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1 Jan: Classic Serial slot: Britt-Marie Was Here,1
By Fredrik Backman, adapted for radio by Charlotte Jones, from a translation by Henning Koch. Britt-Marie needs purpose in her life and she bravely goes out to look for it. She ends up in Borg, a quiet Swedish town. Her part-time job leads to an extraordinary turn of events, beyond anything she imagined. But she finds that bringing people into her life also brings problems and she's soon in the midst of a football drama, involved in a family crisis and at the corner of an unexpected love triangle.Britt-Marie ... Pippa Haywood, Sven ... Matthew Gravelle, Kent ... Simon Greenall, Sami ... Justin Davies , Vega ... Maddison Daye, Omar ... Christopher Benning, Pirate ... Jacob Foot, Bank ... Carys Eleri, Somebody ... Wanda Opalinska, Girl at the Unemployment Office ... Alexandria Riley, The Narrator ... Gunnar Pettersson. Directed by Janine H. Jones. BBC Wales.

2 Jan: The Exception, 1
By Christian Jungerssen, dram. Polly Thomas and Anders Lundorph. Three-episode serial. Ep 1: The Email. Iben and Melene are workers at a genocide research centre. They receive death threats, and the evidence points towards a Serbian war criminal they are investigating.Iben: Stine Stengade, Malene: Lisbeth Wulff, Anne-Lise: Kaya Bruel, Paul/Yngve: Mikkel Reenberg, with Thomas Magnusson, Jakob Oftebro, Charlotte Munck, Christopher Laessoe, Thomas Gabrielsson, Mohammed Ali Osman, Elvir Ramovic. Producers: Polly Thomas and Anders Lundorph.

3 Jan: The Exception, 2
The atmosphere worsens as suspicion falls on Anne-Lise as the source of the threatening emails. Ep. 2- The Dream. Cast etc - see 2 Jan.

4 Jan: The Exception, 3
Conclusion. Iben and Anne have become close, and Malene is increasingly isolated...then a war criminal becomes involved. Ep.3 - The Reality. Cast etc - see 2 Jan.

5 Jan: Bound
By Cat Jones and Erin Carter. Julia is a social worker. Over breakfast with her husband she prepares for her first prison case. She has to decide whether a baby should stay in prison with his young mother or live with his father and grandparents. The play is the result of a collaboration between the Prison Radio Association and BBC Radio. Frankie: Dolly-Rose Campbell, Michelle: Rachel Austin, Julia: Sally Carman, Matt: Matthew McNulty, with Samuel Holland, John Henshaw, Julia Rounthwaite and Roger Morlidge. Producer: Sharon Sephton.

6 Jan: When Ali came to Abingdon
By Bethan Roberts. Set in 1981. Muhammad Ali is about to pay a visit to a council estate in Abingdon. Described by Jane Anderson of Radio Times as a drama about women discovering their fighting spirit......Sandra: Katie Lyons, Janet: Sarah Thom, Ruth: Janice Acquah, Emma: Emma Sidi, Mick: Steve Oram, Luke: Calum Bonner. Producer: Janice H. Jones.

8 Jan - Classic Serial Slot: Britt-Marie Was Here, 2
By Fredrik Backman, adapted for radio by Charlotte Jones, from a translation by Henning Koch. Britt-Marie has to rely on the people of Borg to come through for her and the team, but suddenly the January Cup is the least of her worries as a family in crisis needs her help. Britt-Marie ... Pippa Haywood, Sven ... Matthew Gravelle, Kent ... Simon Greenall, Sami ... Justin Davies , Vega ... Maddison Daye, Omar ... Christopher Benning, Pirate ... Jacob Foot, Bank ... Carys Eleri, Somebody ... Wanda Opalinska, Girl at the Unemployment Office ... Alexandria Riley, The Narrator ... Gunnar Pettersson. Directed by Janine H. Jones. BBC Wales.

9 Jan: The Corrupted, new series, 1
By G.F.Newman. The drama follows the fortunes of the Oldman family, from small-time business and petty crime to their entanglement in the higher echelons of society. It's the 1970s and Joseph Oldman is trying to get his son out of jail. Joesph Oldman: Toby Jones, Brian: Joe Armstrong, Tony Wednesday: Alec Newman, Cath: Izabella Urbanowicz, Margaret Courtney: Flora Montgomery, Jack: Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Leah: Jasmine Hyde, Lord Goodman: Edward Max, DCI Fenwick: Theo Fraser Steele, Ken Drury: Matthew Marsh, Sir Ralph Courtney: Nick Simpson. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie: Brill Productions.

10 Jan: The Corrupted, 2
By G.F.Newman. Brian Oldman has managed to gain release from Brixton prison. Meanwhile Joseph continues to move in ever-higher circles in the Tory Party. Cast and production details - see 9 Jan.

11 Jan: The Corrupted, 3
By G.F.Newman. Joseph is expanding his business by doing deals with a Columbian drugs cartel, whilst Jack threatens violence when he thinks he is missing out. Cast and production details - see 9 Jan.

12 Jan: The Corrupted, 4
By G.F.Newman. Jack and Brian are back in prison after a kilogram of cocaine was found in Jack's flat. Cast and production details - see 9 Jan.

13 Jan: The Corrupted, 5
By G.F.Newman. Joseph continues to juggle his life around two Margarets; one is his lover, the other wants to lead the Conservative Party and run the country. Cast and production details - see 9 Jan.

14 Jan: Saturday Play - April in Paris
By John Godber. Comedy. Al and Bet's relationship is on the rocks. He has recently lost his job, she works in a shoe shop and can only dream of a better life. Then Bet wins a romantic night in Paris. Before long they are both up to their necks in culture, croissants and champagne. Al-John Godber, Bet- Jane Godber. Producer: Toby Swift.

15 Jan: Classic Serial slot: The Story of a New Name, 1
By Elena Ferrante. A novel about two lifelong female friends, adapted by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Indie (Pier Productions). In part 1, Lila becomes separated from Lena when she is forced to give up her education. Lila: Anastasia Hille, Lena: Monica Dolan, young Lila: Chloe Harris, young Lena: Daisy Tomkinson, with Tom Varey, Harriet Waters, Luke Williams, Lee Rufford, Adam Long, Joseph Palmer, Sam Lupton, Josh Bolt, Claudia Jolly, Kathryn Drysdale, Bessie Carter, Nelly Harker, Brian Fletcher, Sara Markland, Jane Whittenshaw, David Collings, Josh Dylan. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

16 Jan: The Corrupted,6
By Gordon Newman. Joseph is finding it difficult to progress with his building project. In Brixton prison, Jack is trying to take over the drug deliveries. An excellent series with a very large cast. Joseph: Toby Jones, Brian: Joe Armstrong, Tony Wednesday: Alec Newman, Cath: Izabella Urbanowicz, Margaret Courtney: Flora Montgomery, Redvers: Joseph Kloska, Jose Picado: Will Harrison-Wallace, Claude Dobbs: Jonathan Rigby, John Binden: Charles Davies, William Burt: Simon Holmes, Simon Hatfield: Joshua Akehurst, Sonia: Suzanne Proctor, DCS Slipper: Mark Perry, Terry Bishop: Sam Donnelly, Sir Robert Mark: Patrick Cremin, Sir Ralph Courtney: Nick Sampson, George Carman QC: Nigel Cooke, Jack: Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Leah: Jasmine Hyde, Lord Goodman: Edward Max, Julian Tyrwhitt: Janathan Tafler, Charles Richardson: Pat Marlowe, John Lovkhart: Charles Davies, Margaret Thatcher: Steve Nallon, Lionel Smith: Kieron Jecchinis, Martha: Serena Jennings, DC Baldwin: Tom Dawz, Airey Neave: Jonathan Rigby, Kevin Wheeler: Lucas Hare, Melford Stevenson: Richard Wilson, Sir Donald and Reggie Kray: both played by Matthew Marsh. Indie: produced by Clive Brill (Brill Productions).

17 Jan: The Corrupted,7
Brian makes a friend in the Kensington planning department. Tony Wednesday takes new information about the paedophile ring to his commanding officer. Cast etc - see 16 Jan.

18 Jan: The Corrupted,8
Joseph is recovering from a burst ulcer and is desperate to get back to work to save his building development. Cast etc - see 16 Jan.

19 Jan: The Corrupted,9
The police have found a tape proving who started the fireat Joseph's buildings. Tony Wednesday takes his information about the paedophile ring to a high ranking MP. Cast etc - see 16 Jan.

20 Jan: The Corrupted, 10
Brian faces a life sentence for a murder he says he did not commit. Joseph claims to be pulling strings to get him off. Cast etc - see 16 Jan.

21 Jan: Saturday Play: Boswell At Large
By David Ashton; a Corsican adventure based on Boswell's Corsican journals, which were written when Boswell visited Corsica in the 1760s. Boswell: Lorn MacDonald, Jacob: Alasdair Hankinson, Luigi: Andy Clark, Padre Guilio: David Ashton, Countess: Anita Vettesse, Ambrosio: Jimmy Chisholm, Paoli: Gavin Mitchell. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

22 Jan: The Story of a New Name,2
By Elena Ferrante. A novel about two lifelong female friends, adapted by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Indie (Pier Productions).Lila: Anastasia Hille, Lena: Monica Dolan, young Lila: Chloe Harris, young Lena: Daisy Tomkinson, with Tom Varey, Harriet Waters, Luke Williams, Lee Rufford, Adam Long, Joseph Palmer, Sam Lupton, Josh Bolt, Claudia Jolly, Kathryn Drysdale, Bessie Carter, Nelly Harker, Brian Fletcher, Sara Markland, Jane Whittenshaw, David Collings, Josh Dylan, Sylvester le Touzel, Becky Hindley, Ferdinand Kingsley, James Joyce. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

23 Jan: Talk To Me
By Sara Davies. The play is set in 1873; an interviewer appears on the doorstep of Karl Marx's house and passes a day with him. Karl: Matt Berry, Eleanor Marx: Nadia Hynes, Helene Demuth: Pippia Haywood, Freddy Demuth: Euan Shanahan, interviewer/Director: Mary Ward-Lowery (who also produced the play).

