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Data Source: BBC Genome (http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/)

The following programs have been excluded from this list:
Light Comedy (sit com) series; almost all of the 6.30pm weekday slot; Readings, monologs, one character plays; The Archers; King Street Junior.

If a play is broadcast in parts, it is generally listed under the first date in the year. Stand-alone plays forming a series may be listed separately.

Some programs may be omitted due to Radio Times lacking sufficient information to identify them as drama - some possible repeats or original prior broadcasts may not be mentioned for the same reason.

In the cast list "Also with" indicates actors who have not been attributed to a particular part in the Radio Times. Actors playing more than one part are indicated with a / between roles.

Stephen Shaw

1st January 1995:
Classic Serial: The Diary of Samuel Pepys Dramatised in six episodes by Neville Smith.
Pepys's Diary gives a very personal insight into the life of a young man full of ambition and virility, and of his struggle to establish himself in the Navy, his relationship with his wife and his amours.
1: Clerk of the Acts
Music by Guy Woolfenden. played by the Purcell Quartet.
Director Jane Morgan
Will Hewer: Peter Acre
Charles II: Roger Allam
Elizabeth Pepys: Charlotte Attenborough
William Coventry: Simon Russell Beale
Sir William Penn: Christopher Douglas
Sir George Carteret: Ronald Hines
Lord Sandwich: Steve Hodson
Tom Pepys: Toby Jones
James, Duke of York: Michael Kitchen
Samuel Pepys: Oliver Parker
Sir William Batten: Terence Rigby
Thomas Hayter: Christian Rodska
Betty Lane/Betty Martin: Jane Whittenshaw
Also with: Tina Gray. Don McCorkindale, Gavin Muir, Trevor Nichols, Paul Panting, George Parsons, Charles Simpson, Alan Thompson, Stephen Thorne, Derek Waring, Peter Whitman,

Additional cast in Episodes 2-6:
Deb Willet: Deborah Berlin
Lord Anglesey: Simon Cadell
Mrs Bagwell: Julia Ford
Sir John Mennes: Bernard Hepton
Sir George Carteret: Ronald Hines
Lord Brounckner: Bill Nighy
Mr Cooper: Norman Rodway
Also with: Rachel Atkins, David Bannerman, Michael Tudor Barnes, Tom Bevan, Susannah Corbett, Emma Gregory, Samantha Holland, David Jarvis, Frances Jeater, Norman Jones, Peter Kenny, Kate Maravan, Ian Masters, Gavin Muir, Natasha Pyne, Struan Rodger, David Sinclair, Neville Smith, Alan Thompson, Malcolm Ward, Peter Yapp

This episode (1) was repeated 6th January 1995 at 14.00
Further episodes weekly for following 5 weeks (8,15,22,29 Jan,5 Feb; also repeats on 13,20,27 Jan,3 Feb,10 Feb 1995).

1st January 1995:
Children's Radio 4: Likely Stories
A new series of quirky and gritty modern retellings of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.
1: Rumpleduck by Bill Taylor.
Producer Martin Jameson
Rumpleduck: Mike McShane
Bemie: Giuseppe Anthony Cicharillo
Tracy: Lisa Lewis
Stallholder: Robert Whelan
Moira: Judith Barker
Repeated from Radio 5 broadcast of 27th December 1993
Further weekly stories in this series listed separately on the broadcast date, weekly from 1st January 1995 to 29th January.

2nd January 1995:
Mr McNamara by William Trevor
The play tells of a father's friend, whom he meets when he travels to Dublin on business. The friend is much-talked of in the household ... but there's a shock in store for the family.
Director David Hitchinson
A BBC World Service Drama Production
Michael (Old): Sean Barrett
Michael (Young): Nicholas Boulton
Michael's father: T P McKenna
Michael's mother: Kate Binchy
Amelia/Annie: Judith McSpadden
Charlotte: Teresa Gallagher
Miss Ryan: Elaine Claxton
Flanagan/Clergyman: P G Stephens
Kindersley: Tom Bevan
Headmaster: Alan McNaughtan
Barman/Housemaster: James Berwick
Woman in bar/Bridget: Marcella Riordan
Prefect/boy/announcer: Peter Kenny

2nd January 1995:
Peter Grimes by Martyn Wade
The stories behind the songs.
The play presents Grimes as a darker and more sinister figure than the hero of Benjamin Britten's opera set in a Suffolk fishing village in the 19th century. The death of young boys in Grimes' care is investigated by the poet
Music composed by Ilona Sekacz
Musicians: Roger Chase, Dave Arch, Simon Chamberlain, Dick Morgan and Hugh Webb
Director Cherry Cookson
Peter Grimes: Roger Allam
George Crabbe: Ronald Pickup
Young George Crabbe: Sean Pertwee (son of Jon Pertwee)
Ellen Orford: Gillian Barge (aka Bargh)
Cheeseworth: Robert Lang (1934–2004)
Sam: Tom Bevan
John: Richard Pearce
Dr Benjamin: Gavin Muir
Abel Keene: David Jarvis
Also with: Elaine Claxton, Tina Gray, Deborah Berlin, Neville Jason, Peter Yapp
Repeated 11th May 1996

2nd January 1995:
The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries by Ged Parsons: The Murky Mystery of Murder at St Marks
A final bewildering assignment for Elizabethan England's keenest wit.
Producer Richard Wilson
Christopher Marlowe: Dominic Jephcott
Bartholomew Ratsbane: Bill Wallis
Sir Francis Walsingham: Paul Brooke
Doctor Heywood: Brian Bowles
Doctor Darras: Peter Serafinowitz
Sir Hubert Sharpe: Gordon Reid
Mistress Parker: Sarah Thomas
First broadcast 30th December 1993

3rd January 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Otherworld Child by David Calcutt.
"It was only when she got back to her cottage, and the candles were lit, that she saw what a strange creature it was she'd found ..."
The play is based on the traditional story of Alice Proudfoot and her curious discovery in a moonlit wood.
Director Nigel Bryant
Gran: Mary Wimbush
Kitty: Kimberly Hope
Alice: Rebecca Wright
Joe: Alex Jones
Peggy: Sheila Kelley
Abraham: Jonathan Wyatt

3rd January 1995:
The Luck of the D'Urbervilles. Written by J S Peterson.
The D'Urberville family-a rich, powerful and arrogant Victorian dynasty - is protected by its possession of "The Luck", an ancient obscene carving of immense supernatural power. The second Earl murdered a Pope just by sending him a drawing of it. As long as "The Luck" stays in the family their power is assured....
Producer Phil Clarke
Dorian: Stephen Tompkinson
Earl of Newton: Charles Gray
Slump: Ken Campell
Maud: Carla Mendonca
Von Reichenbach: Andrew Sachs
Lady Templeton: Caroline Blakiston
Cringe/Ganglion: Mark Straker
Rodney: Alistair McGowan

4th January 1995:
The Oldest Member by P G Wodehouse
Maurice Denham is the doyen of Prior's Heath Golf Club.
4: Ordeal by Golf.
Producer Edward Taylor
Also with: Robert Bathurst, Julian Dutton, John Graham, Annee Blott
Subsequent episodes in the series:
11th January 1995: 5: Sundered Hearts. Also with Jon Glover , Sue Holderness and John Kane.
18th January 1995: 6: The Salvation of George Mackintosh. also with Jeffrey Holland , Sally Grace and David Simeon.

4th January 1995:
Victoria Station
A five-part series by Steve Chambers
Set in Victoria Station, Bridgford. 100 years ago to the day.
1: Signal Failure.
Wednesday 4 January 1895: a day notable for the visit of General Booth and the visitation of general intemperance.
Director Celia De Wolff
Joe Braddock: Sean Baker
Tidmarsh: Philip Jackson
Josie: Julla Ford
Ada: Pauline Letts
Fred Roberts: John Hartley
MrCripps: Gavin Muir
Phoebe: Becky Hindley
Syd: Tom Bevan
Jackson: Joshua Towb
Wheeler: Tom Knight
Robson: Lloyd Notice
Mrs Brook Hammond: Frances Jeater
General Booth: Michael Tudor Barnes
Girl thief: Deborah Berlin
Repeated 28th September 1996
Subsequent episodes: Refer to 11th Jan 1995, 18th January, 25th January &c


5th January 1995:
In the Red- part 1
The series is dramatised in seven-parts by Mark Tavener and Peter Baynham from Tavener's novel.
A blackly humorous murder mystery set in the world of City finance, the BBC and political parties.
Hot on the trail of the murderer after a series of bizarre London murders are an old-style Chief Inspector and BBC Radio's crime correspondent George Cragge.
Music by Tony McAnaney
Producer Paul Schlesinger

Frank Jefferson: Barry Foster
Controller Radio 2: Stephen Fry
Geoffrey Crichton-Potter: Stephen Moore
Henry: Julian Rhind Tutt
Dominic De'ath: Benjamin Whitrow
George Cragge: Michael Williams
Max: Peter Woodthorpe

Additional cast in episodes 2-7:
Music By: Paul Mottram
Tim Hope (guitar)
Jemma/Defence: Alice Arnold
Caroline: Susie Brann
Controller Radio 4: John Bird
Laetitia: Victoria Carling
Oswald: Simon Greenall
Carstairs: Geoffrey Holland
Hercules Fortescue: Nicholas Le Prevost
Controller BBC 1: Ian McNiece
PA Woman: Annabel Mullion
Andrew James: Peter Seranfinowicz
Auntie Agony: Eva Stuart
Chairman/Bank manager/Home Secretary: Peter Yapp

Also with: David Antrobus, Tim Hope, Jonathan Keeble, Don McCorkindale, Gavin Muir, Paul Shearer, Jane Slavin, Richard Turner, Derek Waring, Geoffrey Whitehead

Weekly on Thursdays until 16th February 1995 (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Jan 1995, 2nd, 9th, 16th Feb 1995.)

Also repeated weekly on Monday from 26th June 1995 to 7th August 1995 (26 June 95, 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st July and 7th August 1995.)


5th January 1995:
The Inheritance by Collin Johnson.
Thomas is dying. He decides to record a series of messages for his young son Peter.
Director Andy Jordan
Thomas: Tim Pigott-Smith
Arthur: David Neal
Peter: George Parsons
Felicity: Jilly Bond
Tom: Tom Lawrence
Also with: Collin Johnson, Jo Anderson
Repeated 25th March 1996


5th January 1995:
Stephen King's Salem's Lot
Part 4 of the seven-part dramatisation of the classic vampire story.
Music By: Elizabeth Parker of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
Dramatised By: Gregory Evans
Director: Adrian Bean
A weekly serial, part one was 15th December 1994, other parts 22nd and 29th December, 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th January

The serial was then later repeated weekly from 12th August 1995 with episodes on August 12th, 19th, 26th, September 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd 1995.

Actors in Part 1 of the series:
Parkins Gillespie: Don Fellows
Mike Ryerson: Ronald Fernee
Danny Glick: David Fried
Susan Norton: Teresa Gallagher
Tony Glick: David Jarvis
Eva Miller/Nurse: Frances Jeater
Mark Petrie: Danny Kanaber
Ben Mears: Stuart Milligan
Straker: John Mofatt
Ann Norton: Shelley Thompson
Bill Norton: Harry Towb
Weasel Craig/Radio DJ: Peter Whitman
Father Gracon: Peter Yapp
Larry Crockett: Matt Zimmerman

Additional actors in episodes 2-7:
Father Callahan: Nigel Anthony
Barlow: Doug Bradley
Check-out girl/Rorist: Susannah Corbett
McDougall: Ronald Fernee
June Petrie: Lorelei King
Henry Petrie: Vincent Marzello
Matt Burke: Gavin Muir
Jimmy Cody: Kerry Shale
Also with Neville Jason, Natasha Pyne, Raymond Sawyer, George Parsons ,


7th January 1995:
14.30 OPERAMA: Madam Butterfly Dramatised by Catherine Czerkawska from the original story by John Luther Long.
The stories behind the songs.
It is 1904 and on a hill high above Nagasaki, an American naval officer is preparing to marry a young Japanese girl.
The music, based on Puccini's opera, is composed by Mia Soteriou and performed by Mia Soteriou on piano and William Lyons on reed flute.
Director Tracey Neale
Butterfly: Inre Ove
Lt Pinkerton: Stuart Milligan
Sharpless: Nigel Anthony
Suzuki: Helena Breck
Goro: Hugh Dickson
Yamadori: David Jarvis
Butterfly's mother: Margaret John
Butterfly's uncle: Don McCorkindale
Bonze: Derek Waring
Imperial Commissioner: George Parsons
Yoko San: Kristin Milward
Kate: Elaine Claxton
Sorrow, Butterfly's child: William Howard


7th January 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: Last Seen Wearing by Colin Dexter Dramatised By: Guy Meredith.
Inspector Morse is reluctant to take over an old missing-person case from a dead colleague, but murder is Morse's speciality.
Music By: Wilfredo Acosta.
Director: Ned Chaillet Rpt
Inspector Morse: John Shrapnel
Sergeant Lewis: Robert Glenister
Chief Supt Strange: John Hartley
Mrs Ainley: Auriol Smith
Donald Phillipson: Miles Anderson
Sheila Phillipson: Melinda Walker
Gwen Taylor: Frances Jeater
George Taylor: Donald Sumpter
Reginald Baines: Terence Edmond
Johnny Maguire: Paul Panting
Mrs Acum: Tamsin Greig
Sgt Dickson: Lyndam Gregory
David Acum: David Jarvis
Also with: James Taylor , Emily Woolf , Vivienne Rochester Don McCorkindale, Michael Onslow and Catriona Young.
Repeated from 28th May 1994
Repeated on 12th January 2008 and also on 29th and also 30th November 2008

7th January 1995:
The Older Woman by Tony Bagley. (A six part series) Episode 2.
Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger have changed their image to gentle child-caring new men.... Can Roy follow suit?
Music by Julian Wastall
Producer Paul Schlesinger
Roy: Martin Clunes
Helen: Susannah Corbett
Mrs Angela Churchill/ Caroline/Catwoman: Rebecca Front
Chad Mann: Nicky Henson
Jane: Geraldine James
Martin Sheen/Schwarzenegger/Alien/Batman: Peter Serafinowicz
Colin Say: David Troughton

Additional cast in episodes 1,3,4,5, and 6:
Mickey: John Baddeley
Leland: Bryan Dick
Joyce/Reporter: Keith Drinkel
Hannibal Leder/Yeats: David Holt
Helen/Bailey/Starling/Sheila/Presenter/Bond Girl/Shula/Anneka: Melanie Hudson
Dick/Clinton/Pavarotti: Geoff McGivern
Michael Buerk/Alien/Jeeves/Ian McGaskell/God: Alistair McGowan
Wyn: Sue Roderick
Marina: Tilly Vosburgh
Jane: Zoe Wanamaker
Elsa: Toyah Willcox
Also with: Roy Hitchcock, Jane Gallaghan

First broadcast of this episode: 19th January 1993
Broadcast dates for the series:
1st transmission: 12th, 19th and 26th Jan 1993, 2nd, 9th and 16th Feb 1993.
2nd transmission: 28th March 1994, 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th April 94, and 2nd May 94
3rd transmission: 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th Aug 94, and 6th and 13th Sep 94
4th transmission: 31st Dec 1994, and 7, 14, 21, 28th January 1995 and 4th Feb 1995


8th January 1995:
Children's Radio 4: Likely Stories
2: I Should Be So Lucky by Bill Taylor.
Modern retellings of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. The magician's widow Mrs Crow helps Ellie escape her step-sisters and get to her pop idol's concert.
Producer Martin Jameson
Mrs Crow: Jean Alexander
Ellie: Jane Hazelgrove
Horace DANIEL: Street Brown
Hester: Kate O'Reagan
Harriet: Fiona Richards
Also with: Robert Whelan , Jason Done , Amelia Bullmore and Sue Jenkins
Repeated from Radio 5, 28th December 1993


9th January 1995:
10.15 to 10.30
The Pilgrim's Progress
Another chance to hear the 25-part dramatisation of John Bunyan's work, abridged by Peter Luke.
Part 1.
Music by Wilfredo Acosta
Director Glyn Dearman

Good-Will: Eric Allan
Evangelist/Gaius/Love-Saint: John Church
Worldly-Wiseman/1st Ill-Favoured One/Interpreter/Giant: Keith Drinkel
Apollyon/Superstition/Great-Heart: John Fleming
Christian: Mick Ford
Obstinate/Help: Peter Gunn
Bunyan: Bernard Hepton
First Man/Pickthank/Money-Love/Keeper/2nd Ill-Favoured One: David Holt
Charity: Melanie Hudson
Prudence: Theresa Streatfield
Pliable/Hold-the-world/Demas/Shining One/Ready-to-Halt/Contrite: Jonathan Tafler
Porter/Second man/Atheist/Reliever: John Webb

Additional actors in later episodes:
Sagacity/Mr Honest/Penitent: Jonathan Adams
Christiana: Hannah Gordon
Diffidence: Jill Graham
Damsel: Federay Holmes
Mrs Mercy: Siriol Jenkins
Hopeful/Save-all: Matthew Morgan
Faithful/Mr Feeble-Mind/Dare NotLie: Nicholas Murchie
Judge: Peter Penry-Jones
By-ends/Ignorance/Matthew: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Envy/Samuel: Matthew Sim
Mrs Timerous: Ann Windsor

This series ran daily Monday to Friday from 9th January 1995 to 10th February 1995.
Previous transmission was also daily Monday to Friday, 31st August to 2nd October 1992.


9th January 1995:
Michelle and the Landlady by Caroline Forbes.
A young girl, played by Beverley Hills, helps landlady Sylvia, played by Rosemary Leach, carry out an unusual last request made by a deceased lodger.
Director John Tydeman
A young girl: Beverley Hills
Landlady/ Sylvia: Rosemary Leach
Prior transmission 25th November 1993


9th January 1995:
The Monday Play: LBJ - The Great Society by Mike Walkerin two parts
As vice-president, Lyndon Baines Johnson was the most powerful man in the US Congress, but he had always wanted to be President. He brought in his own team to protect him from the Kennedys. Lyle Weaver is a fictitious character, a journalist, who represents LBJ's people.
Director: Ned Chaillet
LBJ: William Hootkins
Lyle Weaver: Bob Sherman
Cathy Weaver: Lorelei King
Beth Lowell: Joanne MacInnes
Bobby Kennedy: Peter Whitman
Jay Weaver: Adam Henderson
Billy Weaver: Alan Marriot
Publisher: John Guerrasio
Radio announcer: Gavin Muir

The concluding episode "LBJ-Some Kind of Monument" was transmitted 16th January 1995.
Additional actors in Part 2:
US General: William Roberts
Hippy girl: Deborah Berlin
Barman/Policeman: Don McCorkindale
Soldier: Peter Kenny


9th January 1995:
The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
A swashbuckling epic in six episodes.
1:The Man from Meung
Dramatised by James Saunders
Director Martin Jenkins
Athos: Robert Glenister
D'Artagnan: Jamie Glover
Aramis: Anton Lesser
Porthos: Timothy Spall
Also with: with Norman Bird, Nicholas Boulton, David Jarvis, Dominic Letts, Michael Onslow, John Rowe, James Taylor, Malcolm Ward.

Additional actors in episodes 2 to 6:
Grimaud: Tom Bevan
Bonacieux: Norman Bird
King: Nicholas Boulton
Madame Bonacieux: Helena Breck
Duke of Buckingham: Michael Cochrane
Queen: Teresa Gallagher
Cardinal Richelieu: Julian Glover
Planchet: Dominic Letts
Narrator: John Rowe
Milady De Winter: Imelda Staunton
De Treville: Malcolm Ward
Des Essarts: David Jarvis
Also with: Gareth Armstrong, Rachel Atkins, Peter Kenny, Lyndam Gregory, Frances Jeater, Peter Kenny, Nicholas Murchie, Stuart Organ, Paul Panting, David Rowan, James Taylor, Kim Wall

Further episodes weekly every Friday: 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th January, 6th and 13th February 1995
The series was previously broadcast in six episodes on 28th April 1994, 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th May 1994 and 2nd June 1994.


10th January 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: Jenny One, Two, Three by Sean Walsh.
Childhood never seems to last very long, but for some parents the moment of letting go can come just a little too soon.
Director Michael Quinn
Director: Michael Quinn
Father: Mark Mulholland
Jenny: Emer McCourt
Young Jenny: Jennifer Courtney


11th January 1995:
Victoria Station
A five-part series by Steve Chambers set in Victoria Station, Bridgford, 100 years ago to the day.
2: Tunnel Vision.
Wednesday 11 January 1895 ... a day notable for infectious protest and protesting infection.
Director David Hunter
Tidmarsh: Philip Jackson
Joe Braddock: Sean Baker
Josie: Julla Ford
Ada: Pauline Letts
Professor Gaidar: David Collings
Fred Roberts: John Hartley
Phoebe: Becky Hindley
Moran: Gavin Muir
McCarthy: Ian Masters
Syd: Tom Bevan
Robson: Lloyd Notice
Lydia: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Wheeler: Tom Knight
Hancock: Nicholas Collett
Ellen Davison: Annabel Mullion
Jackson: Joshua Towb
First episode - see 4th January 1995.
This episode repeated 5th October 1996
Subsequent episodes: see 18th January 1995


12th January 1995:
Captain Colenso's Last Voyage by Alun Richards.
Captain Colenso's failing mind dreads the "Granny Pit" where old people go - never to return. So he begins to plan his final voyage.
Director Jane Dauncey
Captain Colenso:

Gerald James
Trotters: Kenneth Griffith
Sadie: Margaret John
Mary/Mrs Puw Jones: Elizabeth Morgan
Mr Quereshi: Madhav Sharma
Nafisa: Nina Wadia
Customer/Fireman: Mike Hayward
Barman/Singer: Gary Llywelyn
Accordion player: Stephen Warbeck

14th January 1995:
Saturday Playhouse: Conan Doyle's Strangest Case by Tony Mulholland.
The play tells the true story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's obsession with a miscarriage of justice. Convinced that George Edalji has been wrongly convicted of a shocking crime, Doyle assumes the mantle of his famous creation Sherlock Holmes and sets out to solve the case.
Director: Rosemary Watts
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Peter Jeffrey
Kathleen Moriarty: Frances Jeater
George Edaiji: Kim Wall
Shapurji: Kaleem Janjua
Anson: Richard Avery
Campbell: Terry Pearson
Distumal: Terry Molloy
Vachell: Gerry Hinks
[Actors]: Roger Hume, Tina Gray, Simon Carter, Daphne Neville, Alex Jones, Pat Quayle, Sheila Kelley
Repeated 6th January 1996


14th January 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: A Winter Meeting by Elaine Feinstein.
Karen, who fled the Nazis as a child, returns to Berlin for the first time.
Pianist Mary Nash.
Director Penny Gold
Karen: Barbara Jefford
Andrew: Neville Jason
Peter: Nicholas Boulton
Sophie: Elaine Claxton
Franz: Frederick Jaeger
Catia: Ruth Posner
Tenant/Foster mother: Frances Jeater
Tenant/Drunk: Tom Bevan
Gossipy neighbour: Irene Prador
Countess Frieda: Mary Wimbush
Karena as a child: Anna Abrahams
Karen's father: Barry J Gordon
Repeated from 16th May 1994


15th January 1995:
Children's Radio 4:Likely Stories
Quirky retellings of tales by the Brothers Grimm.
3: Everybody in the House by Alan Gilbey.
Producer Nandita Ghose
Mr Scud/Herbert: John Graham Davies
Parrot/Harry/Dog: Jimmi Hibbert
Donkey/Bod: Robert Whelan
Fox/Boy/Grieve: Jason Done
Mrs Scud/Darlene's Mum: Paula Tilbrook
M C Hamster: Sunetra Sarker
Child/Darlene: Kate O'Reagan
Repeated from Radio 5 29th December 1993.

16th January 1995:
A Rainbow in the Night by R J Gallagher.
Paris, 1937. "The blind need to be liberated by one of their own. They need the inspiration, the self-respect. They don't need the truth."
Director Alison Hindell
Girl: Alix Burgin
Pianist: Tim Riley.
Celine Barbier: Suzanne Burden
Louis Braille: Simon Harris
Charles Barbier: James Greene
Father Martignac: James Frank-Benson
General: Robert Page
Young Braille: Spike Hood
Repeated from 3rd December 1992


18th January 1995:
Victoria Station
A five-part series by Steve Chambers set in Victoria Station, Bridgford, 100 years ago to the day.
3: First Class Distinction. Wednesday, 18 January 1895 ... a day notable for alarms and excursions.
Director Celia De Wolff
Joe Braddock: Sean Baker
Tidmarsh: Philip Jackson
Josie: Julia Ford
Phoebe: Becky Hindley
Syd: Tom Bevan
Jackson: Joshua Towb
Wheeler: Tom Knight
Robson: Lloyd Notice
Woodcock: Gavin Muir
Sarah: Elizabeth Anson
Crippled John: Ronald Herdman
Russian acrobat: David B Miller
Reverend Sentence: George Parsons
Meat porter: Ian Peck
Purvis: Oliver Senton
Parkin: Michael Tudor Barnes
Nellie: Jane Slavin
Hall: Peter Whitman
Prior episodes: see 4th and 11th January 1995
This episode repeated 12th October 1996
Next episode- see 25th January 1995.

19th January 1995:
Morning Has Broken by Susan Carlton.
Rosemary starts a new job at a primary school in Bath. Against the background of a security alert, she is drawn into friendships with those who work in the arms industry and those who campaign against it.
Director Claire Grove
John: Michael Pennington
Hilary: Diane Bull
Helena: Cathy Sara
Rosemary: Siriol Jenkins
Bubbles: Jane Briers
Judi: Elaine Claxton
Mrs Lewis: Margaret John
Tim: Peter Whitman
Wendy: Nina Wadia
Also with With Laura Tew, Helen Theakston, Martin Neyens and Tim Harrison.

21st January 1995:
Playhouse: The Bridesmaid by Ruth Rendell.
Philip loved Flora, the stone statue that used to stand in the family garden. Then he meets Senta, his sister's bridesmaid, and she looks just like Flora. But how can horror lie behind beauty?
Dramatised by Betty Davies
Director Tracey Neale
Philip: Jamie Glover
Senta: Rachel Lewis
Christine: Frances Jeater
Fee: Rachel Atkins
Darren: Michael Onslow
Cheryl: Oona Beeson
Gerard: James Taylor
Roy: Lyndam Gregory
Mrs Ripple: Margaret John
Pearl: Tina Gray
Tramp: John Evitts
Repeated from 16th April 1994

21st January 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: Of Rats and Men by Richard Bean.
A psychologist ends his work with rats and designs an experiment which recreates the social dynamics of the holocaust. The play dramatically pitches personal responsibility against expediency.
Director Andy Jordan R
Professor: Garrick Hagan
Dr Pearce: Anton Lesser
Joe Franklin: Peter Whitman
Shelley Pearce: Teresa Gallagher
Principal: Vincent Marzello
Mary Barton: Gillian Eaton
Narrator: Lewis Hancock
Repeated from 15th November 1993

22nd January 1995:
Children's Radio 4: Likely Stories
Quirky retellings of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. 4: Going for Gold by Bill Taylor.
Spotty, four-eyed George fancies glamorous Tamsin next door.
Producer Martin Jameson
George: Joseph Vickers
Horace: Daniel Street Brown
George's Dad/Mudge: Malcolm Raeburn
Tracy/Jeanette: Lisa Lewis
Mr Brogue/Verger: Jimmy Hibbert
George's Mum/Customer: Kay Purcell
Tamsin: Judy Brooke
First broadcast on Radio 5 on 30th December 1993

23rd January 1995:
Death of an Old Girl by Elizabeth Lemarchand dramatised by Brian Miller.
Inspector Pollard and Detective Sergeant Toye team up to solve a murder following an Old Girls' reunion at Meldon School.
Director Enyd Williams
Inspector Tom Pollard: Michael Cochrane
Detective Sergeant Toye: James Taylor
Helen Renshaw: Jillie Meers
Anne Cartmell: Becky Hindley
Madge Thornton: Amanda Murray
Jane Pollard: Frances Jeater
Beatrice Baynes: Kathleen Helme
Clive Torrance: Timothy Carlton
Margaret West: Tina Gray
Mrs Hinks: Lala Lloyd
Also with: Rachel Atkins, Oona Beeson, Teresa Gallagher, Philip Anthony, Malcolm Ward, Peter Kenny, Colin Pinney, Paul Panting.
Repeated from 23rd December 1993

23rd January 1995:
The Monday Play: Ancient Enemies Dramatised by Elizabeth North from her novel.
Petra's stepfather, Henry, has disappeared, but is it because he has gone to another woman or because he is escaping from his fraught relationship with Petra?
Director Janet Whitaker
Director: Janet Whitaker Rpt
Petra: Charlotte Coleman
Henry: Bill Nighy
Alison: Frances Jeater
Daisy: Hannah Chick
Mr Forbes: Charles Simpson
Sebastian: Andrew Wincott
Also with Oona Beeson , Nicholas Boulton , Tina Gray , Peter Whitman , Vivienne Rochester, Cathy Sara and Sara Harvey Smart
Repeat from 30th April 1994


24th January 1995:
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens Dramatised and directed by Nigel Bryant
Another chance to hear this six-part adaptation (the first radio version for more than 20 years).
1: Asking for More. Oliver Twist escapes from the workhouse - only to find that greater dangers lurk outside.
Music by John Kirkpatrick and Kathryn Locke

Mrs Mann: Pam Ferris
Oliver: Edward Long
Mr Bumble: Roger Hume
Sowerberry: Bob Goody
Mrs Sowerberry: Gillian Goodman
Charlotte: Kimberly Hope
Noah: Alex Jones
Artful Dodger: Richard Pearce
Also with With Simon Carter, Graham Colclough, Joyce Gibbs, Paul Ryan, Jonathan Wyatt

Actors in later episodes:
Nancy: Adjoa Andoh
Fang: Simon Carter
Rose: Teresa Gallagher
Old Sally: Joyce Gibbs
Mrs Bedwin: Tina Gray
Fagin: John Grillo
Toby Crackit/Doorman: David Holt
Brownlow: Peter Jeffrey
Bill Sikes: Tim McInnerny
Workhouse woman: Pat Quayle
Charley: Paul Ryan
Grimwig: Brett Usher
Monks: Kim Wall
Also with: Terry Pearson

Subsequent programs in this serial: 31st January, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th February 1995.
First broadcast: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th February, 3rd, 10th March 1994.


24th January 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: Lady in Red by Helen Griffin.
Julie is overweight and her red dress is too tight and she can't quite believe Gareth's chat-up routine is genuine.
Director Alison Hindell
Julie: Sara Harris-Davies
Gareth: Jeremi Cockram
Chris: Jams Thomas
Bethan: Siriol Jenkins
Jeff: Iestyn Jones

25th January 1995:
Victoria Station A five-part series by Steve Chambers
Set in Victoria Station, Bridgford, 100 years ago to the day.
4: Fog Warnings. Wednesday, 25 January 1895. A day notable for lambent hopes and clouded prospects.
Director Celia De Wolff
Tidmarsh: Philip Jackson
Joe Braddock: Sean Baker
Josie: Julia Ford
Ada: Pauline Letts
Fred Roberts: John Hartley
MrCripps: Gavin Muir
Phoebe: Becky Hindley
Syd: Tom Bevan
Jackson: Joshua Towb
Wheeler: Tom Knight
Robson: Lloyd Notice
Hancock :: Nicholas Collett
Sheena: Deborah Berlin
Mrs MacDonald: Jilly Bond
Mr MacDonald: Peter Yapp
Dr Pettigrew: David Holt
Tuffnell: Don McCorkindale
Blind man: Michael Tudor Barnes
Repeated 19th October 1996.

26th January 1995:
A Bruised Reed
In researching her play, Anna Clemence Mews interviewed several rapists in prison. The play examines the aftermath of a rape with compassion and humour from the point of view of both the victim and the rapist.
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
Val: Teresa Gallagher
Frank: Richard Pearce
Detective Sergeant Garret: Julia Hills
Detective Constable King: Cornelius Garrett
Eric: Steve Hodson
Mrs Merrill: Gillian Goodman
Betsy: Melinda Walker

28th January 1995:
Playhouse: Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer.
"I'm going back to London! And I'm going to marry the first woman I see!" is the cry of young Lord Sheringham when his proposal

of marriage is rejected by Isabella, the Incomparable. True to his word, he takes the even younger Hero Wantage as his bride.
Dramatised by: John Peacock.
Music: Trevor Allan Davies.
Director: Ned Chaillet
Hero Wantage: Elli Garnett
Sherry: James Frain
Isabella Milborne: Annabel Mullion
George: Ian Hughes
Jasper Tarleton: Simon Russell Beale
Gil: Paul Panting
Ferdy: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Montagu Revesby: Nicholas Boulton
Lady Saltash: Mary Wimbush
Mrs Milbome: Tessa Worsley
Ruth: Cathy Sara
Cassy: Cathy Sara
Lady Sheringham: Susan Sheridan
Groombridge: David Bannerman
lnnkeeper: David Bannerman
Mrs Bagshot: Eva Stuart
Jason: Peter Kenny
Lady Jersey: Jilly Bond
Postboy: David Antrobus
Repeated 17th February 1996

28th January 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: The World Will Thank Me by John Rooney.
The extraordinary love that the Irish poet W B Yeats felt for Maud Gonne - over a period of 28 years he proposed to her continually. She always refused and he continued to dedicate to her some of the best-loved poetry ever written.
Music composed by Neil Martin , who plays piano and cello, with Paul Schumann on clarinet.
Director Pam Brighton
W B Yeats: Dan Gordon
Maud Gonne: Barbara Brennan
George: Susan Slot
Iseult: Caitriona Hinds
Woman: Amanda Maguire
Repeated on 10th February 1996

29th January 1995:
Children's Radio 4: Likely Stories by the Brothers Grimm
Letting Your Hair Down by Alan Gilbey.
Producer Nandita Ghose
George: Joseph Vickers
Horace/Child: Daniel Street Brown
Kate: Jane Dawson
George's Dad/Aunt Gail/Norman/Doctor: Malcolm Raeburn
Aunt Austeria/Nurse: Ann Rye
Walker/Derek/Bal/Wicked man: Jimmy Hibbert
Kate's Mum/Norma/Marge: Jane Lowe
First broadcast on Radio 5, 31st December 1993

30th January 1995:
Islands by Judith Warner
Retelling of the myth of the mermaid who lost her voice after falling in love with a man.
Harpist Clifford Lantaff. Flautist Richard Davis Director Michael Fox
Beatrice: Fiona Shaw
Maire: Kate Lonergan
Manus: Colin Kerrigan
Iain: John Branwell
Conn: Kieran Cunningham
Crimthan: James Quinn
Micheil: Robert Calvert
Rachel: Saskia Downes
First broadcast 2nd July 1992

30th January 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Private Lives by Noël Coward.
A comedy of the 1930s in a new production for the 1990s.
Amanda was married to Elyot, but has just married Victor. Elyot 's new bride is Sibyl. And fireworks are inevitable when the two honeymooning couples find themselves sharing the balcony of a French hotel.
Music arranged and directed by Neil Brand (Piano), with Sian Bell, cello, and Sonia Slaney, violin.
Director Ned Chaillet
Amanda Prynne: Imogen Stubbs
Victor Prynne, her husband: Simon Ward
Sibyl Chase: Louise Lombard
Elyot Chase, her husband: Stephen Fry
Louise, a maid: Annabel Mullion
Repeated 25th December 1995

31st January 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Dark Lady of Doona by Jane Cassidy
Grace O'Malley was a famous 16th-century Irish pirate whose exploits and audacity have become the stuff of legend. The play dramatises a real meeting between her and Queen Elizabeth I.
Director Pam Brighton
Grace: Marie Mullen
O'Raherty: Tony Doyle
Elizabeth I: Margaret D'Arcy
Teige: Robert Taylor
Philip Sidney: Robert O'Mahoney
Sir Francis Walsingham: John O'Hara

1st February 1995:
Victoria Station
Last of the series by Steve Chambers set in Victoria Station, Bridgford, 100 years ago to the day.
Over the Points. Wednesday, 1 February 1895 ... a day notable for accidental honour and premeditated dishonour.
Director David Hunter
Joe Braddock: Sean Baker
Tidmarsh: Philip Jackson
Josie: Julia Ford
Ada: Pauline Letts
Mr Cripps: Gavin Muir
Fred Roberts: John Hartley
Syd: Tom Bevan
Phoebe: Becky Hindley
Robson: Lloyd Notice
Jackson: Joshua Towb
Sir James Chettle: Stephen Thorne
Miss Walker: Jilly Bond
Mrs Peabody: Joyce Gibbs
Hickman: Tim Seely
Jamie: Ian Taylor
Dr Keeble: George Parsons
Wheeler: Tom Knight
Mr Newton: Peter Whitman
Mr Allcock: Don McCorkindale
Repeated 26th October 1996

2nd February 1995:
Thank You for Talking to Me, Africa by Othniel Smith.
A chance meeting takes Barry to Africa in search of family history but reality is nothing like the dream.
Director Alison Hindell
Barry: Treva Etienne
Rachel: Eiry Thomas
Ayi: Louis Mahoney
Martha: Nina Wadia
Karl: Al Matthews
Soldier: Jude Akuwudikwe


2nd February 1995:
Ten Pounds and a Box of Kippers by Paul Brennen
A six-part story of two former footballers (Billy Pagan and Mickey Dorkin - set on a windswept north-eastern promontory, the Headland, where our ex-soccer heroes fight to save the last pub on the estate, the Shuffle and Skittle.
1: The Moosemen Cometh
Director: Ian Michie
Music by Colin Smith.
A Big Arts production
Cactus Trollies: Paul Brennen
Evonne Crawley: Liz Carling
Mickey Dorkin: Bill Fellows
Shona Turner: Julia Hampson
Announcer: Mick Loroan
Billy Pagan: Guy Manning
Roger Turner: Chris Wright

Additional cast in later episodes:
Inspector Rabelais: Patrick Brennan
Police Officer: Mick Carter
Ern: Richard Jameson
Private Lives: Davld John
Father Wilson/Eric: Ian Michie
Mavis Turner: Angela Simpson

Later episodes (weekly) on 9th, 16th, 23rd February and 2nd, 9th March 1995.


