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1 Jan 20: Poetry - Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats

2 Jan 20:Eight Point Nine Nine
By James Fritz and Becky Ripley. What if doping were allowed in athletics? How much faster could we go? And at what cost? A retelling of the Julian Mason scandal, a year after the closure of Project Hermes, the doping program which enabled Mason to run the 100m in under nine seconds. What drove the scientists at the heart of the project? What made the athletes sign up? And who was to blame when things went wrong? Drama-doc.

3 Jan 20: Enemies of the System
Three political discover the Chinese are seeking their advice. Two English diplomats are flying to Beijing. They meet Benedict, a former Chief Advisor to the American President. They are flying to Beijing. They have been summoned by the Chinese government to advise on how to deal with the protests in Hong Kong. Heck: Paul Rhys, Danny: Julian Wadham, Benedict: Matt Rippy, Ruby: Macy Nyman, Mai-Ling: Michelle Yim, Yu Haigwang: David K S Tse, Producer: Eoin O’Callaghan. Indie (Big Fish Production).

4 Jan 20: Saturday Drama - Unmade Movies: The Hook
By Arthur Miller, rpt. A 1950s Brooklyn longshoreman is fired for standing up to his corrupt union boss, but decides to fight back by standing for union president. 1951....The Brooklyn Docks, dawn. Hundreds of longshoreman queue in line to see if they’re going to be given a counter and picked for work in that day’s gang. It’s dangerous work, but with a hierarchy of corrupt union bosses all taking backhanders, they have no option but to accept. The play is part of a season of radio adaptions of unproduced screenplays by the major authors of the 20th century. Narrator - David Suchet, Marty - Elliot Cowan, Louis - Nigel Lindsay, Rocky - Michael Feast, Farragut - Tim Pigott-Smith, Piggy - Nathan Wiley, Enzo - Jonathan Guy Lewis, Sleeper - Kerry Shale, Therese - Joanne Pearce, Old Dominic - Vincent Riotta, Mama - Lorelei King, Irene - Hollie Burgess, Pete - Leo Heller. Screenplay written by Arthur Miller. Adapted for radio by Laurence Bowen. Sound Design by Wilfredo Acosta. Directed by Adrian Noble. Produced by Laurence Bowen. Indie (Feelgood Productions). About 2 hours.

5 Jan 20: Classic Serial slot: Riot Days
Rpt. of Maria Alyokhina's account of her activism, trial and imprisonment, as part of Russian feminist punk protest group Pussy Riot. Dramatised by E V Crowe. Directed by Emma Harding. Maria.....Katie West, Nadya.....Kerry Gooderson,Katya.....Kathryn Drysdale,Bass Player.....Saffron Coomber, Petya.....Cameron Percival,Investigator Igor.....Ronny Jhutti; All other parts played by Lucy Doyle, Alexandra Constantinidi, Clare Corbett, Tony Turner, Michael Bertenshaw, Carolyn Pickles, Christopher Harper and Jeanette Percival. Guitarist....Lewis Turner. Additional material from Pussy Riot, A Punk Prayer for Freedom (Feminist Press) and Maria Alyokhina's closing courtroom statement translated by a collaborative team of translators, Marijeta Bozovic, Maksim Hanukai, and Sasha Senderovich, edited by Bela Shayevich, originally published on the website of n+1 magazine.

6 Jan 20:Road to Lisbon
Rpt. from 15 Oct 18.By Douglas Livingstone and producer Jane Morgan; a recent production from a long series of 'Road' stories which began in 1983. In each play,a specially recorded soundtrack made at a major festival is used to create a drama. In this episode, a man is caught up in the Feast of St. Anthony as he tries to discover a family secret with roots in Portugal's fascist past. Tony: Carl Prekopp, Sharmila: Carlyss Peer, Joan: Elizabeth Rider, Paulo: David Westhead, receptionist and Alonso: Andre Flynn, American tourist: Julie Fitzpatrick, Azra: Cleo Sylvestre, Fernando: Malcolm Sinclair. Producer, as mentioned above: Jane Morgan.

7 Jan 20: Seven Pomegranate Seeds
By Colin Teevan. It is summer, and a young girl is stolen under the ground. Up in the world, her mother searches for her lost child, her grief so powerful that the ground hardens into winter. The play draws on Greek mythology to weave a new contemporary story. Based on the stage play. Originally based on seven of Euripedes’ female characters - Persephone, Hypsipyle, Medea, Alcestis, Phaedra, Creusa and Demeter. Niamh Cusack, Ruth Bradley and Leah McNamara. Produced by Allegra McIlroy. BBC Northern Ireland.