24 Jan: Mrs. Robinson, I Presume
By Tracy-Ann Oberman. The play is about the making of Mike Nichols' film 'The Graduate'. Mike Nichols: John Simm, Lawrence Turman: Paul Kaye, Anne Bancroft: Tracy-Ann Oberman, Dustin Hoffman: Kevin Bishop, Gene Hackman: Terry Mynott, Mel Brooks: Steve Furst, Ava Gardner: Lorelei King. Producer: Liz Anstee. Rpt.

25 Jan: The Giffnock Girls: of the Dark Past
By Marcella Evaristi. Comic drama set in Glasgow following two old schoolfriends who struggle to leave their past lives behind as they face a future without the men they married. Bianca: Siobhan Redmond, Gail: Maureen Beattie, Sammi: Daniel Boyd,

26 Jan: The Comets
By Eoin McNamee. A terminally ill woman, June, takes her daughter to the town where she was born. The girl meets a solitary man who looks after large numbers of birds.Kirstie: Erin Galway-Kendrick, Hagan: B.J.Hogg, Eddie: Ciaran McMenamin, June: Mary Moulds, Sgt. White: Kieran Lagan, Dr. McAnulty: Laura Hughes, newsreader: Nikki Gregg. Producer: Heather Larmour.

27 Jan: Pleading
By Rob Drummond. Two teenagers have been on a gap year travelling the world. Their holiday has an abrupt change of direction when, after spending some time in Australis, they enter a Far East country and something is discovered in their luggage. Freya: Kim Allan, Michael: Brian Vernal, Rasiah: Atta Yaqub. Producer: David Ian Neville. Jane Anderson liked this; her review in RT describes it as a tightly plotted drama, with the listener switching empathy from the teenagers to the barrister doing her best to defend them.

28 Jan: Saturday Play: Inspector Chen, 1
Episode title- A Tale of Two Cities. By Qiu Xiaolong, dram. John Harvey. Series 2, new. Inspector Chen is now Special Envoy to the Emperor. His first task in the role is to investigate the death of the head of Shanghai's anti-corruption squad. Chen: Jamie Zubairi, Yu: Dan Li, Catherine Rohn: Pippa Beckett-Warner., Zhao: Louise Mal newberry, Dong: Nicholas Murchie, Gu: John Dougall, Bao: John Bowler, Secretary: Kezia Joseph, reporter: Gavi Singh Chera. Producer: David Hunter.

29 Jan: Classic Serial slot: Aurora Leigh
By Elizabeth B. Browing. Epic poem dramatised by M.S.Roberts. Aurora Leigh: Joanna Vanderham, Romney Leigh: Bryan Dick, Marian Erie: Emily Pithon, Lady Waldemar: Rosina Carbone, Lord Howe: Toby Hadoke. Producer: Charlotte Riches. The incidental music drew praise from RT's reviewer, Chris Gardner.

30 Jan: Comment Is Free
By James Fritz, rpt. This play won the Imison and the Tinniswood Awards, announced on 29 Jan (yesterday) at the Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House. A woman with an outspoken media-man as a husband goes through very hard times after he goes a step too far on a television programme and someone stabs him. The play then speculates about the sickly social-media aftermath to the event by the very people who said he deserved to be done away with. You can imagine it ... platitudes plastered all over Facebook and Twitter, followed by the ubiquitous and mindless 'Share if you Agree'. Frighteningly realistic. Hilary Cooper: Rachel Stirling, Alistair Cooper: Tobias Menzies. Producer: Becky Ripley.

31 Jan: All Mouth and Trousers
By Mark Burgess, rpt. Married couple Pauline Devaney and Edwin Apps recall their struggle to create the television series "All Gas & Gaiters". Pauline and Edwin appear as themselves; young Pauline: Lily-Fleur Bradbury, young Edwin: James Joyce, Frank Muir: John Sessions, Stuart Allen: Nicholas Boulton, William Mervyn: Gareth Williams, Robertson Hare: Trevor Littledale, Derek Nimmo: Zeb Soames, John Barron: David Collings. Produced by David Blount.

1 Feb: My Dad Keith
By Maxine Peake. Steph is approaching her 40th birthday and begins to reflect on her life and the quest to find her father's identity. Rpt. Steph: Maxine Peake, Carole: Siobhan Finneran, Jeff: Mike Joyce, young Jeff: Nico Mirallegro, young Steph: Rebecca Ryan, Lily: Rachel Austin, Grandad: Roger Morlidge. Producer: Michelle Choudhry.

2 Feb: Red and Blue, 1: Sacrifice
By Philip Palmer, rpt. Ex-army Lt-Col Bradley Shoreham is a war games expert. Governments and corporations pay big money for his expertise to train their staff how to respond to emergencies. In this play he attempts to get a highly skilled virus expert to assist him in planning and running a civil-emergency exercise; the scenario is that a new pandemic is breaking out. How will the emergency planning departments cope? Shoreham: Tim Woodward (RT said Toby Swift took Bradley's part - not so!), the doctor: Harriet Walter. Producer: Toby Swift.

3 Feb: Inventing Scotland
By Mike Harris, rpt. from 2 Jan 15. Comedy. It is 1822 and King George is coming to Edinburgh. Novelist Walter Scott has a fortnight to create a patriotic, nation-binding spectacle which will avert revolution, save the Union, earn the monarch's gratitude, and rescue himself from imminent bankrupcy. Lockhart: Stuart McQuarrie, Scott: Eric Potts, King George: Nick Blane, with Seamus O'Neill, Fiona Clarke and Drew Caine. Producer: Gary Brown. [Note this week we have had 5 repeats in a row....-Ed]

4 Feb: Saturday Play: Inspector Chen, 2
By Qiu Xiaolong, dram. Joy Wilkinson. A serial killer is on the loose, but Inspector Chen is working on a corruption case, forcing the homicide division to look in some unwelcome high-up places for the perpetratror. Chen: Jamie Zubairi, Yu: Dan Li, Secretary Li: Daniel York, Hong: Vera Chok, Jia Ming: Nicholas Murchie, White Cloud: Elizabeth Chan, Xia: Natasha Cowley, Comrade Fan: John Bowler, Kong: Alison Belbin, Sergeant Qi: Gavi Singh Chera, Shen Wenchang: David Sterne, Director Zhong: John Dougall, hotel manager: Finlay Robertson, receptionist: Catriona McFarlane. Producer: Toby Swift.

5 Feb: Classic Serial slot: A Little Princess, 1
By Frances Burnett, dram. Kate Clancy. A boarding school pupil suffers a setback when her father's fortune is lost. Sara: Archie Panjabi, Becy Perkins: Clare Perkins, Miss Minchin: Rebecca Front, young Sara: Nishi Maide, young Becky: Polly Allen, Captain Crewe: Tom Forrister, Miss Amelia: Adie Allen, Lavinia: Rebecca Hamilton, Little Lottie: Jocelyn McNab, Ermengarde: Lucy Hutchinson, Mr. Barrow: Jonathan Forbes, Ram Dass: Sagar Radia, Mrs. Herbert: Elizabeth Bennett.Producer: Jonquil Panting.

6 Feb: The Transfer
By Nick Perry, rpt from 2015. Danny is a football agent negotiating a deal to bring Serbian player Slavko to Britain. Unfortunately Slavko's girlfriend reports that he hasn't returned home from a night out. Danny's problems start to mount. Danny: David Schofield, Jonathan/Keith: Daniel Abelson, Frankie/Samira: Rachel Austin, Steve/Graham/Barman: Simon Armstrong, Peter/Mr. Agnihotri: Chris Donnelly, Lewis: David Hounslow, Stanislav: Velibor Topic, Slavko: Mirza Koluder, Ian Dennis: himself. Produced by Toby Field.

7 Feb: The Ethical Hacking Bureau
By David Leddy. Barbata is the glamorous and slightly bored wife of a Tory grandee. She thinks he might be having an affair. She hacks his phone but instead of an affair, uncovers something worse. Barbara: Patricia Hodge, Lucinda: Anita Wetesse, Nicky: Sarak Niles, Tom: Robin Laing, with Maryam Hamidi (who plays three parts) and Finlay Welsh. Producer: Kirsty WIlliams.

8 Feb: My Mother Taught Me How To Sing
By Daf James; drama-doc. Daf and his partner want to adopt a child, but when Daf's mother dies, he wonders if he has the necessary qualities to be a parent.He returns to his childhood home and with the help of some cassette recordings made of him growing up, Daf attempts to uncover what it means to be a mother. Daf: himself, little Daf: Lewis Howe, Dawn: Mali Matthews, social worker: Eiry Thomas. Producer: James Robinson.

9 Feb: Red and Blue, 2: Ransomeware
By Philip Palmer, rpt. Bradley Shoreham, the war-games expert, puts a city hedge fund's cyber defences to the test. Although Bradley is barely computer-literate, he puts together a box of tricks for the firm's IT experts to deal with. The crisis generated simulates what could happen if a multi-million pound business were brought to its knees. Bradley: Tim Woodward, Malcolm: Michael Bertenshaw, Toby: Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Andrea: Lydia Leonard, Danny: Matthew Watson, Geoff: David Seddon, Melissa: Philippa Stanton, IT analyst: Ben Crowe, senior manager: Hannah Wood. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko, director: Eoin O'Callaghan.

10 Feb: The Thickness
By Daniel Lawrence Taylor.Satire. Marcus is a great father, so why is his 14-year-old daughter pregnant "by boredom" and his 17-year-old son trying to get off with his own 21-year-old girlfriend? Also, why doesn't his ex-partner talk to him any more? Marcus: Jason Barnett, Grace: Clare Perkins, Eli: McKell David, Nathan: Samsom Kayo, Lyeasha: Keziah Joseph, Clifford: Alex Lanipekun, Andre: Percelle Ascott, Nadine: Yasmin Monet Prince. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

11 Feb: Saturday Play: Inspector Chen, 3
By Qiu Xiaolong, dram. Joy Wilkinson. Chen investigates a sudden change in the fortunes of the grand-daughter of chairman Mao's mistress. Chen: Jamie Zubairi, Yu: Dan Li, Mr. Xie: David yip, Jiao: Alice Hewkin, Old Hunter: David Hounslow, Lt. Song: Chike Chan, Long: Paul Chan, Yong: Keziah Joseph, Peng: David Sterne, Gu: John Dougall, Hua: John Bowler, Ling: Natasha Cowley, maid: Catriona McFarlane. Producer: Toby Swift.

