InField 2010
Institute on Field Linguistics and Language Documentation
June 21 July 30, 2010

University of Oregon
Workshops: June 21 July 2, 2010
NILI Summer Institute: June 21 July 2, 2010
SILS and Language Conferences: June 25 27, 2010
Laboratory Week: July 5 9, 2010
Field Training: July 5 30, 2010

InField 2010 is an opportunity for linguists, language activists, language teachers and
members of minority language communities to receive linguistics field training on topics
relevant to language documentation, maintenance, and revitalization. During the two weeks of
workshops, participants will have the option of attending class sessions of the Northwest Indian
Language Institute (NILI). Following the two-week workshop session, we will offer at least three
sections of an official university course entitled Language Documentation Methods and Practices.
Students will earn 8 hours of either undergraduate credit (LING 408) or graduate credit (LING 608).

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