8 Jan 20: Someone Dangerous, 1
By Andy Mulligan. Thriller. A couple move into a big house with an unpleasant history. It is unfortunate that only the man knows what happened there. Jed: Rob Jarvis, Ira: Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton, Mr Turner.....Harry Myers, D.I McCabe.....Keir Charles, Yola.....Emma Carter, Estate Agent.....Ewan Bailey, Henna.....Ayeesha Menon, Plumber.....Jonathan Abbott, Saboni.....Lydia Daniston, Young Woman's voice.....Jade Matthew. Original Music by Jon Ouin. Sound Design by Laurence Farr. Produced by Emma Hearn. producer: John Scott Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk).

9 Jan 20: Someone Dangerous, 2
By Andy Mulligan. When Ira finds the young woman's diary under the floor boards, she begins to suspect murder. But all is not what it seems. Jed.....Rob Jarvis, Ira.....Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton, Mr Turner.....Harry Myers, D.I McCabe.....Keir Charles, Yola.....Emma Carter, Coroner....Ewan Bailey, Henna.....Ayeesha Menon, Saboni.....Lydia Daniston, Voice of Young Woman.....Jade Matthew, Sally.....Natasha North. Original Music by Jon Ouin,Sound Design by Laurence Farr, Produced by Emma Hearn.Producer: John Scott Dryden Indie (Goldhawk).

10 Jan 20: My Dad's Wardrobe
By Frazer Flintham.Comedy; a 12 year old boy's attempts to recover his dad's clothes. But there's much more to Louie's mission than merely getting out of trouble. Louie ..... Aaron Gelkoff, John ..... Luca Evans, Mum .... Heather Craney, Sam ..... Ikky Elyas, Dad ..... Clive Hayward, Clodd ..... Gerard McDermott, Dean ..... Will Kirk, Mary ..... Lucy Reynolds, Charity shop man ..... Neil McCaul, Librarian ..... Jessica Turner, Park-Keeper ..... Adam Courting, Heather ..... Sinead MacInnes, Park woman ..... Laura Christy, T-Shirt girl ..... Scarlett Courtney, Swimming coach ..... Greg Jones. Producer: David Hunter.

11 Jan 20: Saturday Drama: The Dreaming Child
Unmade Movie by Harold Pinter. World premiere,based on a Karen Blixen short story. It's Bristol in 1868 and Emily, married to Tom Carter, is haunted by her first love affair with a young soldier who subsequently dies at sea. Seven years later and unable to have children themselves, they decide to adopt a boy from the slum. Jack however is not an ordinary child, and seems to know everything about his new home and family. Narrator - Anne Reid, Emily - Lydia Leonard, Tom - Bertie Carvel, Charlie - Joshua Silver, Mrs Jones - Joanna Scanlan, Miss Scott - Susan Woolridge, Jack - Jack Hollington, Peggy - Rose Leslie, Bess - Bryony Hannah, Mr Rudd - Karl Johnson, Mr Carter - Malcolm Sinclair, Children - Flynn Allen,Esme Allen-Quarmby,Isabella Blake-Thomas, Joey Price. Adapted by Joanna Hogg and Laurence Bowen' Producer: Laurence Bowen. Director: Joanna Hogg. Indie (Feelgood Productions).

12 Jan 20: Classic Serial slot: Riot Days, 2
Rpt.of Maria Alyokhina's account of her activism, trial and imprisonment, as part of Russian feminist punk protest group Pussy Riot. Dramatised by E V Crowe. Maria.....Katie West, Nadya.....Kerry Gooderson, Katya.....Kathryn Drysdale, Beautician.....Saffron Coomber, Lena.....Alexandra Meyrick, Olga.....Roslyn Hill, Prosecutor.....Tony Turner, Defence Attorney Violetta.....Clare Corbett, Guard.....Carolyn Pickles, Oksana.....Lucy Doyle, Major.....Michael Bertenshaw, Judge.....Ronny Jhutti, Guard 2....Jeanette Percival, Prisoner....Alexandra Constantinidi, Producer: Emma Harding, Guitarist....Lewis Turner.