12 Feb: A Little Princess, 2
By Frances Burnett, dram. Kate Clanchy, conclusion. Sara: Archie Panjabi, Becky Perkins: Clare Perkins, Miss Minchin: Rebecca Front, young Sara: Nishi Maide, young Becky: Polly Allen, Ram Dass: Sagar Radia, Mr. Carrisford: James Lailey, Mr. O'Neill: Nick Underwood, Miss Amelia: Adie Allen, Lavinia: Rebecca Hamilton, Ermengarde: Lucy Hutchinson, Anne: Kirsty Oswald, Ram Dass: Sagar Radia, Mrs. Brown: Elizabeth Bennett. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

13 Feb: Borderland
By Sarah Woods; thriller, from an idea by John Norton, based on real stories of migrants. In the near future, a mother and daughter travel across the borders of England and Wales and over the Irish Sea in search of a better life. Layla: Juliet Cowan, Rabaa: Sirine Saba, with Ali Ariaie, Esme Robinson, John Norton, Ali Goolyad, Sion Pritchard and Claire Cage. Producer: James Robinson, BBC Wales.

14 Feb: Hashtag Love
By Peter Souter. A live romantic comedy set behind the fictional scenes of The Archers. The drama reacts to listeners' social media comments as it tells the story of an unravelling romance. Ruth Jones, Stephen Tomkinson. Sound: Nigel Lewis, produced by Alison Hindell. BBC Wales.

15 Feb: Love Me
By Sarah Cartwright; her third radio play. Maggie is hopelessly devoted to her ex-boyfriend but then discovers that he's about to cohabit with someone else. The first radio play in which I've heard reference to LARP (Live Action Role-Play). (....All the characters in this play seems a little bit nuts - Ed.) Maggie: Alexandra Roach, Wes: Marcus Garvey, Ed: Jonathan Bailey, Katrina: Bekka Bowling, Stan: Finlay Robertson, Ellie: Kezian Joseph, Mum: Alison Belbin, waiter/friend: Leo Wan, Therapist: Karen Bartke. Produced by Sally Avens.

16 Feb: Red and Blue,3
Episode title: Shadow, rpt. The play is set on a North Sea oil rig. Bradley's exercise is designed to push the crew of the rig to the limit. Bradley Shoreham: Tim Woodward, Tom: Liam Brennan, with Sean Murray, Christine Kavanagh, Roshan Rohatgi, Philippa Stanton, David Seddon and Ben Crowe. Producers: Sasha Yevtushenko and Toby Swift. Director: Toby Swift.

17 Feb: Romance is Dead
By Ben Lewis; comedy drama about an unwilling psychic: a young woman who sees dead people. Lauren: Alexandra Roach, Jamie: Kieran Hodgson, Tim: Joseph Arkley, Jo: Karen Bartke, Celia: Elizabeth Bennett, Reginald: Dennis Herdman. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

18 Feb: Saturday Play - Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell
By Keith Waterhouse, rpt from 2015, 90m, recorded in Gerry's Club in Dean St., Soho. A biographical play about the Spectator columnist, set early in the morning in a pub. Broadcast to commemorate John Hurt, who died recently. JB: John Hurt, Elizabeth Smart: Nicola McAuliffe, Casper: Jeff Rawle, Mistress: Amelia Bullmore, Tom: Miles Jupp. Produced by Celia de Wolff.

19 Feb: Classic Serial slot: Ann Veronica
By Herbert Wells, dram. Ellen Dryden. A woman rebels against the restrictions placed on her by her family. Wells: Bill Nighy, Ann Veronica Stanley: Amy Hoggart, Mr. Stanley: Geoffrey Whitehead, Aunt Molly: Ruth Alexander Rubin, Ramage: Jonathan Keeble, Manning: Henry Devas, Teddy: Ashley Margolis, Constance: Emily Pithon, Miss Miniver: Victoria Brazier. Producer: Pauline Harris.

20 Feb: What Will Survive
By Morwenna Banks. Her second play for radio (the first one won the Tinniswood Award a while back). Kate and Ash both lose their mothers in quick succession and find their grief puts a strain on their relationship. Kate: Rebecca Front, Ash: Ramon Tikaram, Conlith: Gary Lilburn, Ruth: Cheryl Campbell, Liam: Daniel Weyman, with Vinette Robinson, Ezra Banks, Zaak Conway, Siddiqua Akhtar, Simon Lipson, Morwenna Banks. Producer: Heather Larmour; BBC Northern Ireland.

21 Feb: A World Elsewhere, 1
By Clara Glynn, set in Glasgow, illustrating a Muslim youth's path to radicalization. Rida argues with her mother, stresses about exams, and spends too long on her computer, but the escape she dreams of contains dangers she has yet to imagine. Rida: Shabana Bakhsh, Samera: Nalini Chetty, Maisie: Nicola Roy, Scott: Brian Vernel, Amir: Umar Ahmed, Jasleen: Roxana Vilk. Producer: David Ian Neville.

22 Feb: A World Elsewhere, 2
By Clara Glynn. Rida comes back from Syria. On her return she is arrested. The play explores what could be next for her. Rida: Shabana Bakhsh, Samera: Nalini Chetty, Amir: Susheel Kumar, Tariq: Atta Yaqub, with Emma Hartley-Miller and Paul Kozinski. Producer: David Ian Neville.

23 Feb: Inappropriate Relationships, 1
By Chris Reason. New 5-part series. The body of a teenage girl has been discovered. Members of an Asian grooming gang have been arrested, and tensions are running high. A local probation officer hears some rumours of foul play, and then her own daughter goes missing. Rachel, the probation officer: Rosie Cavaliero, Paul: Shaun Dooley, Chloe: Shannon Flynn, Peter: Nick Murchie, Father Fitzgerald: Finlay Robertson, Leo: Martin Savage, Stokes: John Dougall, Mrs. Monroe: Karen Bartke, DJ: Catriona Mcfarlane, reporter: John Bowler, newsreader: Alison Belbin. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

24 Feb: Control
By Adrian Penketh. A play about dramatic events in the world of air traffic control. Rob: Robert Emms, Megan: Michelle Terry, with Priyanga Burford, John Bowler, John Dougall, Karen Bartke, Gavi Singh Chera, Nick Murchie, Luke MacGregor. Producer: Emma Harding.

25 Feb: Saturday Play: Herald Of Disaster
By Stephen Phelps. 90-minute docudrama based on a family's experience of the disaster in 1987 when the cross-Channel ferry "Herald of Free Enterprise" capsized as it sailed out of Zeebrugge and 193 people died. Ewan Bailey, John Bowler, Ben Crowe, John Dougall, Tom Forrister, Georgie Glen, Sanchia McCormack, Nick Murchie, Chetna Pandya, Sarah Ridgeway, Finlay Robertson, Michael Shelford, David Sterne, David Sturzaker, Joseph Tremain, George Watkins. Produced by Toby Swift.

26 Feb: Classic Serial - Ann Veronica
By Herbert Wells, dram. (from the novel) by Ellen Dryden. Ann lives alone in London as she continues her quest for liberation. She fends off advances from a man whom she thought was her friend, and discovers that the love of her life is married. Then she is arrested during a suffragette protest. Wells: Bill Nighy, Ann Veronica Stanley: Amy Hoggart, Mr. Stanley: Geoffrey Whitehead, Ramage: Jonathan Keeble, Capes: Henry Devas, Aunt Molly / Miss Garvice: Ruth Alexander Rubin, Kitty Brett: Verity Henry, Manning: Toby Hadoke. Produced by Pauline Harris.

27 Feb: The Wells Way
By Martyn Wade. A fictional meeting between writers Herbert Wells and George Gissing at a crisis point in their lives. Each would like to be more like the other. Wells: Julian Rhind-Tutt, George Gissing: Joseph Millson, Jane Wells: Jade Matthew, Gabrielle Fleury: Louiza Patikas. Producer: Tracey Neale.

28 Feb: The Mark
By Karen Brown, rpt., based on a true story. An ambitious policeman is fooled into believing that his life is coming together in both work and love. He doesn't see that it will soon all fall apart. Dean: Matthew McNulty, Jen: Rachel Leskovac, Ian: Craig Sullivan, Laura: Rachel Austin, Sgt. Walker: Roger Morlidge, DI Edwards: Hugh Simon. Producer: Pauline Harris.

1 Mar: Baller
By Nathaniel Price. Meshach, a promising young footballer, dreams of playing professionally, but when it happens, he begins to question his future. The footballer: Jolvan Wade, Cyril: Cornell S John, Aaron: Sope Dirisu, with Leonie Elliott, John Dougall, Sam Rix, Nicole Abraham and Nicholas Murchie. Producer: Sally Avens. (not 'Evans', as in RT.

2 Mar: Inappropriate Relationships, 2
One of Rachel Collier's clients, a recently released sex offender,informs her that members of the grooming gang arrested for the teenager's murder are innocent, and that the real killers are being protected. As Rachel investigates, she risks putting herself and her family in danger. Rachel: Rosie Cavaliero, Paul: Shaun Dooley, Chloe: Shannon Flynn, Peter: Nicholas Murchie, with Finlay Robertson, Martin Savage, John Dougall, Sacha Dhawan, Elizabeth Berrington, John Bowler, Alison Belbin, Catriona MacFarlane. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

3 Mar: Resistance, 1
By Val McDermid. A thriller examining what might happen if antibiotics stopped working. Among the jouranlists attending the Solstice music festival is Zoe Meadows, who has left her husband and two children at home. Zoe: Gina McKee, Jamie: Jason Done, Sam: Nitin Kundra, Lisa: Angela Lonsdale, Baz: Henry Devas, Will: Ashley Margolis, with Verity-May Henry and Jonathan Keeble. Producer: Susan Roberts.

