Josephine Feeney has written just one radio play entitled "Dear Tractor", broadcast on 20 Jun 1992 in the late night series "First Love",starring Dermot Crowley and Emma Chambers. Glynis, a young Leeds woman, places an advert in a "lonely hearts" column, and Tractor answers ...they correspond, and Glynis has high hopes for romance, but then Tractor mentions a nurse who is caring for his mother....

I am keen to get a recording of this; please contact me if you can help.

Josephine is a children's writer and has just published "So, You Want to be the Perfect Family" (OUP). Her other books are Truth, Lies and Homework, Stealing the Hills, The Dadhunters, The Day My Parents Ran Away, Sowing the Seeds of Love, The Holy Terrors, When Caroline Ran Away, Dancing Nancy, Jacqueline's Moon, and the superbly titled My Family and Other Natural Disasters.

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