4th February 1995:
Playhouse: Faro's Daughter by Georgette Heyer Dramatised by Kitty Black.
Deborah Grantham 's position in a gaming house makes her utterly unsuitable as a wife for a nobleman, and Max Ravenscar determines to rescue his cousin from the clutches of a gamester - one of faro's daughters.
Music by Trevor Allan Davies.
Director Jane Morgan
Deborah Grantham: Sylvestra Le Touzel
Max Ravenscar: Nathaniel Parker
Lady Mablethorpe: Marcia Warren
Lord Crewe: Jonathan Keeble
Silas Wantage: Gavin Muir
Lord Adrian Mablethorpe: Mark Pavton
Lord Ormskirk: Edward de Souza
Lucius Kennet: Sean Barrett
Sir James Filey: Peter Yapp
Lady Bellingham: Anna Massey
Mrs Patch: Tessa Worsley
Mrs Ravenscar: Tessa Worsley
Hon Phoebe Laxton: Deborah Berlin
Kit Grantham: Oliver Senton
Arabella Ravenscar: Becky Hindley
Repeated 25th November 1995

4th February 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: Second Spring by Roderick Graham.
"If I cut all the strings, I can start again, with him or without him. I can swap autumn for spring. Do you never want to do that?"
Director Tracey Neale
Kate: Diana Weston
Hugh: Struan Rodger
Peter: Raylonnen
Rebecca: Kristin Milward
Joan: Tessa Worsley
Clive: Gavin Muir
Dick: David Antrobus


5th February 1995:
19.00 :
Children's Radio 4: A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley in four parts.
Penelope is sent to stay at her great-aunt's Derbyshire farm and becomes fascinated by its dramatic past.
Dramatised by Melissa Murray
Director Alison Hindell
Penelope: Eirlys Bellin
Ian: Jonathan Chapple
Uncle Barnabas: John Evitts
Aunt Tissie: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Francis: Lee Graves
Alison/Tabitha: Susie Hawthorne
Mistress Babbington/Actor: Julie Higginson
Jude/Anthony Babbington: Ben Miles

Additional actors in the later episodes:
Arabella: Lesley Rooney
Also with: Anthony Lamb

Episodes 2,3,4 on 12th, 19th, 26th February 1995


6th February 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Dreaming Up Laura by Paul Herzberg.
As a young woman, Laura kept a dream diary. Then she married Garth and her dreams stopped.
Music by Stuart Gordon
Director Andy Jordan
Laura Pearce: Sheila Gish
Phil Fontaine: Henry Goodman
Garth: Bill Nighy
Anton Weber: Nicholas Woodeson
Dilys Crawford: Amanda Redman
Fran Cole: Dilys Hamlett
Harry Cole: Peter Yapp
Young Laura: Cathy Sara
Young Phil: David Antrobus
Also with Becky Hindley, Oliver Senton and Terence Beesley.

7th February 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Upshot by John Merryfield
Light comedy. Morna and Guy meet at a concert of 18th-century music. She eats too much, and he's hopeless with women. Not exactly Romeo and Juliet ...
Director Patrick Rayner
Moma: Gerda Stevenson
Guy: Paul Young
James: Sandy Neilson
Mary: Muriel Romanes
Steven: Richard Greenwood

8th February 1995:
The Happy Auntie by Stephen Laughton
A Filipino student comes to England. Back in her home village, like the other girls who do not marry, she is known as a "happy auntie".
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Lei-Mei: Mamta Kaash
Mr Sung: Zia Mohyeddin
Jose: Lyndam Gregory
Jesus: Ravi Aujla
Peter: Jonathan Tarer
Sister: Kate Binchy

9th February 1995:
I Luv U Jimmy Spud by Lee Hall.
Jimmy Spud is Newcastle's only trainee angel, determined to solve cosmic mysteries and save his father from the grip of lung cancer.
Trumpet player: Gordon Marshall
Director: Kate Rowland
Jimmy Spud: Gareth Brown
Mother: Charlle Hardwick
Father: Dave Whitaker
Grandad/Gabriel: Joe Ging
Scout: Michael Walpert

11th February 1995:
Saturday Playhouse: A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie. Dramatised by Michael Bakewell
Murder mystery. A children's nursery rhyme appears to hold the clues to a series of gruesome murders.
Director Enyd Williams
Miss Marple: June Whitfield
Inspector Neele: Nicky Henson
Rex Fortescue: Derek Waring
Percival: Peter Yapp
Jennifer: Natasha Pyne
Lance: Ian Masters
Patricia: Annabel Mullion
Elaine: Deborah Berlin
Adele: Becky Hindley
Miss Dove: Kristin Milward
Miss Ramsbottom: Margaret Ward
Mrs Mackenzie: Charlotte Mitchell
Gladys: Claire MacKie
Crump: Don McCorkindale
Mrs Crump: Margaret John
Sergeant Hay: Joshua Towb
Miss Grosvenor: Jilly Bond
Dr Bemsdorff: George Parsons
Vivian Dubois: Michael Tudor Barnes
Gerald Wright: Oliver Senton
Kitty: Clare Heyhoe
Repeated 6th April 1996
Also repeated on BBC7 16th February 2008 and 10th January


11th February 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Wind Pump by Dawn Lowe-Watson .
A young TV producer goes to interview a man who had been held prisoner of war by the Japanese, for a programme she is making. Despite the difference in their ages, she finds herself falling in love with him
Director: Cherry Cookson
William: James Laurenson
Maria : Charlotte Attenborough
Tiny: Una Gray
Young William: David Thorpe
Miss Letheringale: Joan Matheson
Mary: Patience Tomlinson
Mike: Tom Bevan
Also with Ian Masters, Peter Yapp, Deborah Berlin and Susannah Corbett.
Repeated on 26th April 1997


12th February 1995:
Classic Serial: The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck - William Roberts's two-part dramatisation
A tale of ambition and corruption in 1960s America.
1: Ethan Hawley comes from a long line of honest men but is now the clerk in the store once owned by his father.
Director Adrian Bean.
Jack Shepherd: Ethan Hawley
Mary Hawley: Shelley Thompson
Mr Baker: David Healy
Margie: Lorelei King
Biggers: Ed Bishop
Danny: Steve Hodson
Joey: Vincent Marzello
Mr Marullo: John Church
Stonewall Jackson: Jonathan Adams
Ellen: Oona Beeson
Allen: Anthony Taylor

Additional cast in second part:
Fat Willy: John Fleming
Richard Walder: Dominic Letts
NBC man: John Evitts

Repeated 17th February 1995
Second part broadcast on 19th February 1995 repeated 24th February 1995


13th February 1995:
The Enchanting Evil by Dame Barbara Cartland, dramatised by Wally K Daly.
Sir Hector Stanyon commands Melinda, his orphaned niece, to marry an elderly suitor, and when she refuses he tries to horse-whip her into submission. It is 1856, and Melinda escapes to London on a steam train.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Melinda: Jenny Funnell
Marquis of Chard: Timothy Bentinck
Uncle Hector: Roger Hume
Dowager Duchess: Mary Wimbush
Mrs Harcourt: June Barrie
Kate: Avril Clark
Lord Wrotham: Bill Wallis
Skittles: Liz Goulding
Captain Vestey: Cornelius Garrett
Freddie: Richard Pearce
Tom: Simon Carter

13th February 1995:
The Monday Play: The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
This new production has been mounted to celebrate the centenary of the play's first night which took place at the Haymarket Theatre, London, on 14 February 1895.
Piano played by Terence Allbright
Director Glyn Dearman
Algernon Moncrieff: Martin Clunes
Lane: Michael Hordern
Jack Worthing: Michael Sheen
Lady Bracknell: Judi Dench
Gwendolen: Samantha Bond
Miss Prism: Miriam Margolyes
Cecily: Amanda Root
Canon Chasuble: John Moffatt
Merriman: Terence Alexander

14th February 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Call Out by Mark Davies Markham.
Romance can blossom in the most unusual places, Two cuddly gasmen take off for toffee-apples and torch songs on the Isle of Wight.
Music played by Andrew Dodge and Will Hill
Director Claire Grove
Greg: Ray Winstone
Ian: Shaun Prendergast
Billie: Eve Shickle
Heather: Jilly Bond
Jan: Natasha Pyne

15th February 1995:
14.00 :
Some of My Best Friends Are Dolphins by Marianne Carey
A light comedy about a meeting of opposites.
Yvette is successful, cultivated and a bit of a snob. Jazz is broke, loud and living upstairs.
Director Patrick Rayner
Jazz: James MacPherson
Yvette: Deirdre Davis
Kit: Molly Innes
Karen: Margaret Clark
Gordon: John Hannibal
Derek: Gordon Munro
Repeated 5th June 1998

16th February 1995:
14.00 :
Second Chance by Sue Rodwell.
Mandy, Bob and baby Tommy seem like the perfect family, but when Tommy disappears, the police make very thorough enquiries.
Director: Sue Wilson
Mandy: Penny Layden
Bob: Richard Derrington
Patricia Sawyer: Rachel Atkins
DI Johnson: Gareth Armstrong
WPC Randall: Lorna Laidlaw
Mandie's Mum: Tina Gray
DS Green: Malcolm McKee
Repeated 3rd April 1997


18th February 1995:
In 4 parts all broadcast on this date:
14.30 to 16.00: 17.40 to 18.00; 19.50 to 21.20 and 23.30 to 0.00
Bomber: i) Planning and Preparation (14.30-16.00)
A documentary drama based on the novel by Len Deighton about an RAF Bomber Command raid on Germany on Saturday 18 February 1943. Dramatiser: Joe Dunlop
Broadcast in real time throughout today, the play includes reminiscences from the men and women who were involved on both sides.
1430 hours: at Bomber Command headquarters, Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris plans tonight's raid, and in Germany Luftwaffe General Josef Kammhuber plans the night defence of the Ruhr. At RAF Warley Fen WAAF Corporal Ruth Lambert fears for her pilot husband Sam, and in the Ruhr town of Altgarten the Burgomeister plans his birthday celebrations.
Producer: Jonathan Ruffle
Director: Adrian Bean
Narrator: Tom Baker
Sgt Ted 'Batters' Battersby: David Antrobus
Anna Luisa: Alice Arnold
Group Captain: Michael Tudor Barnes
Frau Josef: Deborah Berlin
Ruth Lambert: Emma Chambers
Unteroffizier Christian Himmel: Scott Cherry
SS Sturmbannfuhrer Fischer: Russell Floyd
Sgt Huw Binty Jones: Clive Hill
Frau Gerda: Becky Hindley
Sgt Jimmy Grimm: Terry John
WAAF Corporal Madge Scott: Siriol Jenkins
Sgt 'Diggers' Digby: Jonathan Keeble
Untersturmfuhrer Blessing: Ian Masters
Group Captain Ludlow: Don McCorkindale
Gerd Boll: Gavin Muir
Unteroffizier Willi Reinecke: Brian Murphy
Sgt Flash Gordon: Ian Peck
Oberleutnant Baron Victor von Lowenhertz: Dominic Rickards
Hansl: Pascoe Sabido
Johannes lifa: Oliver Senton
August Bach: Jack Shepherd
Sgt Simon Kosher Cohen: Joshua Towb
Fit Lt Teny Sweet: Michael Troughton
Doctor Hans Starkhov: Derek Waring
Sam Lambert: Samuel West
Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris: Frank Windsor
Burgomeister Walter Ryessman: John Woodvine
Flying Officer Longfellow: Peter Yapp

Also with:
David Jarvis, Kristin Milward, Richard Pearce, Caroline Strong, Eva Stuart, Joe Swash

Repeated 4th September 1999 at same times


20th February 1995:
14.00 :
Another Life by Rosemary Carter, dramatised by Philip Martin.
Sara Demaine is young, beautiful and on the verge of a brilliant career as a ballet dancer....
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Sara: Carolyn Backhouse
Clive: Jack Klaff
Peter: Roger Hume
Madame Olga: Magdalena Buznea
Mrs Montgomery: Patricia Gallimore
Dr Simmonds: Cornelius Garrett
Mary: Sophie Goodchild
Belinda: Amy Marston
Lynn: Nicola Barber
Jenny: Vanessa Mean

20th February 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Bandit Queen by Deepak Verma.
In February 1994, after 11 years in prison without trial, Phoolan Devi, the Indian Bandit Queen, was released. How did an illiterate woman from the wilds of India become a folk heroine and international figure?
Singer Gauri Bapat.
Music by the West India Company.
Director Claire Grove
Shiv: Rajiv Mukker
Phoolan Devi: Nisha K Nayar
Chatervedi: Saeed Jaffrey
Moola: Surendra Kochar
Mustaquim: Bhasker
Vikram: Paul Bhattacharjee
Chief Minister: Madhav Sharma
Rukmini: Siddiqua Akhtar
Madho: Kulvinder Ghir
Man Singh: Dhirendra*
Gujar: Yogesh Bhatt
[[[*Dhirendra was the actors sole working name, he moved to Canada in 1997. Real name is Dhirendra Miyanger]]]


20th February 1995:
The Vacillations of Poppy Carew by Mary Wesley. Dramatised in six episodes by Betty Davies ,
1: Discarded! Deserted! Poppy can't see any hope for the future when her boyfriend ditches her, but other possible lovers pop up in the most unlikely places - even in a funeral parlour!
Director Jane Morgan
Nurse: Rachel Atkins
Poppy Carew: Beatie Edney
Bank manager: John Evitts
Anthony Green: Neville Jason
Director: Jane Morgan
Dad: David Sinclair
Fergus Furnival: Andrew Wincott
Also with: Kate Maravan and James Fleet

Additional cast in episodes 2-6:
Sean Connor: Gareth Armstrong
Venetia Colyyer: Elaine Claxton
Victor Lucas: James Fleet
Mrs Edwardes: Tina Gray
Minister for Tourism: Michael Halphie
Penelope Lucas: Frances Jeater
Ros Lawrence: Virginia McKenna
Mary: Kate Maravan
Edmund: Matthew Morgan
Ambulanceman: Michael Onslow
Mustafa: Raad Rawi
Julia: Vivienne Rochester
Willy Guthrie: Kim Wall
Waiter: Malcolm Ward
Vicar: Peter Whitman
Calypso Grant: Mary Wimbush
Also with: David Jarvis.

Episodes 2-6: 27th February 1995, 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th March 1995.
Repeated from original series broadcast: 17th, 24th and 31st March 1994, 7th, 14th, 21st April 1994.
The novel (1986) was also adapted for television (UK ITV) shown 5th March 1995.


21st February 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Much Like Yourself by Anne Hashmi
The comic story of a young woman struggling to find her identity while bombarded by the spiritual and material influences of people around her.
Director Tim Crook
Girl: Charlotte Coleman
Deep husky woman: Frances Tomelty
Aggressive young man / Meek boy: Clive Wedderburn
Jackie/Tiger: Lisa Bowerman
Meditation man: Peter Guinness
Pretentious young man/Spiritual adviser: Rupert Degas
Blue girl: Tessa Wojtczak
Repeated 8th February 1996
[ Charlotte Coleman died much too young and may be remembered for her TV programs Worzel Gummidge, Educating Marmalade and many others. Lisa Bowerman appeared as a Cheetah in Dr Who and many other tv programs but may be better known for her long running audio adventures as Bernice Summerfield ]


22nd February 1995:
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by Bert Coules.
Six classic mysteries.
1: The Problem of Thor Bridge. When a beautiful young governess is accused of murder, her employer calls upon the services of Sherlock Holmes.
Violinist Leonard Friedman.
Director Enyd Williams
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
J Neil Gibson: William

Grace Dunbar: Charlotte Attenborough
Joyce Cummings: Charles Simpson
Mana Gibson: Jilly Bond
Marlow Bates: Michael Tudor Barnes
Ferguson: Mark Straker
Sergeant: George Parsons
Policemen: David Antrobus
Policemen: Joshua Towb
Warder: Don McCorkindale
This production was repeated 23rd August 1997.
The five stories which followed have been listed here on their own broadcast dates.


23rd February 1995
After Eden by Alison Leonard
A six-part drama about the life of a woman priest.
1: The Keys of the Kingdom. When the Rev Elaine Metcalfe is inducted as the vicar of Pontvale, she hopes the job will have more to it than lending out spare sets of keys.
Director Alison Hindell
Kristina: Jilly Bond
Elaine: Christine Pritchard
Sian: Sue Jones-Davies
Mr Hudson: Steve Hodson
Gareth: Simon Harris
Phil: Hywel Morgan
Sergei/Colin: Oliver Senton

Additional cast in parts 2 to 6:
Harvey: James Greene
Grace: Julie Higginson
Rev Johns/Melvyn: Michael Povey
Gwen: Manon Edwards
Tash: Clare Isaac
Bryn: Rhodri Hugh
Sheila: Kristin Milward
Freda: Sharon Morgan
Adam: Simon Ludders
Ellis: Dafydd Wyn Roberts
Puck: Nia Dames
Josie: Marilyn Le Conte

(The other five parts were broadcast 1st,8th,15th,22nd,29th March 1995)
(The series was repeated in 1996: 12th, 19th, 26th February 1996, 4th, 11th, 18th March 1996)

23rd February 1995:
Rocco Don't Eat Greens by Nick Pullen
Ever since Mumsy took Arnold to see The Big Sleep 50 years ago, he has shared his mind with an invented character called Johnny Rocco. Arnold and Rocco tell the tragic story of Arnold's love for the beautiful and heartless Deirdre.
Pianist Harold Rich
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Arnold Wiseman: Bill Wallis
Young Arnold: Richard Pearce
Rocco: Christian Rodska
Deirdre: Julia Hills
Mumsy: June Barrie
Bunty Thrubwell: Cornelius Garrett
Herrington-Smythe: Simon Carter
Doctor: George Parsons
Maid: Julia Winwood
Repeated on 7th April 1997


25th February 1995:
14.30 to 16:00 ("Sarah"), with a new sequel ("Elizabeth") 19.50 to 21.10.
Saturday Playhouse: Ways of Escape by Eric Pringle.
First part: "Sarah" - Part Two in Saturday Night Theatre later tonight.
When the Reverend Daniel Strickland and his two sisters leave their home in Berkshire to begin a new life in the wilderness of Lancashire, the wilful Sarah demands to know why. An atmospheric love story, set in the early 19th Century.

Director Tracey Neale
Daniel: Stephen Moore
Elizabeth: Anna Massey
Sarah: Deborah Findlay
Joseph: John Duttine
Anne: Alison Reid
Roger Beamish: Lan Masters
Squire Rollinson: Geoffrey Matthews
Doctor Thurlston: Alan Thompson
The Bishop: Garard Green

Additional cast in the second part:
Alexander Benson: Geoffrey Whitehead
Ruth: Nicola Dent
Mr Gale: Eric Allan
Emily: Annabel Mullion
Charlotte: Eva Stuart
Swinton: David Collings
Also with Andrew Branch and Peter Yapp

Part One was First broadcast: 1st January 1994;
this (1995) was the first broadcast of Part Two

25th February 1995:
Murder before Midnight: Dark Orphan by David Zane Mairowitz.
Based on a real-life murder in France. Guignol believes that weaklings are bad for France.
They should be put down at birth. But his daughter Faye is a weakling.
Guignol has let her live until now, but soon he must make a decision.
Director Peter Kavanagh
Guignol: Keith Allen
Faye Beaulieu: Anna Livia Ryan
Vivi: Jane Slavin
Josee: Tessa Worsley
Terry: Neil Maskell
Prison psychologist: Natasha Pyne
Djemilla: Adjoa Andoh
Dupont: Jonathon Keeble
School doctor: Don McCorkindale
Police Inspector: Gavin Muir
Policeman: Oliver Senton


26th February 1995:
Classic Serial: Dead Souls by Nicolai Gogol, dramatised in two episodes by Stephen Wyatt.
A comic masterpiece, set in 1820s Russia.
1: Coming. A man arrives in an isolated provincial town. His mission is to buy up the "dead souls".
Musicians Eleanor Knight, Andy Crowdie, George Ricci and Jamie McCarthy
Music by Andy Frizell.
Director Kate Rowland
Chichikov: Ken Stott
Korobochka: Jean Alexander
Plyushkin: Bryan Pringle
Nozdrev: Mark McGann
Anna: Brigit Forsyth
Sobakievich: Trevor Cooper
Manilov: Robert Whelan
Mme Manilov: Jane Cox
Selifan: David Whitaker
Landlord: David Fleeshman
Proshka: Jane Hazlegrove
Additional cast in part 2:
Oulenka: Jane Hazlegrove
Woman: Kathy Jamieson

This episode repeated 3rd March 1995.
Part Two 5th March 1995, repeated 10th March 1995.


27th February 1995:
14.00 :
The Newgate Calendar by Christopher Denys
The Newgate Calendar was a record of the crimes committed by the inmates of the famous London prison during the 18th century.
1: The Life, Crimes and Death of Jonathan Wild.
He started as a buckle-maker before rising to control most of London's criminals, working on both sides of the law as the self-styled 'Thief-taker General of Great Britain and Ireland
Music composed and performed by John Telfer.
Violinist Don Leo Schlaiffer
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
The Editor: Peter Jeffrey
Jonathan Wild: John Rowe
Mary Mulliner: Sue Broomfield
Obadiah Lemon: Cornelius Garrett
Blueskin Blake: Christian Rodska
Quilt: John Telfer
Jack Shepherd: Richard Pearce
Justice Vaughan/Walter: Bill Wallis
Also with Simon Carter, Judy Bennett, Sunny Ormonde.
The second play was a standalone play and is listed under the broadcast date of 6th March 1995.
This episode repeated 21st December 1996.
Second play broadcast on 6th March 1995, repeated 28th December 1996.


27th February 1995:
The Monday Play: Lost Parts by Elizabeth Baines
A dark comedy which portrays an English family coming to terms with Father's death - until they discover some secrets in the wardrobe.
Director Michael Fox
Clare: Ellie Haddington
Margaret: Val Lilley
Sally: Jane Hazlegrove
Dave: Keith Ladd
Emma: Christine MacKie
Maunagh: Ayse Owens
Johnny: James McMartin

28th February 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Stand Up Norma Jean by Danny McCahon.
The world of the impersonator, that well known night club act, is not an easy one. Sugar, who does
Marilyn Monroe , looks as if she is about to get a break. Tonight, after the show, a researcher from a network television chat show is to interview her for background material for her first network TV appearance.
Director Hamish Wilson
Sugar: Anne Marie Timoney
Norman: Ian Sexton
Repeated 25th July 1996.

1st March 1995:
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
Six classic mysteries by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Dramatised by Robert Forrest.
2: The Creeping Man. A distinguished scientist is behaving very oddly, enough to make his faithful old dog attack him.
Violinist Leonard Friedman.
Director Patrick Rayner
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Professor Presbury: Robin Ellis
Edith Presbury: Deborah Berlin
Jack Bennett: Oliver Senton
Alice Morphy: Annabel Mullion
Repeated 30th August 1997

2nd March 1995:
Inside by David Ian Neville.
When Sarah takes up her post as writer-in-residence in a women's prison, she finds herself personally involved in a drama which even as a playwright she couldn't have envisaged.
Director Sue Wilson
Sarah: Jenny Funnell
Liz: Sara Coward
Jo: Lois Burgess
Dawn: Sunny Ormonde
Tanya: Teresa Gallagher
Baz: Vivienne Rochester
Redband: Heather Bell
Jim: Richard Derrington
Jack: Cornelius Garrett
Officer Jackson: Nawal Gadalla
Officer Cassidy: Marian Kemmer
Radio Presenter: Sally Wright

4th March 1995:
Playhouse: Winners by Ayshe Raif.
Connie: A million-pound winner on the Lottery. Rika: employed to stop her making a complete fool of herself.
Director Claire Grove
Connie: Diane Bull
Rika: Rosemary Leach
Joe Alton: David Yip
Neil Marsden: Ray Winstone
Sam Marsden: Paul Keating
Bella: Patricia Kerrigan
Guy: Oliver Senton
Donald: Ian Masters
Arnold: Garrick Hagon
Eugene: George Allonby
Mrs Williams: Natasha Pyne
Lucy: Annabel Mullion
Edwardo: Jonathan Keeble

4th March 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: An Urnful of Ashes by Rukhsana Ahmed.
India, 1992. Against the backdrop of the Barbri Mosque riots, the search for a lost friend leads Rozina to a storyteller in a street festival and an encounter with the stately world of 16th-century mogul India.
Percussion by Pandit Dinesh
Director Kate Rowland
Superintendant Pun: Saeed Jaffrey
Rozina Bannerji: Yasmin Sidhwa
Storyteller: Vayu Naidu
Chitra Bannerji: Leena Dhingra
Emperor Akbar: Sam Dastor
Shola: Suda Bhuchar
Shobhna: Jamila Massey
Abul Fazt: Bhasker
Birbal: Rashid Karapiet
Fr Aquaviva: Dominic Shaun
Sirhindi: Anthony Zaki
Repeated on BBC 7 on 10th October 2009.

4th March 1995:
Murder before Midnight: Double Indemnity by James M Cain. Dramatised by John Fletcher.
"I'm an insurance salesman, I sell this guy some insurance. Then one hot afternoon, I find myself in bed with his wife. We murder him."
Original music by Barrington Pheloung
Director Andy Jordan
Walter Huff: Frederic Forrest
Lola: Molly Ringwald
Phyllis: Theresa Russell
George Keyes: John Wood
Nirdlingor: Michael Drew
Norton: John Guerrasio
Jackson: John Baddeley
Nettie: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Sachetti: Roger May
Repeated from 12th June 1993.


5th March 1995:
19.00 :
Children's Radio 4: Goldfish the Movie
Three-part dramatisation of Betsy Byars ' novel The Two Thousand Pound Goldfish.
Dramatised by Tony Coult
Director Celia De Wolff
Warren Otis: Leonard Kirby
Aunt Pepper: Heather Tobias
Louise: Sacha Flory
Gran: Jill Graham
Saffron: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Samir: Rocky Samrai
Mr Gordon: Louis Mahoney
Also with Dominic Letts. Keith Drinkel and James Telfer.

Additional cast in

parts 2 and 3:
Fiona Hillman: Diane Bull
Warren: Leonard Kirby
Also with John Baddeley

Parts 2 and 3 broadcast 12th and 19th March 1995

Original broadcast 4th, 11th and 18th April 1993


6th March 1995:
14.00 :
The Newgate Calendar
The second of two plays by Christopher Denys based on the Calendar, which recorded the crimes of the inmates of London's infamous Newgate Prison.
The Tragic Life and Shameful Death of Mary Blandy.
Besotted by Captain Cranstoun, a fortune-seeker, Mary is persuaded to feed a powder to her father that she is told "will make him amiable again" towards Cranstoun.
Music composed and performed by John Telfer. Violinist Don Leo Schlaiffer
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
The Editor: Peter Jeffrey
Mary: Prue Clarke
Mr Blandy: Simon Carter
Mrs Blandy: Frances Jeater
Cranstoun: David Bannerman
Barbara: Hilary McLean
Susan: June Barrie
Walter: Bill Wallis
Foster: John Telfer
Lord Mark Ker: Cornelius Garrett
Repeated 28th December 1996.

6th March 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: A Small Plot of England by Graham Harvey.
Steve was a young farm contractor, but the bottom has fallen out of his Thatcherite world.
Director Nigel Bryant
Steve: Michael Lumsden
Debbie: Susan Jeffrey
Osmond: Gerry Hinks
Matthew: Edward Long
Nick: Richard Derrington
Helena: Kathryn Hunt
Fudge: Alex Jones
Pix: Kate Wood
Also with: with Andy Hockley. Jonathan Wyatt, Graham Colclough, Graham Padden, Richard Avery and Graham Howes.

6th March 1995:
Book at Bedtime: Archy and Mehitabel by Don Marquis.
Abridged in eight episodes by Neville Teller.
Archy, a poet reincarnated as a cockroach. Every night he leaps onto the keys of a typewriter, relating his experiences of the world. Archy's view of life is countered by Mehitabel the cat.
A Rewind production
Archy: John Guerassio
Mehitabel: Eartha Kitt.
with the voice of Jack Klaff
Further episodes nightly Mon-Fri until 14/3/1995.
Repeated 1996 (Mon-Fri 25/11/96 to 4/12/96)
Remade with a different cast in 2005 in five parts.

7th March 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: It's Cold Outside by Eric Pringle.
Ray wakes to find himself inside his car in a snowdrift.
He can't move, he doesn't know who he is or how he came to be there.
Director Cherry Cookson
Ray: Kenneth Cranham
Sophie: Julia Ford
Gerry: Neville Jason
Anna: Elaine Claxton
Edward: Paul Panting
Elizabeth: Vivienne Rochester
Charles: Malcolm Ward


8th March 1995:
The Chronicles of Clovis, stories by Saki.
A six-part adaptation by Justin Greene.
1: Clovis's First Night: Clovis uncovers the secret of Septimus Brope and writes a play for the Baroness.
Music by John White.
A Hat Trick production
Clovis Sangrail: Mark Tandy
Mrs Riversedge/ Sophie Chattel-Monkheim/ The Misses Smithly-Dubbs: Rebecca Front
Emily Dushford/ Miss Huddle/ Mary Hampton/ Russian princess/Lady in Grey: Sylvestra Le Touzel
Baroness/Mrs Chilworth: Prunella Scales
Septimus Brope/Theophil Eshley/Col Hampton/Sturridge/Pincini/ Wengel/Lifeguard/Border guard: John Sessions
Aunt/Mrs Olston: Angela Thorne
Reginald Chilworth: Samuel West

Additional actors in later episodes:
J P Huddle/ Tobermory: John Fortune
Adela Pingsford/Lady Bastable/Jane Martlett: Nicola McAuliffe
Mrs Gurtleberry/Lady Drakmanton: Alison Steadman
Cecilia Hoops: Angela Thorne
Katherine Malsom: Abigail McKern
Mrs Sangrail: Ciaran Madden

Repeated 11th November 1995.
Other parts broadcast: 15/3/95, 22/3/95, 29/3/95, 5/4/95 and 12/4/95.
Other parts repeated 18/11/95, 25/11/95, 2/12/95, 9/12/95, 16/12/95.


8th March 1995:
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
Six classic mysteries by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by Bert Coules.
3: The Lion's Mane.
Holmes has retired to Sussex to tend his bees. But old habits linger, especially when it's a case of violent death....
Violinist Leonard Friedman.
Director Patrick Rayner
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Repeated 18th February 1998

9th March 1995:
Hair of the Dog by Lesley Davies
Why does a harassed housewife and mother of seven whose husband finds himself in the arms of their glamorous next-door neighbour take the news so calmly?.
Director Cherry Cookson
Amy: Brenda Blethyn
John: David Horovitch
Susan: Kate Buffery
Grandma: Jill Graham
Mrs Dursley: Diana Payan
MrTownsend: John Webb
Dr Smith: Barry J Gordon
Children: Gary King
Children: Patrick Rosenfeld
Repeated from 21st October 1993

11th March 1995:
Saturday Playhouse: Naked in the Sun by Bill Taylor.
A week in the Algarve and 60,000 from a Sunday tabloid for their story seem to Tina and Danny like good compensation for the trauma of having their child abducted and returned. But whose story is going to be printed?
Director Michael Fox
Sophie: Lorraine Ashbourne
Danny: Tom Higgins
Tina: Julia Ford
Maria: Yolanda Vasquez
Lewis: John Lloyd-Fillingham
Frank Woods: Robert Whelan
Robert: John Branwell
Laura: Romy Baskerville
Hotel clerk: Fiona Kerr

11th March 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: Mamma Decemba by Nigel D Moffatt.
The play that won the Samuel Beckett Award in 1985.
The central character is a woman from Britain's black community, Mamma Decemba, whose husband has just died. Her experience and grief are universally recognisable in this telling and affectionate tale.
Director Alby James
Mamma Decemba: Mona Hammond
Mertel: Angel Wynter
John: T-Bone Wilson
White youth: Nicholas Boulton
Vicar/Policeman: Dominic Letts
Woman: Vivienne Rochester
Repeated from 7th March 1994

11th March 1995:
Murder before Midnight: Going Wrong by Ruth Rendell.
A psychological thriller. Guy is a natural-born villain but he loves the classy Leonora and he's determined that if he can't have her for ever, no-one else will.
Dramatised by Robert East
Director Matthew Walters
Guy: Peter Wingfield
Leonora: Oona Beeson
Danny: Tom Bevan
Tessa: Tessa Worsley
Anthony: Derek Waring
Robin: Richard Pearce
Rachel: Becky Hindley
Celeste: Michelle Joseph
Susannah: Natasha Pyne
Magnus: David Collings
Con/Linus: Gavin Muir
Poppy: Kristin Milward
William: Andrew Branch
Det Sgt Lamb: Robert East
Janice: Iona Grant
Maeve: Annabel Mullion
Repeated 23rd March 1996

12th March 1995:
Mateo Falcone: a play dramatised by Peter Mackie from the classic short story by Prosper Merimee .
For Mateo Falcone, a living legend among Corsican bandits, honour is sacred.
Director David Hunter.
Mateo: Jonathan Adams
Saupiero: Jack Klaff
Guiseppa: Natasha Pyne
Fortunato: Tom Bevan
Gamba: Andrew Wincott
Sergeant: Ian Masters
Varicello: David Antrobus
Maldini: Tom Knight
Capello: Joshua Towb
Prisoner: Andrew Branch
Repeated 17th March 1995


13th March 1995:
14.00 :
The Tree of Liberty by Nigel Baldwin.
A four-part detective series set in Amiens, 1791.
Lt Gen Lacroix, tries to police France despite the Revolution.
1: Friends in High Places. A girl is murdered while Robespierre is in town.
Original music by Paula Gardner performed by Mark Edwards. Jeanette Masocchi , Ron Parry and Paula Gardner.
Director Alison Hindell
Lt Gen Lacroix: David Calder
Robespierre: Brendan Charleson
Monet: Brian Hibbard
Didier/Chalier: Steve Hodson
Mme Rives/Josephine: Bethan Jones
Charlotte: Kathryn Pogson
Duval: Simon Ludders
Surgeon: Matthew Morgan
Mme Giradoux: Lesley Rooney
Dupont: Ian Rowlands
Roland: Christian Rodska

Additional actors in parts 2-4
Madeleine: Frances Tomelty
Mme des Chats/Mme Dupre: Sue Roderick
Ferrier/Michel: Andrew Wincott
Georges/Jean: Robert Harper
Simone: Sara Harris-Davies

Parts 2-4 broadcast 20th, 27th and 3rd April 1995.


13th March 1995:
The Monday Play: Untold Secrets by Elizabeth Mansfield.
Every family has secrets, Kath's revelations to her sister will force her to unlock the cupboard and face the skeletons.
Music composed by Anthea Gomez
Director Sue Wilson
Kath: Belinda Sinclair
Anna: Michelle Newell
Jo: Fiona Christie
Tom: Tim Block
Emily: Marjorie Yates
Ted: Leon Tanner
Barbara: Kristin Millward
Moyra: Jilly Bond

14th March 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: Babies and Bath Water by Brendan Gleeson.
A gentle comedy. Two men seek sanctuary in a Dublin sauna from the stresses of modern life.
Director Pam Brighton
Terence: Brendan Gleeson
Gabriel: Johnny Murphy

15th March 1995:
14.00 :
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
Six classic mysteries by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
4: The Veiled Lodger. Dramatised by Roger Danes
Mrs Merrilow has the perfect lodger, a gentlewoman who keeps to herself, but why won't she show her face.... ?
Violinists Leonard Friedman and Main Campbell.
Director Patrick Rayner
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Eugenia Ronder: Harriet Walter
Leonardo: Douglas Henshall
Ronder: Ian Masters
Griggs: Michael Tudor Barnes
Insp Edmunds: Oliver Senton
Mrs Merrilow: Kristin Milward
Coroner: Peter Yapp
Repeated 25/2/1998
Also repeated on BBC 7.