4 Mar: Saturday Play: War of the Worlds, 1
Two-part version of the well-known story by Herbert Wells. There are explosions on Mars, and then the Martian invasion starts. Dramatised by Melissa Murray. Robert: Blake Ritson, Billy: Samuel James, Ogilvy: John Dougall, Margaret: Sanchia McCormack, Curate: Carl Prekopp, Gus: David Sterne, Dora: Maeve Bluebell Wells, vicar: Finlay Robertson, Carswell: Nick Murchie, Constable: John Bowler, with David Sturzaker, Sarah Ridgeway and Georgie Glen. Producer: Marc Beeby.

5 Mar: Classic Serial slot: A Question Of Blood,1
By Ian Rankin, dram. Chris Dolan. A known criminal is found dead following a house fire. Forensic evidence suggests he was murdered before the blaze startred. When it becomes clear that Rebus was the last man to see him alive, hje becomes the prime suspect. Rebus: Ron Donachie, Siobhan Clarke: Gayanne Potter, DI Hogan: Brian Ferguson, DCI Templer: Sarah Collier, Bell: Brian Pettifer, Miss Teri: Nicola Rpy, Whiteread: Veronica Leer, Peacock: Gavin Mitchell, Kate: Eilidh McCormick, Brimson: Kenny Blyth, James: Alasdair Hankinson, Fogg: Paul Young. Producer: Bruce Young.

6 Mar: Ecco, 1
By Chris Harrald; a three-part science fiction drama. A neuroscientist believes she has brought a new intelligence into the world via the many millions of computers making up the internet. But her husband is concerned about her state of mind, and so is one of her colleagues. Jo: Hayley Atwell, Ben: John Macmillan, Dr. Swift: Pauline McLynn, with Joseph Marcell, Sid Sagar, Mia Selway and Patrick Swain. Producer: Melanie Harris, director: Sam Yates.

7 Mar: Between the Lines
By Rebecca Lloyd-Evans. A jobless divorcee attempts to put her life back together. She does it by writing and reading erotic fiction to a group of partially-sighted car home residents. They love her. Scarlett: Meera Syal, Soph: Sophia di Martino, Janey/Faith: Llewella Gideon, William/Ronnie: Paul Herzberg, Hettie: Fenella Fielding, Tom: William Gaunt. Producer: Melanie Harris, director: Rebecca Lloyd-Evans.

8 Mar: Leila's Shame
By Alessana Hall. An undercover policewoman sets out to gather evidence about a Somali drug-dealing criminal, using a hidden identity. She assumes a false identity to gain access to the Manchester Somali community. Leila, a young British Somali: Yusra Warsama, Kate, the policewonam: Jessica Baglow, Carole and DI Stacey: Julia Rounthwaite, with Yousseff Kerkour, Sandra Cole and Elmi Ali. Producer: Melanie Harris; director Alessana Hall.

9 Mar: Inappropriate Relationships,3
By Chrisa Reason. RT blurb same as last week: "One of Rachel Collier's clients, a recently released sex offender,informs her that members of the grooming gang arrested for the teenager's murder are innocent, and that the real killers are being protected. As Rachel investigates, she risks putting herself and her family in danger." Rachel: Rosie Cavaliero, Paul: Shaun Dooley, Chloe: Shannon Flynn, Peter: Nicholas Murchie, with Finlay Robertson, Martin Savage, John Dougall, Sacha Dhawan, Elizabeth Berrington, Jayson Benovichi-Dicken. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

10 Mar: Resistance, 2
By Val McDermid. Zoe tries to secure an interview with Dr. Aasmah over the research funding into the disease. The chief of Public Health in England arranges a meeting with politicians, only to find that the minister wishes to play down the situation rather than deal with it. Zoe: Gina McKee, Jamie: Jason Done, Sam: Nitin Kundra, Lisa: Angela Lonsdale, Dr. Aasmah: Chetna Pandya, Cheryl: Emily Pithon, Tomlinson: Jonathan Keeble, Gilbert/Andreas: Malcolm Raeburn. Producer:Susan Roberts.

11 Mar: Saturday Play slot: War of the Worlds, 2
By Herbert Wells, dram. Melissa Murray, concluding episode of the sci-fi classic. Too familiar to summarise here. Robert: Blake Ritson, curate: Carl Prekopp, Billy: Sam James, Mrs. Hatton: Georgie Glen, Bridgnorth: Nick Murchie, Lydia: Sarah Ridgeway, Margaret: Sanchia McCormack, doctor: David Sterne, with John Dougall and David Sturzaker. Producer: Marc Beeby.

12 Mar: Classic Serial: A Question of Blood, 2
By Ian Rankin; dram. Chris Dolan from the novel. The inspector's investigation of a helicopter crash gives a new perspective for the police on the crimes of a former SAS soldier who shot three Edinburgh school pupils. Rebus: Ron Donachie, Clarke: Gayanne Potter, Hogan: Brian Ferguson, Templer: Sarah Collier, Bell: Brian Pettifer, Whiteread: Veronica Leer, with Kenny Blyth, Alasdair Hankinson, Gavin Mitchell, Nicola Roy, Anita Vetesse, Simon Tait, Ben Clifford. Producer: Bruce Young.

13 Mar: Hancock's Ashes
By Caroline and David Stafford. Fact-based drama about what could have happened behind the scenes when Willie Rushton brought back Tony Hancock's ashes from Australia to Britain in 1968. Willie: Ewan Bailey, Brian Foster: Richard Dillane, Danny: Paul Heath, stewardess: Roslyn Hill. Producer: Marc Beeby.

14 Mar: The Ferryhill Philosophers
By Michael Chaplin. Ep. 1: Moral Status and the Golden Boy. The mother of a boy on a life-support machine asks for Joe's help with a difficult decision. Joe: Alun Armstrong, Hermione: Deborah Findlay, with Gina McKee and Deka Walmsley. Produced by Catherine Bailey; dir. Marilyn Imrie. Indie - Catherine Bailey Productions.

15 Mar: The Ferryhill Philosophers
By Michael Chaplin. Ep. 2: Political Obligations and the Occasional Toke (sic). Another tale set in a Durham town. Joe is forced to uncover his neighbours' illicit activities, and bitter memories from the 1984 miners' strike re-surface. Joe: Alun Armstrong, Hermione: Deborah Findlay, Brian: Christopher Connel, Lucy: Lauren Kellegher, with Dean Logan and Dean Bone. Produced by Catherine Bailey; dir. Marilyn Imrie. Indie - Catherine Bailey Productions.

16 Mar: Inappropriate Relationships, 4
By Chris Reason. Probation officer Rachel is on the verge of giving up, frustrated by the wall of silence as she investigates sexual abuse across local institutions. She talks to her MP.... and a secret of her own emerges. Rachel: Rosie Cavaliero, Paul: Shaun Dooley, Chloe: Shannon Flynn, Peter: Nicholas Murchie, with Finlay Robertson, Martin Savage, John Dougall, Sacha Dhawan, Elizabeth Berrington, Katherine Rose Morley, Karen Bartke. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

17 Mar: Resistance, 3
By Val McDermid. Civil society is starting to break down; there have been food riots. There are dead in the streets and this is causing a flare-up of bacterial disease. However scientists in Germany think they may have found an effective antibiotic. Zoe: Gina McKee, Jamie: Jason Done, Sam: Nitin Kundra, Lisa: Angela Lonsdale, Dr. Aasmah: Chetna Pandya, Cheryl: Emily Pithon, PM/Andreas: Malcolm Raeburn, Home Sec: Conrad Nelson, Health Minister: Jonathan Keeble. Producer: Susan Roberts.

18 Mar: Saturday Play: Victory
By Joseph Conrad: Pinter's version, from his unpublished screenplay, adapted for radio by Richard Eyre. Lena, a lady violinist, meets a Swedish baron and a relationship ensues. Then one of Lena's old flames turns up. Rpt. Narrator: Simon Russell Beale, Heyst, the baron: Bjarne Henriksen, Lena: Vanessa Kirby, Ricardo: Mark Strong, with Robert Portal, Patrick O'Kane, Helen Schlesinger, Martin Marquez, Paul Chan and Flaminea Cinque. Producer: Laurence Bowen; director: Richard Eyre. 90m.

19 Mar: Classic Serial: Journey to the Centre of the Earth, 1
By Jules Verne. Sci-fi; plot too familiar to describe here. Dramatised by Moya O'Shea. Axel: Joel MacCormack, Lidenbrock: Stephen Critchlow, Hans: Gudmundur Thorvaldsson, Grauben: Nicola Ferguson, Matha: Elizabeth Bennett. Other parts by Tom Firrister and Scarlett Brookes. Music by Neil Brand; director: Tracey Neale.

20 Mar: Finding Freud
By David Pownall; comedy. Jean-Paul Sartre is asked to script a film about Sigmund Freud. Sartre: Kenneth Cranham, John Houston: David Sterne, Grace: Dervla Kirwan, Freud: Nicholas Murchie. Produced by Peter Kavanagh.

21 Mar: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
By Alexander McCall Smith. Ep. title: The Handsome Man's Deluxe Cafe. Mma Makutsi starts a new business enterprise. Mma Ramotswe meanwhile has a new client with a troublesome lodger. Mma Ramotswe: Claire Benedict, Mma Makutsi: Nadine Marshall, Mma Potakwani: Janice Acquah, Mr. JLB Matekoni: Ben Onwukwe, with Maynard Eziashi, Jude Akuwudike, Kulvinder Ghir, Sudha Bhuchar, Steve Toussaint. Producer: Eilidh McCreadie.

22 Mar: Love (sic)
For those who don't know, the word 'sic' means "as written". The play is by Jessica Swale and RT describes it as a comic drama. Ruth tries to win back the love of her partner. Ruth: Jemima Rooper, Bridie: Isy Suttie, Tom: John Heffernan, the trick cyclist: Sara Kestelman, with Nicholas Murchie, Finlay Robertson and Keziah Joseph. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

23 Mar: Inappropriate Relationships, 5
By Chris Reason. Last part of his excellent psychological drama about grooming gangs. Rachel, the probation officer, unwittingly found out the identity the man at the heart of the trouble. Now what does she do? Rachel: Rosie Cavaliero, Paul: Shaun Dooley, Chloe: Shannon Flynn, Stokes: John Dougall, Peter: Nicholas Murchie, with Finlay Robertson, Martin Savage, John Dougall, Sacha Dhawan, Elizabeth Berrington, Katherine Rose Morley, Karen Bartke, and (as newsreaders) Catriona McFarlane, John Bowler and Gavi Singh Chera. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

24 Mar: Give Dotty a Chance
By Martin Hesford. A light-hearted look at the life of the singer Dorothy Squires. Her dates are 1915-98; she was Welsh, she married Roger Moore, and was well-known in Hollywood. Her career faded but there was a revival in the 60s and another one much later on. She was a colourful personality; her Wikipedia page is well worth a look. Dorothy Squires: Ruth Madoc, Alan: Arthur Bostrom, Warren: Graeme Hawley, Margaret: Sue Jenkins, radio interviewer: Leah Marks, other parts: Jake Norton. Producer: Gary Brown.

