovy, Kate Buffery, Liz Sutherland, John Rowe. Producer Claire Grove.

As above, with the addition of Helen Longworth. The grandson of Warwick, the proprietor of the restaurant, stops him from interfering in the kitchen by giving him a project..... Producer Claire Grove.

3.Dark Horse
As episode 2, without Liz Southerland. Samuel brings a noxious object into the restaurant. Producer Claire Grove.

4.The Taste of Success
The restaurant is in financial trouble. What to do? Producer Claire Grove.

The series was repeated during April 2011.

Afternoon play, 17 Jun 08.

Afternoon play, 45m. W.G.Grace arrives at The Oval late in his career and contemplates another day on the cricket field. But before play starts, he meets a stranger. Stars Kenneth Cranham as W.G., Benedict Cumberbatch as the stranger, and Christopher Martin-Jenkins as 'The Voice of Cricket". Producer Steven Canny.

NOT BOBBY....2010
Part of Gillian Reynolds' piece on radio drama in the Daily Telegraph, Mar 10.....Mackenzie Crook starred as lonely Frank who brings home a pet rabbit which, to everyone’s amazement, learns to write. Frank gets him into his local education system and this is where a brilliantly observed and beautifully paced satire on schooling and its administration began. Peter Kavangh’s direction was impeccable.

2010-05-23 - Classic Serial: The Snow Goose
Dramatised by Nick Warburton and introduced by Michael Morpurgo. A wounded bird brings together a disfigured artist and a young girl and helps in a courageous act of bravery in World War II.Philip Rhayader ..... Steven Mackintosh, Fritha ..... Georgia Groome, Mrs Farnes ..... Deborah Findlay, Storyteller ..... Sam Dale, Private Potton ..... Michael Shelford, Commander Brill-Oudener ..... Malcolm Tierney, Jock ..... David Seddon. Composer ..... Roger Goula. producer: Sally Avens.

2 Nov 2010. A guy visits his mother in hospital; she is at the end of her life. A young nurse talks to him ... That's it - but what a play! Beautifully cast, produced and acted.

Another series about the wily Warwick Hedges and his restaurant in the middle of the fens. The first episode (6 Dec 2010) was extremely funny - the plot centres around a rare bird and an attractive 'twitcher' who is looking for somewhere to stay. Disaster piles on disaster as the old man tries to extricate himself from the mess he has created by offering her a room. With Trevor Peacock, Same Dale, Kate Buffery, John Rowe, Helen Longworth, Claire Rushbrook. Producer Claire Grove. 45m

TURF WARS....2011
Four episode mini-series by various writers. Nick wrote ep.1. 9 Mar 11; 'Losing the Plot'; a shy, retiring man faces intimidating bureaucracy when he wants an allotment.

    BBC blurb: In Nick Warburton's comedy, James Fleet plays Edward, a bashful man who, passing a local allotment, speaks to an attractive female allottee. He decides there and then that he must apply for a plot. But doing so involves an interview with ferocious site-manager Bernie who runs the allotments with military rigour. It's all looking unlikely until Edward reveals that his father was a local landscape horticulturalist, one Bernie has admired all his life. Edward joins the site. And it is only then that he springs a surprise on Bernie. One that leads to explosive confrontation. Which of them will lose the plot? Edward - James Fleet; Amanda - Joanna Monro; Bernie - Jonathan Coy; Producer - Peter Kavanagh.

Ten short plays broadcast in a 45m slot, 25 Apr 11. Nick wrote one of these. A man uses a machine to look through his memories, hoping to find the moment he fell in love. When it goes wrong, these ten stories emerge. Sean Baker, Nyasha Hatendi, Alex Tregear, Zawe Ashton, Femi Oyeniran, Josie Long, Tim Key, Stuart McLoughlin, Sally Orrock, Daniel Rabin, Jane Whittenshaw. Producer Jane Robinson.

29 Feb 2012 and weeks following: More excellent tales about the group of misfits living together in the middle of nowhere, produced by Claire Grove. The titles:

1.If You Build It
The Mardle Fen Music Festival.

Samuel, the old Norfolk man (John Rowe) announces a big event in his life.

3.Goose Feathers
A shadowy visitor arrives and disappears.

4.The Old Lost Road
Mr. Hedges receives an invitation to read a poem in the cathedral... but which Mr. Hedges?