16th March 1995:
Tower by Greg Cullen.
Ten years ago the miners returned to work after a year-long strike. But at Tower Colliery in South Wales they refused to be defeated.
Director Alison Hindell
Big Bryn: Islwyn Morris
Sally: Sue Roderick
Bryn: Bob Pugh
Robbie: Laurence Allan
Jen: Jennifer Hill
Lewis: Brian Hibbard
Pru: Tessa Gearing
Sian: Siriol Jenkins
Lyn: Eirlys Bellin
Neil: Jonathan Chapple
Dave: Phil Rowlands
Repreated 27th February 1997

16th March 1995:
A Wagner Matinee by Willa Cather, Dramatised by Sara Baker..
A moving story of self-sacrifice set in Boston in the late 1890s.
Director Martin Jenkins.
Producer Valerie Henderson.
A Public Media Foundation/New Voices production
Clark Hamilton: Ron Le Van
Mrs Springer:

Charlotte Peed
Georgiana: Sheila Ferrini
Howard: Ed Peed
Repeated 23rd December 1995

18th March 1995:
Saturday Playhouse: Sweet Dreams and Swedish Ghosts by Mike Stott.
Kelvin has 45 minutes missing from his life. All he can remember is someone sounding like Greta Garbo getting into his cab, but there's more to it than that. Comedy.
Director Alan Drury
Kelvin Greenlees: Peter Gunn
Karen Greenlees: Becky Hindley
Samantha Greenlees: Deborah Berlin
Natalie Dugdale: Tina Gray
Norman Duckworth: James Taylor
Nigel O'Toole: Jack Elliott
Dr McClare/Aelwyn Tattersall: Frances Jeater
First broadcast on 21st May 1994

18th March 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: The Detective Is Dead by Bill James
A sardonic new thriller. Harpur and Iles are losing the battle against crime, so Iles starts to play to his own deadly rules.
Director Jane Dauncey
Iles: Philip Madoc
Harpur: Malcolm Storry
Vine: Peter Kenny
Becky: Julie Higginson
Lane: Peter Halliday
Beyonton: David Garreld
Reid: Sean Gleeson
Denise: Siriol Jenkins
Stanfield: Rhodri Hugh
Couzel QC: Terry Dauncey
Amy Harbinger: Melanie Walters
Foster: Ben Thomas
Repeated 21st October 1995
[Bill James (born 1929) is a pseudonym of James Tucker, a Welsh novelist. He also writes under his own name and the pseudonyms David Craig and Judith Jones. He was a reporter with the Daily Mirror ]

18th March 1995:
Murder before Midnight: Mildred Pierce by James M Cain. Dramatised by John Fletcher.
"1931. I lost my job, my home, my husband. But I've got a daughter. 1941. I've got a dazzling career, mansion, new husband - but I've lost the love of my daughter."
Music by Elizabeth Parker.
Director Andy Jordan
Mildred Pierce: Shelley Thompson
Martin Jarvis: Monty Beragon
Veda Pierce: Siriol Jenkins
Bert Pierce: Ed Bishop
Ray Pierce: Angela Shaftoe
Lucy Gessler: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Wally Burgan: James Telfer
Letty: Eugenia Warren
Treviso: John Baddeley
Ida: Catherine Nix
Doctor: Dominic Letts
Levinson: Dominic Holt
Repeated from 26th June 1993


19th March 1995:
Classic Serial: Ben Hur by Lew Wallace.
Dramatised in four parts by Catherine Czerkawska.
1: A Friendship Betrayed.
Two men's lives run almost in parallel. One is a prince of Jerusalem, Judah Ben Hur. The other is known as "He that was born to be King of the Jews."
Music by Wilfredo Acosta.
Director Glyn Dearman.
Angel/Esther: Deborah Berlin
Amrah: Phyllis Calvert
Bible: Michael Gambon
Judah Ben Hur: Jamie Glover
Mother: Margaret John
Tirzah/Maid: Natasha Pyne
Arrtus: Derek Waring
Messala: Samuel West
also with with Michael Tudor Barnes, Don McCorkindale, Gavin Muir and Joshua Towb.

Additional cast in parts 2,3 and 4:
Passenger: Michael Tudor-Barnes
Simonides: Bernard Hepton
Iras: Becky Hindley
Balthasar: Michael Hordern
Sheik Ilderim: Freddie Jones
Drusus: Ian Masters
Malluch: Gavin Muir
Servant: Joshua Towb
also with Neville Jason, Ian Masters,
Oliver Senton, Peter Whitman, and Peter Yapp

Further episodes broadcast 26th March, 2nd, 9th, 16th April 1995.
Series Repeated 24th, 31st March and 7th, 14th April 1995.


20th March 1995:
19.45 to 21:00:
The Monday Play: Once a Greek by Friedrich Diirrenmatt. Dramatised by Peter Thomson
When Arnolph Archilochos advertises for a wife, his world turns upside down.
Director Claire Grove
Amolph Archilochos: Jim Broadbent
Madam Bieler: Ellie Haddington
Chloe: Mia Soteriou
Bibi: Dorian Lough
President: Terence Edmond
Petit Paysan: Gavin Muir
Passap: Don McCorkindale
Fahrcks: David Jarvis
Maitre Dutour: Ian Masters
Bishop Moser: Peter Yapp
Mrs Weeman: Kirsten Milward
Sophie: Deborah Berlin
CB9: Jill Bond

21st March 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: My Derrick by David Marshall.
When financial circumstances force Derrick Penniman to bring his 18-year-old bride home to live with his mother, the principal question for both women is - whose Derrick is he? His mother feels proprietorial, but Julie is emphatic that it is to her will that Derrick should bend.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Mrs Penniman: Tessa Worsley
Julie: Deborah Berlin
Repeated 18th July 1996

22nd March 1995:
14.00 :
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Dramatised by Michael Bakewell.
5: Shoscombe Old Place.
Violinist Leonard Friedman.
Director Enyd Williams
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
John Mason: Nicholas Le Prevost
Sir Robert Norberton: Donald Pickering
Palfreyman: Desmond Llewelyn
Stephens: George Parsons
Josiah Barnes: Jonathan Adams
Carrie: Susannah Corbett
Norlett: Jonathan Keeble
Gypsy Woman: Becky Hindley
Repeated 6th September 1997 and 4th March 1998


22nd March 1995:
23.30 :
The Crusader Chronicles by Chris Lang, Simon Greenall and Andy Taylor
Pastiche. The first of four episodes.
The year 1153. On his deathbed, Walter Knobbe tells the story of the first Great Crusade and how the Crusaders set out to deliver Jerusalem from the infidel.
Producer Harry Thompson
Sir Giles de Bournville: Hugh Grant
Old Walter: Michael Aldridge
Sir Leslye Cadworthye: Chris Lang
Young Walter: Andy Taylor
Robert the Brusque: Simon Greenall
Absolon: Chris Langham

Additional actors in episodes 2-4:
Kilij Arslan: Christopher Benjamin
Also with Christopher Ryan, Zia Moyhedin

Episodes 2-4 broadcast 29/3/95, 5th, 12th, 19th April 1995
First broadcast on 14th July 1994 with episodes 2-4 on 21, 28/7/94 and 4/8/94.


23rd March 1995:
Missing by Elizabeth Baines
Sarah Greaves is missing. As a young mother from a stable family she is high on the "at risk" list. Her husband and mother enlist the aid of a helpline.
Director Michael Fox
Heather: Brigit Forsyth
Mark: Andy Wear
Sarah: Naomi Radcliffe
Natalie: Rachel Smith
Jenny: Sharon Muircroft
WPC Woods: Christine MacKie
Big Issue seller: David Crelun
Radio announcer: Robin Brunskill
Tog: Malcom Raeburn
Detective Inspector: Phillipa Howell
Narrator: John Branwell
Mph Worker 1: Robert Whelan
Mph Worker 2: Clare Beck
Emma: Alice Fox

23rd March 1995:
23.00 :
A Landscape Painter by Henry James. Dramatised by Stanley Richardson
An American play. When a wealthy young New York painter, claiming poverty, declares an undying love for Miriam, she at once sees through his romantic charade.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
A BBC/Public Media Foundation co-production
Miriam Quaterman: Carina May
JohnLocksley: Chris Von Bayer
Prenderghast: David Zoffoll
Quaterman: Tim Sawyer
Cynthia: Diane Beckett
Repeated 30th December 1995

25th March 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Over the Rainbow by Humphrey Carpenter
Musical. A day in the life of the Hollywood legend. Thirteen great Garland songs feature in a fraught rehearsal and a dazzling live broadcast.
Music performed by Vile Bodies with musical director Colin Good.
Director Nigel Bryant
Judy Garland: Sasha Pick
Roger Edens: Ed Bishop
Gary Breckner: Peter Whitman
Frank Morgan: Matt Zimmerman
Jerry: Lewis Hancock
Waiter: Simon Fielder
Repeated 16th September 1995

25th March 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Falling Heads by Colin Haydn Evans
In 1917 Noel Pemberton Billing MP published a review of Oscar Wilde's Salome accusing the leading actress of treason.
Director Chris Wallis
Noel Pemberton Billing: Ronald Pickup
Lord Justice Darling: Leslie Phillips
Maud Allen: Celia Imrie
Lloyd George: Norman Rodway
Jack: Robert Whelan
Eileen: Susan Jeffrey
Casson: Simon Carter
Ransome: John Rowe
Repington: Graham Padden
General: Geoffrey Whitehead
Savage: Andy Redman
Spencer: Robert Daws

25th March 1995:
22.30 :
Murder before Midnight: Murder at the Cameo by Bill Morrison
Based on new documentary evidence. Two men were shot dead in 1949 at the Cameo Cinema in Liverpool. George Kelly and Charles Connolly were charged with their murders.
Music by Patrick Dineen.
Director Kate Rowland
Chief Inspector Balmer: George Costigan
Chief Superintendent Smith: Nick Stringer
Charles Connolly: James McMartin
George Kelly: Tom Higgins
Sgt Faragher: Chris Darwin
Jackie Dickson: Paula Simms
Jimmy Northam: Mark Moraghan
Donald Johnson: Steve Book
Rose Heilbron: Kathryn Hunt
Graham: John Branwell
Gorman QC: Will Tacey
Judge: Gordon Langford Rowe


26th March 1995:
19.00 :
Children's Radio 4: Joe's Kingdom by John Peacock in 4 parts.
1.The Crystal Wall.
Three hundred and twenty years after the Great Rood destroyed Britain, three children from the Seventh Underground State of St Albans are swept once more to the Overland.
Director Celia De Wolff
Arthur: David Bannerman
Beth: Abigail Docherty
Joe: Ross Livingstone
Wilfred: Richard Pearce
Gulliver: Joshua Towb
Meg/Lil: Jane Whittenshaw
Ken/Luke: Derek Warmsley
Emergency Voice: Michael Tudor-Barnes
Other parts played by members of the cast

Additional cast in episodes 2-4:
Danny: Dexter Fletcher

Episodes 2-4 broadcast 2/4/95, 9/4/95, 16/4/95
Series repeated 13/4/97, 20/4/97, 27/4/97, 4/5/97.


27th March 1995:
The Monday Play: The Strip by Phyllis Nagy
A play which opened earlier this month at the Royal Court theatre in London. In this collaboration with Radio 4, the stage cast performs a radio version of the play. Gamblers on both sides of the Atlantic find themselves drawn to Las Vegas.
Director for the Royal Court Steven Pimlott
Directed and produced for radio by Kate Rowland
Lester: Nicholas Farrell
Tina: Amanda Boxer
Loretta: Cheryl Campbell
Kate Buck: Nancy Crane
Martin: Patrick O'Kane
Calvin: William Osborne
Tom Wamer: John Padden
Suzy: Caroline Harker
Otto Mink: Nicholas Le Prevost
Ava: Deirdre Harrison

28th March 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: A Home Truth by Lynne Truss
This comedy looks at the domestic chaos

of Belinda, a writer so committed to her work that she ignores everything - household chores, social events, her husband.
Her decision to take on a home help - a genius of domestic organisation - has unforseen consequences.
Director Peter Kavanagh
Belinda: Geraldine James
Gerald: Nicholas Le Prevost

29th March 1995:
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes The last in the series of classic mysteries by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Retired Colourman. Farewell to 221B Baker Street. Dramatised by Bert Coules
Violinists Leonard Friedman and Richard Friedman.
Director Enyd Wiliams
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
George Cole: Josiah Amberley.
Mrs Hudson: Joan Matheson
Mycroft Holmes: John Hartley
Inspector Lestrade: Stephen Thorne
Mrs Amberley: Natasha Pyne
Dr Ernest: Gavin Muir
Peterson: Norman Bird
Mrs Cooper: Eva Stuart
Rory Barker: David Antrobus
Repeated 5th May 1998

30th March 1995:
1: Banishing Lucifer by Hattie Naylor.
Globe Theatre 95: Six specially commissioned plays to be broadcast on Radio 4 and around the world on World Service Radio.
Hilda talks to two angels. One sits on her right, the other on her left. Azazel tells stories about God and Man,while Catherine of Siena teaches her about the world and incites her to action.
Music by Polly Hewett.
Director Hilary Norrish
Hilda: Kate Fenwick
Azazel: Trevor Peacock
Catherine: Cathy Murphy
Albert: Pip Donaghy
Betsy: Tessa Worsley
Willy: James Taylor
Cecil: Ian Masters
Geoffrey: Andrew Branch
Virginia: Jilly Bond
Frank: Joshua Towb
(Later plays in this short season are shown here on their own broadcast date)

30th March 1995:
A Journey by Edith Wharton. Dramatised by Stanley Richardson
Last in a series of American plays.
During a train journey home from Colorado, a New Yorker discovers that her husband has died.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Hannela: Karen White
Tom: Jim Nutter
Dr Walker/Caleb: Tim Sawyer
Fem: Bobbi Steinbach
Sterling: Ed Peed
Sally: Margaret Anne Brady
Imke: Natalie Brown
Ilona/Ruth: Roberta Willison
Dr Zuber/Bestman: Chris Von Bayer
Alice: Paula Langton
Hams: Richard McElvain
Dice/Porter/Conductor/Burns: Michael Poisson
Repeated 6th January 1996

1st April 1995:
Saturday Playhouse: We Cast Four Shadows - A thriller by R J Gallagher.
A football coach, sent on an unexplained mission to a leading club, stumbles upon a major scandal and a threat of murder.
Director Nigel Bryant Rpt
D.S. Pascoe: Peter Wynne-Willson
D.S. Cafferty: Jonathan Deverall
Richie: John Telfer
Peter: Peter Meakin
Joanne: Mary Jo Randle
Ken Salthouse: Berry Hinks
Michael Lee: Peter Whitman
Mark Morgan: Andy Hockley
Hazel: Christine McGowan
Repeated from 17th October 1992

1st April 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: Spring Sonata By Bernice Rubens. Dramatised By: Olwen Wymark
Winner of the Writers Guild 1994 Award for Best Dramatisation.
Yascha's birth is awaited with great expectations by his family but he has his own ideas...
Music: Robin Stowell
Music: Simon Shewring
Director: Alison Hindell
Sheila: Amanda Root
Yascha: Richard Pearce
Phoebe: Jennie Stoller
Bernard: Henry Goodman
Mrs Singer: Doreen Mantle
Robert: Matthew Morgan
Clarissa: Marie Phillips
Dr Worcester: Philip Bond
Dr Kreutzer: Dillwyn Owen
Dr Cowper: Peter Whitman
Also with Lawmary Champion, Neville Jason, Peter Kenny and Anna Garth.
Repeated from 10th January 1994

1st April 1995:
Murder before Midnight: The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M Cain
Dramatised by Shaun McKenna
When Frank takes a job at Nick's roadside joint it's not for the money but for the shapely Cora.
Music by Andy Sheppard and Steve Lodder
Director Andy Jordan
Cora Papadakis: Myriam Cyr
Frank Chambers: William Hope
Nick Papadakis: Andy Lucas
Katz: Peter Whitman
Sackett: Steve Hodson
The Cop: Gavan O'Herlihy
Kennedy: James Telfer
Also with Pippa Hinchley and Anthony Donovan
Repeated from 19th June 1993

3rd April 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Moving Statues by Carey Harrison.
The faithful are flocking to Holy Glen, where the statue of Our Lady has been seen to move again.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Brendan: Garvan McGrath
Aunt Bridie: Kate Binchy
Joe: Jonathan White
Emer: Hilary Cahill
Seamus: Brendan O'Duill
Mrs Feeney: Kate Minogue
Elaine: Barbara McCaughey
Deirdre: Tara Rynn
Dessie: Mark O'Regan
Eamonn: Gerry O'Brien
Nuala: Ann Marie Horan
Muiris: Kevin Flood
Gerry: Gerry Ryan
Rory: Jim Reid
Repeated 19th August 1995


3rd April 1995:
23.30 :
Bolt by John Ashe in five parts. A dramatisation of the novel by Dick Francis.
1: Threats and Menaces. Champion jockey Kit Fielding is recruited to defend a princess from her arms-dealing cousin.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Kit Fielding: Eric Allan
Henri: John Bull
Danielle: Elizabeth MacGovern
Greening: Jack May
Princess Casilia: Sian Phillips
Dusty: Christian Rodska
Also with Simon Carter, Steve Hodson, Bill Wallis

Additional cast in parts 2-5:
Prince Litsi: Sam Dastor
Lord Vaughnley: Gerry Hinks
Allardeck: Bill Walus
Also with William Eedle and Steve Hodson, Margaret Robertson

Parts 2-5 broadcast on: 10/4/95, 17/4/95, 24/4/95, 1/5/95

Originally broadcast on: 23/3/94, 30/3/94, 6/4/94, 13/4/94, 20/4/94


4th April 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: Goodbye Simple Girt by Eric Pringle.
A middle-aged musician returns to his childhood home to confront an event from his adolescence which still haunts him.
When he reaches the stream where it happened, Richard stumbles across a farmer's daughter, Jennifer, and is immediately struck by the similarity of the situation.
Director Cherry Cookson
Richard: Ronald Pickup
Jennifer: Sarah-Jane Holm
Maisie: Lisa Howard
Young Richard: David Antrobus
Mother: Becky Hindley
Father: Michael Tudor Barnes


5th April 1995:
14.00 :
The Cinderella Service by Julia Stoneham.
Samantha Bond stars as Alice in this three-part series set in Devon during the Second World War. April 1943. Alice has separated from her husband but, with her son to care for, she needs to find a job.
Director Tracey Neale
Edward-John: James Cohen
Rose: June Barrie
Taffy: Elaine Claxton
Chrissce: Teresa Gallagher
Marian: Becky Hindley
Martha: Rachel Lewis
Mabel: Cathy Murphy
Winnie: Deborah McAndrew
Georgina: Annabel Mullion
Annie: Tilly Vosburgh
Margery Brewster: Tessa Worsley
Roger Bayliss: Peter Yapp
Christopher Bayliss: Andrew Wincott
Ferdie: Bill Wallis
Also with Ian Masters. David Collings and Jilly Bond

Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
Nora: Abigail Docherty
Also with David Antrobus, David Jarvis, Matthew Morgan, Eva Stuart, Walter Van Dyk

Parts 2 and 3 broadcast 12th and 19th April 1995.
Repeated on 28/8/96, 4/9/96 and 11/9/96

There was also a sequel in 1996, repeated 1998, Cinderella D-Day in which the story continued from Spring 1944.

5th April 1995:
20.45 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Five mysteries 1: The Priory School Dramatised by Michael Bakewell
Violinist Leonard Friedman.
Director Enyd Williams
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Dr Huxtable: Norman Bird
Duke of Holderness: Nigel Davenport
James Wilder: Mark Straker
Reuben Hayes: John Church
Lyndon: Ian Masters
Butler: Eric Allan
First broadcast 24/3/1993
Later programs in this series are standalone and listed under their own broadcast dates.


6th April 1995:
10.00 :
Capital Gains by Collin Johnson
A four-part series, based on characters from the original Radio 4 play, broadcast last year. 1: Risk Capital. Julius Hutch , amateur philosopher, chooses one word to describe the retirement he is looking forward to - "pottering". But one day he finds his life is changed for ever.
Director Andy Jordan
Julius Hutch: Peter Jones
Kate: Justine Midda
Sexton Lewis: Jeffrey Wickham
Mrs Pauline Tone: Celestine Randall
Also with Collin Johnson

Additional cast in parts 2-4:
Peter Fang: Peter Whitman

Parts 2-4 broadcast 13,20,27th April 1995
Repeated 7,14,21,28 February 1996
also repeated 24th July 1997, 1, 8, 15 August 1997

Original play which inspired this was broadcast 5th April 1994 (30 minute theatre).


6th April 1995:
14.00 :
Globe Theatre 95
Six specially commissioned plays to be broadcast on Radio 4 and around the world on World Service Radio.
2: Charley Tango by David Lan.
Richard rides as photographer on convoy trucks returning African children to their families. Months later his photographs shatterthe peace of an ordinary summer afternoon.
Music by Felix Cross
Director Jeremy Mortimer
Richard Golding: David Antrobus
Frank Golding: David Calder
Penny Golding: Rowena Cooper
Josiah: Louis Mahoney
Father Nathaniel: T-Bone Wilson
Maxton Munangawa: Colin McFarlane
Iris Moyo: Joan-Anne Maynard
Lucas: Ewen Cummins
Phibion: Cyril Nri
Bettina: Claire Benedict
Sister Euphonia: Claire Benedict
Khotia: Otis Munyang 'Iri
Also with With Jade Buckland, Danielle Fraser Boam, Ndumiso Mvula, Yvonne Scicluna and Desmond Taylor.
Repeated 16th May 1996
Broadcast on the BBC World Service on 9th April 1995.


6th April 1995:
23.00 :
Master and Commander by Roger Danes.
A six-part dramatisation of Patrick O'Brian's Napoleonic seafaring adventure.
1: September 1800, Rosia Bay, Gibraltar. Jack Aubrey nervously awaits the verdict in his court martial.
Music by Roger Danes and performed by Trevor Allan Davies.
Stephen Maturin: Nigel Anthony
Director Adrian Bean
Young Ricketts: Tom Bevan
Watt/Roche: Russell Floyd
Molly Harte: Frances Jeater
Harte/Day/ Mangan/ Judge Advocate/ Ragusan Captain: Lloyd Johnston
Queeney: Margaret John
Babbington: Danny Kanaber
Mercedes: Kristin Milward
Lord Keith: Gavin Muir
Young Jack/David Richards: Richard Pearce

Jack Aubrey: Michael Troughton
Makepeace: Derek Waring

Additional actors in parts 2-6:
Marshall/Sir Harry Neale: Neville Jason
Mowett/Musgrave/ Choslin: Dominic Letts
James Dillon: Charles Simpson
Ricketts: Peter Whitman
Wilkinson/Killick: Don McCorkindale
Dorothea: Nina Wadia
George Ricketts/Capt Lemercier: Peter Whitman
Also with David Jarvis, Nic Knight

Parts 2-6 broadcast: 13,20,27 April 1995, 4, 11 May 1995.
(In 2003 there was a movie of the story with Russell Crowe).


8th April 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Getting Mad by Joe Dunlop.
After the initial shock, most people get over having their house burgled but Ian just can't get rid of his fury, or his desire for revenge.
Director: Matthew Walters
Ian: Bill Paterson
Carol: Frances Jeater
Jack: Peter Kenny
Martin: Gareth Armstrong
Tone: Tom Bevan
Gary: Paul Panting
PC Corbey: Malcolm Ward
Police Officer: Jonathan Tafler
McRae/Corder: Joe Dunlop
Tom: Peter Whitman
Ian 's mother/Kathleen: Isobil Nisbet
Gun salesman: David Jarvis
Barbara/Stewardess: Oona Beeson
Repeated from 5th February 1994.

8th April 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Bird with One Wing by Tina Pepler.
After the funeral of Sir Richard Burton in 1891, his widow Lady Isabel Burton - devastated by his death and dismayed by his work - shut herself up alone for 16 days and burned all of his papers.
Director Rosemary Watts
Lady Isabel Burton: Sandra Berkin
Sir Richard Burton: Jack Klaff
Nefzawi: Alix Refaie
John Hanning Speke: Kim Wall
Sir Charles Napier: Roger Hume
Blanche: Kathryn Hunt
Gelele: Okon Jones
Also with Richard Mitchley, Graham Colclough, Anna Keene, Lorna Laidlaw, Jonathan Wyatt and Avi Nassa.


8th April 1995:
23.30 :
Tales from the Arabian Nights: Adapted by Colin Haydn Evans.
Stories of love and magic, told in seven parts.
1: Ghanim, the Thrall of Love
Music by Sue Harris and Steafan Hanningan.
Adapted by Colin Haydn Evans.
Director Nigel Bryant
The King: Derek Jacobi
Shahrazad: Carolyn Backhouse
Wazir: Simon Carter
Ghanim: Michael Lumsden
Leila: Moir Leslie
Caliph: Duncan Law
Rahil/Doctor's wife: Mary Wimbush
Also with Richard O'Ryan and Geoffrey Banks.

Additional cast in Parts 2-7:
Sultan/Doctor: Philip Anthony
Jamilla/Peri Banou: Rachel Atkins
Kamar's Father/Moubarak: John Baddeley
Faris/Dervish: Geoffrey Banks
Seamstress: Kate Binchy
Tailor's wife: Maria Charles
Hassan: William Chubb
Shams: Teresa Gallagher
The Sage: Roger Hume
Tailor: Harry Landis
Baba Abdullah: Daniel Strauss
Kamar/Prince Zain/Ahmed: James Telfer
Also with Maurice Denham, Tania Ison, Steve Hodson, Michael Mears, Jonathan Owen

Parts 2-7 broadcast 15,22,29/4/95, 6, 13, 20/5/95

Previously broadcast: 8, 15, 22, 29/7/93, 5, 12, 19/8/93


10th April 1995:
14.00 :
Song For a Sanctuary by Rukhsana Ahmad.
When Rajinder and her daughter move into a women's refuge, a clash of culture and personalities brings a conflict to crisis point.
Director Kate Rowland
Rajinder: Jamila Massey
Sonia: Linda Rooke
Eileen: Joanna Bacon
Kamla: Shireen Shah
Savita: Shobu Kapoor
Pradeep/Client: Shiv Grewal
Repeated from 18th February 1993

10th April 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Veronica's Handkerchief by Sarah Woods
A dark comedy about faith. What does it mean to be a good Christian woman in a post-everything age?
Director Claire Grove
Veronica: Elizabeth Estensen
Edward: Philip Jackson
St Veronica: Natasha Pyne
Matthew: Ian Masters
John: Gavin Muir
Sabina: Emma Chambers
Vicar: David Antrobus
Andrea: Deborah Berlin
Spooner: Dean Williamsonw

11th April 1995
Thirty Minute Theatre: Brigid of Kildare by Colin Haydn Evans
The early Irish saint celebrated for her "Miracles of Increase" in which she multiplies buckets of milk.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Brigid of Kildare: Moir Leslie
Brigid's mother: Mary Wimbush
Also with William Eedle, Sunny Ormonde and Paul Webster.

12th April 1995:
20.45 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2: Black Peter Dramatised by David Ashton.
Violinist Leonard Friedman.
Director Patrick Rayner
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Insp Hopkins: Andrew Wincott
Cairns: Alex Norton
Carey: Steve Hodson
Neligan: Matthew Morgan
Also with Siriol Jenkins, Kate Binchy and Philip Anthony.
Repeated from 31st March 1993

13th April 1995:
14.00 :
Globe Theatre 95: Six specially commissioned plays to be broadcast on Radio 4 and around the world on World Service Radio.
3: Cathedral by Nick Ward.
Recorded partly on location, this drama-documentary evokes the cathedral at Ely where the author spent part of his childhood in the early 70s.
Director Nick Ward
(No named roles listed in this "drama")
Also with Daniel Main, Katrin Cartlidge and Matthew Scurfield.

15th April 1995:
14.30 : (part two on same date at 7.50pm)
Saturday Playhouse: A Stone from Heaven by Lindsay Clarke in two parts.
All the magic and mystery of one of the greatest of all European tales - the story of the Grail.
1: The Wounding.
Young Parsifal sets out from his wildwood home with the ambition of becoming a knight.
Music by Martin Allcock.
Director Nigel Bryant.
Parsifal: Ian Jeffs
Gawain: Michael Lumsden
Arthur: Gary Bond
Wolfram: Kim Wall
Cundrie: Eleanor Bron
Orguleuse: Diana Quick
Trevrizent: Edward Petherbridge
Gahmuret: David Robb
Herzeloyde: Sara Mair Thomas
Gumemanz: Norman Rodway
Blancheflor: Carolyn Backhouse
Anfortas: Struan Rodger
ALSO WITH: Richard Avery, Sandra Berkin, Neal Foster, Martin Head, Gerry Hinks, David Holt, Kathryn Hunt, Susan Jeffrey, Loma Laidlaw, Susan Mann, Avi Nassa, Daphne Neville, Graham Padden, Veda Warwick and Bill Wallis
(This play was novelised by the author in 2001 as Parzival and the Stone From Heaven)
(Based upon Wolfram von Eschenbach's version of "Perceval, le Conte du Graal" (Perceval, the Story of the Grail))


16th April 1995:
Classic Serial: No Name by Wilkie Collins.
Dramatised in six parts by Ray Jenkins.
1: March 1846. A mysterious letter from New Orleans arrives to disturb the peace of Combe Raven House.
Music by Peter Brewis and played by Maurice Cambridge
Director Janet Whitaker
MrVanstone: Michael Graham Cox
Frank Clare: Paul Downing
Miss Garth: Kathleen Helme
Mrs Vanstone: Jo Kendall
Captain Wragge: Jack May
Norah Vanstone: Elizabeth Mansfield
MrPendril: John Moffatt
Narrator: Philip Sully
Mr Calre: Peter Wood Thorpe
Magdalen Vanstone: Sophie Thompson
Also with Christopher Good, Joanna Mackie, Susan Sheridan

Additional actors in Episodes 2-6:
Noel Vanstone: Nigel Anthony
Mrs Lecount: Eleanor Bron
Captain Kirke: Robin Ellis
Admiral Bartram: Alan MacNaughtan
Mrs Wragge: Vivian Pickles
George Bartram: Christopher Scott
Mazey: Peter Tuddenham
Mrs Drake: Jo Manning Wilson
Mr Clare: Peter Woodthorpe
Also with Alice Arnold, John Bull, Simon Bullock, Joe Dunlop, David Goudge, Joanna Mackie, Janet Whitaker

Episodes 2-6 broadcast: 23, 30/4/95, 7, 14, 21/5/95

Series previously broadcast:
Fridays 22, 29/9/89, 6, 13, 20, 27/10/89
with repeats Sundays: 24/9/89, 1, 8, 15, 22, 29/10/89


17th April 1995:
Ring of Roses by Nick Stafford.
1665. Plague sweeps London, and three feisty women live by their wits in the festering city.
Director Claire Grove
Martha: Mona Hammond
Sarah: Adjoa Andoh
Frances: Linda Dobell
Percy: Steve Hodson
Duchamp: David Holt
Rebecca: Melanie Hudson
Vincent: Terence Edmond
Kate: Jill Graham
Also with Jilly Meers, Jonathan Adams, Matthew Morgan, James Telfer and John Fleming
Repeated from 26th August 1993

17th April 1995
The Monday Play: Goodnight to Flamboro' by Martyn Wade
As part of British Music Year a play about Yorkshire composer William Baines , who died in 1922 at the age of 23, leaving behind a wealth of music much of which has never been performed.
Pianist Eric Parkin.
Singer Gordon Pullin.
Director Cherry Cookson
William Baines: Douglas Hodge
Mrs Baines: Anne Stallybrass
Mr Baines: David Calder
Mrs Dawson: Ann Bell
Kari Wood: Philip Sully
Dr Eaglefield Hull: James Grout
Teddy: Richard Pearce
Miss Milner: Joan Matheson
Miss Gribbon: Zelah Clarke
Mr Elkin: Nicholas Courtney
Dr Armitage: Norman Bird
Also with John Moffat, Christopher Scott and Charles Cookson.
First broadcast 28th March 1989, first repeated 7th October 1989,
Repeated on BBC7 on 16th Nov 2003, 29th Aug 2004, twice on 11 Sept 2005, 8th July 2006, 9th July 2006, and twice on 15th July 2007 and twice on 22nd June 2008

18th April 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Now You See Me by Rod Dungate.
Arnie is a magician - he loves playing to the crowd.
Director Rosemary Watts
Amie: Michael Roberts
Simon: Simon Egerton
Jo-Anne: Shelley Thompson
Zac: Matt Zimmerman
Roland: Simon Carter
Connie: Susan Hannah
Receptionists: Lorna Laidlaw
Receptionists: Susan Jeffrey

19th April 1995:
20.45 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Five mysteries starring Clive Merrison as Holmes and Michael Williams as Dr
Watson. 3: Charles Augustus Milverton. Dramatised by Bert Coules
Pianist Michael Hasiam.
Violinist Leonard Friedman.
Director Enyd Williams
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Charles Augustus Milverton: Peter Vaughan
The Duchess: Pauline Jameson
Aggie: Alice Arnold
Harry Logan: David Thorpe
Lady Eva: Danielle Allan
The Doctor: Peter Penry Jones
First broadcast 7th April 1993
Repeated on BBC7 many times.

20th April 1995:
Globe Theatre 95
Six specially commissioned plays to be broadcast on Radio 4 and around the world on World Service Radio.
4: The Prisoner of Papa Stour by Louise Page. Based on real events on a remote Scottish island in 1834, this is the story of Edwin Lindsey.

Andrew Bridgmont.
Director Marion Nancarrow
Edwin Lindsey: Henry Goodman
George Pilkington: Oliver Ford-Davies
Gideon Henderson: Andrew Melville
Maria Watson: Teresa Gallagher
William: Phil McKee
Kirsty: Rosie Kellagher
Angus: Ian Robertson
The Laird: Roy Hanlon
John Morton: Paul Panting
Sherriff: John Hartley
Mr Jacobs: Ian Masters
Also with With Andrew Branch and David Collings.
Broadcast on the World Service 23rd April 1995


21st April 1995:
Classic Serial: Huntingtower by John Buchan
Dramatised in three episodes by Trevor Royle.
A classic tale of romance and adventure.
1: The Princess in the Tower, or How a Retired Provision Merchant Felt the Impulse of Spring
Director Patrick Rayner
Dobson/Loudon: Martin Black
Tibby: Ann Scott-Jones
Guest/Alexis: Paul Dixey
Old Bill: Brian Gallagher
Dickson McCunn: Roy Hanlon
The Storyteller: David McKail
Spittal/Labourer/Davie: Alasdair McCrone
Heritage: Stuart McQuarrie
Mrs Morran: Eileen McCallum
Saskia: Sharon Maharaj
Dougal: Gordon Struth
Lean/Tramp/Ecky: John Shedden

Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
Roylance: Ernest Blake
Mr Mackintosh: John Grieve
Thomas Yownie: Paul Joyce
Paul Abreskov: Michael MacKenzie
Napoleon: David Mooney
Wee Jaikie: Dominic Ray
Also with Andrew Johnston

Episodes 2 and 3 broadcast: 28/4/95 and 5/5/95

Repeated from Fridays 8, 15, 22 Jan 1988 and Sundays 10,17,24/1/1988


22nd April 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Then You'll Be Sorry by Alan England.
15-year-old Rowena's teenage rebellion is par for the course until events take a more tragic turn.
Director: Matthew Walters
Rowena: Deborah Berlin
Denis: Derek Waring
Angela: Eva Stuart
Larry: Paul Panting
Elaine: Becky Hindley
Simon: David Antrobus
Mr Duncan: Oliver Senton
Headmaster/Halliwell: David Collings
Alphonso/Rev Berry: Don McOrkindale
Repeated 27th April 1996

22nd April 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie. Dramatised by Michael Bakewell
Sixteen years after her mother was convicted of murdering her father, the young Carla Lemarchant seeks the help of Hercule Poirot. She believes that her mother was innocent but is prepared for whatever discovery Poirot might make.
Director Enyd Williams
Hercule Poirot: John Moffatt
Meredith Blake: Graham Crowden
Philip Blake: Derek Waring
Miss Williams: Carmel McSharry
Elsa Greer: Suzy Aitchison
Angela CHARLOTTE: Atten Borough
Caroline Crale: Jemma Churchill
Carla Lemarchant: Clare Heyhoe
Also with John Hartley, John Woodnutt and David Kossoff.
Repeated from 18th June 1994 and repeated several times on BBC7


23rd April 1995:
19.00 :
Children's BBC Radio 4: Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
The adventures of Mowgli, in a five-part dramatisation by Michelene Wandor.
1: The Law of the Jungle
Director Chris Wallis
Bagheera: Jonathan Hyde
Baloo: Freddie Jones
Mother Wolf: Shaheen Khan
Kaa: Eartha Kitt
Mowgli: Nisha K Nayer
Also with Peter Marinker, Peter Whitman, Malcolm Ward, Barry Woolgar

Additional actors in parts 2-5:
Buldeo: Sam Dastor
Cobra: Jonathan Tafler
Grey Brother: Robert Glenister
Also with Timothy Bateson

Parts 2-5 broadcast 30/4/95, 7, 14, 21, 28/5/1995


24th April 1995:
14.00 :
Globe Theatre 95
Six specially commissioned plays to be broadcast on Radio 4 and around the world on World Service Radio.
5: The Dolphinarium by Steve Walker.
Kill every living dolphin and you destroy human individuality. Cue a devious American senator who is bent on world domination.
Director Gordon House
Sir Hartley Tixover: Michael Cochrane
Duncan MacNab: Bill Paterson
Jiddu Dutt: Madhav Sharma
Senator Muldoon: Ed Bishop
Bobby Muldoon: Briony Glassco
Mr Takashita: Eiji Kusuhara
Constanza: Avril Clarke
Mrs Carthaverbourne: Helen Horton
Also with Renu Setna , Kristin Milward. Andrew Branch , Michael Tudor Barnes and David Antrobus.
Repeated 15th January 1996
World Service broadcast 30th April 1995

24th April 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Silver's City by Maurice Leitch
Freed from imprisonment for terrorism by a Loyalist raid on his hospital room,
Silver finds that his ideals have made him a dangerous anachronism in a changing Northern Ireland.
Director Ned Chaillet
Silver Steele: Brian Cox
Ned Galloway: Freddie Boardley
Billy Bonner: James Nesbitt
Nan: Clare Cathcart
Mr Wonderful: John Rogan
Duff/Tiffany: Sean Caffrey
Terry: Michael McKnight
Sharon: Ethna Roddy
Mrs Bonner: Valerie Lilley
Mandy: Catherine White
Kells: Conleth Hill
Para One: Toby E Byrne
Para Two :: Robert Patterson
Tucker: Joshua Towb
Barfly: James Greene

25th April 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Jack and the Strange Music by David Marshall
A farce for radio which follows the dilemma of Jack and Jill when their home is invaded late one night by a troublesome burglar and a policewoman moonlighting as a social worker.
Director Richard Wortley
Jack: David Timson
Jill: Polly James
Nick: David Thorpe
Tracey: Teresa Gallagher
Narrator: Philip Anthony

26th April 1995:
14.00 :
Plays for Today: Section Lives by Matthew Solon.
First broadcast on 27 April 1994, the day of the South African elections, this is the story of the mixed-race Mabuza-McCleod family, exiled in London. The end of apartheid and the dawn of democracy in South Africa throws up a dilemma: should they return home?
The sequel, Post-Election Lives, can be heard 27th April 1995 at 2.00pm.
Director John Dryden
Ruth: Juanita Ageh
Duncan: Joe Dunlop
Nkosianthi: Colin McFarlane
Lindy: Adjoa Andoh
Chris: Don Gilet
Vikele: John Matshikiza
Lorraine: Nina Wadia
Repeated from 27/4/1994

26th April 1995:
20.45 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
4: The Six Napoleons. Dramatised by Bert Coules.
Violinist Leonard Friedman.
Director Patrick Rayner
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Doctor Watson: Michael Williams
Lestrade: Donald Gee
Lucretia: Federay Holmes
Inspector: Eric Allan
Harker: Peter Penry Jones
Beppo: James Telfer
Brown/Gelder: David Holt
Also with John Church. Matthew Morgan and John Fleming.
Repeated from 8th September 1993

27th April 1995:
14.00 :
Plays for Today: Post-election Lives by Matthew Solon
South Africa is enjoying Constitution Day to celebrate the anniversary of the country's first democratic elections. A few days earlier, the exiled Ruth Mabuza McCleod and her youngest son, Chris, arrived in Johannesburg to prepare for the family's eventual return.
Recorded on location in and around Johannesburg, this story will be completed moments before going on air and will be broadcast from SAfm to Radio 4 via satellite.
Director John Dryden.
A co-production with SAfm
Ruth: Juanita Ageh
Vikele: John Matshikiza
Chris: Don Gilet
Nonceba: Nombulelo Tyawa
Lauretta: Helene Truter
Hazel: Nomhle Nkonyene
Duncan: Joe Dunlop
Lindy: Adjoa Andoh

29th April 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Dear Octopus by Dodie Smith.
1938: Charles and Dora Randolph are celebrating their golden wedding. A chance for four generations of the family to be together. This play enjoyed a successful run in the theatre before and during the early years of the Second World War.
Piano played by Terence Allbright
Adapted and directed by Glyn Dearman
Charles: Michael Denison
Dora: Dulcie Gray
Penny: Charlotte Attenborough
Nicholas: Nicholas Gecks
Cynthia: Penny Downie
Belle: Mary Wimbush
Hilda: Joanna David
Margery: Annette Badland
Edna: Frances Jeater
Laurel: Revyn McDowell
Hugh: Joshua Towb
Kenneth: Michael Tudor Barnes
Bill: Mark Burrows
Also with Sara Jane Derrick, Bernadette Windsor, Becky Hindley and Dora Bryan
Repeated 4th May 1996
Many other productions of this play were produced for the Home Service and Radio 4, from 1940, and a production was chosen for the 400th Saturday Night Theatre in 1951.


