David Halliwell Radio Plays

1967 A Who's Who of Flapland
1972 Bleats from a Brighouse Pleasureground
1980 Was it Her?*
1982 Spongehenge*
1986 Grandad's Place
1986 Shares of the Pudding
1986 Do It Yourself
1989 Bedsprings
1989 Parts
1992 There's a car park in Witherton*
1992 Crossed Lines*
date nk Little Malcolm & his struggle against the eunuchs*

*exist in collections within VRPCC

Notes on some of the plays

Was it Her?
A lover from his past, on a busy street, but.....was it really her?

A man who finds information about his family tree, with unforeseen results. For a start, he didn't know he was adopted... with Nigel Anthony Gavin Bagley, Anna Cropper was Karen Mason, Anthony Dowse as Wilfrid Clapcott, John Bott as Mr. Bagley, Alex Marshall as Mrs. Bagley, Colin Douglas as Albert Appleyard, and David Halliwell as the landlord. With Gabrielle Day, Katherine Parr, Theresa Streatfield, Jean Trend, James Kerry. Directed by Peter King.

There's a carpark in Witherton
Witherton is a Cotswold village, so unspoiled it doesn't even have a car park. But what if a place like this can make a fortune from an unearthed medieval relic? Stars Nigel Anthony as Ashbrook / Mr. Carnill, Peter Penry Jones as the narrator, Keith Drinkel as Frere, Jonathan Adams as Dodson, with Brett Usher, Eliza Buckingham, Peter Gunn, Siriol Jenkins, Alison Reid, John Church. Directed by Peter Kavanagh.

Crossed Lines:
An exciting thriller beginning with a stray telephone call....I wonder how I'd react if my business was in trouble and I received a proposition like this...stars Ian Hogg as Daker Adwin, Claire Falconbridge as Sadia, Graham Padden as Jackman, Kathryn Hurlbutt as Edie, David Vann as Aaron, Joyce Gibbs as Mrs. Dabbs, Simon Carter as Mr. Dabbs, Terrl Molloy as Keel, Gillian Goodman as Yattar, and David Halliwell as the prison officer. Directed at Pebble Mill by Philip Martin.

Little Malcolm and his struggle against the Eunuchs
Malcolm is a revolutionary, a human dynamno, a guy who gets things done. So are his followers. But none of them have got a job...a rather serious version of "Citizen Smith".... with David Streams as Malcolm, Richard Pearce as Wicke, Mark Kilmurray as Ingham, Adrian Lochhead as Nipple, Annette Badland as Anne. Adapted for radio by David Halliwell; directed at Pebble Mill by Philip Martin.

The play was first performed on stage in 1965, with Halliwell in the title role.

Malcolm Scrawdyke, expelled from his Huddersfield art college, persuades fellow students Ingham, Wick and Nipple to join him in forming a new political party. Their first revolutionary act will be to humiliate the college's principal.

The play becomes grimmer when the conspirators decide that Nipple is a spy and he is tried and expelled from the party. The absurd humor of the 'trial' is revealed when it becomes obvious that Nipple's only crime is failing to fit in with the others.

Scrawdyke's life has been all about planning great things. He has gathered a bunch of misfits around him to shore up his fragile self esteem; they join him in his failure to get anything done and yet they are stronger and more realistic than him.....

list of plays compiled from info. supplied by Roger Bickerton
Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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