A series of five biblical plays based on the Passion, 2Apr-6Apr 2012:

1.Coming to Jerusalem
3.Last Supper
5.The Road to Emmaus
For BBC information on these plays, see 2012 page.

A mild-mannered poet finds unexpected courage on a visit to an Eastern European city.

Another series of 'On Mardle Fen' in November 2012:

16 Nov: 1. Talk to the Bones
Some dodgy builders unearth something which would have been better left alone.

23 Nov: 2. According to Ditcher
There is a problem with the accounts which calls for drastic remedies.

30 Nov: 3. At the Dawning
Heavy rains, and the river comes up ...

7 Dec: 4. Dillie's Day
Zofia's brother is visiting Britain.

16 Feb 2014: Classic Serial: Barchester Towers 3/3
More ingenious satire from Anthony Trollope, adapted by Nick Warburton. Maggie Steed, Tim Piggott-Smith, Claire Price, Steve Toussaint, Malcolm Sinclair, Richard Lumsden, Una Stubbs, Katherine Parkinson, Joanna Monro, James Lailey, Carolyn Pickles, John Norton. Producer Marion Nancarrow.

Nick Warburton's play 'Psalm' (R4, 1415, 6 Aug 14) was apparently inspired by Ben Jonson's experience of escaping execution for manslaughter by reading the words of a psalm in a church court; such courts were often more lenient than the alternative, which led to the phrase 'benefit of clergy'. In Nick's play, a condemned man in his cell awaits his execution; he becomes aware of the possibility of a lighter sentence if he follows Jonson's example, but unfortunately he cannot read. The man was played by Jeremy Whitton Spriggs, Walters by Kim Wall and Judith by Amanda Root; the producer was Jonquuil Panting. (....ND, Diversity Website review, Sept 2014)

4 May 15: Tommies
By Nick Warburton, based on a diary entry written by a WW1 solder 100 years ago today. Mickey Bliss and his fellow signallers in the Lahore Division of the British Indian Army are given a day of rest behind the front lines. Lee Ross, Indira Varma, Rudi Dharmalingam, Adrian Scarborough, David Cann, Elaine Claxton, Damian Lynch, Matthew Watson, Mark Edel-Hunt, Pippa Nixon. Series producers Jonquil Panting, David Hunter (director) and Jonathan Ruffle.

27 Apr 2015: Tommies
By Nick Warburton. Not a repeat; this is a second series, illustrating the events of a real day at war, exactly 100 years ago to the day, based on eye-witness accounts. 27 April 1915: Mickey and his signal colleagues try to work out why the enemy is always a step ahead. Mickey: Lee Ross,, with Rudi Dharmalingam, Adrian Scarborough, Danny Rahim, Mark Edel-Hunt, Aurelie Amblard, Matthew Watson, Indira Varma, Damian Lynch and Neet Mohan. Series producers Jonquil Panting, David Hunter and Jonathan Ruffle.

4 May 2015: Tommies
By Nick Warburton, based on a diary entry written by a WW1 solder 100 years ago today. Mickey Bliss and his fellow signallers in the Lahore Division of the British Indian Army are given a day of rest behind the front lines. Lee Ross, Indira Varma, Rudi Dharmalingam, Adrian Scarborough, David Cann, Elaine Claxton, Damian Lynch, Matthew Watson, Mark Edel-Hunt, Pippa Nixon. Series producers Jonquil Panting, David Hunter (director) and Jonathan Ruffle.

31 May 2015: Barchester Chronicles, book 6
This is the last of the Barchester novels by Anthony Trollope, dramatised by Nick Warburton. It is partly about the penniless vicar of Hogglestock, Josiah Crawley, who is accused of having stolen and cashed a cheque. Adam Kotz as Josiah Crawley, Maggie Steed as Mrs. Baxter, with Joanna Monro, James Lailey, Nigel Anthony, Mark Edel-Hunt, Rhiannon Neads, Scarlett Alice Johnson, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow, Ayesha Antoine and Sam Dale. Produced by Marion Nancarrow.

7 June 2015: Classic Serial: Barchester Chronicles, book 6
By Trollope. 2/4: Propose, Propose. Dramatised by Nick Warburton. Adam Kotz as Josiah Crawley, Maggie Steed as Mrs. Baxter, with Joanna Monro, James Lailey, Nigel Anthony, Mark Edel-Hunt, Rhiannon Neads, Scarlett Alice Johnson, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow, Ayesha Antoine and Sam Dale. Produced by Marion Nancarrow. Music by David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Julian Gallant.