29th April 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Führer by Allan Prior.
Dramatised by the author from his biographical novel.
1: Adolf. As Führer, Adolf Hitler was one of the most powerful dictators of the 20th century. How did he rise to power, and why? What did he achieve as a young man? Part 2 Mon 7.45pm
Director Martin Jenkins.
Adolf Hitler: Michael Maloney
His father: Nigel Anthony
His mother ;: Maureen O'Brien
His sister, Paula: Sian Jenkins
His half-sister, Angi: Jane Whittenshaw
His aunt: Eva Stuart
Gustl: Samuel West
Gustl's mother/Helene: Jilly Bond
Gustl's father/librarian/Hoffman: Ian Masters
Professor Isaacs/Levy: Leonard Fenton
Hanisch: John Hollis
Rollwager/Popp/ Drexler/Frank/Chamberlain: Peter Yapp
Landlady/Frau Popp: Jill Graham
Greiner: Anthony Jackson
Neumann/Amann: Stephen Tompkinson
Also with Michael Tudor Barnes, Joshua Towb, Jonathan Keeble, Oliver Senton, David Antrobus and Deborah Berlin

Part 2 broadcast 1st May 1995.

Additional cast in Part 2 ("Hitler"):
Henny Hoffman: Annabel Mullion
Eva Braun: Deborah Berlin
Hindenburg/Thyssen: Derek Waring
Putzi/Gestapo Officer: Andrew Branch
Geli: Emma Fielding
Emil Maurice: Brendan Coyle
Ludendorff: Michael Tudor Barnes
Roehm: Michael Cochrane
Goering: Nickolas Grace
Goebbels: David Collings
Hess: Ian Hughes
Himmler: Christian Rodska
Ribbentrop/Meissner: Brett Usher
Also with Natasha Pyne, Becky Hindley and Theresa Gallagher


1st May 1995:
14.00 :
The Life Class by Harry Quinn and Colin Douglas.
Another chance to hear the performance for which Wendy Seager won the 1994 Sony Award for Best Radio Actress. Heather and Fraser's first meeting outside school takes place in the out-patients clinic of their local hospital. Fraser is headed for Oxford and Heather's acting talent has already been hailed by the critics.
Director Hamish Wilson
Fraser: Tom Smith
Heather: Wendy Seager

Monica Gibb
Receptionist/Secretary/Patient: Mamie Stirling
Teacher/Doctor: Finlay McLean
Repeated from 29th July 1993
Also repeated on 22nd November 1997

2nd May 1995
Thirty Minute Theatre: A Sea Change by Gillian Plowman
Peter and Marie are on holiday in Cornwall when an accident plunges Marie into a nightmare.
Music composed and played by Anthea Gomez
Director Sue Wilson
Marie: Jenny Funnell
Peter: Peter MacQueen
Dizzie: Charmian Gradwell
Roger: David Jarvis
Sam: David Bannerman
Dulca: Jill Graham
Joshua: Danny Schiller

3rd May 1995:
14.00 :
The Pamela Myers Show by Colin Sharpe.
A four-part comedy drama. Back Pages. Pamela's afternoon show "Pamela Myers through till Six" could be under threat if Radio Wire gets a new owner. As phone-in regular Breakwell Bob takes to the air, we are reminded once again of the thrill of live radio.
Director Kate Rowland
Sean OMalley: Rod Arthur
Val: Chrisy Edge
Terrance West/Proudlock/Dr Shenton: Trevor Fox
Valium Betty/Alice: Annie Orwin
Pamela Myers: Eileen Pollock
Gordon Morris/Orkney: Fred Pearson
Sunita Kohli: Nina Wadia
Gary Powers: Derek Walmsley
Breakwell Bob: Dave Whitaker
Additional cast in parts 2-4:
Ted/Tommy: Joe Ging
SuzyQ/Daisy/Insp Dimbleby: Angela Bruce
Lenny: Peter Paverly
Parts 2-4 broadcast 10,17,24th May 1995.

3rd May 1995:
20.45 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
The Three Students Dramatised by Denys Hawthorne.
Violinist Leonard Friedman.
Director Enyd Williams
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Hilton Soames: Denys Hawthorne
Bannister: Desmond Llewelyn
Gilchrist: Michael Onslow
Also with David Thorpe and Matthew Morgan.
Repeat from 15th September 1993

4th May 1995
10.00 :
The Doctors by Maurice Bessman
The return of the Merseyside drama series. In the first of six episodes, Dr Galloway confronts the decisions she must make about her career and children.
A Mersey Televison Company production
[[No named director or producer listed]]
Cathy: Clare Beck
Sister Bernie Gardner: Kate Binchy
Dr Ros Galloway: Amelia Bullmore
Alec Galloway: Gordon Cameron
Dr Nasser Khan: Lyndam Gregory
Jack Cross: Peter Gunn
Mrs Gilchrist: Sue Johnston
Dr Sam Benson: Richard O'Sullivan
Denise Garrett: Andrea Pickering
Deborah Kilgallen: Dee Sadler
Mr Leigh: Robert Whelan

Additional cast in parts 2-6:
Anne: Patricia Brake
Mr Costello: James Quinn
Mrs Parker: Lorraine Sass
Mrs Costello: Lesley Staples
Dr Jocelyn Barrett: Liz Stooke

Parts 2-6 broadcast 11,18,25 May 1995, 1, 8 June 1995
Repeated 17 and 24/6/96 and 1,8,15,22/7/96
[[The earlier series was 10, 17, 24, 31/8/94 and 7, and 14/9/94, created by Phil Redmond, Director Patrick Tucker, written by Kathleen Potter, M Bessman, David Joss Buckley]]

4th May 1995:
14.00 :
Globe Theatre 95
Last in the series of specially commissioned plays broadcast on Radio 4 and around the world on World
Service Radio.
Pen Pals by Peter Tinniswood.
Fay and Beth have been pen pals since they were 11. Fay describes her life with her dentist husband and three children in Bristol, and Beth her lovers and her loneliness freewheeling between San Francisco and Florida.
They have never met. Then Beth announces she is arriving at Gatwick and won't be put off. Fay is terrified.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Fay Fuller: Jane Lapotaire
Beth Camacho: Lorelei King
Repeated 17/8/96 and 3/5/97,
Broadcast on the World Service 7/5/95 and 3 and 4/8/96

6th May 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse
Under the Table by David Pownall.
In the spring of 1945, a boy overcomes his terror of a world at war to demand of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, who are meeting in his grandfather's greenhouse, a reason why his mother is now widowed and inconsolable.
Music composed by Neil Brand and performed by Sarah Homer.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Storyteller: David Calder
Seph Hammer: Kenneth Cranham
May Hammer: Maureen O'Brien
Rusty: Becky Hindley
Jack: Oliver Senton
Churchill: Robert Lang
Stalin: Andrew Sachs
Roosevelt: David Healy
Hitler: Jonathan Keeble
Mr Hunt: Peter Yapp
Rouille: Natasha Pyne
Bags: Andrew Branch
Trevor: David Antrobus
Repeated 30th March 1996

6th May 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Triumph of the Cunning Man by J R Jones
Set in 1945 on the wild coast of Pembrokeshire, where people say there is no boundary between magic and reality.
Pan pipes by Brendan O'Malley.
Director Jane Dauncey
Gwyn: Philip Madoc
Young Gwyn: Alun Horan
The Cunning Man: Albie Woodington
Dog-Priest: Chris Griffiths
Sin-Eater: Philip Rowlands
Mother: Rhian Morgan
Aunt Ivy: Vivienne Moore
Also With Manon Edwards, Winston Evans and Brendan O'Malley.
Repeated from 30th May 1994

8th May 1995:
14.00 :
The List by Nick Stafford.
1: Reunion. On VE Day 1945, Vera Makin reassembles her estranged family. During the celebrations, her children and guests argue out a list of their desires from the peace.
Other parts played by members of the cast
Director Celia de Wolff.
Part 2 broadcast 8.10pm today
Vera Makin: Gillian Barge
Mr Betts: David Collings
Pat: Emma Gregory
Eva: Becky Hindley
Mrs Hammond: Frances Jeater
Denys: Hugh Kermode
Norman: Colin McFarlane
Arthur: Nathaniel Parker
Ernest/Young Man: Charles Simpson
Mrs Budge: Eva Stuart
Navigator: Joshua Towb
Additional actors in Part Two:
Rose: Carmen Monroe
Supervisor/Young Rose: Adjoa Andoh
Pat (the Elder): Tessa Worsley

9th May 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: An After Life by Louise Gooding.
Anna's loneliness following the untimely death of her husband has driven her into the arms of a completely unsuitable partner. In despair, her teenage daughter seeks solace by communicating with her dead father.
Director Cherry Cookson
Anna: Kate Buffery
Sarah: Siriol Jenkins
Tom: Peter Yapp
Robin: Christopher Scott
Julia: Jill Graham
Nurse: Natasha Pyne
Conductor: George Parsons

11th May 1995:
14.00 :
Hardly Touching by Neil Biswas.
Angelica and Indra, a young British Asian couple, have recently married. She is deeply in love with him but he is increasingly distant. What is he hiding?
Director Claire Grove
Angelica: Nisha K Nayer
Indra: Shiv Grewal
Mr Mukherjee: Madhav Sharma
MrsMukherjee: Surendra Kochar
Jeni: Siddiqua Akhtar
Sonali: Sudha Bhuchar
MrDutta: Bhasker
MrsDutta: Souad Faress
Sunil: Rajeev Mukker
Repeated 7th September 1996

12th May 1995:
10.00 :
No Further Questions by Nicholas Stewart QC
Six significant trials in the annals of English law. The Golden Dawn.
The trial of the American leaders of a religious cult in Edwardian London. At the Old Bailey, Theodore Horos was accused of raping a 16-year-old convert, and his wife, The Swami, of assisting.
Dramatised by Paul Burns
Producer Louise Greenberg
Theodore Horos: Bob Sherman
The Swami: Lorelei King
Daisy Adams: Deborah Berlin
Mr Justice Bigham: Garard Green
Sir Edward Carson: David Collings
Laura Faulkner: Becky Hindley
Subsequent programs listed on the broadcast date
(There was a prior series of 6 episodes under this title broadcast weekly 22/10/93 to 26/11/93)

12th May 1995:
14.00 :
Classic Serial: Memoirs of a Midget by Walter de la Mare.
A haunting love story. Three episodes of intrigue and obsession in which the diminuitive
Miss M struggles to find her place in Victorian society.
1: Miss M Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt
Director Martin Jenkins
Bates: John Baddeley
Gypsy woman: Susan Brown
Sir Walter Pollacke: John Church
Harold Crimble: Keith Drinkel
Miss: Emma Fielding
Mrs Bowater: Jill Graham
Young man: David Holt
Pollie: Melanie Hudson
Young Miss: Sian Jenkins
Mrs Crimble: Pauline Letts
Adam Waggett: Matthew Morgan
Lady Pollacke: Maureen O'Brien
Fanny Bowater: Sylvestra Le Touzel
Dr Phelps: John Webb
Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
Mr Anon: Robert Glenister
Susan Monnerie: Federay Holmes
Mrs Monnerie: Anna Massey
Also with Charles Simpson, John Junkin
Parts 2 and 3 broadcast 19th and 26th May 1995.
Repeated from Sundays 14th, 21st and 28th March 1993, also Fridays 19th, 26th March 1993 and 2nd April 1993

13th May 1995
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: The Years Between by Daphne du Maurier.
Dramatised for radio by Jill Hyem.
In the early 1940s, Diana Wentworth's MP husband, Michael, is reported missing, Presumed killed in action. Once over the shock, she builds a new life - taking over Michael's seat in parliament, and falling in love with a much more suitable man. But on the eve of their wedding, a phone call brings shattering news....
Director: Cherry Cookson
Diana Wentworth: Diana Quick
Michael Wentworth: Roger Allam
Richard Llewelyn: David Collings
Sir Ernest Foster: Frederick Treves
Robin Wentworth: Peter England
Nanny: Tessa Worsley
Venning: Michael Tudor Barnes
Miss Jameson: Jilly Bond
Vicar: Derek Waring
Repeated 3rd February 1996

13th May 1995
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Telephone in the Deep Freeze by Janet Plater
Following the fortunes of members of a support group for "co-alcoholics".
Director Ned Chaillet
Von: Barbara Durkin
Debbie: Polly James
Ken: Oliver Cotton
Graham: Eric Allan
Nance: Sandra Voe
Chloe: Hazel Holder
Frank: Colin Pinney
Mike: Donald Sumpter
Johnny: George Parsons
Clive: Lyndam Gregory
Tony: Gary Lawrence
Repeated from 28th February 1994

15th May 1995
19.45 :
The Monday Play: That Summer by David Edgar.
That summer is 1984, when the longest and bitterest strike in British mining history was at its height. And that summer is when Howard and Cressida play host to Frankie and Michele, the teenage daughters of striking Welsh miners.
Director Hilary Norrish
Cressida: Eleanor David
Howard: Nicholas Le Prevost
Alun: Dorien Thomas
Daniel: Adam Godley
Terry: Paul Copley
Michele: Siriol Jenkins
Frankie: Catherine Tregenna

broadcast on BBC World Service radio on 15th August 1993.

15th May 1995:
23.30 :
Kipling in Love
Eight plays based on short stories by Rudyard Kipling, dramatised for radio by Ed Thomason.
1: His Wedded Wife.
India 1885.
Music composed and played by Trevor Allan Davies.
Producer Adrian Bean
Henry: Richard Pearce
Watson: Michael Troughton
Reynolds: Lyndam Gregory
Colonel Humphreys: Barry J Gordon
The Padre: Richard Bates
Emily: Elaine Claxton
Bess: Vmenne Rochester
Also With Jack Klaff, Terry John, Tom Bevan and Amerjit Deu.
Subsequent stories are listed on the broadcast date (22, 29 May etc)

16th May 1995
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Mind Body Problem by Craig Warner.
Comedy. Harriet has a stroke when she sees her friend
Rachel mangled in a gardening accident. Surgeons implant the intact brain of one into the undamaged body of the other. But that only makes one person - and there are two husbands waiting anxiously at home.
Director Peter Kavanagh
Spencer: Bill Nighy
Dick: Michael Maloney
Some Abstract Entity: Geraldine James
Also broadcast on the BBC World Service on 21,22,24th Nov 1995.

18th May 1995:
14.00 :
Thieves Like Us by Biyi Bandele
A thief confesses his sins and gets more than he bargained for.
Director Claire Grove
Dogo: Jude Akuwudike
Ibrahim: Yemi Ajibade
Sule: Patrice Naiambana
Saji: Akim Mogaji
Rahila: Joy Elais-Rilwan
Judge: Femi Elufowoju Jnr
Repeated 14th September 1996

18th May 1995:
23.00 :
Under My Skin:
The Ties by Katie Campbell. Treading the delicate boundary between pain and pleasure, a married woman is drawn into an obsessional affair. But is it fantasy or reality?
Music composed by Andrew Dodge and played by Mark Lockhart Director Claire Grove
Woman: Harriet Walter
Man: Garrick Hagon
Husband: David Bannerman
Narrator: Jane Whittenshaw

19th May 1995:
No Further Questions
Nicholas Stewart QC looks at significant trials in the annals of English law.
2: Liversidge v Anderson. Dramatised by Paul Burns. In 1939, Robert Liversidge was detained as a person suspected of having "hostile associations".
Producer Louise Greenberg
Lord Atkin: Peter Penry-Jones
DN Pritt: James Greene
Viscount Maugham: Hugh Dickson
Lord Wright: Peter Yapp
Lord Macmillan: Garard Green
Sir Donald Somervell: Donald Gee
Elizabeth Atkin: Fiona Walker
Sir Granville Ram: Hugh Walters

20th May 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: The Sheffield Picasso by Dave Sheasby.
Based on a real event. On a dark, cold November day in 1950, Pablo Picasso came to Sheffield for a World Peace Conference. What was the effect of his visit?
Director Janet Whitaker
Picasso: Olivier Pierre
Tomas: Sandor Eles
Barbara: Kathryn Pogson
John: Paul Copley
Irene: Julia Ford
Mr Lockridge: Ronald Herdman
Jackie: Danny Cunningham
Ken: Steve Hodson
Arthur: James Tomlinson
Father: George A Cooper
Mrs Bruce: Natasha Pyne
Mr Bruce: Derek Waring
Also with Ian Masters , Becky Hindley and Jonathan Keeble.
Repeated 9th March 1996

20th May 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Ratcatcher of Hamelin by John Peacock.
The Pied Piper is everywhere in Hamelin and 14-year-old Tim finds himself curiously disturbed by the legend and what lies behind it.
Music composed by Stephen Boxer and played by Brian Gulland
Director Jane Morgan
Tim: James Beattie
David: James Aubrey
Rachel: Sally Dexter
Helga: Tina Gray
Edmund Ludeker/The Landgraf: Philip Voss
Liesl Ludeker: Edith Kahler
Johann: David Bannerman
Anna: Jillie Meers
Jutte: Helena McCarthy
The Pied Piper: Nicholas Boulton
Also with Elaine Claxton, James Taylor and the people of Hamelin.
Repeated from 20th May 1995

22nd May 1995:
14.00 :
The Wedding by Stephen James.
The anatomy of a love affair.
Jon wants to settle down with Suzie.
Director Michael Fox
Jon: Bill Nighy
Suzie: Elizabeth Bell
Cathy: Kathryn Bell
Alan: Robert Whelan
Also with David Fleeshman, Caroline Milmoe and Christopher Penney.
Repeated from 21st April 1994

22nd May 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Selling the Archbishop by David Pownall.
History, like everything else these days, has become a commodity - and so it is that a statue of Jeremy, a 17th-century archbishop, is commissioned to adorn a Surrey town square.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Dyson: Roger Allam
Jeremy: David Ryall
Stella: Kristin Milward
Helen: Natasha Pyne
Norma: Jilly Bond
Norris: Michael Tudor Barnes
Conrad: Ian Masters
Chairman: Don McCorkindale
Harry: Oliver Senton
The Professor: Derek Waring
Inspector Jepp: Peter Yapp
Sarah: Annabel Mullion
Repeated 27th January 1997

22nd May 1995:
23.30 :
Kipling in Love
Eight plays based on stories by Rudyard Kipling , dramatised by Ed Thomason.
2: Lispeth. India 1886.
While waiting for a delayed train, an English woman befriends an old Indian woman who tells her a tale of love and loss that has a terrible outcome.
Original music composed and played by Trevor Allan Davies.
Producer Adrian Bean
Lispeth: Mamta Kaash
Edith: Tina Gray
Boy: Rajeev Mukkar
Paul Cordray: Dominic Letts
Alice: Shelley Thompson
Old Lispeth: Charubala Chokshi
Stationmaster: Lyndam Gregory
Frank: Colin Pinney
Walter Grogan: Peter Penry Jones
Proprietor/Saddhu: Bhasker
Repeated from 26th October 1994

23rd May 1995
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Hossack's Child by Colin MacDonald
Light comedy about a crusty old fisherman who finds himself becoming broody for a baby.
Director: Patrick Rayner
Hossack: John Buick
Linda: Vari Sylvester
Douglas: Derek Anders
Doctor: Alasdair McCrone
Mrs Harper: Isabella Jarrett
Saleswoman: Maria Miller

25th May 1995:
14.00 :
Letters to Mam by William Ingram.
A thriller based on a true-life case.
Davie, a young lad from the Welsh mountains, is accused of murdering the fabulously wealthy and kindly Lady White. 1920s London is shocked.
Music by Andy Price.
Director Foz Allan
Lady White: Barbara Hicks
Bolt: Christian Rodska
Davie: Hywel Morgan
Gwendoline: Rachel Smith
Inspector Cross: Andrew Hilton
Corbett: John Telfer
Sergeant: Terry Dauncey
Repeated 1st February 1996

25th May 1995
23.00 :
Under My Skin:
2: A Selection of Ordinary Household Sounds by Steve May.
A husband and wife discuss sounds recorded to deter burglars. But they are more disturbed by a fox that may or may not be real.
Director Richard Wortley
Margaret: Amanda Redman
Selwyn: Robert Glenister
Repeated from 2nd April 1991.

26th May 1995:
10.00 :
No Further Questions
Nicholas Stewart QC looks at significant trials in the annals of English law.
3: His Majesty's Subject. Dramatised by Paul Burns
Producer Neil Trevithick
Luisa Calderon: Beverly Andrews
Governor Picton: Peter Yapp
William Garrow: John Evitts
William Adam: Michael Onslow
Hilario de Begorrat: Kenneth Gardnier
Robert: Dallas Jackklaff
Juan de Montes Stefan: Kali Pha

27th May 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: The Ghost Runner by David Hopkins.
Based on the true story of John Tarrant, one of the great distance runners of the 1950s and 60s. Few people have heard of him because for years Tarrant had to battle against the regulations of the Amateur Athletics Association.
Director Matthew Walters
John: Paul Panting
Edie: Janes Lavin
Vic: Tom Bevan
Also with With John Baddeley, Elaine Claxton, Pat Connell, Lyndam Gregory, Neville Jason, David Jarvis, Frances Jeater, Peter Kenny, Ian Masters, Don McCorkindale, Gavin Muir, George Parsons, Nina Wadia, Malcolm Ward, Derek Waring Peter Whitman, William Wortley and Peter Yapp.
Repeated from 30th July 1994

27th May 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Return of the Prodigal by St John Hankin.
Written in 1904, the comedy explores the effect on the socially and politically ambitious Jackson family of the return from Australia of their scandalously ne'er-do-well son Eustace.
Director Matthew Walters
Mr Jackson: Frank Moorey
Mrs Jackson: Auriol Smith
Henry: Dominic Letts
Eustace: Timothy Watson
Violet: Oona Beeson
Lady Faringford: Lala Lloyd
Sir John: James Taylor
Stella: Teresa Gallagher
Also With Gordon Reid, Gareth Armstrong, Tina Gray and John Evitts.

27th May 1995:
23.30 :
An Ice Cream War by William Boyd. Dramatised in five parts by John Peacock.
1: As millions prepare for slaughter on the Western Front, a ridiculous array of British and German colonists in East Africa try to emulate their European counterparts.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Charis Lavery/Cobb: Rachel Atkins
Erich Von Bishop: Nicholas Grace
Temple Smith: William Hootkins
Felix Cobb: Gerard Logan
Gabriel Cobb: James Larkin
Also with Danielle Allen, Gareth Armstrong, Nicholas Boulton, Thomas Dawes, Simon Desborough, Lyndam Gregory, Diana Hoddinott, Dominic Letts, Colin Pinney, James Taylor, Vivienne Rochester,
Additional actors in parts 2-5:
Weech-Browning: Nicholas Boulton
Also with: Philip Anthony, Michael Onslow
Parts 2-5 broadcast on 3,10,17,24 June 1995.
Repeated from 19,26 May and 3, 10 June 1994,


28th May 1995:
14.30 :
Classic Serial: The Luck of Barry Lyndon by William Makepeace Thackeray
An account of the rise and fall of a rascally Irish rogue, dramatised in two parts by John Scotney.
1: Our would-be hero acquaints himself with the great, the good and the postively galling in his pursuit of gold.
Music by Neil Martin.
Director Michael Quinn.
Barry Lyndon: Gerard Murphy
Young Barry: Sean Campion
Mother: Roma Tomelty
Quin/Sir Charles: Denys Hawthorne
Fagan: Ian McElhinney
Comey: Kevin Flood
Phil Purcell/Potzdorff: Niall Cusack
Nora/Amelia: Lynn Cahill
The Abbe: Birdy Sweeney
Also with Mark Mulholland, Maggie Cronin, Peter O'Meara, Alan Craig and Gavin Muir.

Additional actors in Part 2:
Runt/Deuceace: Gavin Muir
Honoria: Maggie Cronin
Ulick: Peter O'Meara
Mr Johnson: Alan Craig
Part 2 broadcast: 4th

June 1995
Repeated: 2nd and 9th June 1995


28th May 1995:
19.00 :
Children's BBC Radio 4: We Are Mesquakie We Are One by Hadley Irwin
Dramatised in 3 parts by Michael Butt.
The story of Hidden Doe, a young girl growing up in the native American Mesquakie tribe.
1: The Moon Is a Tender Woman
Music By Stephen Faux.
Director Nadita Ghose.
Grey Gull: Patricia Hayes
Narrator: Adjoa Andoh
Hidden Doe: Jocelyn Matherson-Pink
Also with Jill Graham, Markeia McCarty, Jonathan Tafler, David Thorpe, Michele Valle, Sandra James Young.
Additional actors in Parts 2 and 3:
also with Eric Allan, Kate Binchy, Colin McFarlane, Eric Meyers, Andrew Wincott, Steve Hodson, Liza Ross, Jude Law,
Parts 2 and 3 broadcast: 4 and 11 June 1995
First broadcast on Radio 5 Live 22,29/11/92 and 6/12/92.

29th May 1995:
14.00 :
Amber by Catherine Czerkawska.
A love story. When English-born Emily comes to Poland she finds a country, like a leaf in amber, caught and held in its past. She falls in love with Poland, and with Adam, her Polish cousin. But can she ever become part of the country, and change as it changes?
Piano music by Trevor Allan Davies Director Marilyn Imrie
Emily: Oona Beeson
Casimir: David Burke
Adam: Lyndam Gregory
Pani Anna: Lala Lloyd
Maria: Diana Payan
Michal: Colin Pinney
Repeated from 17th February 1994

29th May 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Here by Michael Frayn
Comedy. A young couple are moving into a new flat and there are important decisions to be made. Such as do they want to spend the rest of their lives together and where will they put the bed?
Director Matthew Walters
Phil: Samuel West
Cath: Lucy Tregear
Pat: Margaret Courtenay

30th May 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: My Beautiful Cash and Carry, Launderette and Assorted Confectionery by Mohammed Azhar and Vipul Solanki.
Salim has a problem. He fancies Jane, a cashier at Safebury's, the local hypermarket. But his father, who owns a small cash and carry, has declared a price war on his giant rival. Whose side is Salim on?
Director Peter Kavanagh
Salim: Andrew Rajan
Mr Choudary: Madhav Sharma
Mrs Choudary: Jamila Massey
Shaquil: Nikki Jhutti
Fitzroy: David Collings
Repeated on BBC World Service on 30th and 31st July 1996

30th May 1995:
18.30 :
The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton.
Dramatised in six parts by Christopher Reason.
1: Newland, just engaged to May, finds himself drawn to her exotic cousin, the Countess Olenska, whose independent spirit is creating ripples on the formal surface of 1870s New York society.
Director David Hunter
First man/Footman/Butler/Guard: Bill Bellamy
Ellen Olenska: Suzanne Bertish
Louise Van de Luyden: Lawmary Champion
Henry Van de Luyden: Don Fellows
May Welland: Cathryn Harrison
Janey/Receptionist: Siriol Jenkins
Sillerton Jackson/Butler: Ray Jewers
Dallas Archer: William Marsh
Second man/Servant/Paperseller/Guard: Richard Nichols
Mrs Welland: Margaret Robertson
Lefferts/Footman: Christian Rodska
Mrs Archer: Liza Ross
Mrs Mingott: Elizabeth Spriggs
Newland Archer: Andrew Wincott
Additional actors in parts 2-5:
Riviere: Yves Aubert
Beaufort: Philip Bond
Florist/Medora: Jill Graham
Mr Letterblair: Brian Greene
Nastasia: Firenza Guidi
Phoebe/Operator: Melanie Hudson
Mrs Struthers: Peggy Mason
Ned/Clerk: Matthew Morgan
Parts 2-5 broadcast on: 6,13,20,27/6/95 and 4/7/95
Repeated from: 14,21,28/4/93, 5,12,19/5/93

31st May 1995:
14.00 :
No Rights, Only Wrongs - written by Gillian Bevan, Helen Kluger and Tessa Peake-Jones .
A two-part play which explores the true story of Caroline Norton in 19th-century society.
1: Lizzie receives a mysterious visitor while studying for her law finals.
Caroline takes her on a momentous journey which will prove to be a turning point in Lizzie's life.
Director Lesley Manning
A Tight Assets Theatre production
Augusta: Christine Absalom
Henrietta: Doreen Andrew
Lord Granville: Gareth Armstrong
Brinny: Tyler Butterworth
George Norton: Robert Daws
Fletcher: Guy Edwards
Caroline Norton: Celia Imrie
Lord Melbourne: Hugh Ross
Lizzie: Hermione Norris
Helen: Barbara Horne
Disraeli/Thrupp: Linal Haft
Talfourd: Jay Villers
Additional actors in Part 2:
Also with Tyler Butterworth,
Part 2 broadcast 7th June 1995
Repeated on 6th / 13th March 1996.

1st June 1995:
14.00 :
Plays for Today: An Intimate Tragedy by Jasmin Dizdar and Hilary Dunn.
A personal look at the continuing tragedy in Bosnia.
Two brothers, Dino and Enes, struggle to survive in London, while in the war zone, the future for their parents is increasingly uncertain.
Director Jocelyn Boxall
Enes: Jozef Houben
Lucy: Lucy Jenkins
Dino: Dominic Letts
Stevka: Etela Pardo
Hanka: Pauline Letts
Safet: David Collings
Julian: Brian Hickey
Momo and Budo: Michael Tudor Barnes
Mirko: Ivan Marevich
Tale: Boris Boskovic
Lawyer: Deirdre Edwards
Alma: Brana Bajic
Zeina: Becky Hindley

1st June 1995:
23.00 :
Under My Skin:
3: Butterscotch Ice Cream by Mike Walker.
'What if we were the last people on earth? Just sitting and watching, waiting for the end? It would be beautiful. Beautiful and sad, like butterscotch ice-cream.'
Director Jeremy Mortimer
Sharon: Catherine Clarke
Terry: Christopher Chescoe
Repeated from 31st May 1988

2nd June 1995:
10.00 :
No Further Questions
Nicholas Stewart QC looks at six trials in the annals of English law.
4: Slasher Mary and the Nation 's Venus. Dramatised by Paul Burns
This week's case involves Mary Raleigh Richardson who damaged a Velasquez painting to draw attention to the suffering of Emmeline Pankhurst under the force-feeding regime administered to militant suffragettes in prison.
Producer Neil Trevithick
Mary Richardson: Emma Richler
Annie Kenny: Oona Beeson
Reginald McKenna: Gavin Muir
Robert Wallace: John Hartley
MrMuskett: David Sinclair
Mr Hopkins: John Turner
Mr Travers Humphreys: James Taylor
Also with Natasha Pyne

3rd June 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Valtemand and Cornelius Are Not Well at All by Alick Rowe
Hamlet as seen by Shakespeare, as seen by the players- Comedy. The players want to finish their act as quickly as possible, but first they are unwilling witnesses to Polonius's death and get caught up in the ensuing mayhem. As for Hamlet, he keeps talking to himself.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Valtemand: Stephen Thorne
Cornelius: Christian Rodska
Aubrey Postern: Simon Carter
Alfred: Richard Pearce
Tib: Carolyn Backhouse
Hamlet: Charles Simpson
Horatio: Bill Walus
Rosencrantz: Ian Sanders
Guildenstern: John Telfer
Claudius: Peter Jeffrey
Gertrude: June Barrie
Polonius: William Eedle
Ophelia: Moir Leslie
Laertes: Richard Derrington
Marcellus: Cornelius Garrett
Barnado: Eric Allen
Fortinbras: Bob Docherty
Repeated 20th April 1996

3rd June 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: La Petite Mort by Nick Stafford.
Inspired by a true story from 1920s Marseilles, Sylvie, a beautiful servant has a secret lover. Together they hatch a murderous plan to make their fortune.
Director Claire Grove
Sylvie Volvestre: Diane Bull
Edouard Stenay: Jack Klaff
Henri Puiseaux: Geoffrey Beevers
Madame Gramat: Diana Payan
Felicite Pau: Emma Chambers
Gandon: Don McCorkindale
Dr Gris: Malcolm Ward
Corbieres: Lyndam Gregory
Madam Puiseaux: Susannah Corbett
Croupier: Nina Wadia
Casino Manager: Paul Panting
Repeated from 11th June 1994

5th June 1995:
Cathal of the Woods by Lindsay Clarke.
Tells of a young monk who sets sail to convert the heathen Picts.
Music by Martin Allcock and Simon Nicol
Robin Williamson (harp)
Chloe Goodchild (singer). Director Nigel Bryant
Molios: Garard Green
Ardan: James Telfer
Cathal: Kim Wall
Columba: Roger Hume
Auno: Steve Hodson
Also with Norman Rodway, Moir Leslie, Graham Colclough, Richard O'Ryan and Sandra Berkin.
Repeated from 17th March 1994

5th June 1995:
The Monday Play: Battle for the Dome by Jean Binnie.
Explores the venomous atmosphere surrounding the building of the dome of Florence cathedral as well as the bitter rivalry between architects Ghiberti and Brunelleschi.
Director Martin Jenkins
Brunelleschi: John Rowe
Ghiberti: Robert Glenister
Dante: Peter Jeffrey
Mercante: Bryan Pringle
Rinaldo: Crawford Logan
Leonardo: Derek Waring
Donato: Oliver Senton
Andrea: Joshua Towb
D'Antonio: Don McCorkindale
Lucio/Inspector: Ian Masters
Also with Danny Kanaber and Gavin Muir
Repeated 4th March 1996

5th June 1995:
Kipling in Love: Eight plays based on short stories by Rudyard Kipling.
3: Venus Annodomini. Dramatised by Ed Thomason.
India 1886. The Venus has captured many a heart of an officer in the regiment, but her attraction is only skin-deep as one unlucky captain discovers.
Original music by Trevor Allan Davies.
Producer Adrian Bean
Tom Gayerson: Alex Jennings
Kitty: Moir Leslie
Watson: Michael Troughton
Colonel Humphreys: Barry J Gordon
Teddy Reynolds: Lyndam Gregory
Dorothea Mountjoy: Frances Jeater
Gayerson Senior: Timothy Carlton
Gwen: Rachel Atkins
Ben Lindsay: John Evitts
Tuppy Mason: Graham Seed
Arnold Davidson: Richard Tate
Repeated from 2nd November 1994

6th June 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Village by Janys Chambers.
A woman moves to North Wales to escape a broken marriage. Here she meets a recently widowed farmer. A friendship begins, but will it survive as his world comes crashing down?
Director Foz Allan
Einion: Ioan Meredith
Undertaker: Richard Elfyn
Maggie: Janys Chambers
Bob: Paul Nicholson
Tim: Robert Harper
Teleri: Awel Edwards
Meinir: Lesley Spencer

8th June 1995:
14.00 :
Lovely Witches by Moya O'Shea.
Annie, agony aunt to all her friends, possesses a special intuition but not necessarily all the answers.... Producer Tracey Neale
Annie: Natasha Pyne
Joan: Joanna Monro

Tara Ward
Marly: Deborah Berlin
Eve: Margaret John
Ralph: Ian Masters
Ted: Gavin Muir
Liam: Oliver Senton
Grant: Joshua Towb
George: Derek Waring
Aerobics Instructor: Becky Hindley

8th June 1995:
23.00 : Under My Skin
4: Oh Jane Oh Hector by Michael Butt.
Hector tells Jane that her father has offered him an important contract in Greece. But why has she got a pregnancy-test kit on her mantelpiece... ?
Director Peter Kavanagh
Jane: Emma Chambers
Hector: Nicholas Farrell
Repeated from 7th November 1989

9th June 1995:
10.00 :
No Further Questions: Nicholas Stewart QC looks at six trials in the annals of English law.
5: Care and Supervision. Dramatised by Paul Burns
Laws relating to children are often instigated by a nationally reported case which sets Parliament going. In 1973, it was the inquiry into the death of Maria Colwell.
Producer Louise Greenberg
Richard Harvey QC: Jonathan Keeble
Anthony McCowanQC: John Hartley
Professor James Cameron: Peter Yapp
Mrs Pauline Kepple: Becky Hindley
Also with Kristin Milward. Natasha Pyne and Jane Whittenshaw.