25 Mar: Saturday Play:- Morse: House of Ghosts
Colin Dexter died a few days earlier, so the broadcast of this play, scheduled in RT a fortnight in advance, was probably coincidental. Play is by Alma Cullen, using Colin's characters of Morse and Lewis. It's set in Oxford in 1987 and a tragedy happens on stage. The story goes from there. Jane Anderson liked this play and wrote about it n RT as her 'Pick of the Week'.

26 Mar: Classic Serial: Journey to the Centre of the Earth, 2
By Jules Verne. Dramatised by Moya O'Shea. Episode 2. Axel: Joel MacCormack, Lidenbrock: Stephen Critchlow, Hans: Gudmundur Thorvaldsson, Grauben: Nicola Ferguson, Music by Neil Brand; director: Tracey Neale.

27 Mar: "My Name Is"
By Sudha Bhuchar. A repeat from 2015; a Scottish girl of Asian descent was abducted by her father in 2014 and taken by him to Pakistan. However, there was some uncertainty as to whether it was an abduction. Sudha interviewed the three main family members to get to the truth. Suzy: Karen Bartke, Farhan: Umar Ahmed, Ghazala: Kiran Sonia Sawar. Produced by Bruce Young and directed by Philip Osment.

28 Mar: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, 2
By Alexander McCall Smith. Ep. title: The Dish of Yesterday. Conclusion of the play begun last week. The new intern is put onto the case. Mma Ramotswe: Claire Benedict, Mma Makutsi: Nadine Marshall, Mma Potakwani: Janice Acquah, Mr. JLB Matekoni: Ben Onwukwe, with Maynard Eziashi, Jude Akuwudike, Kulvinder Ghir, Sudha Bhuchar, Amaka Okafor, Obi Abili and Anna Bengo. Producer: Eilidh McCreadie.

29 Mar: The Interrogation, 1
By Roy Williams. Episode title: Beverley. Max and Sean deal with a woman whose father has disappeared. DCI Max Matthews: Kenneth Cranham, DS Sean Armitage: Alex Lanipekun, Beverley: Adjoa Andoh. Producer: Mary Peate.

30 Mar: The Interrogation, 2
By Roy Williams. Episode title: Micky. A youth with a track record of objectionable behaviour comes to report cruelty to his dog. DCI Max Matthews: Kenneth Cranham, DS Sean Armitage: Alex Lanipekun, Micky: Danny Webb, Marcel: Jason Maza. Producer: Mary Peate.

31 Mar: The Interrogation, 3
By Roy Williams. Episode title: Neil. A person comes to make a victim statement. DCI Max Matthews: Kenneth Cranham, DS Sean Armitage: Alex Lanipekun, Neil: Joseph Millson, Sally: Catriona MacFarlane, Sarge: Karen Bartke, football fans: Nicholas Murchie and Finlay Robertson. Producer: Mary Peate.

1 Apr: Saturday Play: The Hatton Garden Heist
By Philip Palmer. The Hatton Garden robbery took place in 2015. A gang of ingenious older criminals drilled into an underground Safe Deposit vault and departed with goods and cash including gold and precious stones. Total value was 200m according to RT; 14m according to the Daily Mail. This play looks at what happened. Narrator: Tracy-Ann Oberman, Brian: Peter Wight, Terry: Andy Linden, Basil: Paul Hilton, Danny: John Bowler, Kenny: David Sterne, Carl: Nick Murchie, Kenneth: Zubin Varia, Mike: John Dougall, Brenda: Clare Perkins, Nurse: Keziah Joseph. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

2 Apr: Classic Serial - King Solomon's Mines, 1
By Rider Haggard; Victorian adventure story. It tells of a search of an unexplored region of Africa by a group of adventurers led by Allan Quartermain for the missing brother of one of the party and for ancient treasure. It is a cracking tale. Allan Quartermain: Tim McInnerney, Sir Henry Curtis: David Sturzaker, Cpt. John Good: Simon Ludders, Umbopa, their servant: Sope Dirisu, Infadoos: Maynard Eziash, Ventvogel and Scragga: Tonderai Munyevu, Sylvestre: Joe Ferrera, Officer: Finlay Robertson, Twala: Femi Elufowoji, Jr; Gagool: Adjoa Andoh, Foulata: Emanuella Cole, George: Finlay Robertson. Producer: Liz Webb. Adapted by Chris Harrald.

3 Apr: Higher
By Steve May. We're back at the worst university in the country, Hayborough. Jim has to go to China to recruit students, but the new Vice-Chancellor doesn't seem to want him to succeed. Jim: Jonathan Keeble, Karen: Julia Rounthwaite, Lu Wen: Sarah Lam, Li Wang: Alex Lang, Gary: Max Chatterton, Dame Sheila: Olwen May. Producer: Gary Brown.

4 Apr: Higher
By Steve May. More comedy from Hayborough. A Chinese visit has concluded successfully; lots of new students signed up, irrespective of quality. On his return Jim is promoted to Makeshift Vice-Chancellor, but it gradually becomes obvious that the Chinese have handed him the dirty end of the stick. Jim: Jonathan Keeble, Karen: Julia Rounthwaite, Liversalt III: Andonis James Antony, Spitznogel: Emily Pithon, Gordon: Will Tacey. Producer: Gary Brown.

5 Apr: Mythos
By Julian Simpson. Unusually for JS, the play has a plot which is not based on sound recordings, though a mobile 'phone plays a part in the drama. It's a sci-fi drama in which an agent from the present has to investigate why there has been an abnormal number of deaths from heart failure in a remote village. Agent Lairre: Nicola Walker, Johnson: Tom McInnerney, Hicks: Jonathan Bailey, Neboad: Steven Mackintosh, Seth: David Calder, Kate: Emma Fielding, Aubrey: Hugh Ross. Producer: Karen Rose, director: Julian Simpson. Indie (Sweet Talk Productions).

6 Apr: The Man Who Wore Sanitary Pads
By Jon Sen, based on a true story. In Tamilm Nadu, Muruga invents a low-cost sanitary pad for his wife. But when he wants to help other women too, his community and family give him the cold shoulder. Muruga: Navin Chowdhry, Paresh: Kulvinder Ghir, Amma: Meera Syal, Shanti: Aysha Kala, with Manjinder Virk, Madhav Sharma, Anjana Vasan and Sudha Bhuchar. Producer: Sarah Bradshaw. Rpt. from about a year ago.

7 Apr: The Fix
By Cat Jones. Mark gets back late after drinking too much; then there is an incident in the dining room where the police should really be called. He and his partner decide to deal with it on their own. Mark: Ben Addis, Lucy (his partner): Sophia Di Martino, Angie: Julie Hesmondhalgh, Charlie: Cash Tilson. Producer: Sharon Sephton.

8 Apr: Saturday Play: The Dark Earth and the Night Sky: Edward Thomas
By Nick Dear, 90m. The play is about the pre-WW1 life of Edward Thomas the poet, who died at the Battle of Arras. The relationship he had with his wife is represented as not very good; he didn't even consult her about whether he should enlist. He comes across as a person not very skilled at the game of life. I'm told he was a reasonably good poet. Edward Thomas: James D'Arcy, Robert Frost: Rupert Evans, Helen Thomas: Charlotte Emmerson, Philip Thomas: Alan David, Eleanor Farjeon: Sylvestra le Tousel, Bott and Major Lushington: Nick Boulton. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

9 Apr: Classic Serial: King Solomon's Mines, 2
By Rider Haggard, ad. Chris Harrald. The adventure continues: a witch hunt ceremony, where supposed witches are butchered on the spot; Captain Good subdues the natives with the help of his Almanac, and the old hag Gagool and the bloodthirsty Twala meet a fitting end. Their native helper Umbopa reveals his true identity, and there are diamonds... Allan Quartermaine: Tim McInnerney, Sir Henry Curtis: David Sturzaker, Captain John Good: Simon Ludders, Umbopa: Sope Dirisu, Infadoos: Maynard Eziashi, Scragga: Tonderai Munyevu, King Twala: Femi Elufowuji, jr, Gagool: Adjoa Andoh, Foulata: Emmanuella Cole, George: Finlay Robertson. Producer: Liz Webb.

10 Apr: Tommies, 1
New three-episode series. This episode by Avin Shah. 10 April 1917. Canadian soldiers underneath Vimy Ridge are re-writing the rules of war. Narrator: Indira Varma, Mickel Bliss: Lee Ross, Dixon: Daniel Weyman, Gagnon: Philip Desmeules, Townsend: Tom Forrister, Obt. Gruder: Simon Bubb, MacMillan: David Sturzaker. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle.

11 Apr: Big Sky
By Anna Maloney. A lawyer attempts to free a man from Guantanemo prison. It's not clear whether he is dangerous; when he speaks he is not addicted to the truth; and there's a possibility he may be involved in terrorism. Lindsey: Kerry Fox, Rob: Andy Clark, Youssef: Umar Ahmed, Major Mirsky: Grant O'Rourke, with Greg Powrie, John Buick, Helen Mackay and Molly Innes. Producer: Bruce Young.

12 Apr: In Here
By Eileen Home. A hostage situation in a gymnasium. There's a woman hiding in the changing room. Suddnely her 'phone rings. Ruby: Ruby Ashbourne, Malcolm Dunn: Bill Paterson, Raheem: Waleed Akhtar, Afzal: Farshid Rokey, Brooke/Judy: Teresa Gallagher, Joe/Gavin: David Sturzaker. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane.