14 June 2015: Classic Serial: Barchester Chronicles, book 6
By Anthony Trollope. Dramatised by Nick Warburton. Ep. 3/4: Dogged. Johnny travels across Europe to save Mr. Crawley. Adam Kotz as Josiah Crawley, Maggie Steed as Mrs. Baxter, with Joanna Monro, James Lailey, Nigel Anthony, Mark Edel-Hunt, Rhiannon Neads, Samuel Barnett, Scarlett Alice Johnson, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow, Ayesha Antoine, Sam Dale, Kate Buffery. Produced by Marion Nancarrow. Music by David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Julian Gallant.

21 June 2015: Classic Series: Barchester Chronicles, book 6
By Anthony Trollope. Dramatised by Nick Warburton. Ep. 4/4: All The Works Of His Life. Adam Kotz as Josiah Crawley, Maggie Steed, Tim Piggott-Smith, Joanna Monro, James Lailey, Nigel Anthony, Mark Edel-Hunt, Rhiannon Neads, Samuel Barnett, Scarlett Alice Johnson, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow, Ayesha Antoine, Sam Dale, Kate Buffery. Produced by Marion Nancarrow. Music by David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Julian Gallant, Rose Hilton-Hille, Chris Pavlo.

31 Jul 2015: Irongate
By Nick Warburton. A two-hander about love and loss. A woman's annual walk along the Thames from Kew to Tower Bridge takes an unexpected turn when she meets a stranger. She begins to reveal the purpose of her journey. Laura: Emma Fielding, Teal: James Fleet; producer Peter Kavanagh.

21 Oct 2015: Tommies
Another run of 4 programmes about WW1, illustrating the events of one day exactly 100 years ago. This episode (ep. 1, 21 Oct 1915) is by Nick Warburton. Mickey Bliss returns to the front line as a newly trained officer, but the Allies are still where they were before the start of the battle of Loos. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, Commentator: Indira Varma, Pavan: Jassa Ahluwalia, Albert: Colin Hoult, Kinch: David Acton, Lever: Mark Edel-Hunt, Chopra: Neet Mohan.

28 Jan 2016: Holding Back The Tide
By Nick Warburton. A couple inherits a house in Yorkshire. They are drawn into a group fighting against the modernization of the town. Richard: Paul Ritter, Clare: Kate Duchene, John: Ronald Pickup, Lux: Michelle Asante, Penrith: Chris Pavlo, Trafford: gerard McDermott, Mrs. Cardabbon: Susan Jameson, Estate agent: Caolan McMarthy. Producer: Sally Avens. Rpt. 4 Aug 17.

    ND 'Diversity' notes:
    When Richard and Clare inherit a house from his deceased aunt they are not expecting the legacy to include a man living in the cellar. But this is the least of their worries; Richard was made redundant a while back and still hasn't told his wife. He just wants to sell the house and get the money. However when Clare learns that he's out of work, she sees their new property as a possible fresh start for both of them. And with the help of their lodger, and his campaign against a crafty developer, they gradually realise that perhaps all between them is not lost...

31 Jan 16: Classic Serial slot: The Honorary Consul, 1
By Graham Greene, dram. Nick Warburton in 2 episodes.The story is set in Argentina in the early 1970s. Dr. Eduardo Plarr, the son of a missing political prisoner, is lured into taking part in a kidnap plot, but finds that the life of two people he doesn't particularly care for are now in his hands. Eduardo: Geoffrey Streatfield, Charlet Fortnum: Matthew Marsh, Leon Rivas: Stefano Braschi, Aquino: Martin Marquez, Clara: Beatriz Romilly, Dr. Humphrise: Ewan Bailey, Col. Perez: Chris Pavlo, Gruber: Sean Baker, Father: Brian Protheroe, Teresa: Rebecca Hamilton. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

7 Feb 16: Classic Serial slot: The Honorary Consul, 2
By Graham Greene, ad. Nick Warburton. Plarr's attempts to help Charlie result in death threats from the police; the State is also closing in on Plarr. Eduardo: Geoffrey Streatfield, Charley Fortnum: Matthew Marsh, Leon Rivas: Stefano Braschi, Aquino: Martin Marquez, Clara: Beatriz Romilly, Dr. Humphries: Ewan Bailey, Col. Perez: Chris Pavlo, Marta: Yolanda Vazquez, Crichton: George Watkins, Jose: Sean Baker, Father: Brian Protheroe. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