10th June 1995:
10.30 :
Gush by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman.
In six parts.
1: What could divide two friends so much that their rivalry threatens the future of the human race? There's only one way to find out - flashbacks.
Producer Colin Swash
Foxwell Cravate: Martin Jarvis
Max Pomeroy: Mac McDonald
Iolanthe Diamond: Caroline Quentin
Arabella Derbyshire: Felicity Montagu
Also with Jonathan Fox, Julian Dutton, Mandy Knight and Toby Longworth.
Additional actors in parts 2-6:
Charles de Vere: Jonathan Coy
Prince Saudi: Julian Dutton
Also with Steve Steen
Peter Hobday and John Sargeant as themselves
Parts 2-6 broadcast: 17, 24 June 1995, 1, 8, 15 July 1995
Repeated from 22,29 Nov 1994, 6,13,20,27 Dec 1994.

10th June 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Body of Glass Adapted by Michelene Wandor from the book by Marge Piercy.
It is 2059, somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.
Director Janet Whitaker
Malkah: Eleanor Bron
Shira: Penny Downie
Yod: Ciaran Hinds
Avram: John Bennett
Gadi: Nathaniel Parker
Riva: Paola Dionisotti
Ari: Susan Sheridan
Also with David Collings, Michael Tudor Barnes and Annabel Mullion.
Repeated 13th April 1996 and also on BBC7.

10th June 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Pirates Are Coming by David Morgan
Brother/sister relationships. Daniel and Hannah were very close as kids. Now they only have to meet and they row. But when Daniel's girlfriend leaves him for another man, there's an outside chance that the old firm will get going again.
Music by Stephen Warbeck
Director Peter Kavanagh
Stephanie: Rachel Atkins
John: Jonathan Coy
Olive: Tina Gray
Kerry: Frances Jeater
Young Daniel: Alexander Spencer Todd
Young Hannah: Christy Bruce
Also with Sylvestra LeTouzel and Sean Murray.
Repeated from 22nd August 1994.

11th June 1995:
14.30 :
Classic Serial: A Room with a View by E M Forster , dramatised in four parts by David Wade.
1: Miss Honeychurch, Giotto and Too Much Beethoven. 1905. Lucy and Charlotte arrive at the Pensione Bertolini in Florence to discover they have not been given their promised rooms.
Director Glyn Dearman.
George Emerson: Gary Cady
Charlotte Bartlett: Sheila Hancock
Miss Lavish: Barbara Jefford
Mr Emerson: John Moffatt
Mr Beebe: Stephen Moore
Lucy Honeychurch: Cathy Sara
Also with Jilly Bond, Anna Cropper, David Collings, Ian Masters and Michael Tudor Barnes.
Additional actors in parts 2-4:
Phaeton: Andrew Branch
Mr Eager: David Collings
Minnie Beebe: Sara-Jane Derrick
Mrs Honeychurch: Julia McKenzie
Freddy Honeychurch: Roger May
Mr Beebe: Stephen Moore
Cecil Vyse: Nathaniel Parker
Also with Jonathan Keeble, Pauline Letts, Tessa Worsley, Derek Waring
Episodes 2-4 broadcast: 18,25 June and 2nd July 1995.
Repeated 16,23,30/6/1995, 7/7/95.

12th June 1995:
14.00 :
Stay Stum by Sheila Goff.
Director David Hunter
Alan Stamp: Peter Sallis
PC Clyde: Desmono Barrit
DI Macinally: Alice Arnold
Janice Stamp: Margaret John
Shirley Rump: Tina Gray
Peter Rump: Gareth Armstrong
Reet/WPC: Oona Beeson
Repeated from 6th October 1994

12th June 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Willis Is Barking by Tina Peplar
The story of Willis, a secret Martian, and her encounters with mortgages, homelessness and morris dancing.
Music: John Telfer
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Willis: Maureen O'Brien
Arnold: Christian Rodska
Hilda: June Barrie
Kissme Kirk: Ed Bishop
Holy Joe: John Telfer
Spocket: Siriol Jenkins
Comic: Bill Wallis
Bismark: Steve Hodson
Cricketer: John Baddeley
Shopper: Jennifer Scott-Malden
Little boy: Laurie Drew
Repeated from 12th July 1993

12th June 1995:
23.30 :
Kipling in Love
Eight plays based on stories by Rudyard Kipling.
4: The Courting of Dinah Shadd. Dramatised by Ed Thomason.
Music by Trevor Allan Davies.
Producer Adrian Bean
Dinah: Teresa Gallagher
Mulvaney: Jack Klaf
Learoyd: Steve Hodson
Ortheris: Terry John
Shadd: Barry J Gordon
Ma Shadd: Marcella Riordan
Gayerson: Alex Jennings
Judy Sheehy: Cathy Sara
Ma Sheehy: Elaine Claxton
Also with John Evitts, Dominic Letts, Lyndam Gregory, Michael Troughton, Gareth Armstrong, Tom Bevan, Peter Kenny and [Colin Pinney on 1995 broadcast, listed as Colin Thomas on 1994 broadcast].
Repeated from 9th November 1994

13th June 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Border Incident by Sean Darner.
A young Scots soldier in command of a squad on the border between Rhodesia and the Congo writes to his parents in the usual reassuring way of soldiers down the years. But north of Border, the unrest grows and events unfold ...
Director Hamish Wilson
Jock: Kenneth Glenaan
Announcer/Botha/Sir: Crawford Logan
Sergeant/Border Guard/Captain: Finlay Welsh
Galloway/Pestieau: John Ramage
Timms: Ian Sexton
O'Toole: Cathal Quinn

14th June 1995:
14.00 :
Medical Detectives- Four true stories of pioneering investigations in the field of pathology.
Dramatised by Michael Butt from The Ghost Disease and Other Stories by Michael Howell and Peter Ford.
1: Death in the Parish. When in 1854 a catastrophic cholera epidemic ravages the residential streets of Soho, the Rev
Henry Whitehead 's impatience with the orthodox view that poverty and filth are the culprits drives him to call in the brilliant Dr John Snow to investigate.
A Fiction Factory production
Dr John Snow: Bill Nighy
Rev Henry Whitehead: Nicky Henson
Dr Peter Allen: Peter Capaldi
MrWiseman: David Glover
Mary: Ruth Sillers
Mrs Riggens: Marlene Sidaway
Askey: John Hollis
Girl: Kate McEnery
Repeated 11th March 1998 and also on BBC7 on 9/3/2009 and 18/11/2009.
Subsequent episodes listed on their broadcast date (21, 28 June etc)


15th June 1995:
10.00 :
Bright Day by J B Priestley.
A six-part dramatisation by Eric Pringle.
Evoking the town and country of the author's youth before the First World War. 1: Looking back on his youth in 1912, Gregory remembers how he arrived in the town of Bruddersford.
Music by Les Brown. Laurence Rossi and Tony Gamage
Producer Adrian Bean
Uncle Miles: John Evitts
Gregory Dawson: David Hargreaves
Ackworth: Steve Hodson
Elizabeth Earl: Frances Jeater
Aunt Hilda/Lady Hamdean: Margaret John
Young Gregory: Peter Kenny
Lord Harndean/Stanley Mervin: Gavin Muir
Also with Gareth Armstong, Elaine Claxton, Tara Dominick, Teresa Gallagher, Paul Panting, Peter Whitman and James Taylor.

Additional cast in Episodes 2-6:
Mr Alington: Gareth Armstrong
Joan: Elaine Claxton
Eva: Tara Dominick
Bridget: Teresa Gallagher
Mrs Connally: Maggie McCarthy
Oliver: Paul Panting
David: Richard Pearce
Also with: Tom Bevan, Susannah Corbett, Tina Gray, Lyndam Gregory, Dominic Letts, Richard Pearce, Caroline Strong, Malcolm Ward, David Jarvis, Nina Wadia

Episodes 2-6 broadcast 22,29 June 1995, 6,13,20 July 1995.
Repeated from 7, 14, 21, 28/9/94 and 5, 12/10/94.


15th June 1995:
14.00 :
Matt Black and Chrome by Dominic Minghella.
A mysterious female caller accuses
Ronnie Rossi of ruining her life. Could it be his aggrieved girlfriend Anna or a neglected member of his extended Italian family?
Director David Hunter
Ronnie: Vincenzo Nicoli
James: David Holt
Anna: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Mother: Irene Prador
Father: Robert Rietty
Louise: Elaine Claxton
Laura: Susannah Corbett
Paul/Father Dominic: Peter Whitman
Zoe: Nadine Ballantyne
Edward: Benedict Dooley
Female/Seductive Voice: Vivenne Rochester
Rachel: Cathy Sara
Repeated 2nd May 1996
[related note- under 29th June 1995 Radio Times apologised as follows: "APOLOGY: In our description of Matt Black and Chrome on 15 June we suggested that author Dominic Minghella was the creator of BBC1's Hamish Macbeth. He has written to point out that he was merely script editor for the series and wrote one episode. We are happy to set the record straight."]

15th June 1995:
23.00 :
Under My Skin - Six plays for late-night listening.
5: Love to Madelaine by Craig Warner.
"I'm not at all sure you should get in the habit of ringing people, threatening to post them somewhere in a bag, and putting the phone down...."
They both love Madelaine, the lover and the husband. But do they protest too much? An unexpected telephone call reveals all.
Director Andy Jordan
Madelaine: Miranda Richardson
Brian (her husband): Richard E Grant
Peter (her lover): Philip Davis
Repeated from 30th March 1993

17th June 1995:
Saturday Playhouse: The Devil's Province by Peter Roberts.
Provence 1213. A Crusade is descending to destroy the Cathar heresy.
Director Nigel Bryant
Joseph: Garard Green
Jerome: David Calder
Bernard De Nerac: Michael Lumsden
Richard: Richard Derrington
Michael: Stephen Tomlin
Roger De Mieux: Norman Rodway
Alix: Carolyn Backhouse
Raoul: Peter Meakin

Simon De Montfort: Peter Harding
Also with Dominic Rickhards , Andy Hockley and Roger Hume.
Repeated from 20th June 1994

17th June 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Good Morning Midnight by Roderick Graham.
A dramatisation of the novel by Jean Rhys based on her own life.
Sasha is an Englishwoman living in Paris.
Music by Stephen Warbeck.
Director Jane Morgan
Sasha: Eileen Atkins
Renee: Dominic Letts
Enno: Steve Hodson
Delmar: Sandor Eles
Paul: Raad Rawi
Nurse: Shirley Dixon
Dress shop owner: Michael McStay
Waiters: Malcolm Ward
Also with Alice Arnold, Constance Byrne , Emma Gregory, Jeremy Spriggs and Peter Whitman.
Repeated from 19th September 1994

18th June 1995:
19.00 :
Children's BBC Radio 4: Prince Caspian by C S Lewis.
Brian Sibley 's four-part dramatisation from The Chronicles of Narnia.
1: Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy can't get back to Narnia.
Music Peter Howell and Elizabeth Parker
Director John Taylor
Nikabrik: Timothy Bateson
Lucy: Ellie Beaven
Professor: Maurice Denham
Edmund: Peter England
Young Caspian: Tom Godfrey
Trumpkin: Richard Griffiths
Susan: Suzy Hay
Peter: Tom Piccin
Prince Caspian: Richard Puddifoot
MrsPevensie: Pippa Sparkes
Trufflehunter: John Turner
Miraz: Derek Waring
Dr Comelius: Tom Wilkinson
Additional cast in parts 2-4:
Reepicheep: Sylvester McCoy
Also with Jilly Bond, Andrew Branch, Jonathan Keeble, Roger May, Stephen Thorne, Peter Yapp
Parts 2-4 broadcast: 25/6/95, 2,9/7/95

19th June 1995:
14.00 :
P Division - Code Four One
Glasgow-based police procedurals.
16 episodes in three series.
Series 1. Part 1.

Parts 2-4 broadcast 26/6/95, 3,10/7/95
Repeated from 11,18,25/7/94 and 1/8/94.

Subsequently a further six episodes (series 2) were broadcast on 16,23,30/10/95, 6,13,20/11/95

An additional 6 parts (series 3) were broadcast 6,13,20,27/7/96, 3,10/8/96
Numerous repeats on BBC7.

19th June 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: Sold by Zana Muhsen
Ayshe Raif 's dramatisation of the true story of Zana Muhsen and her sister Nadia, who were taken to Yemen as teenage brides.
Director Nandita Ghose
Zana: Lolita Chakrabarti
Nadia: Rina Mahoney
Miriam: Jilli Emeers
Muthana: Raad Rawi
AbduulKhada: Adam Hussein
Abdul Walli: Nasser Memarzia
Old Man: Alix Refaie
Ahmed: Kourosh Asad
Lynette: Helen McNee
Also with Andrew Croft, Ishia Bennison, Suzanna Carney, Melanie Hudson and Zarina Rafiq..

19th June 1995:
23.30 :
Kipling in Love
Eight plays based on short stories by Rudyard Kipling.
5: In the Pride of His Youth.
Original music composed and played by Trevor Allan Davies.
Producer Adrian Bean
Dicky Hatt: Samuel West
Bella: Louise Germaine
Guy: Dominic Letts
Sidney: Michael Onslow
Wali Dad: Lyndam Gregory
Also with Meera Syal, John Evitts, Al Hunter-Ashton, Gurdial Sira, James Taylor and Elaine Claxton.
Repeated from 16th November 1994.

20th June 1995
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Lessons in Italian by Gareth Owen
A woman tries to exorcise her fears about a traumatic event 15 years in the past.
Director Andy Jordan
Donald: Bill Nighy
Su: Kate Duchene
Claudia: Daniela D'Alessio
Mario: Massimo Marinoni
Perluigi: Giancarlo Ciccone
Jerry: Andrew Branch
Caroline: July Bond

21st June 1995:
14.00 :
Medical Detectives
True stories of pioneering investigations in the field of pathology from The Ghost Disease and Other Stories by Michael Howell and Peter Ford dramatised by Michael Butt
2: The Last Infirmity
By 1898, the Americans have driven the Spanish out of Cuba, but yellow fever remains. Commissioned to unravel the tales that obscure the real causes of the disease, two young doctors, Caroll and Lazear, employ outrageous methods in their pursuit of the truth.
A Fiction Factory production
James Carroll: Colin Stinton
Jesse Lazear: William Hope
Major Walter Reed: Peter Marinker
General George Sternberg: Ed Bishop
Mrs Lazear: Buffy Davis
Dr Carlos Finlay: Peter Banks
Trooper Thompson: Paul Birchard
Repeated on BBC7 in 2009.

22nd June 1995:
14.00 :
Mr Love by Karoline Leach.
George Love is a con man, marrying women for their money. But then he meets Adelaide, who sees through his act and still loves him.
Director Rosemary Watts
Adelaide: Julie T Wallace
George: Michael Tudor Barnes

22nd June 1995:
23.00 :
Under My Skin
The Angels They Grow Lonely by Gerry Jones.
Director Martin Jenkins
Narrator: Jim Norton
Geoffrey Johnson: Nigel Anthony
Doctor Conway: Stephen Thorne
Hannah Johnson: Jean Trend
Doctor Williams: David Gooderson
Mr Blake: Robert Lang
Ambulanceman: Roger Walker
Receptionist: Hilda Schroder
Third: Doctor Edward Cast
First broadcast 5th March 1983, repeated on long wave only on 8th March 1983.
Repeated again 8th September 1984.
Further repeated on Radio 3 on 3rd September 1987
Also repeated on BBC7 in 2003.

24th June 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: On the Edge of the World by Mike Dorrell
When the archbishopric of St David's in remotest Pembrokeshire becomes vacant, Gerald's Welsh ancestry should make him the perfect candidate.
Director Alison Hindell
Gerald of Wales: Clive Merrison
Ness: Manon Edwards
King John: Peter Yapp
Pope Innocent III: Stephen Thorne
John of Tynemouth: Jonathan Tafler
Hubert Walter: John Hartley
Castellan: Simon Ludders
Also with Brendan Charleson, Richard Nichols, Dafydd Wyn Roberts, Brinley Jenkins and Jason Hughes.
Repeated 9th November 1996

24th June 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Angel Standing by Jonathan Myerson
Angel is a modern woman, who brings zeal to her PhD research into sexuality.
Music by Elizabeth Parker.
Director Peter Kavanagh
Angel: Juliet Aubrey
Mr Levy: Timothy West
Old Hannah: Maggie Whiting
Judah: Neil Dudgeon
Vic/Cathal: Aidan Gillen
Ross: Gavin Muir
Levi/Nahum: Paul Panting
Zeidel: Peter Kenny
Eppy/Hanni: Cathy Sara
Also with Margaret John, Elaine Claxton, Neville Jason, Mark Lambert, Don McCorkindale, Peter Whitman and James Taylor.
Repeated from 8th August 1994

26th June 1995:
10.00 :
In the Red by Mark Tavener in 7 parts.
Dramatised by Peter Baynham and Mark Tavener.
Series last broadcast from 5th January 1995. Please refer to 5/1/95 in this document.
Parts 2-7 broadcast 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 July 1995 and 7 August 1995.

26th June 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: Mary Barnes by David Edgar (Adapted from his stage play).
Based on Mary Barnes : Two Accounts of a Journey through Madness by Mary Barnes and Joseph Berke
Mary Barnes (1923-2001) struggled for years with her own madness until she met psychiatrist R D Laing (1927-1989) and went to live in Kingsley Hall, the experimental community he founded in 1965.
Director Hilary Norrish.
Mary: Patti Love
Joe: David Morrissey
Ronnie: John Hannah
Greta: Elizabeth Rider
Douglas: Nicholas Le Prevost
Angie: Claire Skinner
Beth: Laurel Lefkow
Laurence: Andrew Branch
Also with Stephen Critchlow, Tessa Worsley Jonathan Keeble, David Collings, Ross Livingstone and Jane Whittenshaw.
Repeated 14th April 1997
Repeated on BBC7 2007,2008,2009

26th June 1995:
23.30 :
Kipling in Love
Eight plays based on short stories by Rudyard Kipling.
6: Love O'Women. Dramatised by Ed Thomason
India, 1885.
- Do not despise the advice of the wise,
- Learn wisdom from those that are older....
- and don't try for things that are out of your reach
- An' that's what the girl told the soldier!
Original music composed and played by Trevor Allan Davies.
Producer Adrian Bean
Tighe: John Duttine
Diamonds: Frances Jeater
Mulvaney: Jack Klaf
Ortheris: Terry John
Also with Steve Hodson, Teresa Gallagher, James Taylor, Peter Whitman and Tom Bevan.
Repeated from 23rd November 1994.

27th June 1995
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Indian Gentleman by Terry James
A tall tale for a midsummer's afternoon. Sundar arrives one sleepy afternoon at a railway halt somewhere in East Anglia. How did he get there and where does he vanish to?
Director Janet Whitaker
Storyteller: Madhav Sharma
Sundar: Paul Bhattacharjee
Mr Levington: Robin Bailey
Robbie: Peter Tuddenham
Mrs Ferrence: Tessa Worsley
Janey: Lucy Tregear
Vernon: John Hartley
Clifford: Jonathan Keeble
Mr Amberley: Derek Waring

28th June 1995:
14.00 :
Medical Detectives by Michael Howell and Peter Ford. Dramatised by Michael Butt from The Ghost Disease and Other Stories
Four true stories of pioneering investigations in the field of pathology.
3: The Epping Jaundice
It's strange enough that a quiet Essex suburb should develop its own unique epidemic, but local Medical Officer of Health Dr Ash is more baffled by the fact that all the victims are middle class.
A Fiction Factory production
Dr Isadore Ash: Bernard Hepton
Dr Harry Kopelman: Roger Allam
Dr Caroline Hallet: Julia Watson
Mrs Rusbridger: Carole Boyd
Lady with yellow dog: Mary Wimbush
Mr Cross: John Rapley
Repeated 18th March 1998.
Also Repeated on BBC7 in 2009
(There was a different version, written by Arthur Swinson broadcast in 1969)

29th June 1995:
14.00 :
The Clearance of Audleystown by Martin Lynch.
Lady Bangor looked out of her window one day in 1850 and decided that the unsightly hamlet of Audleystown marred her view of Strangford Lough and must therefore be removed. An account of this true story.
Director Pam Brighton
Major Nugent: Ian McElhinney
BBC Interviewer: Marie Jones
Felix: Birdy Sweeney
Chrissie: Sheila McGibbon
Barry Hinds: John Hewitt
Whitey Swail: Lalor Roddy
Harriett: Laura Hughes
Also with J J Murphy, Walter McMonagle, Peter O'Meara, Annie Farr, Peter Ballance, Conor Grimes, B J Hogg, Trevor Moore and Tim Loane.
Repeated 18th March 1996
[Prior to 1850 (between 1838 and 1842), the Duke of Devonshire moved the village of Edensor, to hide it behind a hill- all but one cottage]

29th June 1995:
23.00 :
The Wyrd Sisters by

Terry Pratchett.
Four-part dramatisation by Vince Foxall.
In which three witches meet on a blasted heath.
Director Claire Grove
Nanny Ogg: Lynda Baron
Magrat Garlick: Deborah Berlin
Fool: Andrew Branch
Granny Weatherwax: Sheila Hancock
King Verence: John Hartley
Duke Felmet: Ian Masters
Lady Felmet: Kristin Milward
Also with Gavin Muir, Natasha Pyne and Brian Hibbard.
Additional cast in parts 2-4:
Demon/Vitoller: Gavin Muir
Shawn/Hwel: Brian Hibbard
Tomjon: Roger May
Parts 2-4 broadcast 6,13,20 July 1995
Repeated on BBC7 2003,2004,2005, 2007,2008,2009...

1st July 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Not an Inch by John Rooney.
In the early 1960s, Northern Ireland was still a "Protestant state for Protestant people". The pain and joy of the transformation that has taken place since then. Director Pam Brighton
Sir William: Ian McElhinney
Sally: Marie Jones
Ted: Dan Gordon
Rose: Stella McCusker
Frank: Des McAleer
Bob: Marc O'Shea
Daphne: Brenda Winter
Debate Chairman: Edgar Martin
Also with Conor Bradford, Emma O'Neill, Patrick Duncan, Michael Gregory and Michael McVeigh

1st July 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Our Town by Thornton Wilder.
Everyday life in turn-of-the-century Grover's Corners in New Hampshire.
Director David Hitchinson
Stage Manager: Ed Bishop
Dr Gibbs: William Roberts
Mrs Gibbs: Liza Ross
George Gibbs: Ben Fairman
Rebecca Gibbs: Teresa Gallagher
Mr Webb: Garrick Hagon
Mrs Webb: Shelley Thompson
Dead Woman: Shelley Thompson
Emily Webb: Barbara Barnes
Joe Crowell: Tom Bevan
Si Crowell: Tom Bevan
Also With Vincent Marzello, Peter Whitman, John Evitts and Frances Jeater.
First broadcast on BBC World Service Radio 26/10/93


1st July 1995:
23.30 :
Terminus by Nick Fisher.
In five-parts.
DCI Michael Stanley: Nicholas Farrell
Jim Stevens/Tannoy: David Jarvis
Terminus: Dominic Letts
Sarah: Maggie McCarthy
Enfield's father: Geoffrey Matthews
DS Kevin Richards: Charles Simpson
DSI Julie Enfield: Imelda Staunton
Also with Rachel Atkins, Tom Bevan, John Evitts, Paul Panting

Additional cast in Parts 2-5:
Shelley Green: Elaine Claxton
DI: Teresa Gallaghe
Mrs Winterton: Tina Gray
Jeremy Lineham: Neville Jason
Tim Johnson: Paul Panting
Rachel: Claire Russell
Stan Riekman: Peter Whitman
Also with Margaret John

Parts 2-5 broadcast: 8,15,22,29 July 1995.

Repeated from 11,18,25/8/94 and 1,8/9/94.
(There was a five part followup series "The Smithfield Murders" broadcast from 2/11/95, please see that date)


3rd July 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: The Family Retainer by Alan Drury.
A trusted family firm is about to undergo a tragic upheaval.
Director Michael Earley
Edward Winters: Timothy West
Robert Winters: Stephen Boxer
David Wilson: Sam Dale
Joan Winters: Tessa Worsley
Sally Wade: Becky Hindley
Tom Buxton: Charles Simpson
Allardyce: Peter Woodward
Also with Mark Straker, David Antrobus, John Hartley, Natasha Pyne, Linda Regan and Ian Masters
Repeated on BBC7 1995,2004,2005...

3rd July 1995:
23.30 :
Kipling in Love
7: Beyond the Pale by Rudyard Kipling, dramatised by Ed Thomason.
Lahore, 1885.
An English merchant falls deeply in love with a widowed Indian girl. But he can have no idea of the cultural barriers to their happiness.
Music by Trevor Allan Davies
Producer Adrian Bean
Bisesa: Nina Wadia
Trejago: Gareth Armstrong
Narrator: Renu Setna
Mahbub: Lyndam Gregory
Gaya Din: Lyndam Gregory
Charan: Gurdial Sira
Gaur Chand: Amerjit Deu
Naini: Charubala Chokshi
Leela: Heather Emmanuel
Dorothea: Frances Jeater
Macklin: John Evitts
Repeated from 30th November 1994

4th July 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: One Winter by the Foyle by Jack Houlahan.
As the campaign begins to stop a toxic-waste incinerator being built on Derry's River Foyle, Kevin returns home from Korea, fleeing the priesthood, looking for a way to halt the further pollution of his faith.
Director Michael Quinn
Kevin: Ian McElhinney
Sean: Dan Gordon
Eileen: Anna Healy
Pete: Niall Cusack
Beatrice: Helen Norton
Anne: Clare Houlahan
Kevin Jr: Christopher Houlahan

4th July 1995:
14.00 :
Medical Detectives by Michael Howell and Peter Ford (from The Ghost Disease and Other Stories) dramatised by Michael Butt.
The Stranded Eagle.
Years after August Andree's failed attempt to cross the Arctic in a hydrogen balloon, the bodies of the three explorers were found on White Island.
A Fiction Factory production
Andree: Ken Stott
Knut Stubbendorf: John Woodvine
Or Ernst Tryde: Clive Merrison
Fraenkel: Jack Klaff
Strindberg: Scott Handy

6th July 1995:
14.00 :
Goillach by George Gunn.
Perched, like most Scottish crofting communities, between the hills and the sea, the part of Caithness to which Jamie has returned in order to take care of his father has been hard-won. His father Alastair convalesces after a heart attack and worries at his guilt.
Director Hamish Wilson
Alastair: Bill Riddoch
Jamie: Matthew Zajac
Keet: Vari Sylvester

8th July 1995:
14.30 :
The Candlemass Road by and dramatised by George MacDonald Fraser from his own novel.
Drama set on the Anglo-Scottish border in 1599.
Director Patrick Rayner
Frey Luis: Laurence Payne
Lady Margaret Dacre: Ruth Gemmell
Archie Noble: Bill Wrightman
Hodgson: Crawford Logan
Carleton: Sandy Neilson
Wattie: William Leslie
Lightfoot: John Sheddon
Yarrow: Andrew Curry
Bell: Michael MacKenzie
Ralph Dacre: John Yule
Mall Baty: Natalie Lyon
Also with Mairi Gillespie, Rebecca Hawking and Margot Clair.
Repeated 25th May 1996

8th July 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Dress Up and Sing by Colin Douglas and Harry Quinn.
Comedy about an amateur operatic society in Edinburgh.
Director Hamish Wilson
Barbara: Vari Sylvester
Gary: Liam Brennan
Hector: Alec Monteath
Douglas: Michael MacKenzie
Dolly: Sheila Donald
Senga: Jan Wilson
Ralph: Mark Cox
Candy: Maria Miller
Sinclair: Michael Elder
Veronica: Muriel Romanes
Dennis/Sir Bruce: John Yule
Wayne/Philip: Ian Sexon
Also with Michael Perceval-Maxwell and Claire Liddell.
Repeated from 24th September 1994


9th July 1995:
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Mutiny on the Bounty dramatised by Bert Coules, based on the books by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall.
In three-parts.
1: Mutiny on the Bounty. The Bounty has been commisioned to sail to
Tahiti via Cape Horn. Its disciplinarian Captain Bligh is determined to carry out his mission by the book.
Music by Robert Rigby.
Director Adrian Bean
A Mr Punch production.
Thomas Burkitt: Roger Daltrey
Mr Nelson/Courtney: Joe Dunlop
Mr Hayward: Russell Floyd
McCoy: Vincent Frifi
Webber/Young Smith: Lyndam Gregory
Mrs Byam: Ali Hames
Captain Folger/Quintal: David Healy
Millward/Tetahrti/Lamb/Williams: Clive Hill
Chief Hitihiti/Churchill: Steve Hodson
Old Alexander Smith: Lionel Jeffries
Maimiti: Mamta Kaash
Bosun/Morrisson: Jonathan Keeble
Mr Tinkler: Richard Pearce
William Bligh: Oliver Reed
Fletcher Christian: Linus Roache
Mr Fryer: David Roper
Purcell: Andrew Schofield
Midshipman Roger Byam: Charles Simpson

Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
McCoy: Vincent Friel
Also with Shaun Prendergast, Heather Emmanuel
Parts 2 and 3 broadcast 16 and 23 July 1995.
Repeated 14,21,28 July 1995


10th July 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: Onwards and Upwards and Just Carrying On By David Cregan.
Joanna is a painter, Harry is a television reporter. They love each other but can't live together.
Director John Tydeman
Joanna: Cheryl Campbell
Harry: Bill Nighy
Andrew: George Parsons
Francis: Gavin Muir
Jane: Frances Jeater
Maude: Pauline Letts
Esme: Margot Boyd
Also with Derek Waring, Margaret Ward and Margaret John.
Repeated 31st August 1996

10th July 1995:
23.30 :
Kipling in Love
On Greenhow Hill by Rudyard Kipling, Dramatised by Ed Thomason
The Himalayas, 1885. Ordered to kill a sniper, three soldiers ponder on the reasons why they joined the Army.
Music by Trevor Allan Davies.
Producer Adrian Bean
Learoyd: Steve Hodson
Liza: Julia Ford
Mulvaney: Jack Klaff
Ortheris: Terry John
Jesse: Barry J Gordon
Reverend Barraclough: John Evitts
Doctor Warbottom: Gareth Armstrong
Also with Michael Onslow, Harry Stamper, Amerjit Deu, Dominic Letts, Elaine Claxton and Lyndam Gregory.
Repeated from 7th December 1994


12th July 1995:
14.00 :
Running before the Wind by Catherine Czerkawska.
A four-part saga of yacht designers on the Clyde.
1: Casting Off. When Alison fell in love with the Isabella, she didn't realise she was looking at the last relic of a family history.
Director Hamish Wilson
Archivist/ Archie: William Armour
Alison: Louise Beattie
David/Old David: Alec Heggie
Annie: Sheila Donald
Sadie: Anne Downie
Malcolm: Alec Monteath
Emily: Irene MacDougal
Nurse I Midwife: Susie Maguire
James Lynn: James MacPherson
Adam/Stirling: Allan Sharpe
Isabella: Sybil Wintrope
Young Hetty: Isabel Wright

Additional actors in parts 2-4:
Paolo: John Buick
Ian: Liam Brennan
Bosun/Gardener: Stuart Davids
Matron/Young James: Mary Riggans
Hetty: Monica Gibb
Cook: Ceit Kearney
David: Mark McDonnell
Hugh: Finlay McLean
Maclehose/Luke: Gilbert Martin
Kitchenmaid: Wendy Ronald
Foreman /Alexander: Tom Smith
Old Man/Paolo's Papa: Douglas Stiven
Jessie/Receptionist: Astrid Wilson

Parts 2-4 broadcast 19,26/7/95 and 3/8/95.
Repeated from 16,23,30/3/94 and 6/4/94


13th July 1995
14.00 :
The Mandarin Lime by Gary Mitchell and Jimmy Murphy
As hostilities between Belfast and Dublin begin to diminish, this topical comedy explores the new relationships that are possible as the Border begins to come down.
Director Pam Brighton
Michael: Dan Gordon
Joe: Tony Tormey
Norman: B J Hogg
Andrew: Lalor Roddy

Des Nealon
Mary: Ronnuala Murphy
Boss: J J Murphy
Kieran: Paddy Scully
Kevin: Eanna MacLiam
Noel: Noel McGee
Repeated 24th August 1996

15th July 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Remember Live Aid by Joe Dunlop.
As part of the BBC's tenth anniversary celebrations of Live Aid, the behind-the-scenes story of how the event was staged.
Director Andy Jordan
Bob Geldof: Peter O'Meara
Marsha Hunt: Toyah Willcox
Harvey Goldsmith: Kenneth Cranham
Bernard Docherty: Gary Olsen
Roger: Stephen Critchlow
Simon Bates: Himself
Samantha: Jane Whittenshaw
Andy Zweck: Jonathan Keeble
Pete Smith: Roger May
Tony Powell: Andrew Branch
MikeAppleton: Geoffrey Whitehead
Also with Phil Comwell, Tim Whitnall, Steve Nallon, Willie Jonah, Sandra James-Young, Sidney Cole, Rachel Atkins, Sean Raine, John Hartley, David Timson, John Guerassio, Natasha Pyne, Zulema Dene and Unda Regan. interviews by Jonathan Ruffle
Repeated 30th March 1996

15th July 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Poison Hearts by Gary Mitchell.
The pain and conflict between two Loyalist brothers in Belfast.
Director Pam Brighton
Johnny: Dan Gordon
Dennis: Ian McElhinney
Sarah: Marie Jones
Jennifer: Eileen McCloskey
Freddie: Lalor Roddy
Bobby: George Shane
Psycho: B J Hogg
Inspector Allen: Trevor Moore
Repeated from 27th June 1994


16th July 1995
19.00 :
Children's BBC Radio 4: Back Home by Michelle Magorian
A wartime story, dramatised in four parts by Martin Jameson. Evacuee Rusty returns to Britain with an American accent and meets a mother she does not recognise.
Director David Hitchinson
Charlie: George Allonby
Beth: Kellie Bright
Rusty: Jessica Marshall-Gardiner
Susie: Sasha Graff
Peggy: Emily Richard
Beatie: Mary Wimbush
Also with Jilly Bond, Jamie Darnton, Peter Donaldson,. Jonathan Keeble, Jane Whittenshaw, Michelle Magorian

Additional actors in parts 2-4:
Filly: Clemmi Burton-Hill
Cecily: Eleanor Chidgzey
Lance: Richard Claxton
Also with Andrew Branch, Richenda Carey, David Collings, Nicholas Farrell, Becky Hindley, Pauline Letts, Natasha Pyne, Tessa Worsley

Parts 2-4 broadcast: 23,30/7/95 and 6/8/95

Repeated 8,15,22,29 June 1997


17th July 1995:
14.00 :
Dividing Force by Gary Mitchell
A three-part play. 1: Useless Tools.
One of the worst legacies of the Troubles in Belfast is the protection-money racket. A new-look Northern Irish Police Force is called in when a shopkeeper refuses to pay up.
Director Pam Brighton
Gregg: John Paul Connolly
Redmond: Dan Gordon
Boyd: Conleth Hill
Evans: Gerard McSorley
McCormick: Ian McElhinney
Matthews: George Shane
Also with Peter Ballance, Colum Convey, Maureen Dow, Michael Gregory, John Hewitt, Laura Hughes, Lynn James, Ciaron McMenamin, Stella McCusker, Brendan McNally, J J Murphy, Trevor Moore, Lalor Roddy

Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
Also with Joe Crilly, Annie Farr, B J Hogg, Mane Jones, Fergal McElherron, Alan McKee,
Jackie Magowan, Mark Mulholland, Marc O'Shea,
Katie Tumelty, Cart Wright

Parts 2 and 3 broadcast 24, 31 July 1995.


17th July 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: Planet of Ashes By David Zane Mairowitz.
"Based on 'Shivitti: A Vision' by Ka-Tzetnik 135633".
Dr Ezra Gorelik is an Auschwitz survivor whom conventional psychotherapy has not helped. Some act, some terrible decision of his during incarceration leaves him incapable of resurrecting the past in order to bury it.
Violin played by Alexander Balenescu
Director Peter Kavanagh
Ezra: Warren Mitchell
Dr Tamar: Frances Tomelty
Rabbi Heimnitz: Harold Kasket
SS Man: Wolf Kahler
Mimi: Jilly Bond
Repeated 1st April 1996.