13 Apr: Hard Stop
By Peter Bleksley. An armed officer was told to intercept a criminal who was believed to be on his way to kill a rival. The interceptiion resulted in the death of the criminal. The play focuses on the court case. PC Sam Jenkins, the armed officer: Daniel Mays, Jane Tucker: Andrea Lowe, Baba Oyedije: Dennis Alam, Quigley: Ron Cook, Prof. Moore: Robert Blythe, Insp. Martin: Peter Bleksley, Court usher: Sanchia McCormack, Herol Jackson: Khali Best, Judge: Chetna Pandya. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

14 Apr: My Dear Bessie
Compiled by Simon Garfield; adapted by Sara Davies. A sequence of letters tells a WW2 love story. Bessie: Louise Brearley, Chris: Benedict Cumberbatch, Irena: Jane Slavin. Producer: Gemma Jenkins.

15 Apr: Bach: Saturday Play: The Great Passion
By James Runcie. The play is set in 1727. J.S.Bach has become responsible for running the musical ship at Leipzig, and is working on his St. Matthew Passion. 90m. An excellent play with lots of good music. Joanne Lunn was drafted in as the soprano; don't know the identity of any of the other singers. The play imagines what it was like for J.S. to compose and rehearse the oratorio in time for its performance on Good Friday, contending with family demands, inexperienced musicians and the musical backstabbers with which all performers are familiar. Bach: S.R.Beale, Anna Bach: Melody Grove, Christian Henrici: Al Weaver, Stefan Meissner: Adam Greaves-Neal, P.C.Stolle: Stephen Boxer, Salomon Deyling: David Horovitch, Johann Gottlieb: Tom Goodman-Hill, Herman: Ewan Rutherford, Bach's child: Damon Denton-Snape. Producers: Eoin O'Callaghan and Marilyn Imrie; directed by Eoin.

16 Apr: Classic Serial slot: The Hours, 1
By Michael Cunningham, ad Frances Byrnes in 2 episodes. Three women are fascinated by Virginia Woolf's novel 'Mrs. Dalloway'. They live in different places and at different times but their common interest binds them together. Virginia and Kitty: Fenella Woolgar,Laura: Teresa Gallagher, Dan and Walter: Corey Johnson, Riche: Jack Towbin, Clarissa: Rosamun Pike, Sally and Vanessa: Lia Williams, Leonard and Louis: David Annen, Nelly: Rachel Atkins, Julia: Haley McGee, other characters played by Sydney Beveridge and Josh Wakesberg. Producers: Polly Thomas and Judith Kampfner.

17 Apr: Tommies
By Nick Warburton. 17th April 1917. Mickey Bliss has got his 'Blighty' (a non-fatal wound which means he's off the battlefield and heading soon for England) but at the moment is fighting for his life in a military hospital in France. Officers only; it's not good for other ranks to see their commanding officers with shellshock or not recovering. [My own grandfather was similarly wounded on the battlefield in Sept 1917 and was wrapped in straw and sent back over the Channel to a military hospital in England - Ed.] Narrator: Indira Varma, Mickey: Lee Ross, Evadne Hopkins: Clare Corbett, Vera Bliss: Pooky Quesnel, Jack Bliss: Antonio Aakeel, Norbert Hammond: John Bowler, Celestine, the female doctor: Pippa Nixon, Captain Roland Lester: Kevin Trainor, Muriel Starling VAD: Sarah Ridgeway, Mrs. Hennessy: Georgie Glen. Series producers: Jonathan Ruffle, Jonquil Panting and David Hunter. VAD refers to volunteer nurses (Voluntary Aid Detachment).

18 Apr: Almost Like Being In Love
By Catriona Knox. A young woman who thinks of herself as liberated falls for Iggy, a 40-year-old LBGT matchmaker. Grace, the young woman: Gemma Whelan, Iggy: Rosie Cavaliero, with Rasmus Hardiker, Catriona Knox, Sam Dale, Karen Ascoe, Amy Sutton and Jane Postlethwaite. Producer: caroline Raphael.

19 Apr: Death of a Cosmonaut
By James Frtiz. A monologue which looks at the plight of the doomed cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, launched into space in a rocket which was not spaceworthy; launched before the safety checks were completed because it was Lenin's birthday. Julian Rhind-Tutt as Komarov. Produced by Becky Ripley.

20 Apr: The Book of Yehudit
By Adam Usden. A Jewish married couple; the husband won't give his wife a divorce. Yehudit: Yasmin Paige, Naftali: Henry Devas, with Ashley Margolis, David Fleeshman, Kate Anthony, Rosie Fleeshman and Jonathan Keeble. Produced by Charlotte Riches.

21 Apr: Far Side of the Moore.
By Sean Grundy. Lovely biographical play about the life of the astronomer and eccentric Patrick Moore, which was shortlisted for the Tinniswood award. First broadcast in 2015, three years after Patrick's death at the age of 89. Patrick: Tom Hollander, Lorna: Felicity Duncan, Gertrude Moore: Patricia Hodge, Dr. Henry King: Anton Lesser, Euileen Wilkins: Charlotte Richie, Leonard Miall: David Shaw-Parker, Arthur C Clarke: Simon Treves, Paul Johnstone: Daniel Weyman. Produced by David Morley; directed by Dirk Maggs.

22 Apr: Saturday Play: (1)Betrayal and (2)Keeping in Touch
First play by Pinter; second by Joan Bakewell. Betrayal is written in reverse chronological order; the aftermath of an affair being followed by scenes closer and closer to when it actually happened. It is based on the real-life affair between Pinter and Joan Bakewell, who was married at the time to Michael Bakewell, the radio producer. The play starts by a woman meeting her former lover, who is also her husband's friend, to discuss their relationship. Joan Bakewell's play is much lighter and shorter and looks at the affair from the woman's point of view. Cast: Play 1: Emma: Olivia Colman, Jerry: Andrew Scott, Robert: Charles Edwards, Waiter: Gerard McDermott. Play 2: Charlotte Riley, Colin Morgan, Alistair Petrie, Cesare Taurasi, Amy-Jane Leigh and Beatrix Baxter. Producer: Charlotte Riches. This is the first broadcast of 'Keeping in Touch'.

23 Apr: Classic Serial: The Hours, 2
By Michael Cunningham, ad. Frances Byrnes. Conclusion. Virginia and Kitty: Fenella Woolgar,Laura: Teresa Gallagher, Dan and Walter: Corey Johnson, Riche: Jack Towbin, Clarissa: Rosamun Pike, Sally and Vanessa: Lia Williams, Leonard and Louis: David Annen, Nelly: Rachel Atkins, Julia: Haley McGee, other characters played by Sydney Beveridge and Josh Wakesberg. Producers: Polly Thomas and Judith Kampfner.

24 Apr: Tommies
24 Apr 17. By Jonathan Ruffle. A real day at war, 100 years ago exactly, based on eye-witness accounts. Military high-ups decide what action will be taken by their men, irrespective of changes in events. It leads Dr. De Tullio to begin a race towards the Macedonian front line to warn the men of their fate. Narrator: Indira Varma, Celestine de Tullio: Pippa Nixon, Eben Fossett: Nick Murchie, Col. Sharpe: John Dougall, Cpt. Bosanquet: David Sturzaker, Sinbad: Shaun Mason, Knocker: John Bowler, Bulgarian deserter: Yavor Baharov, Checkpoint clerk: Tom Forrister. Series producers: Jonathan Ruffle, JP and David Hunter; director for this episode: Jonquil Panting.

25 Apr: Tumanbay, 1
Series 2. Historical saga by John Dryden and Mike Walker. The wealthiest city on earth has been conquered by religious barbarians, led by Maya. Barakat is a zealot responsible for rooting out heretics and putting an end to them in whatever way he sees fit. The whole city is ruled by fear. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Barakat: Hiran Abweysekera, Effendi Red: Sagar Arya, General Qulan: Christopher Fulford, Ibn: Nabil Elouahabi, Heaven: Tanya Ravljen, Dorin: Vincent Ebrahim, Alkin: Nathalie Armin, Madu: Danny Askok, the Hafiz: Anthony Bunsee, Bello: Albert Welling, The Iblis: Byron Mondahl, Father: Nadir Khan, Mother: Lara Sawalha, Child: Ayaan Arya, the maid: Flaminia Cinque. Producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan, John Dryden. Director for theis episode: John Dryden.

26 Apr: The Progress of the Soul of Lizzie Calvin
By Michael Symmons Roberts. His version of John Donne's unfinished poem 'The Progress of the Soul'. The soul's journey through different forms of life. The soul: Glenda Jackson, Lizzie: Deborah McAndrew, Flea/Chef: Mark Heap, Dog/Seagull: Louis Labovitch, Songbird/Rat/Girl: Angela Lonsdale, Mandrake/Whale: Russell Dixon. Producer: Susan Roberts.

27 Apr: Where this service will terminate
By Katherine Jakeways. Two strangers meet on a long train journey. The woman is travelling to Penzance on a whim. Justin's journey has a purpose. They get to know each other. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Guard: James MacCallum, angry woman: Katherine Jakeways. Produced by James Robinson; BBC Wales.

28 Apr: Where this service will continue
By Katherine Jakeways. A year after they met on a train, David tries to find Suzie. Sequel to yesterday's play. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Lucy: Ashna Rabheru, Cashier: Sarah Ridgeway. Producer: as for play 1 (James Robinson), BBC Wales.

29 Apr: Saturday Play: Eskimo Day
By Jack Rosenthal, adapted by his daughter Amy for radio. It's set in 1966. Two sixth-form students are heading for Cambridge, with their respective parents, for their University interview - will they get in? Neil: David Moorst, Pippa: Rosie Day. Neil's parents: Pooky Quesnel and Nicholas Gleaves, Pippa's parents: Lucy Robinson and Ben Miles. James Poole: Timothy West, Simon Poole: Samuel West. Other parts played by Georgie Glen, Sarah Ridgeway, Maeve Wells, Simon Ludders, David Sturzaker and Chetna Pandya. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

30 Apr: Classic Serial: Czars, 1: Catherine the Great
By Mike Walker. Three-part series about the lives of the Russian leaders. Catherine: Samantha Spiro, Paul I: Kenneth Collard, Peter III: Anton Lesser, Petya: Joe Sims, Panin: Robert Blythe, Grigory Orlov: David Sturzaker, Pugachev: Simon Ludders, Praskovya: Sanchia MacCormack, Alexander: Joel MacCormack, Counciloor: Finlay Robertson, Midwife: Georgie Glen. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

1 May: Triple Word Score
By Ben Tagoe. High-pressure competitive Scrabble in Nigeria. A youth of Nigerian descent travels to his father's country to see if he can make it into the national team. Rpt. from 2015. Yomi: Tunji Kasim, Amira: Adura Onashile, Victor: Jimmy Akingbola, the coach: Jude Ajuwudike, taxi driver: Ben Onwukwe. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane.