13 Jan 20: Behind Closed Doors, Series 4, ep.1: Life chances
By Clara Glynn. A series of dramas set at legal hearings. This episode is set in the Court of Protection. Emily Cross has a history of anorexia. After collapsing at a Tube Station she has been admitted to an eating disorder unit for the third time. Emily is dangerously ill but refusing treatment. Should she be force fed? Barrister Rebecca Nyman is in court to look after the patient’s interests. Barrister Rebecca Nyman ……Clare Corbett, Jemima MacFadyen …… …Amiera Darwish, Barnaby McNeish ……Peter Forbes, Judge …… Susan Jameson, Dr Hall/George Cross ……Jack Klaff, Letitia Cross ………Joanna Monro, Emily Cross ………Lucy Wells, Dr Jude Meredith ……Debbie Korley, Stella ……Helen Clapp. Producer/director: David Ian Neville. BBC Scotland.

14 Jan 20: Behind Closed Doors, 2: Best Interests
By Clara Glynn. Esti, a divorced Jewish mother, has come to the Family Courts to stop her ex-husband changing their children’s schools. Yossi, the father, has left the Charedi community and wants his children to go to a co-ed. Barrister Rebecca Nyman represents the mother in the dispute. Barrister Rebecca Nyman ……Clare Corbett, Esti Shieman ……Oriion Ben, Judge ……David Acton, Yossi Shieman ……Daniel Ben Zenou, Simon Frear ………Ilan Goodman, Mary Bates ……Kate Barton. Producer/director: David Ian Neville. BBC Scotland.

15 Jan 20: Behind Closed Doors, 3: More than Kissing
By Clara Glynn. The Court of Protection must decide if an eighteen year-old with learning difficulties should be allowed to have sex. Harry is 18 with learning difficulties who enjoys and wants to have sex. His parents think he's too vulnerable and could be put at risk. The Court of Protection must decide what is best. Barrister Rebecca Nyman ……Clare Corbett, Harry Grant ……Ryan Whittle, Joanna Grant ……Debra Baker, Charles Fenwick-Pagett QC..Owen Oakeshott, Judge ………Dan Starkey, Ms Gill ……Caroline Lawrie, Dr Theo Field ………Chris Pavlo. Producer/director: David Ian Neville. BBC Scotland.

16 Jan 20: Behind Closed Doors, 4: Mediation
By Clara Glynn. Maud and Martin's father, a widower, has died and left his whole estate to a twenty-two year-old dog walker. Why? Will the will be challenged? Going to court could be expensive and there are no guarantees. Mediation is a sensible first step, otherwise the legal profession will probably get most of the money. Barrister Rebecca Nyman ……Clare Corbett, Martin Armstrong……Stephen Rashbrook, Maud Armstrong……Samantha Spiro, Hope James ……Sarah Ovens. Producer/director: David Ian Neville. BBC Scotland.

17 Jan 20: Behind Closed Doors, 5: The Balance of Probabilities.
By Clara Glynn. Daniel and Scarlett's baby son was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night and died two days later. Did Daniel cause the baby's injuries? The local authority has taken the couple's baby daughter into care. Barrister Rebecca Nyman has been engaged to represent Daniel in Court. Barrister Rebecca Nyman …Clare Corbett, Daniel ………Samuel Harris, Scarlett ……Georgia Burnell, Dr Bukhari ...Saikat Ahamed, Henry Neil……David Hounslow, Thomas Marengo.……Sean Baker, Sarah Maitland……Melissa Woodbridge, Judge…………Chris Harper, Health Visitor...Helen Clapp. Producer:: David Ian Neville. BBC Scotland.

18 Jan 20: Saturday Play - Animal Farm
By George Orwell (Eric Blair), rpt. One night, on an English farm, Major the boar recounts his vision of an utopia where his fellow creatures own the land along with the means of production and are no longer the slaves of humans. Before long, his dream comes true and for a short while all animals really are equal. But the clever pigs educate themselves and soon learn how to extend their power. George Orwell described his short novel as a fairy story. It's a satire on how the Communist system really works. Narrator ..... Tamsin Greig, Napoleon .....Nicky Henson, Squealer ..... Toby Jones, Snowball ..... Patrick Brennan, Boxer ..... Ralph Ineson, Clover ..... Liza Sadovy, Major ..... Robert Blythe, Benjamin ..... Paul Stonehouse, Muriel ..... Sarah Thom, Mollie ..... Lizzy Watts, With Eleanor Crooks, Ben Crowe, Will Howard, Gerard McDermott, Adam Nagaitis and Stephanie Racine. Musical director ..... Neil Bran. Adapted from his own novel by George Orwell Producer ..... Alison Hindell.