20th July 1995:
14.00 :
Inherit the Kingdom by Jonathan Myerson
1: A Great Gulf Fixed. "There aren't any villains on the Padmore, just bored kids without a job turning into thugs, depressed kids wanting what they see everyone else has got. They're capable of anything"
Director Alison Hindell
Geoff: Richard Elfyn
Willis: Brian Hibbard
Old: Brendan Charleson
Donna: Cecilia Noble
Russell: Ronan Vibert
Jamal: Treva Etienne
Radley: Erica Eirian
Gavin: Simon Ludders
Also with with Clarence Smith, Andrew Neil, George Bascombe, Ashley Walters, Lawmary Champion and Lyndam Gregory.
Previously broadcast 30th September 1993, 10th October 1994.
For the second play in the trilogy please see Mon 24 July (My Bed in the Darkness) and the third play (Get Wisdom, Get Understanding) on 27th July

22nd July 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Antigua Penny Puce by Robert Graves.
Dramatised by John Petherbridge.
A dramatisation of the comic novel about the titanic struggle between a brother and sister over the ownership of a stamp collection.
Director Matthew Walters
Oliver: Aden Gillett
Jane: Trevyn McDowell
Young Oliver/Reggie: Richard Pearce
Young Jane/Adelaide/Sarah: Oona Beeson
Tom Young: David Collings
Hazlitt: Joshua Towb
Edith: Alison Reid
Henry: Jonathan Keeble
Miss Hapless: Kristin Milward
Also with Tessa Worsley, Peter Yapp, Derek Waring, John Turner and Jilly Bond.
Repeated 15th June 1996.

22nd July 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Stolen Kisses by Bill Taylor.
Thriller set in the claustrophobic world of a large Manchester hotel.
Cocktail pianist Chris Euesden
Director Martin Jameson
Karen: Louise Lombard
Ged: Paul McGann
Robert: Neil Pearson
Franklin: Russell Dixon
Thelma: Debra Penny
Fisher: John Lloyd Fillingham
Judith: Leslie Nichol
Mrs Dukes: Ann Rye
Also with Robert Whelan, Diane Whitley, Martin Reeve and Jason Done.
Repeated 24th February 1996.

24th July 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: Inherit the Kingdom by Jonathan Myerson
2: My Bed in the Darkness
London's glitter tarnishes rapidly when you're young, poor and sleeping rough. But sometimes life on the streets is better than any other option.
Director Alison Hlndell.
Dex: Jams Thomas
Bry: Clare Isaac
Male: Robert Harper
Terry: James Westaway
Slice: Lorraine Cole
Kit: Brendan Charleson
Eugene: Tessa Gearing
Ray: Simon Ludders
Magistrate: Simon Harris
Ticket inspector: Stephen O'Reilly
For the third part of the trilogy please see 27th July.


27th July 1995:
10.00 :
Some Tame Gazelle by Barbara Pym.
Dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
In six parts.
Belinda loves Henry, Harriet loves Mr Donne , and Agatha loves only herself.
Singers Harvey Brough, Phyllida Hancock, Mary Lincoln.
Musical direction by Malcolm McKee.
Producer Sioned William .
Belinda Bede: Hannah Gordon
Mr Donne: David Holt
Henry Hoccleve: Peter Jeffrey
Harriet Bede: Miriam Margoyles
Ricardo Bianco: Geoffrey Matthews
Agatha Hocdeve: Elizabeth Proud
Edith Liversidge: Josephine Tewson

Additional cast in Parts 2-6:
Emily: Karla Goodman
Miss Jenner: Jilly Meers
Miss Prior: Hilda Schroder
Dr Pamell: Benjamin Whitrow
Also with Laura Bazeley, Joanna David, Clive Merrison, Christopher Scott

Parts 2-6 broadcast: 3,10,17,24,31/8/95


27th July 1995:
14.00 :
Inherit the Kingdom by Jonathan Myerson.
3: Get Wisdom, Get Understanding
Drugs, racism, under-age sex, disillusioned staff and feckless parents - everyday fare in an underfunded inner-city state school. with Erica Eirian , Robert Harper. Richard Tate. Rakie Ayola and the pupils of Stanley Park High School.
Director Alison Hindell
Iain: Robert Gwilym
Nuala: Nickie Rainsford
Capron: Bill Stewart
Henn: Richard Cordery
Sparks: Mark Straker
Alana: Deborah Berlin
Rollason: Judy Hopton
Also with Erica Eirian, Robert Harper, Richard Tate, Rakie Ayola and the pupils of Stanley Park High School.
For the first two stories in the trilogy please see 20 and 24th July 1995.


27th July 1995:
23.00 :
The Freedom Trap by Steve May
A three-part drama.
Bob is Mr Reliable, Mr Placid, until his cruise liner drops anchor in Qaman.
Pianist Colin Guthrie
Director Celia de Wolff
Bob: Bill Nighy
Sarab: Sudha Bhuchar
Randy: John Hartley
Cagey: James Aubrey
Ahmed: Sam Dastor
Also with Dhirendra*, Sally Baxter, Ian Masters and Natasha Pyne.

Additional actors in Parts 2 and 3:
Jen: Ingrid Lacey
Mervyn: David Collings
Jack: John Benreld
Also with: Tessa Worsley, Becky Hindley, Andrew Branch

Parts 2 and 3 broadcast 3rd and 10th August 1995
[*Dhirendra was the actors sole working name, he moved to Canada in 1997. Real name is Dhirendra Miyanger]


29th July 1995
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Unreasonable Behaviour by Christopher Reason
Faced with a political and sexual scandal, an ambitious local councillor finds his marriage and career on the brink of collapse.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Alan McAndrew: Russell Dixon
Judy Morrison: Siriol Jenkins
Steve Malone: Keith Drinkel
Joanne Malone: Gillian Bevan
Mary Douglas: Melanie Hudson
Joanne's solicitor: Theresa Streatfeild
Ruth: Joanna Wake
Colin Sanders: Peter Gunn
Harry Greenwood: Eric Allan
Councillor Curtis: John Church
Councillor Hunt: Jonathan Adams
Alan's solicitor: David Learner
Prison officers: Peter Penry Jones
Prison officers: Gordon Reid
Previously broadcast 1/6/92 and 27/2/93

29th July 1995
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: A Vital Flaw by Neville Watchurst.
Heinrich Himmler has a serious health problem and Dr Felix Kersten is summoned to treat him. The doctor's success establishes Himmler's dependency on him and when war breaks out Kersten is faced with an impossible dilemma.
Music by Anthea Gomez.
Producer Sue Wilson
Dr Felix Kersten: Martin Jarvis
Heinrich Himmler: John Duttine
Rudolf Brandt: Christopher Ravenscroft
Irmgard: Louise Jameson
Kaltenbrunner: Gareth Armstrong
Kivimaeki: John Baddeley
Bernadotte: Peter Harding
Hewitt/Masur: David Monico
Heydrich: Malcolm Ward
Rosterg/Judge: Norman Bird
Koch/Gestapo officer: Michael Onslow

officer: Dominic Letts
Repeated from 14th February 1994


30th July 1995:
14.30 :
The Summer Serial: An Imaginative Experience
By Mary Wesley. Dramatised in two parts by Betty Davies.
1: For one passenger there is no alternative but to stop an Intercity train. Director Jane Morgan.
Julia: Sylvestra Le Touzel
Sylvester: Nicholas Farrell
Benson: John Hartley
Clodagh May: Madi Hedd
Madge Brownlow: Tessa Worsley
Mr Patel: Bhasker*
Rebecca: Frances Jeater
Also with Jilly Bond, David Collings, Becky Hindley, Jonathan Keeble, Surendra Kocher, Ian Masters, Roger May, Jane Whittenshaw and Geoffrey Whitehead

[ *the actor was then known by this single name. Real name Bhasker Patel ]

Additional actors in Part 2:
Saxophonist David Woolfson
Marvin Bratt: John Turner
Angela: Jane Whittenshaw
Also with Mary Wimbush, Paul Jenkins, Natasha Pyne, David Timson. Sandra James Young and Bertie the dog

[ Bertie the dog was also in 'Posters of Montmartre' on 12/7/92 ]

Part 2 broadcast 6/8/95 and also 11/8/95
Part 1 Repeated 4/8/95


31st July 1995
19.45 :
Monday Play: Wilderness Dreams by Tom Pow.
Set in Canada, where the limits of civilisation are so clearly defined. James's journey in his search for oblivion. Those who knew and cared about him reveal the reality of the wilderness he seeks.
Director Hamish Wilson
Old Hunter/Punter 3: Bob Docherty
Voice: Sandy Neilson
James: David Jarvis
Mountie 1/Punter 2: Paul Morrow
Mountie 2/Traveller/Punter 2: Robin Thomson
Brother/Phone-in host: Laurance Rudic
Father: Angus MacInnes
Also with Monica Gibb, John Yule, Finlay Welsh and Stella Forge.

3rd August 1995:
14.00 :
Talking by Rachel Joyce
Set in Sicily. "If I drew my town, I'd do people with no faces. No ears, no eyes and no tongues."
Director Tracey Neale
Anna: Sarah Jane Fenton
Michela: Jilly Bond
Judge: Kenneth Cranham
Isabella: Natasha Pyne
Pablo: Andrew Branch
Gino: Jonathan Keeble
Ma: Tessa Worsley
Also with John Hartley, Joshua Towb, Roger May and Sandra James-Young.
Repeated 1st April 1996

5th August 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Dear Nobody by Berlie Docherty
Two youngsters who face an unplanned pregnancy. "Pregnant, pregnant, what if I'm pregnant. I've told Chris, at last, perhaps that will make you go away."
Director Sally Avens.
Helen: Kate Hardie
Chris: Scott Ransome
Alan: Jack Shepherd
Robbie: Daniel Street Brown
Guy: Ian Taylor
Also with Siriol Jenkins, John Fleming, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Philip Anthony Sandra James Young, Julian Rhind Tutt, Barry J Gordon and Jill Graham
First broadcast on Radio 5, 11th April 1993, repeated 26th December 1993.

On 5th August 1995 the slot for Saturday Night Theatre was overtaken by a full evening of programs to commemorate the Hiroshima bomb blast of 6th August 1945.


7th August 1995:
14.00 :
Twin Reaction by Juliet Ace in three parts.
Look Again. Alice and Belinda are identical twins. Both have always wanted to be detectives and, through a computer error, they begin at the same north London police station on the same day.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Newsome: Eric Allen
Belinda: Carolyn Backhouse
Alice: Jenny Funnel
Glover: Cornelius Garrett
Cox: Lindsay MacK
Dobson: Ian Sanders
Also with Jilly Bond, Janet Dale, Rachel Oldfield, Paul Nicholson, Marilla Robson, Brian Gear.

Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
Bella: Sue Broomfield
Also with: Simon Carter, Richard Derrington, Karen Ford, Amy Marston, William Eedle, Sunny Ormonde, Linda Regan, Joanne Mitchell and Alasdair Simpson

Parts 2 and 3 broadcast 14 and 21 August 1995.


7th August 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: Dream of Spring by Alan Berrie.
Eloisa Lacy lives alone and teaches piano. Her life is pleasantly uneventful until she receives a bouquet of flowers from Iris, her young pupil. It is the start of a dangerous obsession.
Musician: Harold Rich
Director: Sue Wilson
Eloisa Lacy: Anny Tobin
Iris Millen: Deborah Berlin
Muriel Millen: Kate Binchy
Desmond Lacy: Terry Molloy
Harry Ryall: Tony Turner
Vera Lacy: Eileen Nicholas
Sister Juliana/Nancy Conlon: Sunny Ormonde
Declan/Irate Motorist: David Antrobus
Interflora Man/Paramedic: Malcolm McKee

9th August 1995:
14.00 :
Il Conde by Joseph Conrad.
Dramatised by Alun Owen .
Director Enyd Williams
Il Conde: John Moffatt
Joseph Conrad: John Woodvine
Young man: Nicholas Boulton
Pasquale: Don McCorkindale
Also with Leslie O'Hara, Frances Jeater, Rachel Atkins, Oona Beeson, Frank Coda, David Thorpe and David Jarvis
Repeated from 2nd March 1994.

10th August 1995:
14.00 :
The Scholar Gipsy by Gerald Vaughan-Hughes.
A semi-surreal farce. Steven Tandy, an out-of-work actor, is offered a rather unusual job. The phenomenally wealthy John Jax wants to employ him as an ornamental garden hermit.
Director Rosemary Watts
Steven Tandy: Michael Lumsden
Mr Pink: Dan Strauss
Dorcas Duffy: Kathryn Hunt
John Jax: Matt Zimmerman
Belinda Jax: Lorelei King
The Poet: Kim Wall

12th August 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: The Third Class Genie. By Robert Leeson. Dramatised by Martin Jameson.
This is the story of a small-town boy's struggle with an incompetent Genie.
Director: Celia de Wolff
Alec: Stephen Hall
Abu: Cyril Nri
Ginger: Anthony Greenidge
Ma'arruf/Thacker: Jonathan Keeble
Also with With Gavin Muir, Becky Hindley, Stephen Thorne, Sally Baxter, Helena Breck, Stephen Critchlow, Hayley Fairclough, John Hartley, Sandra James-Young, Joseph Vickers and Ashley Russell.

12th August 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Weatherwoman by Bruce Bedford.
As building begins on the dam below Maggie's hotel, she starts constructing her own project. A woman's attempt to make a dream come true.
Director Hamish Wilson
Maggie: Eliza Langland
Martin: Crawford Logan
Ben: John Buick
Trevor: Joey Cooper
Paula: Sybil Wintrope
MissThwaite: Joanna Tope
Doug: James Bryce
Maggie's father: Alexander Morton
Young Maggie: Isabel Wright
Summers/Registrar: Mark McDonnell
Sarah: Sharon Maharaj
Repeated from 31st January 1994

12th August 1995:
23.30 :
Salem's Lot by Stephen King
Part 1 of a seven-part dramatisation of the classic vampire story.
Parts 2-7 broadcast: 19,26/9/95, 2,9,16,23/9/95
Repeated from 15,22,29/12/94, 5,12,19,26/1/95.
Please refer to 5th January 1995 in this list for more information on this series.


13th August 1995:
14.30 :
The Summer Serial: Parson Harding's Daughter By Joanna Trollope. A three-part dramatisation by Eric Pringle.
1: Caroline Harding 's only suitor disappeared to India without her.
Director Jane Morgan.
Caroline Harding: Rebecca Egan
Henry: Ross Livingstone
Johnnie Gates: Charles Simpson
Parson Harding: Geoffrey Whitehead
Eleanor: Jane Whittenshaw
Also with Jilly Bond, David Collings, Stephen Critchlow, Jennifer Hilary, Roger May, Paul Jenkins, Nicholas le Prevost, Dhirendra* , Patience Tomlinson, Tessa Worsley, David Timson, Andrew Wincott.

[[*Dhirendra was the actors sole working name, he moved to Canada in 1997. Real name is Dhirendra Miyanger]]

Additional actors in parts 2 and 3:
Lord Lennox: David Collings
Isobel Grant: Emma Gregory
Lady Lennox: Jennifer Hilary
Sir Edward Ashton: Nicholas Le Prevost
General North: John Turner
Nawabof Fultar: Badi Uzzaman

Also with Jillie Meers, Sam Dastor, Raj Patel, Becky Hindley, Joshua Towb, Andrew Wincott, Sam Dastor, Gavin Muir, Jillie Meers, Monica Dolan, John Hartley

Parts 2 and 3 broadcast 20,27 August 1995.
Repeated 18,25/8/95 and 1/9/95.


13th August 1995:
19.00 :
Children's BBC Radio 4: The Tiny Parents
By Ellen Weiss and Mel Friedman, dramatised by Trevor Lloyd.
Marie and Eddie's parents shrink to the size of a postage stamp.
Director Michelle Matherson Frederick
Marie: Natalie Hughes
Eddie: Craig Stein
Lewis: Ben Jeffrey
Marigold: Jilly Bond
Also with David Collings , Zulema Dene and Stephen Critchlow.

14th August 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: Dumbstruck By Melissa Murray.
A young boy, disturbed by the constant upheaval in his parents' lives and prone to wandering about on his own, is literally struck dumb when he witnesses a violent drugs murder.
Director Cherry Cookson
Marg: Alison Steadman
Dan: Philip Jackson
Farron: Struan Rodger
Sergeant Lloyd: Gareth Armstrong
Ray: Patrick Cremin
WPC Rennet: Natasha Pyne
Also with Eva Stuart, Don McCorkindale, David Holt, Jonathan Keeble and David Antrobus


15th August 1995:
18.30 :
The Russia House By John le Carre. Dramatised by Rene Basilico
First of seven episodes.
The final day of the Moscow Audio Fair. Literary rep Niki Landau is busy packing up, and wishing the woman hovering around his stand would go away.
Theme music by Max Harris
Producer John Fawcett Wilson
Barley Blair: Tom Baker
Bob: Bruce Boa
Emma: Mary Chater
Graves: John Harwood
Merridew: David Howarth
Bemie: Neville Jason
Wellow: Simon Roberts
Ned: John Rowe
Clive: Pip Torrens
Brock: Simon Treves
Harry: Michael Turner
Niki Landau: Danny Webb
Walter: John Webb
Katya: Valentina Yakunina

Additional actors in Parts 2-7:
Wicklow: David Bannerman
Miss Coady: Kate Binchy
Brady: Ed Bishop
Photographer: Brian Bowles
Wintle: Paul Brooke
Paddy: Christopher Fulford
Zapadny: Constantine Gregory
Russell Sheriton: David Healy
Goethe: Boris Isarov
Yuri: Ravil Isyanov
Mary: Frances Jeater
Randy: Mac McDonald
O'Mara: Geoffrey McGivern
Matvey: Richard Marner
JP Henziger: Ted Maynard
Nasayan: Seva Novgorodsev
Sergei: Andrew Pozhitkov
Anna: Katya Pozhitkova
Cy: Eric MeyersSergei: Andrew Pozhitkov
Also with Don McCorkindale, Jillie Meers, Hana-Maria Pravda, Yuri Stepanov.

Parts 2 to 7 broadcast 22,29/8/95, 5,12,19,26/9/95.

Repeated from

20,27/7/94, 4,11,18,25/8/94, 1/9/94.


16th August 1995:
14.00 :
Rehearsing Violetta By Paul M Levitt.
When Margie begins rehearsing the leading role in La Traviata, she finds it imposes extra emotional demands on herself and her family.
Director Martin Jenkins
Margie: Elizabeth Mansfield
Arlan: Nigel Anthony
Helen, their daughter: Sian Jenkins
Tommy, their son: Danny Kanaber
Phyllis: Margaret John
Richard: Michael Kilgarriff
Doctor: Peter Whitman
Chancellor: Neville Jason
Repeated from 13th April 1994

17th August 1995:
14.00 :
Without the Sustaining World by Sarah Woods.
Overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life and driven to respond to other people's needs rather than her own, Alison resorts to a fantasy sanctuary. But can she find the strength to cope in the real world?
Director Mairi Russell
Alison: Maggie O'Neill
Pete: John Straiton
Dawn: Sandra James-Young
Alison's mother: Zulema Dene
Infirmar/Doctor: Gavin Muir
Mrs Green/Beggar: Edna Dore
Clive/Colleague: Stephen Critchlow
Barbara/Colleague: Jane Whittenshaw
Repeated on 21st September 1996

19th August 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Staying Still by Mike Walker.
When Jack Lowell is not busy organising survival courses for unhealthy executives, he is living with an Amazon tribe. Then his wife and daughter are killed in a motorway accident. Unhinged, Jack applies tribal law to a party of executives.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Jack: Nigel Anthony
Kirstie: Hilary MacLean
Murdo: Bob Docherty
Tommy: David Bannerman
JP: Pavel Douglas
Justine: Patricia Gallimore
Lizzie: Deborah Berlin
Mark: Cornelius Garrett
Alice: Tina Gray
Paul: Richard Fleming
Ray: Aled Jones
Sara: Rachel Oldfield
Marie: Anna Rose
Repeated from 1st October 1994

19th August 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Moving Statues By Carey Harrison.
Repeated from 3rd April 1995 - see that date for more information.


20th August 1995:
19.00 :
Children's BBC Radio 4: Over Sea, under Stone by Susan Cooper.
The first of a classic sequence of novels, collectively entitled The Dark Is Rising, dramatised in four parts by David Calcutt.
The Parchment
Music by Martin Allcock.
Director Nigel Bryant
Barney: Edward Clarke
Simon: Ben Gutteridge
Jane: Naomi Kerbel
Great Uncle Merry: Ronald Pickup
Also with Sandra Berkin, Gerry Hinks, Kathryn Hunt, Anna Keene, Duncan Law, Struan Rodger, Christopher Scott, David Stevens,

Additional actors in parts 2-4:
Hastings: Struan Rodger

Parts 2-4 broadcast 27/8/95, 3,10/9/95.

Repeated 11,18,25/5/97 and 1/6/97


21st August 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: A Passage to More than India By Antoine O'Flaharta.
When your uncle has been missing for half a lifetime and no one knows where he is, just how do you go about finding him in the age of the mobile phone and the Internet if he really doesn't want to be found?
Director Michael Quinn
Barry: Sean Campion
Marcus: Eamon Morrisey
Nora: Anita Reeves
Lily: Ruth McCabe
Jack: Patrick Duncan
Helen: Caitriona Hinds
Sitting Bull: Niall Cusack
Barmaid: Amanda Maguire

23rd August 1995:
14.00 :
A Grove of Straight Trees By Nick Warburton.
The owner of a large estate wants wood for his buildings, but his workforce will not set foot in the sacred grove.
Director Claire Grove
Errison: Gavin Muir
Guy: Richard Pearce
Victor: Don McCokindale
Beatrice: Susannah Corbett
Sarah: Elaine Claxton
Builder: Tom Bevan
Repeated from 3rd August 1994.
Repeated 4th June 1997.

24th August 1995:
14.00 :
The Sisters of the Sciennes by Donald Campbell.
The story of the women who were widowed by the Battle of Flodden Field. In a disused monastery near Edinburgh they have established their own order of nuns and work to help the victims of the plague.
Director Hamish Wilson
Prioress of the Sciennes: Eileen McCallum
Sister Jacquinta: Bella Enahoro
Sister Margaret: Jan Wilson
Sister Elizabeth: Monica Gibb
Doctor John Henrison: Finlay Welsh
Tammas Duthie: James Bryce
Sir Alexander Lyndesay/A Fetch: John Buick
King James V of Scotland: Anthony Donaldson
Geordie Steill: Alexander Morton
Repeated on 22nd April 1996

26th August 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog). By Jerome K Jerome. Dramatised for radio by Tom Stoppard.
"J", George and Harris are bored and listless - "What we need is a rest. Rest and a complete change." George suggests a river trip.
Music by Matthew Scott
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 co-production.
Director Hilary Norrish
J: Alex Jennings
George: Julian Wadham
Harris: Nicholas Le Prevost
Montmorency: Ron Cook
Also with David Antrobus, Don McCorkindale, Michael Tudor Barnes, Peter Yapp, Joshua Towb, Jilly Bond, Kristin Milward, Annabel Mullion.
Repeated from 29th December 1994
Broadcast on the World Service 16th and 17th December 1995.

26th August 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Tokolosh.
[[Really a musical but in the R4 SNT slot so here it is]]
Words and lyrics and produced by Miriam Segal.
For years the spirits of generations have watched over the African nation. But the anger of the young is rising. With 20 original songs and a story that crosses 500 years.
Original music composed and played by Tom Nordon
Percussionist: Pule Pheto.
Producer Miriam Segal
The Tokolosh: Nicholas Bailey
The Singer: Omar Okai
Peter: Arriel Grimes
Peter's mother: Jacqui Dubois
Also with with Ray Fearon, Natasha Bain, Catherine Coffey, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Ade Sapara, Marvin Springer.

28th August 1995:
14.00 :
The Saint by Leslie Charteris.
Saint Overboard Dramatised by Neville Teller
Director Matthew Walters
The Saint: Paul Rhys
Loretta: Patsy Kensit
Roger: Charles Simpson
Orace: John Hollis
Vogel: Geoffrey Whitehead
Peter: Jonathan Keeble
Arnheim: Joshua Towb
Prof Yule: David Timson
(additional stories listed on their broadcast dates)
Repeated 11th November 1996
Also repeated on BBC7 13th May 2008.

28th August 1995
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Padmates by John Stevens, Les May and Alan Midwood.
This play is the result of months of writers' workshops.
Officer Porter, "the prisoner with the keys", can be seen, but not always heard, as he wanders the wings and landings of the prison. Behind every locked door in every cell, there is a Sammy, a West and a David with a different story to tell.
Recorded on location in HM Prison Strangeways (HMP Manchester).
Music by James Mackie
Back in the studio immediately after recording, actors and writers discuss the making of the play.
Director Kate Rowland
Porter: Nick Stringer
Women: Sue Johnston
Sammy: John McCardle
Benny: Rod Arthur
West: Pip Donaghy
Paterson: Vincent Davies
David: Jason Done
My: Ian Mercer
Repeated from 21st March 1994

30th August 1995:
14.00 :
Walking the Plank of Love by Nick Pullin.
With his father trying to make a man of him, what will become of Matthew's dreams to write a romantic blockbuster?
Director Marion Nancarrow
Matthew: David Thorpe
Marilyn: Carolyn Backhouse
Mum: June Barrie
Dad: Steve Hodson
Bill Moon: Ed Bishop
Repeated from 17th February 1993

31st August 1995:
14.00 :
How to Murder Your Husband by Julie Rutterford.
Murder is on the menu when Flo finds out that her husband is taking early retirement.
Director Nandita Ghose
Flo: Jean Alexander
Frank: Bill Dean
Angie: Melissa Jane Sinden
The Instructor: John Culshore
Mary: Janet James.
Director: Nandita Ghose
Fran: Julie Riley
Tim: Terence Mann
Carmella Schwartz: Lorelei King
Jim/Cab driver: Jimmi Hibbert
Also with Melissa Jane Sinden, John Culshore and Janet James.
Repeated 29th February 1996

2nd September 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Road to Lisdoonvarna by Douglas Livingstone.
The match-making fair at the County Clare town provided the inspiration for this story of comedy and romance. D
Director Jane Morgan
Maggie: Frances Barber
Derek: James Fleet
Danny: Conleth Hill
Dad: John Hollis
O'Brien: Mark Lambert
Fergus: Dominic Letts
Pearce: John Rogan
Bookies: Stephen Tompkinson.
Bookies: James Hayes
Also with Sam Dale, Shay Gorman, James Greene, Deborah Berlin and Marcella Riordan
Repeated from 3rd September 1994.
[[Douglas Livingstone also wrote Road to Durham, Road to Rocio, Road to Normandy, Road to Munich]]

2nd September 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe, Dramatised by William Ash.
The betrayals, tensions and passions that emerge when a military dictatorship takes power in the West African state of Kangan.
Director Kay Patrick
His Excellency: Jude Akuwudike
Chris Oriko: Ben Onwukwe
Ikem Osodi: Joseph Marcell
Prof Okong: Okon Jones
Att General: Maynard Eziashi
Beatrice Okoh: Pamela Jikiemi
Elewa: Amma Asante
Major Ossai: Louis Mahoney
Obete: Cyril Nri
Secretary: Jeillo Edwards
Elewa's mother: Jeillo Edwards
Leader of the Delegation: Wale Ojo
John Kent: Garard Green
Dick: Michael Kilgarriff
Lou Cranford: Jane Whittenshaw
Repeated from 29th October 1990 and 18th August 1991.


3rd September 1995:
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.
A ghostly tale of love and revenge dramatised in five parts by Bryony Lavery.
Mr Lockwood meets the strange household at Wuthering Heights.
Music by Ilona Sekacz. played by Roger Garland, Bob Smissen, Jonathan Williams and Andy Vinter
Director Janet Whitaker.
Mr Lockwood: David Collings
Nellie Dean: Sharon Duce
Heathcliff: John Duttine
Catherine Heathcliff: Emma Fielding
Hindley: Jonathan Keeble
Cathy Earnshaw: Amanda Root

Also with Jilly Bond, Gary Cady, John Hartley, Becky Hindley, Steve Hodson, Paul Rhys, Patience Tomlinson, John Turner, Emily Watson, Geoffrey Whitehead, Tessa Worsley

Additional actors in Parts 2 to 5:
Edgar: Paul Rhys
Ghost of Cathy: Sheridan Smith

Emily Watson
Children: Kirsty Adams, James Cohen, Ryan Tebbutt
Also with Daniel Evans

Parts 2 to 5 broadcast 10,17,24/9/95, 1/10/95.
Repeated 8,15,22,29/9/95, 6/10/95
Also repeated on BBC7 in 2009.


4th September 1995:
14.00 :
The Saint by Leslie Charteris Dramatised by Roger Danes
The Saint Closes the Case.
The Saint is confronted by armaments dealer and old enemy Rayt Marius.
Director Matthew Walters
The Saint: Paul Rhys
Patricia: Kim Thomson
Roger: Charles Simson
Norman: Joshua Towb
Orace: John Hollis
Marius: Sandor Eles
Teal: John Baddeley
Also with John Turner, Geoffrey Whitehead, David Timson, Ross Livingstone, Linda Regan, Jonathan Keebie, Paul Jenkins and Stephen Critchlow.
Repeated 18th November 1996
Also repeated on BBC7 in 2008

4th September 1995
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Gods Are Not to Blame By Ola Rotimi and adapted by Yvonne Brewster.
From the ancient Yoruba culture comes a myth that has a surprising similarity to Oedipus Rex. King Odewale has ruled the land of Kutuje for 11 years. Now, with plague devastating its people, an oracle decrees that the curse on the land can only be lifted when the murderer of the previous king is punished. King Odewale vows to pursue the killer without mercy
Director of music Peter Badejo
A Unique Broadcasting production
King Odewale: Jeffrey Kisson
Baba Fakunle: Sir Robert Stephens
Narrator: Trevor McDonald
Queen Ojuola: Jenni George
Chief Balogun: Ben Thomas
Ogun Priest: Don Warrington
Alaka: Stefan Kalipha
Aderopo/Akilapa: Akim Mogaji
Chief Otun: Jacqui Chan
Gbonka: Tyrone Huggins
Repeated on Radio 3 on 21st July 1996

6th September 1995:
14.00 :
The Miser By Carlo Goldoni, adapted in English by Carlo Ardito.
Venice, 1756. Don Ambrogio wants to be rid of his recently widowed daughter-in-law.
Director Glyn Dearman
Don Ambrogio: Bernard Hepton
Eugenia: Amanda Root
Count: Daniel Massey
Knight: Nickolas Grace
Also with Alex Jennings and James Telfer
Repeated from 10th February 1993


7th September 1995:
10.00 :
Dead Man's Ransom by Ellis Peters. Dramatised by Bert Coules in 5 parts.
Hostage. Beyond the walls of the Benedictine abbey in 1141, civil war rages. Only something extraordinary could draw Cadfael on to the battlefield.
Music by Peter Salem.
Producer Neil Cargill
Elis: Jason Hughes
Cadfael: Philip Madoc
Hugh Beringar: Jonathan Tafler
Radulfus: Trevor Peacock
Herbard: Shaun Prendergast
Sister Magdalen: Susannah York
Also with with Lorien Haynes and David Holt

Additional cast in parts 2-5
Cristina: Siobahn Flynn
Eliud: Mark Lewis Jones
Narrator: Michael Kitchen
Melicent: Katy Odey
Prince Owain: Sion Probert
Also with Douglas Blackwell, Matthew Morgan.

Parts 2-5 broadcast 14,21,28/9/95, 5/10/95
Repeated 6,13,20,27/4/96 and 4/5/96.
Also repeated on BBC7 in 2003 and in later years.


7th September 1995:
14.00 :
Forgotten Army by Tom Wright
Set in cantonments somewhere on the north-east frontier of India after the end of the war, the day-to-day life of four soldiers waiting to go home who are joined by a newcomer, fresh out of Blighty.
Director Hamish Wilson
Dusty: Neil Shackleton
Nobby: Michael Perceval-Maxwell
Fred: Mark McDonnell
George: Laurance Rudic
Jock: Liam Brennan
Repeated 4th September 1997

7th September 1995
23.00 :
Declaring Martian Law by John Hegley.
... by train to Manchester and Wales, by dreams, songs and poems to Mars, ancient Rome, Jerusalem and the tortures at the end of a love affair.
Music by Nigel Piper .
Director Anne Edyvean
John: John Hegley
Tony: Tony Curtis
Man: Roland Muldoon
Woman: Sue Norton
Repeated from 21st June 1994.

9th September 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse:Daisy, the Cow Who Talked By Gerard Stembridge.
A tribunal in Dublin is investigating the Irish beef industry. Department of Agriculture men return from spying in Donegal, obsessed by Daisy. with Pauline Mclynn , Karen Ardiff , Dan Gordon and Caitriona Hinds. Director Pam Brighton
Tommy: Stephen Kennedy
Suckie: Gerard McSorley
Dr Cork: Ian McElhinney
Bernadette: Marie Jones
Dinny: John Olohan
Also with Pauline Mclynn, Karen Ardiff, Dan Gordon and Caitriona Hinds.
Repeated from 15th October 1994

9th September 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Albatross and the Elephant Eggs by Harry Barton.
In early 1945 the war on the seas around Japan was at its height and Purbright, as officer of stores on an aircraft carrier, was kept busy looking after 500 elephant eggs, dodging kamikazes and finishing his pantomime. But, from his letters to his wife, it is plain to see that life was never quite the same after news of the Atom Bomb reached Purbright.
Directed by Robert Cooper. BBC Northern Ireland
Piano: Mary Nash
Clementina: Ingrid Craigie
Purbright: Shaun Scott
Daddy: William Gaunt
Captain: Duncan Carse
Engineering officer: Brett Usher
Commander: Henry Stamper
Stewart: Jon Strickland
Berry: Christopher Ettridge
Also with Geoffrey Collins, Mark Rolston, Michael Jenner, Scott Cherry and Mark Straker.
Previously broadcast 30/1/84, 5/2/84, 19/10/85.
The broadcast of 19/10/85 was flagged as "revised". Presumably the 1995 broadcast was this revised version.

11th September 1995:
14.00 :
The Saint by Leslie Charteris.
The Saint Plays with Fire Dramatised by Neville Teller
Director Matthew Walters
The Saint: Paul Rhys
Valerie: Fiona Fullerton
Patricia: Kim Thomson
Peter: Jonathan Keeble
Orace: John Hollis
Teal: John Baddeley
Sangore: John Turner
Fairweather: John Hartley
Luker: Geoffrey Whitehead
Also with with David Collings, David Timson, Roger May and Andrew Branch.
Repeated 25th November 1996
Also repeated on BBC7 from 2008

11th September 1995:
The first of five daily short episodes of Who Killed Gnutley Almond with the result broadcast 25th September 1995. Complete play and result broadcast on 30th September 1995- please refer to 30/9/95 for details.

11th September 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Green Baize Dream By Joe Turner
In the world of Cardiff's snooker clubs, amid the hustlers, gamblers and promoters, one man tries for his dream.
Original music composed and performed by Andy Price.
Director Foz Allan
Gareth: Dafydd Hywel
Danny: Jason Hughes
Frank: Wilson Markarden
Mum: Sue Roderick
Sally: Ruth Lloyd
Kelly: Lydia Lloyd-Parry
Gwyn: Howell Evans
Colin: Laurence Allan
Fat Bob: Rob Lane
Also with Iestyn Jones, Phil Rowlands and Steve James.

13th September 1995:
14.00 :
Black Velvet by Tony Ramsay
A macabre tale set in the 17th-century. Master Richard forces a servant girl to play at being the mistress of Thoresby Hall- there are disastrously claustrophobic consequences.
Director Janet Whitaker
Annie: Rachel Atkins
Master Richard: Richard Pearce
Uncle: James Taylor
Cousin: Christopher Scott
Repeated from 3rd November 1993

14th September 1995:
14.00 :
Pioneers, Oh Pioneers by Nigel Gearing, Based on a short story by Jean Rhys.
In Dominica, at the turn of the century, the newly arrived Mr Ramage shies away from the British community.
Director Michelle Matherson Frederick
Dr Cox: Richard O'Sullivan
Mrs Cox: Jilly Bond
Mr Ramage: Mark Anstee
Mr Eliot: Geoffreey Whitehead
Mrs Eliot: Becky Hindley
Myra: Judith Jacob
Isla: Trish Cooke
Miss Lambton: Linda Regan
Rosalie: Ciara Janson
Irene: Katy Crawfdrd-Caston
Also with Gavin Nestor, John Evitts, Jean Lender, Eddie Nestor and Gregory Francis
Repeated on 5th August 1996

16th September 1995
15.30 :
Burn Your Phone By Andrew Wallace.
In this black comedy, a phone operator's working day becomes a living nightmare.
Director Mairi Russell
Andy: Alan Cumming
Killer: Jonathan Keeble
Also with George Allonby, Stephen Critchlow, Zulema Dene, Becky Hindley, Sandra James-Young and Geoffrey Whitehead.
Repeated 1st February 1996

16th September 1995
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Over the Rainbow by Humphrey Carpenter.
Repeated from Saturday Playhouse, 25th March 1995. Please refer to that date.

17th September 1995:
19.00 :
Children's BBC Radio 4: Zip Krengos by Vincent Hendrick
Travel to the fast and futurisitic world of private eye Zip Krengos, where anything can happen.
Producer Nandita Ghose
Zip: Hattie Hayridge
Weston: John Jardine
Rachel/Terraformer: Melissa Sindun
Also with Eric Meyers, Jimmi Hibbert and Sara Nixon.