2 May: Tumanbay, 2
By Mike Walker. Maya is ruling the previously affluent city of Tumanbay with a rod of iron. Those opposing with the new regime are quickly disposed of; they are, by definition, heretics. Gregor demonstrates his usefulness and loyalty in order to survive. General Qulan refuses and remains locked up. A young woman, Manel, joins the rebels. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Barakat: Hiran Abweysekera, Effendi Red: Sagar Arya, General Qulan: Christopher Fulford, Ibn: Nabil Elouahabi, Heaven: Tanya Ravljen, Dorin: Vincent Ebrahim, Alkin: Nathalie Armin, Madu: Danny Askok, the Hafiz: Anthony Bunsee, Bello: Albert Welling, The Iblis: Byron Mondahl, Father: Nadir Khan, Mother: Lara Sawalha, young Gregor: Xavier Spencer, the maid: Flaminia Cinque. Producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan, John Dryden. Director for this episode: John Dryden.

3 May: Byron and the Curse of Sintra
By Sue Limb. Story set around the royal court in Portugal in the early 1800s. Comedy drama. With Alison Steadman, Kevin Eldon and Morwenna Banks. Producer: Jamie Rix.

4 May: Foxes
By Padraic Walsh. Irish tale; set in a pub where a man is hoping that his ex-partner Grace will have him back. Then a family friend arrives, with a letter.Sean: Jim Norton, Neil: Eugene O'Hare. Producer: Peter Kavanagh.

5 May: Frankie Takes a Trip
By Martyn Hesford. Comedy Drama. Play about Frankie Howerd, who from time to time suffered from lack of confidence in his stage act leading to depression. During one of these periods he tinkered with LSD in the hope that it would help. Rpt. from 2015. Frankie: David Benson, Dennis: Tim Downie, Mother?The Queen: Emily Pithon, Father/Producer: Conrad Nelson, RADA examiner / Doctor: Hugh Simon, Agent/Soldier: Roger Morlidge, Young Frankie: Sam Hattersley. Produced by Gary Brown.

6 May: Saturday Play - Cold Enough For Snow
By Jack Rosenthal, adapted by Amy Rosenthal (his daughter). A follow-up to last week's Saturday Play. Neil and Pippa are still keen on seeing each other, but their parents are not happy about it. Neil: David Moorst, Pippa: Rosie Day. Neil's parents: Pooky Quesnel and Nicholas Gleaves, Pippa's parents: Lucy Robinson and Ben Miles. Gordon - Ben Jones, Tony Groves: Tom Forreaster, Miss Bodley and Carmela: Sarah Ridgeway, Lingerie assistant: Maeve Bluebell Wells, Lecturer: Emiilio Doorgasingh, Master of Ceremonies: Charlie Clements, invigilator: Philip Fox. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

    Summary of Jane Anderson's remarks in RT:
    ...the two potential graduates are now in love, as only teenagers can be, but the real drama revolves around their parents' relationships.

7 May: Classic Serial: Czars, 2: Alexander I
By Mike Walker. Mike Walker continues his exposition of the careers of the Russian Czars. Alexander was the grandson of Catherine the Great and was brought up by her. Catherine believed Paul, Alex's father, to be unsuitable to be Czar, and she wanted the succession to pass directly to her grandson, but this was not to be. When she died in 1796 Paul succeeded her, but his unsuccessful policies led to his assassination, and Alexander became Czar in 1801 Jefferson considered him a man of good character, disposed to do good and to give the Russian people a sense of their natural rights. He was not liked by Napoleon, who regarded him as a shifty Byzantine. Alexander: Joal McCormack, Pavel I: Kenneth Collard, Petya: Joe Sims, Napoleon: Charlie Anson, Arakcheyev: Nathaniel Martello-White, Elizabeth: Maeve Bluebell Wells, Katya: Sarah Ridgeway, Pahlen: David Sturzaker, Sperensky: Simon Ludders, Talleyrand: Robert Blythe, Bennigsen: Finlay Robertson, French actor: Tom Forrister. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

8 May: Thin Ice
By Amy Rosenthal. The play is based on her own experience of leaving home, and the unwillingness with which she initially embraced university life, in strong contrast to the picture painted in the first two plays of this trilogy. Ben: Richard Lumsden, Edie: Georgis Groome, Tasha: Helen Monks, Julia: Susannah Wise, Anny: Sam Perry, Josh: Charlie Clements, Porter: Sanchia McCormack. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

9 May: Tumanbay, 3
Saga by Mike Walker; this episode by Ayesha Menon. Episode title: Rats. The saga of the unhappy city continues. The barbarians are in control; betrayals, torture and death are everywhere. Gregor's neice, acting for the rebels, is sent on a mission to murder. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Barakat: Hiran Abeysekera, Manel: Aiysha Hart, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Alkin: Nathalie Armin, Dorin: Vincent Ebrahim, Effendi Red: Sagar Arya, Madu: Danny Askok, Heaven: Tanya Ravljen, the Hafiz: Anthony Bunsee, Bello: Albert Welling, Dona Ana: Annabelle Dowler, Khaled: Zaqi Ismail, Abujaan: Jacob Krichefski, Hodah: Anjil Mohindra, Sergeant: Jonas Khan, Owner: Nadir Khan. Series producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan, John Dryden. Director: John Dryden.

10 May: Tightrope
By Colin Bytheway. A play about Charles Blondin, the tightrope walker. He walked over Niagara Falls on a high-wire barefoot, on stilts, and with a man on his back. At the end of his life he searched for a person who could copy his tightrope walks and eventually found a young man who might do it. The play is based on true events. Charles Blondin: Philip Jackson, Vida: Charlie Brooks, Katherine: Paula Lane, Harry: Carl Prekopp, Billy Stoker: Jed O'Hagan, Dorcas: Caroline Gruber, Minnie: Jane Whittenshaw. Producer: Celia de Wolff. Indie (Pier Productions).

11 May: The Things We Never Said
By Ming Ho. Dementia, and what happens when a woman's communication and memory begin to fail. Woman: Lia Williams, Mother: Sian Phillips. Producer: Abigail le Fleming.

12 May: Mama Courage
By the comedian and writer Jessica Pidsley, who experienced episodes of psychosis after giving birth to her first child. Post-partum psychosis affects thousands of women each year; it is a psychiatric disorder during which the woman experiences hallucinations, depression, loss of inhibition and confusion. Recovery can take up to a year. Jessica and her actor husband Matthew Bannister play themselves. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie (Sweet Talk).

13 May: Saturday Play: The Forsytes, 1
By John Galsworthy. Final part of the saga, in 8 episodes. This episode dramatised by Lin Coghlan. This is followed by 5 x 12m in the 15-min drama slot, M-F next week (eps 2-6), and two longer episodes (7-8) next Saturday and Sunday to round it off. Fleur Mont: Jessica Raine, Michael Mont: Ben Lambert, Danny Cherrell: Sarah Ridgeway, Prof Hallorsen: Alun Corduner, Sir Lawrence Mont: Brian Protheroe, Lady Mont: Georgie Glen, Adrian: Jonathan Aris, Diana: Nina Sosanya, Wilfrid Desert: Max Bennett, Hubert: Finlay Robertson, with Nick Murchie, David Sterne, David Sturzaker, Sanchia McCormack, Meabe Bluebell Wells, John Bowler, Tom Forrister and John Dougall. Producers: Gemma Jenkins and Marion Nancarrow.

14 May: Classic Serial: Czars, 3: Alexander II
By Mike Walker. It is a turbulent time; Alex sees a dissatisfied public, and there are several attempts at his assassination. In 1881 the Socialists attempt to over throw him. Alexander: Joseph Millson, Dvorzhitsky: Kenneth Cranham, Sofia: Alexandra Roach, Petya: Joe Sims, Nesselrode: Michael Bertenshaw, with Tom Forrister, Philip Fox, John Norton, Joanna van Kampen, Simon Ludders and Samual James. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko; dir. Alison Hindell.

15 May: The Imperfect Education of Sabrina Sidney
By Abigail Youngman. Based on a peculiar experiment carried out in the 1700s. The creation of a perfect wife. James Keir: Rory Bremner, Richard Edgeworth: Aidan McArdle, Anna Seward: Amanda Root, Thomas Day: Ifan Meredith, young Sabrina: Nerys Akers, older Sabrina: Hannah Genesius, Lucretia: Sydney Wade. Produced by Alison Crawford.

16 May: Tumanbay, 4
By Andy Mulligan. Episode title: healing the Sick. Ibn, an honest slave trader, is accused of collecting heretical texts. He seeks justice from the new regime's religious courts. Then news arrives of plague nearby. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Barakat: Hiran Abeysekera, Manel: Aiysha Hart, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Ibn: Nabil Eloushabi, Heaven: Tanya Ravljen, Dorin: Vincent Ebrahim, General Qulan: Christopher Fulford, Alkin: Nathalie Armin, Effendi Red: Sagar Arya, the Maid: Flaminia Cinque, Madu: Danny Ashok, Khaled: Zaqi Ismail, Abujaan: Jacob Krichefski, Vasi: Tia-Lana Chinapyal, Young Gregor: Xavier Moras Spencer. Producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden. Director: John Dryden.

