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1 Jan: Elsinore, 1
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Prequel to 'Hamlet', set in an alternative Denmark (and Europe) in the 1930s. Claudius, Hamlet's brother: John Light, King Hamlet: John Heffernan, The Dauphin: Ed Gaughan, Captain True: Chetna Pandya, Polonius: Clive Hayward, Anders/Dr. Swiss: Neil McCaul, Olssnon: Rupert H Evans, Yorick/Guard: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Katya: Isabella Inchbald, Beatrix: Abbie Andrews, Archimdes and the Prosecutor: David Reakes, Horatio and Schroeder: Philip Bretherton, Lascio: Adam Fitzgerald, Uncle: Ben Crowe, Helena: Clare Corbett, Gertrude: Lyndsey Marshal, Mrs. Helgeland: Sudha Bhuchar. Producers: Marc Beeby and Sasha Yevtushenko.

2 Jan: Elsinore, 2
Continued from yesterday.

3 Jan: Elsinore, 3
Continued from yesterday.

4 Jan: Elsinore, 4

5 Jan: Intelligence
By Sarah Wooley, based on Muriel Spark's time with MI6. Muriel: Jessica Hardwick, Sefton Delmer: Stuart McQuarrie, Marcelle / Nurse: Lucianne McEvoy, Erich / Officer: Finn den Hertog, Betty: Francesca Dymond, Crips/Hans/Engineer: Robin Laing. Producer: Gaynor MacFarlane.

6 Jan: Saturday Play: Offshore
By Penelope Fitzgerald, dram. Michael Butt. Story about a community of people who live on barges on the Thames. Nenna: Hattie Morahan, Tilda: Rosie Boore, Martha: Molly Pipe, Maurice: Joel MacCormack, Richard: Clive Hayward, Willis: Neil McCaul, Laura: Isabella Inchbald, Fr Watson and Edward: David Reakes, Pinkie: Rupert Holliday-Evans, Antiques Man: Philip Bretherton, Louise: Kath Weare, Mrs. Hodge: Ellie Darvill. Producer: David Hunter.

7 Jan: Classic Serial - Midwich Cuckoos
By John Wyndham ad. Roy Williams; Graeae company's version (disabled performers). Zellerby: Tyrone Huggins, Janet: Alexandra Mathie, Molly: Cherylee Houston, Michaela: Herman Berhane, Boy Cuckoo: Adam Ali, Girl Cuckoo: Terri Donovan. Producers: Polly Thomas and Jenny Sealey.

8 Jan: Stone, 1
By Martin Jameson. Ep. 1 of 10. More detective work using the characters devised by Danny Brocklehurst.A body is discovered after a fire at a hostel for the homeless. Stone: Hugo Speer, Sue Kelly: Deborah Andrew, Mike Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Jackie Stanton-Hope: Jill Halfpenny, Sarah: Christine Bottomley, Devon de Costa: Everal A Walsh, Grace Peverall: Susan Twist, Sully: Michael Peavoy, McAffrey: Conrad Nelson, with Sydney Wade, Kieran O'Brien, Graeme Hawley, Emily Pithon, Reuben Johnson, Olivia Sweeney, Krissi Bohn, Claire Benedict, David Schofield and Angela Lonsdale. Producers: Gary Brown and Nadia Molinari. Continued tomorrow.

9 Jan: Stone, 2
By Martin Jameson. The team investigates the homeless charity and the background of the victim. Stone's daughter starts behaving oddly. Cast, etc as yesterday; continues tomorrow.

10 Jan: Stone, 3
By Richard Monks. The father of the victim is questioned. Stone's problems with his daughter continue.

11 Jan: Stone, 4
By Richard Monks. Stone lists new suspects, but has to find them.

12 Jan: Stone, 5
By Cath Staincliffe. Stone finds one of the suspects. It is possible that mistakes were made in a connected earlier case.

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