18th September 1995:
14.00 :
Mr Solowei and the Unicorn by Helen Buhaenko.
They say in Byelorussia, that if it rains for long enough the unicorn will come. But what's it got to do with Mr Solowei?
Director Alison Hindell
Mr Solowei: Cyril Shaps
Cara: Clare Isaac
Giovanni: Steve Hodson
George: Greg Ashton
Tariq: Lyndam Gregory
Also with Lynne Seymour, Robert Harper, Roiant Prys and Manon Edwards.
Repeated 10th June 1996

18th September 1995:
19.45 :
The Seduction and Demise of Joseph Loughran by Pearse Elliott.
Joseph Loughran is a soft-hearted drunk with nothing more to look forward to than hard work on a building site and a bit of love and lust.
Director Pam Brighton
Narrator: Des McAleer
Joseph: David Herlihy
Chris Walsh: Joe Crilly
Tara: Katy Tumelty
Fergeal: Michael Gregory
Newsreader: Conor Bradford
Ma Thompson: Maureen Dow
Bobby Heatley: : Dan Gordon
Jake: Tim Loane
Also with Simon McGill, Anthony Finigan, Carl Wright, Cathy Brennan, Claron McMenamin, Grainne Cleary and Matthew Coyle.
Repeated 9th November 1996

21st September 1995:
14.00 :
Alaska by Susan-Jane Harrison.
Against the backdrop of Alaska, boy meets girl across a bar. It might be the start of a romance, but this is a parallel universe.
Director: Marion Nancarrow
Frank: Michael Sheen
Jack: John Bowe
Dean: Stephen Critchlow
Winona: Nancy Crane
Man 1: Ross Livingstone
Man 2: Andrew Branch
Man: 3/Waiter John Hartley
Also with John Hartley, Ross

Livingstone and Andrew Branch.
Repreated 2nd November 1996

21st September 1995:
23.00 :
Me and Billie Marker By Joyoti Grech.
Chandra is struck by the music of Billie Marker, but she discovers that his idea of "making music" is different from her own.
Music Aniruddha Das.
Director Anne Edyvean
Chandra: Nisha K Nayar
Kiran: Monica Patel
Nick: Don Gilet
Eddie: Ben Onwukwe
Also with Jamila Massey and Sandra James Young.
Repeated 9th May 1996

23rd September 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Lady's Maid By Margaret Forster, dramatised by Ed Thomason
The story of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's maid, Lily Wilson, who worked for the Brownings for many years.
Director Cherry Cookson
Jane Whittenshaw: Lily Wilson
Kate Buffery: Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Robert Browning: Julian Wadham
Timothy: David Thorpe
Ferdinando: Andrew Wincott
Sarah: Patience Tomlinson
Lizzie Crow: Linda Regan
Also with Geoffrey Whitehead, Zulema Dene and Sandra James Young.
Repeated 18th May 1996

23rd September 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Heart and Soul by Cheryl Martin.
A portrait of Oldham's famous Tommyfield Market. As Dotty prepares for her daughter's wedding, memories of a catastrophic fire threaten to overwhelm the family.
Music by Tim Browne, performed by Tim Browne, Paul Dallinson and John Aggrey.
Director Michael Fox
Dottie: Judith Barker
Jerry: Stephen Hancock
Julia: Deborah McAndrew
Cissie: Kathryn Hunt
Colin: Vincent Davies
Mum/Mavis/Linda/Trader: Kay Purcell
Young Dottie: Naomi Radcliffe
Mrs Shaw/Flo/Trader: Romy Baskerville
Lewis/Manager/Trader: David Crellin
Rosie/Trader: Kathy Jamieson
Danny/Bates/Trader: Ian Mercer
Repeated from 5th November 1994


24th September 1995:
19.00 :
Children's BBC Radio 4: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C S Lewis dramatised in 4 parts by Brian Sibley.
For Lucy and Edmund, staying with Eustace, there seems to be no escape. Music by Peter Howell and Elizabeth Parker.
Director John Taylor
Lucy: Ellie Beaven
Edmund: Peter England
Eustace: Marco Williamson
Also with Richard Puddifoot, Sylvester McCoy, Robin Bailey, Melvyn Hayes, John Turner and Jonathan Tafler.

Additional actors in parts 2-4:
Drinian: Robin Bailey
Caspian: Richard Puddifoot
Also with David Collings, Stephen Critchlow, John Hartley, Becky Hindley, Teresa McElroy, Stephen Thorne, Geoffrey Whitehead, Tessa Worsley

Parts 2-4 broadcast 1,8,15/10/95.


25th September 1995:
14.00 :
The Thrill of the Chaste by Craig Baxter.
A young woman's immaculately conceived baby.
Director Brian Lighthill
Richard: Jeremy Colton
Ruth: Elizabeth Morrell
Ruth's mother: Shirin Taylor
Doctor/Charles ': Geoffrey Leesley
Also with with Kim Durham and Tamsin Heatley
Repeated 25th April 1996

25th September 1995:
14.30 :
Harry By Adam Chenery.
On his 16th birthday, a boy discovers that his mum is not the ogre he thought she was.
Director Brian Lighthill
Harry: Greg Chisolm
Mrs Todd: Marian Kemmer
Also with with Aaron Smith and James Lucey

25th September 1995:
19.45 :
Drinking the Jake By Charlie Howe.
Shakespeare, Monty, Taffy and Doctor are winos in the park. But Taffy is having treatment in a clinic.
Director: Richard Wortley
Taffy: Robert Glenister
Shakespeare: Bill Wallis
Grace: Jane Whittenshaw
Doctor: Geoffrey Matthews
Monty: Kim Wall
Repeated 26th October 1996

27th September 1995:
14.00 :
The Panacea By Amina Osman.
Nasreen, a media student, has always defied any traditional arrangements. Then her mother's childhood friend, Dr Leila, arrives ...
Director Michelle Matherson Frederick
Dr Shahnaz: Leena Dhingra
Nasreen: Nisha Kapur
Dr Leila: Chand Sherma
Firdaus: Paul Sharma
Also with Sandra James Young, Madhav Sharma and Anjana Sharma

28th September 1995:
14.00 :
Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree By Tracy Adair-Routh .
Penny's gran, Helen, wants them to visit her sister, Ruth, and see the chestnut tree planted by her home the day she was born.
Director Tanya Nash
Penny: Jessica Lloyd
Helen: Jill Graham
Also with Sunny Ormonde

28th September 1995:
23.00 :
Sex and Subversion by Richard Heap
Politics, romance and sexual intrigue are combined. Seb meets Kelly. Kelly meets Seb.
Director Nandita Ghose
Kelly: Nicola Stapleton
Seb: Mathew Dunster
George: Finetime Fontayne
Also with Vanessa Rosenthal and Terence Mann

30th September 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Death and the Pleasant Voices By William Ingram, from the novel by Mary Fitt.
When Jake gets stranded in a thunderstorm, he doesn't expect the welcome he gets when he asks for shelter. But he doesn't expect a murder, either ...
Director Alison Hindell
Jake: Matthew Morgan
Hugo: Andrew Wincott
Evelyn: Julie Higginson
Sir Frederick: Dill Wynowen
Ursula: Lesley Rooney
Jim: Rob Lane
Also with Andrew Hilton, Alan Towner and Beryl Hearne
Repeated 15th March 1997

30th September 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre:The Serpent's Back by Ian Rankin
Set in the seething Old Town of Edinburgh in 1794, where the resourceful if low-born Mr Cullender, a caddie and manservant, goes in search of a double murderer.
Director Patrick Rayner
Cully: Alexander Morton
Gisborne: Richard Greenwood
Lady: Wendy Seager
Mr Mack: Norman MacLean
Waiter Scott: Tom Smith
Comte: Kern Falconer
Fordyce: Paul Young
Braxfield: Michael Elder
Also with Liam Brennan, Sheila Donald, Simon Scott and Steven McNicoll.

30th September 1995:
22.15 :
Who Killed Gnutley Almond? by Michael Z Lewin including the solution deduced by the audience of the Afternoon Shift.
Director Matthew Walters
Martha Jo: Lorelei King
Grimm: Geoffrey Whitehead
Vicky: Jill Bond
Stuart: Christian Rodska
Also with Jonathan Keeble and Caroline Strong
Previously broadcast in short daily episodes on 11th to 15th September 1995 with the solution on 25th September 1995.


2nd October 1995:
14.00 :
Wasted Years by John Harvey
Dramatised in two parts by John Harvey.
1: Two violent robberies force Resnick to relive memories often years ago.
Song written by John Harvey and Liz Simcock, arranged by Trevor Watkis.
Song performed by Gillian Bevan, Trevor Watkis, Alan Weekes, Larry Buttley and Winston Clifford.
Director David Hunter
D.I. Charlie Resnick: Tom Wilkinson
Millington: Sean Baker
Ruth: Gillian Bevan
Keith: Tom Bevan
Rains: Stephen Critchlow
Lynn: Kate Eaton
Lorna: Melanie Hudson
Kevin: Daniel Ryan
Elaine: Jennie Stoller
Rylands: John Turner
Also with Gavin Abbott, Jilly Bond, Andrew Branch, Zulema Dene, John Hartley, Becky Hindley, Sandra James-Young,

Additional actors in part 2:
Debbie: Deborah Berlin
Lorna: Melanie Hudson
Also with David Timson, Jonathan Keeble

Part 2 broadcast 9th October 1995.
Program repeated 7th and 14th October 1996


2nd October 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play. Rainmaker by Robin Lloyd-Jones
A gentle play about sacrifice, winner of the 1993 Radio Times New Drama Award.
In the country of WaBumbaa, the rains have not come. To end the drought, the king can demand a sacrifice.
Director Hamish Wilson
Narrator/Bishop: Don Warrington
Temba: Carlton Chance
Namasole/Mary: Isobel Lucas
Also with Ben Thomas, Femi Elufowoju Jr, Bella Enahoro, Sydney Cole, John Adewole, David Bannerman, Barrie Rutter and Claire Benedict.

4th October 1995:
14.00 :
Playing with Dracula By Nick Fisher.
Byron Redgrave joins an amateur group which specialises in making horror movies. He seems just a little too anxious to get his teeth into things. Anger, however, gives way to fear when the body count starts mounting. Who is sucking blood?
Director Martin Jenkins
Mary Morris: Tina Gray
Arthur Renfield: Malcolm Ward
Jonathan Parker: Nicholas Boulton
Shelley Holmwood: Maureen O'Brien
Lucy Western: Siriol Jenkins
Byron Redgrave: Nickolas Grace
Estate agent: Paul Panting
Vampire: The Vampire
Repeated from 21st December 1994.

5th October 1995
14.00 :
Making Up by David Goodland
Set against the background of the Old Queen gay club in Bristol. Darcy White is a drag queen whose act needs inspiration. When his ex-partner Dennis turns up after 20 years, it's not only the act that gets pulled apart.
Music by Colin Campbell and Gerry Freeman
Director Sue Wilson
Darcy: Ronald Pickup
Dennis: John Duttine
Doreen: Constance Chapman
Also with David Monico and Richard Pearce
Repeated 22nd January 1996 and 12th October 1996

5th October 1995
23.00 :
Super Lily and the City of Strangers
By Mette Bolstad.
Lily Stray talks to racoons, wears orange dresses and can't mix a cocktail. She's a country girl and she can't stand it.
Director Hilary Norrish
Lily Stray: Tracy Wiles
Gunnar: Trevor Peacock
Shep: Tamblyn Lord
Rock: Bruce Roberts
Basil: John Turner
Also with Becky Hindley, Zulema Dene, Paul Jenkins and David Timson.
Repeated 5th October 1996

7th October 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, Adapted by Rukhsana Ahmad.
The story of the first Mrs Rochester. When a Caribbean heiress is forced to marry Mr Rochester in Jamaica, cultural differences and mischief-making are a recipe for disaster.
Singer: Bemice McNaughton.
Director: Anne Edyvean
Antoinette: Indra Ove
Rochester: Adam Godley
Christophine: Juanita Waterman
Annette: Adjoa Andoh
Aunt Cora: Dona Croll
Mr Mason: James Taylor
Tia: Nina Wadia
Richard Mason: Tom Bevan
Godfrey: Anton Philups
Sandi: Desune Coleman
Baptiste: Kenneth Gardnier
Mannie: Femi Elufowoju Jnr
Grace Poole: Frances Jeater
Amelie: Irma Inniss
Repeated from 26th September 1994

7th October 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Mr Clean By Peter Terson and Pat Ryott
Addie is a young offender who shuns visitors. Why then does he accept Graham, a new recruit to the Approved Visitor List?

Philip Martin
Graham: Simon Carter
Addie: Neil Coker
Violet: Joyce Gibbs
Kay: Amelda Brown
Governor: Graham Padden
Warder I/Barman: David Vann
Alan: Gardner Stevens
Tony: Sam Barriscale
Skully: Richard Allenson
Repeated from 15th August 1994


8th October 1995:
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Uncle Silas by Sheridan Le Fanu, dramatised in three Parts by Alan Drury.
A classic tale of gothic horror.
1: Knowl, 1864. A young girl discovers that she is an heiress.
Pianist Michael Haslam
Director Enyd Williams.
Mary Quince: Kathleen Byron
Austin: Graham Crowden
Maud: Teresa Gallagher
Lady Monica Knollye: Joan Sims
Madame de la Rougierre: Dorothy Tutin
Also with Stephen Critchlow, John Hartley, Jonathan Keeble, Roger May, Geoffrey Whitehead, Tessa Worsley,

Additional cast in Parts 2 and 3:
Silas: George Cole
Milly: Jane Whittenshaw
Also with David Collings, George A Cooper, John Evitts, Becky Hindley,
Pauline Letts

Repeated 13th October 1995.
Part 2 broadcast 15th and 20th October 1995.
Part 3 broadcast 22nd and 27th October 1995.


9th October 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: Znar's Tower By Juliet Ace.
In a tower block in North London, a group of Kurdish exiles, some of whom have been tortured, quarrel and reminisce through a long summer's night. Musicians Irag Emami, Behrouz Emami and Ibrahim Sheikhany.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Zinar: Zia Mohyeddin
Berivan: Mamta Kaash
Medvan: Shireen Shah
Kani: Mozaffar Shafeie
Jekdar: Shiv Grewal
Azad: Lyndam Gregory
Also with Karzan Krekar, Rehan Sheikh, Fazil Kussab, Rzgar Said, Chiman Rahimi and Nina Wadia

11th October 1995
14.00 :
The Sinking of the City of Cairo by Vincent McInerney.
When the City of Cairo was torpedoed in 1942, the survivors found themselves 500 miles from the nearest land. Director Martin Jenkins
Diana Jarman: Becky Hindley
Angus MacDonald: David Bannerman
Jack Edmead: Peter Gunn
Britt: Andrew Branch
Dr Tasker: David Timson
Tiny Watts: Geoffrey Whitehead
Also with Roger May, Paul Jenkins, Badi Uzzaman, Ros Livingstone and Amerjit Deu
Repeated 2nd November 1996


12th October 1995
10.00 :
Bertie and the Crime of Passion by Peter Lovesey dramatised in four parts by Geoffrey M Matthews.
Bertie the Prince of Wales (and future Edward VII) turns amateur detective again to solve a murder at the Moulin Rouge, aided and abetted by the great Sarah Bernhardt.
Director Matthew Walters
Bertie: Robert Lang
Sarah Bernhardt: Jane Lapotaire
Jules: Olivier Pierre
Toulouse Letrec: Andrew Branch
Valentin: Roger May
Georges: David Timson

Additional actors in parts 2-4:
Tristan: Paul Jenkins
Goron: Geoffrey Whitehead
Morgan: John Hartley
Jacques/Mustafa: Daniel Philpott
Also with Stephen Critchlow, Zulema Dene, Diana Payan, Tracy Wiles, Tessa Worsely, Linda Regan

Parts 2-4 broadcast 19, 26/10/95 and 2/11/95.
Repeated 1997 - Radio Times lists 5 dates - 8,15,22,29/9/97, 6/10/97 (part 2 was listed for both 15th and 22nd)


12th October 1995:
14.00 :
Good Boy by Owen Roe.
Eugene's mother dreamt of him becoming an accordionist.
Music performed by Rod McVeigh
Director Pam Brighton
Eugene: Owen Roe
Nora: Michelle Forbes
Doctor: Noelle Brown
Mother: Rosemary Henderson
Father: Des Cave
Prendergast: Sean Campion
Unde: Dan Gordon
Auntie Vera: Lynn Cahill
Repeated from 18th November 1993

12th October 1995:
23.00 :
Memories of a Distant Past By Sade Adeniran.
Funke is reluctant to join her husband on a trip to Nigeria.
Director Tracey Neale
Funke: Toyin Fani-Kayode
Seun: Cyril Nri
Shola: Makeala Alexander
Also with Chandra Ruegg, Bola Aiyeola, Cally Clerk Sternberg, Jolade Pratt, Femi Elufowoju, Sandra James-Young, Nina Wadia and David Webber.

14th October 1995
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Meeting Jack By Shaun McKenna.
In 1905, Jack London, the author of White Fang, sailed round the South Pacific with his wife Charmian in search of adventure. They found it in abundance. As did young Martin Priddy, whose life was forever changed by meeting Jack London.
Director Andy Jordan
Jack London: William Hope
Charmian London: Theresa Gallagher
Martin Priddy: Jonathan Keeble
Captain Jansen: Paul Herzberg
Caulfield: David Collings
Captain Keller: Paul Jenkins
Also with John Hartley, Zulema Dene, Vincent Ebrahim, John Turner, Sandra James Young and Hakeem Kae-Kazim.

14th October 1995
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Hangover Square by Patrick Hamilton, Dramatised by Sam Boardman Jacob.
Prewar Earls Court. Everyone is frantically pursuing a good time, and George Harvey Bone becomes obsessed by Netta, a bit-part actress.
Director Sue Wilson
George Harvey Bone: Nicholas Farrell
Netta: Amanda Redman
Peter: David Thorpe
Enid: Sara Coward
Johnnie: Christopher Scott
Eddie Carstairs: John Webb
Ellen: Patricia Gallimore
Albert Drexel: John Baddeley
Alex: Richard Pearce
George's aunt: Veda Warwick
Eddie's secretary/barmaid: Louise Papillon
Repeated from 20th August 1994

16th October 1995:
19.45 :
Monday Play: Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller Adapted and directed by John Tydeman
To mark the author's 80th birthday tomorrow.
Music by John White.
Willy Loman: Timothy West
Linda Loman: Rosemary Leach
Biff Loman: John Guerrasio
Happy Loman: Adam Henderson
Charley: Peter Banks
Howard: Colin Stinton
Uncle Ben J: Ohn Hartley
Bernard: Roger May
Also with Caroline Strong, Paul Jenkins, Jane Whittenshaw and Tracy Wiles.
Repeated 11th February 2006
Also broadcast on Radio 3 on 7th July 1996.


16th October 1995:
23.30 :
Unofficial Rosie by Alan McDonald.
Music by Peter Howell.
Director: Tracey Neale
Private Eye Rosie Monaghan: Paula Wilcox
Carol: Helen Roberts
Bob: Dominic Grounsell
Mike: Steve Hodson

Unofficial Rosie was broadcast in six parts in 1993: 11,18,25/11/93 and 2,9,16/12/93. Episodes:
Down these mean streets; Following from in front; Back against the wall; If looks could kill; Count your blessings; In Dreams.

Also Four episodes on 13,20,27/6/94 and 4/7/94, episodes Starting Over; Softies; The front man; Massaging the Truth;

Six episodes from 1993 broadcast 16,23,30/10/95 and 6,13,20/11/95. Episodes: Down those mean streets; Following from in front; Back against the wall; If looks could kill; Count your blessings; In dreams.

Two episodes from 1994 broadcast 3 and 10/2/97- episodes Starting Over; Softies


18th October 1995
14.00 :
Black Ice by Bruce Bedford
In 1911, as a prelude to Captain Scott's ill-fated expedition to the South Pole, three men set off in the darkness of the Antarctic winter from Scott's overwintering hut to secure examples of the eggs of the emperor penguin. Their survival, in temperatures of minus 60 or 70, can only be ascribed to astonishing courage and willpower.
Director: Hamish Wilson
Apsley Cherry-Garrard: Richard Greenwood
Edward A Wilson: Crawford Logan
Henry R 'Birdie' Bowers: Martin Walsh

19th October 1995
14.00 :
Voices Offstage By Peter Ling.
The intense partnership between Ellen Terry and Henry Irving was celebrated both on and off stage. But one day the curtain had to fall.
Director Enyd Williams
Ellen Terry: Dorothy Tutin
Henry Irving: Christopher Godwin
Graham Robertson: Jeremy Clyde
William Terriss: Robert Daws
George Bernard Shaw: Dermot Crowley
Walter: John Hartley
Doctor: James Taylor
Jessie: Margaret John
Repeated from 6th January 1994

19th October 1995:
23.00 :
A Sweet Dessert by Abigail Morgan.
Head chef Emma is trapped in the kitchen, but plans her escape with culinary genius Anton Victoire. Revenge is sweet.
Pianist Neil Brand.
Director David Blount
Emma/Dolly: Jane Whittenshaw
Gladwin/Iris: David Holt
Jess/Sonia: Rachel Atkins
Linda: Sandra James Young
Anton Victoire/Jack/Broadbent: Simon Treves

21st October 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: The Race of the Dugout Canoes By Richard Edmunds.
The scene is a village in Papua New Guinea. In one canoe sits the logging company, in the other a group called Rainforest Rescue. The canoes have been racing abreast, until now....
Director Andy Jordan
Sarah: Adjoah Andoh
Seth: Raad Rawi
Nakafu: Earl Cameron
Boiyor: Mary Wimbush
Alphonse: Jonathan Keeble
Waso: Junix Inocian
Yawi: Kulvinder Ghir
Kilo: Don Gilet
Noah: Madhav Sharma
Emanuel: Aaron Pemberton
Ani: Jessie Andoh
Also with Nina Wadia, Sandra James-Young, Geoffrey Whitehead and Tessa Worsley
Repeated 1st June 1996

21st October 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Detective Is Dead by Bill James.
Repeated from 18th March 1995 - please refer to that date.


22nd October 1995:
19.00 :
Little Women by Lousia May Alcott, dramatised in six parts by Marcy Kahan.
The tale of four sisters growing up in New England during the American Civil War
1: Good Neighbours. The March family anticipate a bleak winter.
Director of music Stuart Hutchinson.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Laurie: Marcus D'Amico
Mrs Hummell/Mrs Moffatt: Kate Binchy
Jo: Buffy Davis
Sally Gardiner/Lottie: Tamsin Hollo
Jenny Snow/Qara Moffatt: Federay Holmes
Marmee: Gayle Hunnicutt
Hannah: Alibe Parsons
Meg: Jemma Redgrave
Aunt March: Margaret Robertson
Amy: Kara Zediker
Beth: Anne-Marie Zola

Additional cast in Parts 2-6:
Mr Davis: Philip Anthony
Old Mr Laurence: Don Fellows
John Brook: Adam Henderson
Miss Crocker: Helen Horton
Belk Moffatt: Lorelei King
Frank Vaughn: Nicholas Murchie
The Parrot/Mr Moffatt/Dr Bangs: Jonathan Tafler
Amie Moffat: Shelley Thompson
Ned Moffatt: Julian Rhind Tutt
Mary Kingsley/Kate Vaughn: Mellinda Walker
Fred Vaughn: Andrew Wincott
The Deaf Dowager: Ann Windsor
Also with John Guerrasio

Parts 2-6 broadcast 29/10/95, 5,12,19,26/11/95

Repeated from 26/11/92, 3,10,17,24,31/12/92.

repeated on BBC7 2008/09


23rd October 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Peel's Brimstone By Jimmy Murphy.
The Indian corn which Sir Robert Peel sent over to Ireland to alleviate the famine of the 1840s proved inedible and the Irish cursed it with the name Peel's Brimstone. Director Pam Brighton
Smith: Stanley Townsend
Farrel: David Kelly
Nora: Siobhan Miley
Connor: Luke Griffin
Timmy: Duffy Garrettkeogh
Finnegan: Owen Roe
Also with Stella McCusker, Peter O'Meara, Michelle Forbes, Niamh Lineham, Michele Simms, David Wilmot, Noel McGee, Paddy Scully, Emma O'Neil, Trevor Moore, Cathy Brennan, Patrick Rtzsymons and Dan Gordon.

25th October 1995:
14.00 :
The Butterfly Hunt by Matthew Solon.
At the height of the Second World War, Ursula Graham Bower, venerated and assisted by the Naga tribespeople, found herself confronting the advancing Japanese in a remote part of Burma.
Director Martin Jenkins
Ursula Bower: Siriol Jenkins
Col Betts: Samuel West
Alexa: Jilly Bond
Harry: Jonathan Keeble
Toby: Ross Livingstone
Mr Travers: Michael Cochrane
Namkia: Sam Dastor
Scott: David Timson
Rawdon-Wright: Geoffrey Whitehead
Naga chief: Madhav Sharma
Sgt Fraser: Roger May
Repeated 9th November 1996.

26th October 1995:
14.00 :
First Forum by Tamara Griffiths
A "documentary" tackling one of the most controversial issues of modern times - genetic engineering - and exploring the fine line between fact and fiction where science and morality clash. On the west coast of Scotland, a community of hermaphrodites live in seclusion, until journalists arrive.
Producer Kate Rowland
Ruth: Sue Johnston
Nick: Andrew Schofield
Lesley: Amelia Bullmore
With Sharon Muircroft, John Padden, John Griffin, Ken Bradshaw, Laura Richmond, John Jardine and Jeffrey Robert.
Repeated 10th May 1997

26th October 1995:
23.00 :
A Little Room by Lance Croft.
A musical play composed and written for radio. Pete shares a room with his only friend, a spider.
Musicians: Melanie Bush, Gordon Campbell, Herbie Rowers, Simon Gunton, Anne Morfee, Kate Musker, Dai Pritchard, Missak Takoushian, David Trigwell and Mark Warman.
Director David Hunter
Pete: Jonathan Keeble
Dr Rex: John Hartley
Spider: Zulema Dene
Girls: Tracy Wiles

28th October 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: The Book of Shadows by Scott Cherry.
A tale of the supernatural. Journalist Ellie Rogers is sent to Norfolk to investigate witchcraft. Exceedingly sceptical she soon witnesses some terrifying incidents which just can't be explained.
Music composed and played by Anthea Gomez.
Producer Sue Wilson
John Crighton: Maurice Denham
Ellie Rogers: Jenny Rjnnell
Tom Bradley: Andrew Branch
Philippa Mallatrat: Janet Dale
Kevin Metcalfe: Richard Pearce
Sgt Lake: Christopher Scott
Caroline: Sunny Ormonde
Gary: James Duke
Fiona ,: Sandrajames Young
Harriet: Jilly Bond
Also with Terence Edmond, John Hartley and Gillian Goodman.

28th October 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Phone Me in the Evening By Peter Lloyd.
When a desperate woman telephones piano tuner and aspiring country star Spencer Jones, he is flattered by the intimacies of her confessions.
Music by David Chilton.
Director Ned Chaillet
Spencer Jones: Miles Anderson
Lee: Cathy Sara
Nina Jones: Jan Winters
Dennis: Malcolm Ward
Terry: Nicholas Boulton
Barman: Peter Whitman
Mick: Dominic Letts
Repeated from 19th March 1994.

29th October 1995
14.30 :
Classic Serial: The Eve of St Agnes by John Keats dramatised by Carey Harrison.
A gothic fantasy in which the heroine Madeline hopes to be visited, on St Agnes' Eve by the vision of the man she is to marry.
Music composed by Elizabeth Parker.
Director Cherry Cookson.
Beadsman: David Calder
Keats: Michael Maloney
Porphyro: Robert Glenister
Madeline: Emma Fielding
Angela: Tessa Worsley
Also with Geoffrey Whitehead , Stephen Critchlow and Jonathan Keeble.
Repeated 3rd November 1995.

30th October 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Rebel Angel By Angus Graham Campbell.
Young Keats is a major poet in waiting. Meanwhile, he is training to become a London surgeon in the brutal times when body snatchers were at work and anaesthetics had not yet come into medical practice.
Director Richard Wortley
John Keats: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Tyrrell: Joshua Towb
Newmarch: Ross Livingstone
Mackereth: Peter Kenny
Lucas: Derek Waring
Stephens: Jonathan Keeble
Shelley: Kim Wall
Keats's Mother: Jane Whittenshaw
Charles Cowden Clark: David Timson
Also with Geoffrey Whitehead, Gavin Muir, Paul Jenkins, Jonathan Newman, Melanie Hudson, Ian Masters and Alison Reid.
Repeated 2nd September 1996

1st November 1995:
14.00 :
The Roof of the World by John Fletcher.
In 1891, a Muslim sepoy led the British Army up a precipice in the Himalayas to storm a hitherto impregnable fortress.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Ali: Shiv Grewal
Colonel Durand: Bill Wallis
Manners-Smith: Cornelius Garrett
E Knight: Nigel Anthony
Also with Saba Khalil, Riffat Abbas and Iqbal Bahoo.
Repeated 16th November 1996.

2nd November 1995
14.00 :
Waste of Glory By David Gooderson.
It is spring 1918 and the Allies are in retreat. The military authorities summon a priest, Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy , to restore morale. He does this with manic enthusiasm, but three years later on Armistice Day he denounces the war as madness. The true story of "Woodbine Willlie" the First World War's most famous padre.
Director Richard Wortley
Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy: Dermot Crowley
Emily Kennedy: Frances Jeater
Tom: Gareth Armstrong
Beth: Siriol Jenkins
Bishop: Stephen Thorne
General: David King
Sergeant-Major: John Hollis
Corporal: Michael Onslow
Colonel: Malcolm Ward
Major: James Taylor
Dickon: Tom Bevan
Lofty: Nicholas Murchie
Captain: Kim Wall
Repeated from 18th July 1994


2nd November 1995
The Smithfield Murders by Nick Fisher.
DSI Julie Enfield returns in this five-part crime drama follow-up to Terminus (see 1st July 1995), with new investigations into a trail of gruesome murders in London's meat market.
1. Filth and Fat and Blood and Foam
Director: Richard Wortley
DSI Julie Enfield: Imelda Staunton
Dad: Geoffrey Matthews
DS Lawrence Evans: Ross Livingstone
Sally: Jane Whittenshaw
Benjamin Travis: Geoffrey Whitehead
Also with David Bannerman, Jilly Bond, John Hollis, Don McCorkindale, Linda Regan, Stephen Thorne.

Additional actors in parts 2-5:
Also with Sean Barrett, Deborah Berlin, David Collings, John Hartley, Jonathan Keeble, Gavin Muir, Linda Regan, David Timson, John Turner

Parts 2-5 broadcast 9,16,23,30 November 1995.
Repeated on BBC7 2003, 2005, 2007


4th November 1995
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Shane By Jack Schaefer, adapted for radio by Nick McCarty.
Shane is the archetypal western hero: the high-plains drifter. No-one knows where he came from or where he is going, but he makes the present safe.
A Unique Broadcasting production
Narrator: Howard Keel
Shane: Stacy Keach
Joe: David Dukes
Marian: Lawri Means
Bob: Marty York
Ledyard: Gregg Almquist
Ernie Wright: Tuck Milligan
Lew Johnson: Christopher Curry
Also with Michael Keenan, David Graf, James Harper, David Lee Smith and Matt Nolan

4th November 1995
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Hallowe'en Party
By Agatha Christie. Dramatised by Michael Bakewell
When a child is found murdered on All-Hallows Eve, Ariadne Oliver sends for her old friend Hercule Poirot.
Director Enyd Williams
Hercule Poirot: John Moffatt
Ariadne Oliver: Stephanie Cole
Judith Butler: Alexandra Bastedo
Miranda Butler: Sian Jenkins
Rowena Drake: June Barry
Michael Garfield: Gareth Armstrong
Spence: James Taylor
Elspeth: Auriol Smith
Miss Whittaker: Amanda Murray
Miss Emlyn: Petra Davies
Mrs Leaman: Paula Jacobs
Mrs Goodbody: Lala Lloyd
Mrs Minden: Katherine Parr
Fullerton: Colin Pinney
Mrs Reynolds: Rachel Atkins
Leopold Reynolds: Sam Crane
Joyce Reynolds: Sophia Nemeth
Ann Reynolds: Vivienne Rochester
Nicholas: Nicholas Boulton
Desmond: Peter Kenny
Repeated from 30th October 1993


5th November 1995:
14.30 :
Classic Serial: The Last of the Mohicans by J. Fenimore Cooper dramatised in two parts by David Calcutt.
1 Hawkeye and the Mohicans set out to rescue Colonel Munro's daughters.
Music by: Trevor Allan Davies
Director: Michael Fox
Hawkeye: Michael Feast
Major Heyward: Philip Franks
Cora: Helen McCrory
Alice: Naomi Radcliffe
Chingachgook: Okon Jones
Uncas: Clarence Smith
Magua: Alfredo Michelsen
Also with Russell Dixon, John Jardine, Garrick Hagon
Repeated 10th November 1995

Additional actors in Part 2:
Also with Robert Whelan and Joe Speare

Part 2 broadcast 12th November 1995, repeated 17/11/95.


6th November 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Grosse Fugue By Nick Burbridge.
Alice is instinctively aware of the attraction between her husband, Will, and Siobhan, the new first violinist in Will's string quartet. Alice and Will's son's illness brings everything to a head.
Cellist Gabrielle Amherst.
Director Andy Jordan
Will: Jonathan Tafler
Alice: Kate Duchene
Tim: Mark Burrowes
Magella: Natasha Pyne
Siobhan: Lisa Orgolini
Also with Eva Stuart and Jonathan Keeble.
Repeated 5th May 1997

7th November 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Angel of Islington by Alex Mermikides
Arthur finds an angel he at the foot of his bed one morning.
Music: Wilfredo Acosta
Director: Janet Whttaker
Arthur: Alec McCowen
Angel: Elaine Claxton
Mike: Andrew Branch
Jurassic: Ross Livingstone
TV Announcer: Sandra James Young
Barmaid/Customer: Jane Whittenshaw
Repeated 18th April 1996

8th November 1995:
14.00 :
Bill and Koo by Janet Paisley and Graham McKenzie.
"Run-down dating agency with acute staff problems and no clients seeks dynamic new owners.

Must have plenty of capital and no scruples."
Director Patrick Rayner
Bill: Forbes Masson
Koo: Grace Glover
Terry: Mabel Aitken
George: John Buick
Taxi driver: Finlay McLean
Mrs Murphy: Molly Innes
Also with Simon Tait and Joanne Bett.
Repeated 4th April 1998


9th November 1995:
10.00 :
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes By Anita Loos. Dramatised in four episodes by Jeremy Front.
March 16,1925. New York, The United States of America. Lorelei Lee and a gentleman friend are dining at the Ritz when he suggests that she should keep a diary, because a girl ought to do something else with her brains besides think....
Director Tracey Neale
Gus Eisman: Ed Bishop
Lord Cooksleigh: Andrew Branch
Gerry: David Collings
Major Falcon: Maurice Denham
Dorothy: Rebecca Front
Steward: Paul Jenkins
Lulu: Vivienne Rochester
Lorelei: Anne Marie Zola

Additional cast in episodes 2-4:
Ginzberg: John Bluthal
Lady Shelton: Jilly Bond
Louis: Nicholas Boulton
Piggie: Michael Cochrane
Mrs Weeks: Joanna David
Henry: Jamie Glover
Bartlett: Henry Goodman
Mother: Rosemary Leach
Prince of Wales: Toby Longworth
Robert: Andre Maranne
Ruby: Beth Porter
The Countess: Irene Sutcliffe
Also with:
Patience Tomlinson

Parts 2-4 broadcast 16,23,30/11/95
Repeated 2,9,16,23/7/1996


9th November 1995:
14.00 :
A Hard Time to Be a Father by Fay Weldon.
Comic satire, set in the casualty department of a city hospital. A man is treated for couvade - a custom of the South Sea Islands whereby the father of a newborn child is cared for as if he were physically affected. Music by Andy Price
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
The young man: Robert Glenister
Nurse: Hilary MacLean
Delia: Carolyn Backhouse
Triage nurse: Janet Dale
Caring woman: June Barrie
Mrs Oliphant: Phyllida Nash
Receptionist: Jenny Funnell
Rugby Player: John Telfer
Al: Clarence Smith
Also with Christian Rodska, Cornelius Garrett and Jessica Jones-Bemey.
Repeated 27th June 1996

11th November 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: From Donegal with Love By Marie Jones.
The adventures of two middle-aged women as they travel from a Daniel O'Donnell concert in Donegal, Ireland, to The Gambia, West Africa, asking the question: "Does life end with HRT?".
Director Pam Brighton
Vera: Marie Jones
Anna: Helena Bereen
Daniel: Sean Coyle
Fergal: Conleth Hill
Tour Guide: Conleth Hill
Shop assistant: Emma O'Neill
Receptionist: Emma O'Neill
Mrs Hannah: Maureen Dow
Woman: Maureen Dow
Also with Brenda Winter, Susy Kelly, Malcolm Tierney, Stephanie Turner, Valentine Nonyela, Jude Akuwudike, Tunde Babs and Don Warrington.
Repeated 29th June 1996

11th November 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Body Language By Alan Berrie.
"Big Kenny" Hartley is a giant of a man, loved by all who know him. But the terrible secret he nurses leads to tragedy.
Clarinet played by Emma Fowler.
Director David Blount
Kenny: Stephen Yardley
Doll: Maggie McCarthy
Coke: Ian Targett
Stan: Danny Schiller
Sid Hall: John Turner
Also with Linda Regan, Geoffrey Whitehead, Joshua Towb, Ross Livingstone, Zulema Dene, Sandra James-Young, Russell Floyd, Paul Jenkins, David Timson and Patience Tomlinson.