19 Jan 20: Classic Serial slot - Oliver: Lagos to London, 1
By Charles Dickens / Ayeesha Menon, in three episodes. Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist is a powerful indictment of child poverty and exploitation. This is an imaginative updating of the story for today, beginning in modern-day Nigeria. A young orphan’s search for family and home. Ten year old Oli plays with best friend Mene but the next day, the oil company will come to take their land. When the villagers fight back many of them are killed, leaving Oli and Mene as orphans. They have to find work to survive. Oli - Jordan Nash, Young Mene - Maryam Drammeh, Agnes - Bisola Elizabeth Alabi, Saro - Charles Venn, Tinubu - Danny Sapani, Pastor Solomon - Cyril Nri, Mene - Tamara Lawrance, Miss Saffron Hill - Jocelyn Jee Esien, Jann - Alexander Campbell, Kwame - Alfie Nash, Mrs Solomon -Jumoke Fashola, Noah - Samuel Adebayo, Dodger - Nifemi Bankole, Bet - Nina Cassells. The children in the mine are played by Ethan Langley, Isiah Adeyeye, Marvellous Aigbedion and Saria Joye. Produced by Gill Parry. Directed by Michael Buffong. Music by Tunde Jegede. Sound design by David Thomas and Steve Bond. Photography by The Masons. Development concept written by Silas Parry. Sound Interns: Makee Ogbon and Kairon Edwards. Production Interns: Samantha Mandaza and Jayesh Fernando. Production Manager: Sarah Tombling. Executive Producer: John Scott Dryden. Indie (CONNECTfilm Productions, Scotland)

20 Jan 20: Burma
By Mike Walker, rpt. The first of four dramas featuring episodes in the life of Eric Blair. After an undistinguished academic career at Eton, Eric left in December 1921. Unlike most of his friends, his parents could not afford to send him to University. When the girl he hoped to marry rejected him, he went Burma to join the colonial police. His experiences in Burma affected him profoundly. He later wrote of 'A Hanging' and 'Shooting An Elephant', and his first novel, 'Burmese Days'. Eric Blair . . . Joseph Millson, Jacintha Buddicom . . . Sophie Roberts, Wilson . . . Joseph Kloska, Inspector d'Souza . . . Ernest Ignatius, Burmese youth . . . Armaan Kirmani, Man on Train . . . Derek Riddell, Ted . . . Alun Raglan. BBC Wales, producer Kate McAll.

21 Jan 20: Dreaming
By Mike Walker, rpt. The second of four plays about Eric Blair (George Orwell). In September 1938, Eric and Eileen Blair leave London for Marrakech. He is hoping that the climate will be good for his health, and that he will be able to complete his novel 'Coming Up for Air'. Eric Blair... Joseph Millson, Eileen Blair... Lyndsey Marshal, Georges Kopp... Ewan Bailey, Tommy... Paul Stonehouse, With Ben Crowe and Will Howard, Producer: Jeremy Mortimer.

22 Jan 20: Loving
By Mike Walker, rpt. Eric Blair's relationship with the opposite sex could be a distraught one; over the course of his lifetime, he made several awkward marriage proposals to different women. But his relationship with Eileen O'Shaugnessy, whom he married in 1935, had a huge influence both on his life and his writing. This drama explores the nine years of their relationship. Eric Blair . . . Joseph Millson, Eileen O'Shaugnessy/Blair . . . Lyndsey Marshal, Dorothy . . . Isabella Marshall, Lydia Jackson . . . Vera Filatova, Inspector Summerfield . . . Dick Bradnum, Len . . . Alun Raglan. BBC Wales, produced by Kate McAll.

23 Jan 20: Jura
By Jonathan Holloway, rpt. In 1947, the year after Eileen's death, Eric leaves London and moves to Jura, with his sister Avril, and his three year old son. He is suffering from tuberculosis but is determined to try and make a go of living off the land. But most of all he is determined to finish Nineteen Eighty-Four, his final book. Eric Blair..Joseph Millson, Avril Blair...Liza Sadovy, David Holbrook... Adam Nagaitis, Sonia Orwell ...Stephanie Racine, Ricky Blair...James Foster, Henry...Will Howard, Lucy...Alexandra Guelff, Jane...Lizzie Watts, Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

24 Jan 20: Five Rachels
By Katie Hims, rpt. A play about the nature of memory. Rachel seems to have discovered memories she didn't used to have. She thinks the memories are from her past, but the doctor doesn't agree. She tries to work out what is happening to her. Rachel Ridley: Rachel Davies, Rachel2: Kika Markham, Dr. Jones: Michael Bertenshaw, girl in the newsagent's: Sarah Ovens, library customer: Christopher Harper. Producer: Allegra McIlroy.

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