19 Jun 16: Classic Serial slot: The Power and the Glory
By Graham Greene, from the novel, ad. in two parts by Nick Warburton. It's 1930, and a priest in Mexico is fleeing anti-Catholic authorities, who intend to execute him. The whiskey priest: Stephen Rea, the Lieutenant: Hugo Speer, Tench: James Lailey, chief of police: brian protheroe, Luis: Milo Parker, Luis's mother: Nicola Ferguson, Padre Jose / beggar: Sean Baker, with Adie Allen, Elizabeth Bennett, Nick Underwood, Kirsty Oswald, Jason Barnett, Amy Jayne, Danny Sapani. Produced by Emma Harding.

26 Jun 16: The Power and the Glory, 2
By Graham Greene, ad. Nick Warburton, set in the 1930s anti-Catholic purges. Concluding episode. The lieutenant closes in on the last priest in Mexico. The whiskey priest: Stephen Rea, the Lieutenant: Hugo Speer, Tench: James Lailey, chief of police: Brian Protheroe, Luis: Milo Parker, Luis's mother: Nicola Ferguson, Padre Jose / Beggar: Sean Baker, Maria / Jose's wife: Adie Allen, Grandmother: Elizabeth Bennett, Capt. Fellows / Governor's cousin: Nick Underwood, Coral: Kirsty Oswald, The Mestizo: Jason Barnett, Brigitta: Amy Jayne, Narrator: Danny Sapani. Producer: Emma Harding.

25 Nov 16: Tommies,3
25 Nov 1916. By Nick Warburton. After the horrors of the Battle of the Somme, Captain Mickey Bliss is on leave in Paris, where he is drawn into the shady world of intelligence and politics. Mickey: Christopher Fox, Miss Softley: Faye Costelowe, Robert di Tullio: Justin Salinger, Colonel Bernard Anson Otto Crowden: Gunnat Cauthery, Harriet Thornaway: Natasha Crowley, William Thornaway: John Bowler, Erik: Nicholas Murchie, Fabien Gartman: Simon Wilson, narrator: Indira Varma. Producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle. Director for this episode: JP.

2017-04-17 - Tommies, 17 April 1917
Set in the officers-only Duchess of Westminster's No. 1 British Red Cross Society Hospital in Le Touquet. Captain Mickey Bliss ....... Lee Ross , Mrs Evadne Hopkins ....... Clare Corbett , Mrs Vera Bliss ....... Pooky Quesnel , Jack Bliss ....... Antonio Aakeel , Norbert Hammond ....... John Bowler , Captain Roland Lester ....... Kevin Trainor , Muriel Starling VAD ....... Sarah Ridgeway , Celestine De Tullio ....... Pippa Nixon , Mrs Hennessy ....... Georgie Glen, Producers ....... David Hunter, Jonquil Panting, Jonathan Ruffle.

2017-06-21 Tommies: 21 June 1917
By Nick Warburton. Set in Nieuport on the Belgian coast. Attempting to deal with the problem of remotely controlled German boats packed with explosives. Captain Mickey Bliss ....... Lee Ross, Commentator ....... Indira Varma, Evadne ....... Clare Corbett Commodore Marcus Rochester ....... Philip Fox, Lieutenant Mackenzie Warrender ....... David Sturzaker, Jack Bliss ....... Antonio Aakeel, Major Teddy Graham ....... Simon Ludders, Chief Petty Officer Evans ....... Samuel James, Seaman Keaton ....... Charlie Clements, Lieutenant Commander Jackson-Cooper ....... Robert Blythe, Operator ....... Sarah Ridgeway. Producers: Jonquil Panting, David Hunter, Jonathan Ruffle. Director for this episode: DH.

28 Mar: Tommies 2. 28 March 1918.
By Nick Warburton. 28 Mar 1918. The British Army retreats from the unexpected advance of the Germans. The women of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps based at Flixecourt have to decide whether to join the men or stay where they are. Monica: Emma Fielding, Evadne: Clare Corbett, Florrie: Karen Bartke, Traynor: Ryan Whittle, Mary: Lauren Cornelius, Herbert: Ryan Early, Teddy: Luke Bailey, Maud: Kerry Gooderson, Driver: Rupert Holliday Evans, commentator: Indira Varma. Producer: David Hunter.