11th November 1995:
The Chronicles of Clovis by Saki adapted by Justin Greene in 6 parts.
Series repeated from 8th March 1995- please refer to that date

13th November 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen , adapted for radio by Martyn Wade.
One of the most famous plays of the 19th century, specially recorded on location. The true nature of the Helmers' marriage is exposed for what it really is when Torvald discovers that Nora has forged a signature on a loan. His reaction forces
Nora to leave him in one of the most devastating closing scenes ever written.
Director Cherry Cookson
Nora: Janet McTeer
Torvald Helmer: Ciaran Hinds
Dr Rank: Alan Howard
Christina Linde: Penny Downie
Nils Krogstad: John Shrapnel
Anna: Jilly Bond
Repeated on 19th May 1996

14th November 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: On the Trail of the Great Bustard By Sean Gilbert.
An ornithological romance without the kisses. It's three in the morning.
James's car has broken down, and there is a Great Bustard he has to see in East Anglia.
Director David Hunter
Cindy: Rachel Atkins
James: Nicholas Boulton
Connie: Tina Gray
Graham: David Bannerman
Repeated from 13th September 1994
Also broadcast on the BBC World Service November/December 1995.

15th November 1995:
14.00 :
The Colour Norman by Stephen Dinsdale and Jerome Vincent.
Science student Norman Gittings invents a new colour and is besieged by fashion designers, greedy lawyers and M15, all desperate to get their hands on it.
Director Anne Pivcevic
Norman: Richard Pearce
Simon: Roger May
Dr Himsk: David March
Bletchley: John Hollis
Jane/Tina: Rebecca Front
Mum/Miss Fish: Tessa Worsley
Dad/Smoo: John Turner
Stroop/Fashion: David Timpson
Dredge/Reporter 4: Andrew Branch
Raven/Tanya: Sandra James-Young
Pillbeam/Reporter 1/TV Announcer: Geoffrey Whitehead
Repeated 15th March 1997

16th November 1995:
14.00 :
Purple Side Coasters By Sarah Daniels.
Having a baby is supposed to be the best thing that can happen to a woman, but no one ever tells you the anguish it can cause.
Director Roanna Benn
Susannah: Harriet Walter
Debbie: Pauline Quirke
Kevin: Matt Bardock
Harry: Scott Charles
Ben: Roger May
Also with John Turner, Tracy Wiles, Becky Hindley, Jane Whittenshaw, Stephen Critchlow, Linda Regan, Sandra James-Young, Paul Jenkins and Geoffrey Whitehead.

18th November 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne by Brian Moore, dramatised by Patrick Carroll.
A Belfast spinster's last hope of love.
Director Michael Quinn
Judith Heame: Stella McCusker
Madden: James Ellis
Bernard: Alan McKee
Sister Mary/Mrs Friel/Ellen: Maggie Cronin
Mrs Rice: Roma Tomelty
Also with Paddy Scully, Niall Cusack, Ian McElhinney, Ruairi Conaghan, Trudy Kelly, Emma O'Neill and Noel McGee.


19th November 1995:
14.30 :
The Classic Serial: The Barchester Chronicles by Anthony Trollope. Book 1 adapted in two episodes by Martyn Wade.
Book 1: The Warden
Septimus Harding is accused by his future son-in-law of receiving hospital funds to which he is not entitled.
Director: Cherry Cookson
Eleanor Harding: Juliet Aubrey
Bunce: Norman Bird
Mrs Grantly: Jilly Bond
Chadwick: David Collings
Crumple: Garard Green
John Bold: Douglas Hodge
Bishop of Barchester: Peter Howell
Skulpit: Jonathan Keeble
Septimus Harding: Alec McCowen
Mary Bold: Janet Maw
Dr Grantly: Stephen Moore
Handy: Gavin Muir
Gazy: Derek Waring
Repeated 24th November 1995.
Part Two broadcast 26/11/95 and 1/12/95.

The later books were also broadcast:
Book 2: Barchester Towers in 3 parts from 31/12/96 and 5/1/97
Book 3: Dr Thorne in 3 parts from 21 and 26/7/96
Book 4: Framley Parsonage in 3 parts from 2 and 7/3/97
Book 5: The Small House at Allington in 4 parts from 20 and 25/7/97
Book 6: The Last Chronicle in 5 parts from 1 & 6/2/98


20th November 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Kindertransport By Diane Samuels.
The discovery of a German copy of The Ratcatcher begins to open doors to memories that have been hidden away for 40 years.
Music by Ilona Sekacz.
Director Tracey Neale
Evelyn: Francesca Annis
Lil: Stephanie Cole
Faith: Kate Hardie
Helga: Ruth Mitchell
Also with Sarah Shanson and Nigel Hastings
Repeated 16th November 1996

21st November 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Lightbulbs by Alex Jones
A tale of the supernatural. Steve returns from abroad to find there's something nasty in the shed.
Music by Alex Jones
Director Sue Wilson
Steve: David Holt
Joan: Jillie Meers
Bill: Terry Molloy
Karen: Lorna Laidlaw
Aunt Dot: Joyce Gibbs
Also With Sunny Ormonde, Richard Cumow and Mia Busby.

22nd November 1995:
14.00 :
The Prisoner of Gender by John Merryfield.
Comedy: As an academic, Andrew is a shining example of all that is politically correct. But sadly, as a human being, he is a complete disaster.
Director Patrick Rayner.
Andrew: James Telfer
Jerry: Crawford Logan
Deirdre: Mairi Gillespie
Hamish: Robert Paterson
Susan: Sheila Latimer
Vivien: Vivienne Dixon
Tony: David McKail

23rd November 1995:
14.00 :
Dat's Love By Leonora Brito.
In 1950s Cardiff, Grace sang in a trio. But, while she stayed working in a cigar factory, Evelyn, who couldn't sing, became a star. Pianist Matthew Bailey. Director Alison Hindell
Pianist: Matthew Bailey.
Director: Alison Hindell
Grace: Suzanne Packer
Cleo: Sandra James-Young
Carmen: Sandra Young
Evelyn: Karin Diamond
Young Cleo: Lorraine Cole
Also with Treva Etienne. Don Warrington, Lee Farley, Manon Edwards. Helen Griffin and Chris Griffiths.
Repeated 6th May 1996 and 9th October 1997

25th November 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Ocean View by Mark Greig
Set on the Ayreshire coast, where Mary McAllister and her small son are making a new start, far from the troubles of the big city.
Producer Patrick Rayner
Mary: Fiona Bell
Sandy: Alasdair McCrone
Nessie: Sheila Donald
Beattie/Davie: Gwyneth Guthrie
Isla: Jan Wilson
Walters: Isabella Jarrett
Also with Anne Downie, Vincent Friell, James Bryce and Ian Bustard.

25th November 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Faro's Daughter
By Georgette Heyer, dramatised by Kitty Black.
Repeated from 4th February 1995- please see that date above.

27th November 1995:
14.00 :
Go for the Grail by Alison Joseph.
Hypnotherapy cures Cath of the smoking habit but introduces the none-too-fragrant Griselda.
Director David Hunter
Griselda: Rachel Atkins
Cath: Caroline Strong
Phyllida: Rosy Fordham
Anthea: Linda Regan
Also with Garrick Hagon, David Collings, Patience Tomlinson, David Holt, Jane Whittenshaw and Jonathan Keeble.


November 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning by Alan Sillitoe
A Mentom Radio production
Arthur Seaton: Jamie Glover
Brenda: Anita Carey
Doreen: Caroline Catz
Harold: Edward Peel
Bert: Paul Haigh
Ada: Elizabeth Estensen
Vera: Alison Skilbeck
Also with Gillian Barge, Jilly Bond, David Holt, John Samson, Stephen Thorne, Bill Homewood and Steven Webb.

28th November 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Kelly's Eye By Gill Adams.
Gladys goes to bingo. Tom stays at home. She chats on the phone and he shouts at the telly. All he wants is to be left in peace to watch the racing and read the paper. Gladys wants more.
Director Kate Rowland
Gladys: Rosemary Leach
Tom: Roy Barraclough
Repeated 11th July 1996

29th November 1995:
14.00 :
Thriller Playhouse: The Eyes of Max Carrados By Ernest Bramah. Dramatised by Bert Coules.
1923. A desperate girl tries to clear her father, and only the celebrated blind detective Max Carrados can do it.
A Mr Punch production
Max: Simon Callow
Parkinson: Lionel Jeffries
Madeline Whitmarsh: Teresa Gallagher
William Whitmarsh: Matthew Marsh
Frank/Frank Jr: Philip Glenister
Villain/Vicar: David Bannerman
Lawyer/Sgt Brewster: Michael Beint
Mrs Lawrence/Mrs Whttmarsh: Marianne Morley
Repeated 12th July 1997

30th November 1995:
14.00 :
Afternoon Play: Mule By Bola Makanjuola.
Lati, a Nigerian woman, and Joy, a British journalist, are caught in a fierce conflict about cultural identity.
Director Pam Fraser Solomon
Joy: Vivienne Rochester
Lati: Joy Elias Rilwan
Geoff: Jonathan Keeble
Clare: Jill Bond
Also with Danielle Fraser-Boam, Oszae Ehibor, Linda Regan, Patience Tomlinson and Susan Aderin.
Repeated 4th July 1996

2nd December 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: The Distance between the Stars By Andrew Wilson.
A radio road movie in which four teenagers from Todmorden travelling in a hearse painted lime green, search for aliens in the Scottish Highlands.
Director Michael Fox
Geoff: Adam Sunderland
Mark: Andy Wear
Ant: Steven Arnold
Sally: Fiona Kerr
Karl: Malcolm Raeburn
Vicky: Deborah McAndrew
Gordon: John Jardine
PC George: Robert Whelan
Stepdad: David Bowen
Dawn: Kathyrn Hunt
Karen: Rachel Bull
First transmitted 29th October 1994 as "The Distance between Stars"

2nd December 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase By Joan Aiken, dramatised by Eric Pringle.
This historical novel is set in an England overrun by wolves. At the house of Willoughby Chase, Sylvia and Bonnie struggle to escape the clutches of their evil governess, Miss Slighcarp.
Director Cherry Cookson
Miss Slighcarp: Jane Lapotaire
Bonnie: Emily Watson
Sylvia: Abigail Docherty
Narrator: John Rowe
Grimshaw: John Turner
Sir Willoughby: Gavin Muir
Lady Green/Mrs Brisket: Kristin Milward
Simon: Tom Bevan
Pattern: Jilly Bond
Aunt Jane: Eva Stuart
James: David Antrobus
Field: Ian Masters
Gripe: Derek Waring
Dr Mome/Cardigan: George Parsons
Diana: Elaine Claxton
Emma: Natasha Pyne
Lucy/Cook: Becky Hindley
Repeated from 30th December 1994


3rd December 1995:
14.30 :
The Classic Serial: Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
The Nineteenth of March. The first of three chilling episodes.
Music by Malcolm McKee
Director Sue Wilson.
Haredale: Richard Pasco
Chester: Norman Rodway
Gabriel Varden: Ian Hogg
Barnaby Rudge: Richard Derrington
Also with
Caroyln Backhouse, Janet Dale, Kim Durham, John Hollis, Richard Pearce, Elizabeth Proud, Gareth Tudor Price, Cathy Sara, Christopher Scott, Michael Siberry, Rob Swinton, John Webb, Sue Wilson

Additional actors in part 2 and 3:
Also with: Brian Miller, Terry Molloy

Repeated 8th December 1995.

Part two broadcast 10/12/95 repeated 15/12/95.
Part three broadcast 17/12/95 repeated 22/12/95.


3rd December 1995:
19.00 :
Children's BBC Radio 4: Peter Pan
by J M Barrie. Dramatised in four parts by Philip Glassborow, recorded in Dolby Surround.
1: Away to Neverland
Music by Wilfredo Acosta
Director Dirk Maggs
Peter Pan: Toyah Willcox
Wendy: Georgina Cates
Mr Darling/Hook: Ron Moody
Mrs Darling: June Whitfield
Also with James Cohen, Chris Emmett, Graham Hoadly, Roy Hudd, Polly March, Mervyn Stutter, Justin Webb

Additional actors in parts 2-4:
Tinkerbell/Twin: Polly March
Michael: Justin Webb
John: James Cohen
Also with James Daley, Ken Gordon, Graham Hoadly, Eve Karpf, Carla Prosser, Simon Treves, Freddy White, Max Wrottesley

Parts 2-4 broadcast 10,17,24th December 1995.


4th December 1995:
14.00 :
The Monday Play: Emily's Ghost by Colin Finbow.
An unusual ghost story, set in Victorian England.
Director Cherry Cookson
Emily: Anna Jones
Mama: Kate Buffery
Papa: John Rowe
Miss Rabstock: Anna Massey
Dawson: Gareth Armstrong
Crabtree: Tina Gray
Ghost: Emily Howes
Edward: Michael Tucek
Louise: Oona Beeson
James: Daniel Main
Will: Nicholas Yeoman
Grandpa: Colin Pinney
Polly: Cathy Sara
Sharon: Elaine Claxton
Repeated from 15th December 1994.

4th December 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Darling by Frederic Raphael
A Mentorn Radio production
Diana: Amanda Redman
Robert: Adrian Lukis
Miles: Clive Owen
Basildon/Alex: Stuart Organ
Carlotta/lnterviewer: Frances Jeater
Christine/Billie: Moir Leslie
Felicity/The Duchess: Lucy Scott
Also with Clarence Smith, Steve Hodson, Brett Usher, Garard Green, David Learner, Peter Cellier, Guy Edwards, Frederic Raphael

5th December 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Noise Crusaders By Stephen Russell.
Car alarms? Midnight raves next door? Tom's had it with noise. But how far can you go in the quest for a bit of quiet? When Tom forms the Noise Crusaders, he doesn't reckon on his fellow activists' hard-line attitude to barking dogs or on their unnerving supply of military hardware.
Director Martin Jameson
Tom: Jeffe Rawle
Beretta: Maureen Beattie
MrSchindler: Malcolm Raeburn
Mary Jane: Melissa Sinden
Brian: Peter Rylands
Also with Jimmy Hibbert, Jon Culshaw, Clare Feck and Peter Kerry.


6th December 1995:
12.25 :
Monsieur Pamplemousse Investigates by Michael Bond.
A detection comedy dramatised in three parts by Alick Rowe.
1: Black Tuesday
A Mentorn Radio production
Aristide Pamplemousse: Gorden Kaye
Pommes Frites: Trevor Martin
Le Guide's Director: Roger Hammond
Martine Borel: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Doucette Pamplemousse: Shirley Dixon
Rambo (The Doorman): Stephen Thorne
Madeleine: Siriol Jenkins
Nathalie: Frances Jeater
Voice of the Computer/JoJo/The Waiter: Steve Hodson
Police Officer: Stephen Faun
Glandier: John Rye
No Additional actors in parts 2 and 3.

Parts 2 & 3 broadcast 13th and 20th December 1995.
Repeated on BBC7 in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009.

6th December 1995:
14.00 :
Thriller Playhouse: Ben Sees it Through by J Jefferson Farjeon, Dramatised By: Joe Dunlop.
1930s thriller. A hat, a dagger and an MP's letter entice Ben into the world of arms smugglers and his girlfriend into the arms of Spanish Inquisitor Pasquale.
Music By: Robert Rigby
A Mr Punch Production
Lovelace: Leslie Phillips
Ben: Tony Robinson
Molly: Rebecca Lacey
Pasquale: Jon Glover
Medway: Christopher Benjamin
Violet: Katy Odey
Repeated 30th June 1998.
[Ben Sees It Through by J J Farjeon was originally a series of 5 x 15 minute programs broadcast on the Forces Program in 1944, starring Leon M Lion.]

7th December 1995:
14.00 :
True Blue By Jez Simons and Jyoti Patel.
A singleminded Asian woman has a dream: she wants to be
an MP - for the Tory party. But the road to success is a rocky one, as her dreams clash with reality and the demands of family life.
Music by Harjinder Boparai.
Director Nandita Ghose
Susheila: Sudha Bhuchar
Ashwin: Aftab Sachak
Michael: Willlam Boyd
Mrs Stevenson: Vanessa Rosenthal
Kishor: Nizwar Karanj
Also with Nina Wadia, Sakuntala Ramance, Kulvinder Ghir and Fiona Kerr.
Repeated 12th August 1996.

9th December 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Tunes of Glory by James Kennaway dramatised by Trevor Royle.
Sandhurst trained Lt Col Basil Barrow arrives at the headquarters of a Scottish battalion to take over as commanding officer from hard-bitten war hero Jock Sinclair.
Music played by Pipe-Major Stuart Samson and Pipe-Sergeant James Stout of the Highlanders
Director Patrick Rayner
Sinclair: Bill Paterson
Barrow: Alexander Morton
Major Scott: Paul Young
Captain Cairns: Tom Smith
Mary: Cara Kelly
Morag: Julie Ouncanson
Lt Simpson: Andrew Conlan
Lt Rattray: Douglas Russell
Also with Gregor Powrie, David McKail, Norman MacLean and Matthew Zajac.
Repeated 12th April 1997

9th December 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne, dramatised by Steve Walker.
Lidenbrok, a Hamburg geologist, decodes runes which tell of a passage to the centre of the Earth.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Axel: Nathaniel Parker
Prof Lidenbrok: Nicholas Le Prevost
Rosemarie McNab: Kristin Milward
Hans/Student: Oliver Senton
Grauben: Deborah Berlin
Martha: Eva Stuart
Saknussemm: Peter Yapp
Headmaster/Giant: Michael Tudor-Barnes
Von Klimstein/Student/Pepe: Joshua Towb
First broadcast 28th December 1994

11th December 1995:
14.00 :
Johnny Sheehy By Christopher Fitz-Simon .
A fresh look at Puccini's 'Gianni Schicci'
[Puccini wrote the music- the libretto was by Giovacchino Forzano based upon Dante] - relocated in West Cork at the turn of the century. When a wealthy farmer dies, he confounds his family by leaving all his wealth to a local monastery.
Music by Neil Brand.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Johnny Sheeny: Dermot Crowley
Eily Sheeny: Clare Cathcart
Roderick Donlan: Aiden Gillen
Sarah Donlan: Kate Binchy
Gerard Clohessy: Breffni McKenna
Nelly Clohessy:

Gina Moxley
Dr Hodkins: James Greene
Simon Shaughnessy: Des Nealon
Mark Shaughnessy: Gerard O'Hare
Cissy Shaughnessy: Marcelle Riordan
Gerry Clohessy: Joshua Towb
Repeated from 8th December 1994.

11th December 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: A Taste of Honey by Shelagh Delaney.
A tale of a northern girl whose struggle with life and her mother made her a symbol of her time.
Music by Stephen Warbeck. played by Sid Gauld, Huw Warren, Alec Dankworth and Paul Clarvis.
A Catherine Bailey production
Jo: Julia Ford
Helen: Nichola McAuliffe
Geoff: Scott Ransome
Peter: Robert Glenister
Jimmie: Razaaq Adoti

12th December 1995:
Thirty Minute Theatre: May and the Snowman By Jane Buckler.
May should have known that a snowman would be an unreliable companion, particularly in the summer months.
Director Alison Hindell
May: Jan Pearson
Narrator: Simon Harris
Snowman: Michael Povey
Michael: Ashley Bird
May's mum: Christine Pritchard
Mr Taylor: Rhodri Hugh
Michael's mum: Ruth Lloyd

13th December 1995:
Thriller Playhouse: Conquest Marches On by Berkeley Grey (Edwy S Brooks) adapted by Guy Fithen.
Book 4 in the Norman Conquest series. When Conquest discovers that little Mary Langford is the victim of a mysterious blackmailer known as The Voice, he goes charging into hell-for-leather adventure.
Music by Robert Rigby.
A Mr Punch production
Norman Conquest: Christopher Cazenove
Pixie: Bonnie Langford
Chief Inspector Williams: Richard Davies
Mandeville Livingstone: Colin Spaull
The Voice: Jack Klaff
Mary Langford: Hetty Baynes
Mr Chester/Luke/Marty/Sergeant: Gavin Muir
Walt/Butch/Bramley Blett: Steve Hodson
Beetle/Manny Leavy/Butler: Richard Tate
Repeated 9th June 1998 and 7th July 1998

14th December 1995:
Thackeray By Olwyn Wymark and Barbara Clegg.
Jim Thackeray is a renowned landscape gardener. He is also a first-class private detective. When a murder takes place in the Shakesperean themed gardens he has designed, both elements of his life come together.
Director Glyn Dearman
Thackeray: Michael Cochrane
George Field: John Moffatt
Shirley Field: Rosemary Leach
OsmanRifat: Nigel Anthony
Alma: Mary Wimbush
Mustafa: David March
Aydin: Richard Pearce
Miss Birch: Irene Sutcliffe
Also with Sean Barrett , Todd Boyce. Giselle Wolf, Michael Tudor-Barnes , John Rye , Simon Eastwood and Jane Whittenshaw.
Repeated 8th April 1996.
[There were three further Thackeray stories, broadcast 27/8/97, 3/9/97, 10/9/97 repeated on 7/2/98, 14/2/98, and 21/2/98.]

14th December 1995:
Tales of the Bizarre:
Have I Got a Chocolate Bar for You by Ray Bradbury dramatised by Catherine Czerkawska.
Director Hamish Wilson
Introduced by: Ray Bradbury
Father Malley: T.P. McKenna
Young man: John Yule

16th December 1995:
Saturday Playhouse: Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, dramatised by Tina Pepler.
Music by Peter Howell of the BBC Radiophone Workshop. Director Michael Eartey
Pinocchio: Mark Burrows
Geppetto the toymaker: Stephen Moore
Grille: Christian Rodska
Mr Cherry/Bravaccio/Innkeeper/Grasso/ Whale/Farmer: Bill Wallis
Volpino/Trapezio: Phil Daniels
Felina: Tilly Vosburgh
Celestina: Charlotte Attenborough
Alidoro/Drummer/Tunny Fish: David Holt
Marcello: David Cooper
Pulcinella/Eugenia: Deborah Berlin
Harlequin/Giorgio: Joshua Towb
Repeated from 27th December 1994

16th December 1995:
Saturday Night Theatre: The Flying Dutchman Newly dramatised by Roger Danes
A drama that tells the story behind the songs.
Director Adrian Bean
Willem Vanderdecken: Owen Teale
Katerina Groot/Katerina Vanderdecken: Elaine Claxton
De Wit/Sutcliffe: Hugh Kermode
M Lamartine: Olivier Pierre
Genevieve Lamartine: Tina Gray
Breukink: John Evitts
Wilde: Derek Waring
Gelder: Lyndam Gregory
De Vries: Peter Yapp
Framboos: Malcolm Ward
Retief/Rijkart: Russell Floyd
Jacob: Richard Pearce
Viljoen: Daniel Davies
Van Der Merwe: Daniel Davies
Massen/Piet Coertze: David Jarvis
Dr Nuysen: Peter Whitman
Repeated from 19th November 1994

18th December 1995:
14.00 :
For a Son by Carey Harrison.
Comedy set in 12th-century Spain.
Music by Ian Harker.
Director Cherry Cookson
Don Pedro: Geoffrey Palmer
Rodrigo: Philip Jackson
King Alfonso: David Horovitch
Queen Uracca: Barbara Flynn
Chronicler: James Grout
Prince Fernando: Ian Masters
also with Natasha Pyne, Derek Waring, Michael Tudor Barnes, Gavin Muir and Peter Yapp.
Repeated from 22nd December 1994
Repeated 13th December 1997
Also broaddcast on BBC World Service December 1995

18th December 1995:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Novel by Ken Kesey. Adapted by Martyn Read from the stage version by Dale Wasserman.
Committed to a mental institution in 50s America, the rebellious and somewhat psychopathic R. P. McMurphy confronts the harsh, unforgiving discipline of Nurse Ratched.
Director David Hitchinson
R P McMurphy: Bob Sherman
Nurse Ratched: Margaret Robertson
Dale Harding: William Roberts
Billy Bibbet: Kerry Shale
Cheswick: Matt Zimmerman
Martini: John Cassady
Chief Bromden: William Hootkins
Dr Spivey: Stuart Milligan
Candy Starr: Susannah Fellows
Nurse Flynn/Sandra: Barbara Barnes
Warren/Turkle: Al Matthews
Repeated from 15th April 1989

18th December 1995:
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre:They Can't Take That Away from Me By Richard Pearce.
Mary, 82, and Jack, 86, meet on a ferry travelling from the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth and discover that Christmas can still be magical, even if you are octogenarians.
Director Glyn Dearman
Mary: Mary Wimbush
Jack: Maurice Denham
Lad: Ross Livingstone
Debs/Brenda: Jilly Bond
B&Bwoman: Tessa Worsley
Stella: Becky Hindley
Also with Andrew Branch. David Timson. Jill Shilling and Jane Whittenshaw.

20th December 1995:
14.00 :
Thriller Playhouse: Blonde for Danger by Berkeley Grey adapted by Guy Fithen.
Music by Robert Rigby.
Directed by Adrian Bean
A Mr Punch production
Christopher Cazenove: Norman Conquest
Pixie: Bonnie Langford
Chief Inspector Williams: Richard Davies
Mandeville Livingstone: Colin Spaull
J J Pace: Bill Nighy
Also with Alice Arnold, Shaun Prendergast, Anthony Jackson and Ali Hames.
Repeated 12th May 1998.

21st December 1995:
14.00 :
Sealed with a Kiss By Patrick Cumper.
When romantic novelist Ellen retreats to the country to write, she is unwittingly torn between two neighbours: Maureen, a sherry-drinking committee chairperson, and Carita, bawdy nude sunbather.
Director Michelle Matherson Frederick
Ellen: Josette Simon
Lady: Serena Donacroll
Alan: Roger May
Maureen: Jane Whittenshaw
Carita: Becky Hindley
Raoul: Jonathan Keeble

21st December 1995:
23.00 :
Tales of the Bizarre:
The Jar, by Ray Bradbury, dramatised by Brian Sibley.
Charlie buys a jar from the carnival and suddenly his house and wife are the centre of attention.
Director Martin Jenkins
Charlie: Roger May
Carny Boss: Andrew Branch
Thedy: Shelley Thompson
Tom: Paul Jenkins
Clem: Bob Sherman
Gramps: John Hartley
Grannie: Helen Horton
Mrs Tridden: Carole Boyd
Duke: David Collings
Yardoo: Ray Shell
Also with Paul Jenkins, Bob Sherman, John Hartley, Helen Horton, Carole Boyd, David Collings and Ray Shell.
[If you've missed this story so far, it originated in Weird Tales in 1944 and has been appearing in various guises ever since. Watch for Tim Burton's production of 1986 or the original 1964 episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Hour".]

23rd December 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen adapted by Berlie Doherty.
Gerda sets off into the wide world to find her playmate Kay, who has been seduced away by the powerful Snow
Queen to her ice palace in the far north.
Music by David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier
Director Janet Whitaker
Narrator: Dirk Bogarde
The Snow Queen: Diana Rigg
Gerda: Samantha Glen
Kay: James Cohen
Grandmama: Margaret John
Troll/Robber Queen: Peter Woodthorpe
Robber Girl: Emma Wray
Baabaa, reindeer: Bill Paterson
Crow: Paul Copley
Crow's sweetheart: Natasha Pyne
Princess: Annabel Mullion
Prince: Oliver Senton
Finn Woman: Kristin Milward
Also with Don McCorkindale , Gavin Muir, George Parsons, Joshua Towb. Deborah Berlin, Robbie Gill, David Cooper, Adam Morley and Laurence Amias.
Repeated from 24th December 1994

23rd December 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre:Christmas Eve By Nikolai Gogol, dramatised by Stephen Wyatt.
When the Devil steals the moon on Christmas Eve, magic and mayhem befall the villagers of Dikanka. Director Sally Avens
The Devil: Nickolas Grace
Vakula: Scott Ransome
Chub: Peter Jeffrey
Oksana: Julia Ford
Solokha: Louise Jameson
Also with Patrick Barlow. Gavin Muir.
Stephen Critchlow, Wayne Foskett, Patience Tomlinson, John Hartley, David Timson, Geoffrey Whitehead, Jane Whittenshaw and David Collings

23rd December 1995:
23.30 :
A Wagner Matinee by Willa Cather, Dramatised by Sara Baker.
Repeated from 16th March 1995 - please refer to that date.

24th December 1995:
14.30 :
Baboushka By Nick Warburton.
When the Three Kings seek shelter at Baboushka's home, a tragic story of loss unfolds. But their visit also brings salvation.
Director Sally Avens
Baboushka: Ann Mitchell
Caspar: Michael Maloney
Michael: Alun Armstrong
Katya: Tracy Wiles
Joram: Simon Treves
Balthazar: James Taylor
Repeated 24th December 1996

24th December 1995:
22.45 :
The Christmas Letter By Adrian Mourby.
A romance between two lonely people brought together by a succession of sick cats.
Producer Brian King
Sian: Brenda Blethyn
Roger: Martin Jarvis


25th December 1995:
11.30 :
At Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie, draatised by Michael Bakewell in five parts.
Director Enyd Williams
Canon Pennyfather: Maurice Denham
Chief Inspector Davy: Frederick Jaeger

Gorringe: Jillie Meers
Bess Sedgwick: Sian Phillips
Miss Marple: June Whitfield
Elvira Blake: Tracy Wiles

Also with
Patrick Allen, Geoffrey Bayldon, Andrew Branch, David Collings, Margaret Courtenay, Zulema Dene, Garard Green, John Hartley, Freddie Jones, Ross Livingstone, Preston Lockwood, Gavin Muir, Sarah Plowright, Alan Rowe, Louisa Seddon, David Timson, Patience Tomlinson, Geoffrey Whitehead, Jane Whittenshaw, Tessa Worsley, Sandra James Young

Parts 2-5 broadcast: Daily 26th-29th December 1995.
Repeated on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009


25th December 1995:
14.00 :
The Nutcracker Christmas By Nicholas McInerny.
It's Christmas Eve in Moscow and Natalia can't go to the Boishoi.
Tchaikovsky's music music realised by Matthew Bailey and Stewart Lucas.
Director Alison Hindell
Igor: Bernard Hepton
Anna: Stella Gonet
Natalia: Siriol Jenkins
Young Igor: Ashley Bird
Clara: Deborah Berlin
Boris: Patrick Brennan
Dmitri: Richard Pearce
Victoria: Melanie Walters
Grigori: Richard Tate
Drosselmeyer: Ivor Roberts
Mouse King: David Bannerman
Repeated 28th December 1996


25th December 1995:
19.45 :
Private Lives by Noël Coward
Repeated from 30th January 1995, please refer to that date.


26th December 1995:
14.00 :
Box of Delights By John Masefield. A two-part dramatisation by John Peacock, with music by Neil Brand.
1: When the Wolves Were Running
Director David Blount
Abner Brown: Donald Sinden
Cole Hawlings: Lionel Jeffries
Kay Harker: Alastair Sooke
Peter: Benjamin Guy
Maria: Kimberley Staines
Jemima: Elisa Mason
Susan: Holly Vote
Sylvia Daisy Pouncer: Celia Imrie
Also with Simon Treves, David Holt, Geoffrey Matthews, David March, Chris Emmett, Gavin Muir. Richard Tate, Sandra James Young, Jane Whittenshaw, Jill Graham, David Collings, Jonathan Keeble, Paul Jenkins, John Hartley, Zulema Dene and Roger May

Additional actors in Part 2:
Spike Milligan as Arnold of Todi

Part 2 broadcast 27th December 1995.
Repeated 30th and 31st December 1996.


28th December 1995:
14.00 :
Theo By Moya O'Shea.
Made in Germany in 1908, a cinnamon plush bear with boot button eyes, still with the Steiff button in his ear, discovers he is Lot 107.
Director Tracey Neale
Theo: Martin Jarvis
Little Tom: Thomas Connor
Tom: Ross Livingstone
MrLonsdale: David Collings
Mrs Lonsdale: Jilly Bond
Jessie: Becky Hindley
Hannah: Caroline Strong
Also with Zulema Dene, Jonathan Keeble, Linda Regan, George Allonby, Jack Allonby, Jane Whittenshaw Sandra James Young, Gary Bryden, Stephen Critchlow, Henry Cormack, Jonathan Praeger, Alexis Edyvean, Paul Jenkins and John Turner.
Repeated 14th December 1996
Also repeated on BBC7 2008, 2009

28th December 1995:
19.20 :
Berkoffs Macbeth, based on Shakespeare, an "innovative version" by David Benedictus
At 7.20 Steven Berkoff talks about playing the title role in a new adaptation of Shakespeare's play (Producer Jocelyn Boxall)- followed by the play at 7.30.
A near-continuous score by Mark Glentworth.
A Ladbroke Radio production in association with G & J Productions
Macbeth: Steven Berkoff
Lady Macbeth: Linda Marlowe
Duncan: Lee Montague
Three Witches: Cleo Laine
Malcolm: Timothy Walker
Banquo: Ian Hogg
Macduff: Samuel West
Porter: Craig Charles
Lady Macduff: Suzan Sylvester
Angus: William Russell
Old Siward: Howard Goorney
Donalbain: Dyfed Thomas
Lennox: Gary Raymond
Ross: Michael Grandage
Fleance: Harry Peacock
Young Macduff: Thomas Orange
[Recording date was 24th July 1995]

29th December 1995:
14.00 :
Heidi By Johanna Spyri. dramatised by Berlie Docherty.
Heidi is 5 years old when she first goes to live in the Swiss Alps.
Director Janet Whitaker
Heidi: Ciara Janson
Grandfather: Richard Johnson
Fraulein Rottenmeier: Rosalind Knight
HerrSesemann: Michael N Harbour
Frau Sesemann: Margaret Courtenay
Also with Kirsty Adams, Mark Burrows, Debbie Arnold, Zulema Dene, Patience Tomlinson, Christopher Good, Nevilte Jason, James Greene, Sandra James Young, Mark Straker, Paul Bailey, David Collings and Michael Muskett.
Repeated on BBC7 in 2006 and 2009

30th December 1995:
14.30 :
Saturday Playhouse: Seaton's Aunt By Jonathan Holloway, based on the short story by Walter de la Mare.
Rupert Withers meets Seaton's aunt only three times in his life, but she leaves an indelible impression.
Music by Adrian Johnston.
Director David Hunter
Rupert Withers: Samuel West
Seaton's aunt: Margaret Robertson
Seaton as a boy: Teresa Gallagher
Withersa boy: Melinda Walker
Arthur Seaton: Andrew Wincott
Also with Jonathan Keeble, Patience Tomlinson, Tracy Wiles, Zulema Dene, Tessa Worsley and John Hartley
Repeated 23rd November 1996

30th December 1995:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Death of an Ugly Sister by John Peacock.
A pantomime chiller. Cinderella is missing, her understudy is panicking, and the police are investigating a death.
Music by Trevor Allan Davies, with Herbie Flowers and Mark Doffman
Director Ned Chaillet
Tina (Hombilis Hardupp/Fairy Godmother): Tina Gray
Billy (Dyspepsia): Roy Barraclough
Joe (Amphibia): Paul Shane
Rose: Sandra Voe
Harry (Baron Hardupp): John Halstead
Petra (Cinderella's Understudy): Linda Regan
Oz (Buttons): Christopher Simon
Gwen: Jillie Meers
Wally: Gordon Reid
Jane: Annabel Mullion
Clifford: Crawford Logan
Johnson: Peter Yapp
Charlie (Dandini): Oliver Senton
Duggie (Prince Charming): David Learner
Mathieson: Michael Tudor Barnes
Also with James Beattie and Becky Hindley
Repeated from 10th December 1994

30th December 1995:
23.30 :
A Landscape Painter by Henry James Dramatised by Stanley Richardson
Repeated from 23rd March 1995- please refer to that date.


31st December 1995:
The Barchester Chronicles: Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope adapted in three episodes by Martyn Wade.
Book 2, episode 1.
Director Cherry Cookson
Septimus Harding: Alec McCowen
Eleanor Bold: Juliet Aubrey
Slope: Simon Russell Beale
Mrs Proudie: Rosemary Leach
Dr Grantly: Stephen Moore
Bishop of Barchester: Peter Howell
Dr Proudie: David Horovitch
Also with Belinda Lang, Michael Cochrane, Jilly Bond, Jonathan Keeble, Zulema Dene, Stephen Critchlow and Patience Tomlinson.

Book 2, episode 1 repeated 5th January 1996
Book 2, episodes 2 and 3 broadcast 7th and 14th January 1996, repeated 12th and 19th January 1996.
Please see 19th November 1995 for the broadcast dates of each of the books.


31st December 1995:
19.00 :
Children's BBC Radio 4: Tales from the Perilous Realm:
Farmer Giles of Ham by J R R Tolkien, dramatised by Brian Sibley in two parts.
Simple Farmer Giles wants nothing more than to get on with his daily business, but after he frightens off a giant his fame begins to spread. So, when the dragon Chrysophylax begins to stalk the land Giles finds himself the people's champion.
Director John Taylor.
Tolkien: Michael Hordern
Farmer Giles: Brian Blessed
Chrysophylax: Stephen Thorne

Part 2 broadcast 7th January 1996.
First broadcast on Radio 5: 16th and 23rd August 1992.


Favourite OCR mis-spells from BBC Genome:
Fanning Today
The Worm this Weekend
The worm at one
The wodd at one
The living worm
I'm Sony I Haven't a Clue
This Seeped Isle

Many thanks to Stephen Shaw for compiling this list, sorting out corrections and other supplementary information. Note that all of this has been done by hand - Ed.

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