Mr.K.M.Bosire, Ekegusii Encyclopedic Projects Director

    Kennedy reports from Mombasa:

    "Many things have had to be re-examined and re-organized and updated so that we can have the dictionary edited and ready for printing. Our co-editor, Carlos Nash of UCSB, has done an excellent job so far, and the layout and content looks impressive.

At the closing meeting of Infield 2010 I was nominated as a member of the Steering Board to serve for the next four years, 'drawing experience from my works with communities, documenting a language, and as a language activist'.

We have done a great deal of work on the online version of the dictionary, and we will soon be ready to launch. We are investigating the best way to do so; it must be affordable, secure, give a return to ensure the project has a flow of funds, and yet be available to all.

We are also beginning work on an English-Ekegusii dictionary as a supplement to the Ekegusii-English dictionary, targeting learners of Ekegusii. It will be a smaller book than the original dictionary but the two used in tandem will enrich each other considerably.

We have also been busy collecting and assigning pictures & sound recordings to the online lexicon.

A further progress report should follow in November. There is still much proofreading and correcting to do."

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