16 Nov 18: Holding Back The Tide,1
By Nick Warburton; comedy series, 5 episodes. Notes for episode 1: John Hector is a sitting tenant, determined to resist any change. Money is tight, however, and his landlords, Richard and Clare, decide to take start taking doing B & B. John does not like it. John: Ronald Pickup, Richard Wells: Paul Ritter, Clare Wells: Kate Duchene, Lux: Michelle Asante, Chucker: Don Gilet, Barb: Jeanette Percival, Mikey: Cameron Percival, Anthony: Lewis Bray. Producer: Sally Avens.

5 Jan 2019: Saturday Play - The Canterbury Tales, 2
By the cast of The Archers, dram. Nick Warburton. The tales are set within the frame of the performance in David Archer's barn. Tellers of the Tales: Felicity Finch, Timothy Bentinck, Carole Boyd, Charlotte Martin, John Rowe, Simon Williams. THE PARDONER'S TALE: James Cartwright, Ian Pepperell, Barry Farrimond, John Rowe and Charlotte Martin. THE FRIAR'S TALE: Simon Williams, Timothy Bentinck, Ian Pepperell, Felicity Finch. THE FRANKLIN'S TALE: Barry Farrimond, James Cartwright, Annabelle Dowler and Charlotte Martin, THE BAILIFF'S TALE: Timothy Bentinck, Barry Farrimond, Ian Pepperell, Felicity Finch and Annabelle Dowler. Producer: Alison Hindell. Director: Kim Greengrass. 60m.

28 Jul 2020: Holding Back the Tide - There Will Be Guests
By Nick Warburton, rpt. When Richard and Clare Wells inherit a house in Breck Howe they also inherit a sitting tenant, John Hector, who sees the house and the town as his own personal fiefdom. With money tight, Richard and Clare decide to take in B&B guests, a decision which John does not like. Richard Wells ..... Paul Ritter, Clare Wells ..... Kate Duchęne, John Hector ..... Ronald Pickup, Lux ..... Michelle Asante, Chucker ..... Don Gilet, Barb ..... Jeanette Percival, Mikey ..... Cameron Percival, Anthony ..... Lewis Bray. Producer: Sally Avens. 5 episodes in this series.

3 Mar 2021: Holding Back the Tide - The Woman in Puce
By Nick Warburton. New series (series 3).When Richard and Clare Wells inherit a house in Breck Howe they also inherit a sitting tenant, John Hector, who views the house and the town as his own personal fiefdom. Today John's bravado takes a battering when his past returns to haunt him. Richard Wells ..... Paul Ritter, Clare Wells ..... Kate Duchene, John Hector ..... Philip Jackson, Vanessa ..... Jessica Turner. Producer: Sally Avens. 3-episode series.

2 Jan 2022: Classic Serial slot - Ambridge Mystery Plays, 2 - The Passion
Adapted by Nick Warburton. Queen of Ambridge amateur theatricals, Lynda Snell, takes charge of this brand new adaptation of the Mediaeval dramas. It portrays the life of Jesus from baptism to the Resurrection. Jesus …. James Cartwright, Mary …. Alison Dowling, John the Baptist …. Ian Pepperell, Peter …. Charlotte Martin, John …. Nick Barber, Andrew …. Ryan Kelly, Judas …. Ian Pepperell, Caiaphas …. Paul Copley, Annas …. Katie Redford, Pontius Pilate …. Nick Barber, Malchas …. Alison Dowling, 1st Torturer …. Annabelle Dowler, 2nd Torturer …. Charlotte Martin, 1st Soldier …. Katie Redford, 2nd Soldier …. Ian Pepperell, Mary Magdalene …. Annabelle Dowler, Joseph of Arimathea …. Paul Copley. Other parts played by members of the company. Producer …. Kim Greengrass, Executive Editor …. Jeremy Howe, Technical Producers …. Andy Partington & Vanessa Nuttall, Production Coordinators …. Sally Lloyd & Andrew Smith. BBC Birmingham.

16 May 2023: Downstream
A new comedy drama set in a boatyard. The Platter community is an eccentric one but at its heart is the chaotic pairing of Pat and his sister Libby. Libby has been away from home for a long period but on her return she discovers that Pat has a new manager in place, the fiercely efficient Martine. Libby ..... Monica Dolan, Pat ..... Oliver Chris, Martine ..... Kymberley Cochrane, Ravi ..... Waleed Akhtar, Pleat ..... Samuel James, Bob Hallet ..... Gerard McDermott. Produced by Tracey Neale.

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