Agatha Christie Radio Plays

None of these were originally written for radio - but all are well known to readers of crime fiction. There are brief remarks about some recent Agatha Christie plays at the foot of this listing.

c 1950 Tribute to Agatha Christie
12.03.82 The Unexpected Guest (aft)
10.09.83 Ordeal by innocence (snt)
29.12.85 Mystery of the blue train (s)
25.12.87 The murder of Roger Ackroyd
01.02.90 Sittaford Mystery (s)
15.09.90 Murder on the links (snt)
30.12.90 A close-up of Agatha Christie
18.03.92 Lord Edgeware Dies (s)
14.05.92 Sad Cypress (s)
03.04.93 The pale horse (snt)
26.08.93 Murder on the Orient Express (s)
27.12.93 Murder at the Vicarage (s)
30.10.93 Hallowe'en Party (snt)
18.06.94 Five little pigs (snt)
26.12.94 Murder in Mesopotamia (s)
11.02.95 A pocket full of rye
22.04.95 Five little pigs (snt)
04.11.95 Hallowe'en Party (snt)
25.12.95 At Bertram's Hotel (s)
06.04.96 A pocket full of rye (snt)
29.03.97 The 4.50 from Paddington
30.10.97 A Caribbean Mystery (s)
01.12.97 Death on the Nile (s)
06.04.98 Evil under the sun (s)
16.08.98 Murder is announced (s)
29.08.98 The mirror cracked from side to side
09.11.98 Nemesis (s)
22.05.99 The body in the library (sp)
25.05.99 Jeffrey Richards presents radio detectives-Poirot
01.06.99 Jeffrey Richards presents radio detectives-Miss Marple
02.08.99 Lawn Road Flats - the home of Agatha Christie, feature
09.08.99 A murder is announced (s)
30.08.99 After the funeral (sp)
16.09.99 Nemesis (s)
22.04.00 The ABC murders (sp)
20.11.00 Peril at End House (s)
05.05.01 The moving finger (sp)
30.07.01 They do it with mirrors (s)
08.12.01 Sleeping murder (sp)
07.01.02 Witness for the prosecution (s)
28.01.02 Swan song (ss)
04.02.02 Magnolia Blossoms (ss)
11.02.02 The hound of death (ss)
04.05.02 Cards on the table
17.06.02 The case of the vanishing author, by S. Sheridan
08.07.02 Three act tragedy (s)
25.12.02 Appointment with death
17.02.03 The 199 Adventure
24.02.03 In a glass darkly
03.03.03 The Gypsy
10.03.03 The dressmaker's doll
13.10.03 Taken at the Flood (s)
12.04.04 Cards on the Table
30.08.04 One, two, buckle my shoe (5 episodes)
24.12.04 Hercule Poirot's Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

nk Suffer the children

key: snt= Saturday Night Theatre; aft = Afternoon Theatre,
s = serial, sp= Saturday afternoon play, ss = short story,
nk = date not known


THE 199 ADVENTURE....2003
A new dramatisation by Mike Stott of Agatha Christie's thriller, "The case of the City Clerk". Bobby Roberts is middle-aged and in a rut, in search of adventure. He sees an advertisement in the Times which reads "Need Help? Ask Parker Pyne". So...Bobby is sent on a trip to collect a package from a scientist in Italy. But before long he finds himself up to the neck in murder. With Richard Griffiths, Chris Langham, Rebecca Front, Simon Treves,Rupert Degas; dir. Dirl Maggs, prod. Bruce Hyman. 30min.

A new dramatisation by Mike Walker. In a mirror, a man sees a murderous attack on a young woman, just before he meets her and falls in love with her. He tries to warn her...the war calls him away. With Neil Dudgeon, Bob Sherman, Rebecca Egan, Richard Firth, Rhys Meredith; music by Ben Wallfisch; prod. Ned Chaillet. Music performed by members of the cast. 30min.

THE GYPSY....2003
Dickie Carpenter is a war-wounded soldier; he's haunted by a strange ghostly woman. His friend Robert tries to work out what is going on, and to separate fact from fiction. He finds himself fighting for his own life. The adaptation is by Doug Lucie; stars Michael Fenton-Stevens as Dickie, with Hilton McRae as Robert; with Eleanor Tremaine, Jennie Stoller, Vivien Heilbron; directed by Dirk Maggs and produced by Bruce Hyman. 30min.

Dramatised by Mike Walker. When a doll with a mind of its own comes into your life, it might be worth finding what it wants. This updated version of the Agatha Christie story is set amid London's cat-walks in the sut-throat world of 21st century fashion. With Juliet Aubrey as Octavia, Gemma Saunders as Carrie, Beth Chalmers as Sally; also stars Emma Wooliams, Stephen Critchlow nand Connie Gurle. Music by Ben Wallfisch and play directed by Ned Chaillet. 30min.

Another Poirot story, with John Moffat, Robert Lang, Susannah Corbett, Ifan Meredith, Fritha Goodey, Tom George, Derek Waring, James Taylor. Dir. Enyd Williams.

A peverse eccentric's idea of fun goes horribly wrong when a murderer strikes during a game of bridge. But Poirot is among the guests. With John Moffatt, Mary Wimbush, Christopher Godwin, Stephanie Cole, Donald Sinden, Ioan Meredith, David Timson, Nigel Anthony, Helen Longworth, Sarah Paul, Marlene Sidaway and Ewan Bailey. Dramatised by Michael Bakewell and directed by Enyd Williams.

In an attempt to avert a diplomatic catastrophe, Poirot must attend an old-fashioned Christmas house-party, where he is to use all his powers to retrieve a priceless stolen ruby. Dramatised by Michael Bakewell. Dir. Enyd Williams. With John Moffatt, Murray Melvin, Donald Sinden, Sian Phillips, Ifan Meredith, Annabelle Dowler, Robert Portal, Alice Hart, Angela Sims, Elizabeth Proud.


The Unexpected Guest 1982
Michael Spice, Jill Meers, Diana Bishop

Ordeal By Innocence 1983
John Telfer, Bob Docherty

Murder On The Links 1990
John Moffatt, Jeremy Clyde

Hallowe'en Party 1993
John Moffatt, Stephanie Cole

The Pale Horse 1993
Jeremy Clyde, Stephanie Cole

Five Little Pigs 1994
John Moffatt, Clare Heyhoe

Hallowe'en Party 1995
John Moffatt, Stephanie Cole, Alexandra Bastedo

Five Litle Pigs 1995
John Moffatt, Clare Heyhoe

A Pocket Full Of Rye 1996
June Whitfield, Nicky Henson, Derek Waring.

SERIALS (numbers denote number of episodes)

The Mystery of the Blue Train 6 1985
Janet Maw/Robert Beatty

The Sittaford Mystery 5 1990
Geoffrey Whitehead/Stephen Tompkinson

Lord Edgware Dies 5 1992
John Moffatt/Simon Williams/Norman Jones

Sad Cypress 5 1992
Emma Fielding/Charles Simpson/Susannah Corbett

Murder On The Orient Express 5 1992
John Moffatt/Joss Ackland/James Telfer/ FrankWindsor /Sian Phillips /Steve Hodson

Murder At The Vicarage 5 1993
June Whitfield/Francis Matthews/Richard Todd/John Baddeley

Murder In Mesopotamia 5 1994
John Moffatt /William Franklyn/ Dorothy Tutin/ Richard Todd

At Bertram's Hotel 5 1995
June Whitfield/Frederick Jaeger/ Maurice Denham/ Sian Phillips

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