17 May: Martha
By Thomas Pickles. A young woman returns to her home iin a remote northern village to find that her home has been destroyed. She takes shelter with her father in their old caravan as the storm gets worse. Recorded in surround-sound. Tabitha: Jessica Barden, Martha: Laura Elsworthy, Constantine: Jason Done, Kevin: Jacob Hession, Lizzy Crofter: Sally Carman. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

18 May: Duchamp's Urinal
By Al Smith and Ben Street. An unusual item, partly in dramatic form, about Marcel Duchamp, who questioned assumptions about what art should be. Producer: Lu Kemp.

19 May: Now, where were we?
By Claire Miller. Yasmine discovers that her hayfever is a super-power. Her sneezes send her back in time. She is determined, this time, to be the perfect girlfriend. Yasmine: Carlyss Peer, Becky: Alexandria Riley, Ross: Tom Berish, Euan: Sion Pritchard. Producer: Janine H. Jones.

20 May: Saturday Play slot - The Forsytes, 7
Last part of 'Flowering Wilderness' and the first part of 'Over the River'. By Galsworthy, dram. Lin Coghlan and Shaun McKenna; producer Gemma Jenkins. Fleur: Jessica Raine, Michel: Ben Lambert, Dinny Cherrell: Sarah Ridgeway, Lady Clare: Chloe Pirrie, Eustace: John Heffernan, Tony: Tom Forrister, Wilfred: Max Bennett, Sir Lawrence: Brian Protheroe, Lady Mont: Georgie Glen, gerald: John Dougal, Chayne: John Bowler, Brough: David Sturzaker, Judge: Nicholas Murchie, George: John Bowler, young man: David Sturzaker, Doctor: Finlay Robertson.

21 May: Classic Serial slot - The Forsytes, 8
Casting and other details- see yesterday. Final episode- the conclusion of 'Over the River'.

22 May: After Independence
By May Sumbwanyambe. Originally a stage play; now adapted for radio. In Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in 1998, a black civil servant tries to persuade a white landowner to sell his farm. The neighbours were recently attacked and then sold their land - at rock bottom price - just to get out. The civil servant: Stefan Adegbola, the landowner: Peter Guinness, Kathleen: Sandra Duncan, Chipo: Beatriz Romilly. Producer: Bruce Young. Director: George Turvey.

23 May: Tumanbay, 5
By Mike Walker. Plague is approaching from outlying villages. Barakat and the Effendi have different opinions as to what should be done to keep it out of the city. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Barakat: Hiran Abeysekera, Manel: Aiysha Hart, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Ibn: Nabil Eloushabi, Heaven: Tanya Ravljen, Dorin: Vincent Ebrahim, General Qulan: Christopher Fulford, Alkin: Nathalie Armin, Effendi Red: Sagar Arya, the Maid: Flaminia Cinque, Madu: Danny Ashok, Khaled: Zaqi Ismail, Abujaan: Jacob Krichefski, Vasi: Tia-Lana Chinapyal, Owner: Nadir Khan. Producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden.

24 May: Eurydice and Orpheus
By Simon Armitage, rpt. The familiar legend written from the woman's point of view, in a modern setting. A lab tech at a university works in a seed vault at a university. A handsome male busker becomes the focus of her attention. Sanna, the lab tech: Claire Price, Zak, the busker: Bryan Dick, with Jonathan Keeble, Alexandra Mathie and Stephen Fletcher. Producer: Susan Roberts.

25 May: A Lightening
By Sarah Daniels. This is a special edition of Home Front, the WW1 drama usually broadcast around midday. The episode marks the 100th anniversary of the air raid on Folkestone on 25 May 1917. Charlie Clements, Ann Mitchell, Lucy Hutchingson, Lizzy Watts, Sam Swann, Yonatan Roodner, Finn Monteath, Ami Metcalf, Jane Whittenshaw, James Lailey and Hollie Thoupos. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

26 May: The 'B' Word
By Alistair McGowan. A play about the opening night of Shaw's 'Pygmalion' in 1913; the first time that the word 'bloody' was used on stage. Shaw: Alistair McGowan, Herbert Beerbohm Tree: Richard McCabe, Mrs. Patrick Campbell: Charlotte Page, George Alexander: David Sturzaker, Charlotte Shaw: Georgie Glen, Merivale: Philip Fox, with Simon Ludders, Charlie Clements and Sarah Ridgeway. Producer: Emma Harding.

27 May: Saturday Play: Journal of the Plague Year
By Michael Butt, based on the book by Daniel Defoe, rpt. Defoe apparently wrote the book to pay his debts. Defoe: Ben Miles, Nat: Adrian Scarborough, Mrs. Hayward: David Hounslow, London Mayor: James Lailey, with Sean Baker, Elizabeth Bennett, Clare Perkins, Brian Protheroe, Kirsty Oswald, Nick Underswood, Tom Forrister, Adie Allen and Edward Prout as assorted Londoners. Producer: Emma Harding.

28 May: Classic Serial slot: Pygmalion, 1
Shaw's well-known tale, in two episodes. A cockney flower seller is trained by a language expert to appear less common. She passes as a duchess. Higgins: Alistair McGowan, Eliza: Morgana Robinson, Alfred Doolittle: Al Murray, Col. Pickering: Hugh Fraser, Mrs. Higgins: Sian Phillips, with Charlotte Page, Georgie Glen, Maeve B. Wells, Tom Forrister, David Sturzaker, John Dougall, Sarah Ridgeway and David Sterne. Producer: Emma Harding.

29 May: Floor 13
By Sam Burns. Ms. Sherman searches for her tower block's missing floor 13. Ms. Sherman: Alexandra Roach, Gita: Taj Atwal, Mrs. Carvalho: Sudha Bhuchar, Shantyman: Stuart MacLoughlin. Producer: Helen Perry.

30 May: Tumanbay, 6
Epic by Mike Walker; this episode by John Dryden. There has been a series of murders, and Barakat now has control over the city. Meanwhile the rebels continue to rebel. Rufus Wright, Hiran Abeysekera, Aiysha Hart, Vincent Ebrahim, Nina Yndis, Tanya Ranljen, Danny Ashok, Gareth Kennerley, Byron Mondahl, Jacob Frichefski, Tia-Lana Chinapyel, Zaqi Ismail, Jonas Khan, Danny Carmel, Lara Sawalha and Ayaan Arya. Music: Sacha Puttnam and Jon Quin. Producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden. Director for the episode: Jeremy Mortimer.

31 May: Orpheus and Eurydice
By Linda M Griffiths, rpt. The well-known story, told from Orpheus's viewpoint. Orpheus: Nico Mirallegro, Eurydice: Emily Taaffe, Apollo: Jonathan Keeble, with Alexandra Mathie and Stephen Fletcher. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

1 June: Slipping Through Time
By Louise Monahan. A play about the difficulty of living with epilepsy. A young mum has begun to experience fits, and is in denial about the condition until she rediscovers the diaries she made many years earlier. Izzie: Ellie Kendrick, Josh: Robert Lonsdale, with georgie Glen, Trixiebelle Harrowell (as Izzie's younger self), Chetna Panya and Sanchia McCormack. Produced by Tracey Neale.

2 June: Mr. Reasonable
By Fred D'Aquiar. A repeat from 10 Apr 15. John Reasonable, a freed slave, is a skilled silk weaver and is employed by William Shakespeare to make costumes for the Rose Theatre. He has a jealous apprentice. John: Fraser James, his wife: Adjoa Andoh, Shakespeare: Joseph Kloska, J.F.Weaver: Oliver Coopersmith, Kemp: Chris Pavlo, Samantha: Mya-Lecia Naylor, Joshua: Shay Spencer. Produced by David Hunter.

3 June: Saturday Play: The Weekend
By Michael Palin, adapted for radio by Richard Stoneman. 60m. Stephen is a middle-aged family man for whom almost everything has gone wrong; he has withdrawn into sarcasm and cynicism, and communication with his family has almost disappeared. His unfortunate wife tells him that their daughter is bringing her family for the weekend and that the neighbours will be joining them. This is the weekend from hell; from Stephen's point of view, it is a nightmare. And to us, looking in, it is extremely funny. Stephen: Michael Palin, his wife, Virginia: Penelope Wilton, Hugh, the most boring man in the world: Patrick Barlow, Alan: Hugh Dennis, Charlotte: Bryony Hannah, Bridget Gardner: Cathy Sara, Duff Gardner: Bill Paterson, Diana: Sophie Thompson. Produced by Marilyn Imrie.

4 June: Classic Serial - Pygmalion, 2
By G.B.Shaw, adapted by Emma Harding, conclusion. Eliza is off to the ball. Higgins: Alistair McGowan, Eliza: Morgana Robinson, Alfred Doolittle: Al Murray, Col. Pickering: Hugh Fraser, Mrs. Higgins: Sian Phillips, with Charlotte Page, Georgie Glen, Maeve B. Wells, Tom Forrister, David Sturzaker, John Dougall, Sarah Ridgeway and David Sterne. Producer: Emma Harding.

5 June: Everyone's Got Conditions
By Sarah Wooley. Bette Davis is cast in Tennessee Williams' play "Night of the Iguana". It's not long before the playwright has to fight for his reputation. TW: Justin Salinger, Bette Davis: Amelia Bullmore, Chuck Bowden: Simon Harrison, Paula Laurence: Teresa Gallagher, with David Sturzaker, Simon Ludders and Georgie Glen. Produced by Gaynor MacFarlane.

6 June: Tumanbay, 7
By Mike Walker. Manel goes to the swamp looking for her father. Rufus Wright, Hiran Abeysekera, Aiysha Hart, Vincent Ebrahim, Nina Yndis, Tanya Ranljen, Danny Ashok, Gareth Kennerley, Byron Mondahl, Jacob Frichefski, Tia-Lana Chinapyel, Zaqi Ismail, Jonas Khan, Danny Carmel, Lara Sawalha and Ayaan Arya. Music: Sacha Puttnam and Jon Quin. Producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden.

7 June: Tommies
New series. 7 June 1917. By Avin Shah. An episode set in East Africa, where the Mkalama Fort is put under siege by the Germans. Producers: Jonathan Ruffle, Jonquil Panting and David Hunter; director for this episode: David Hunter.

8 June: The Len Continuum
By Peter Strickland, rpt; his first radio play, though he has wide experience in film. An unsuccessful actor feels belittled by the success of his wife in local radio. Then he gets a chance to prove that he, too, has ability. Len: Toby Jones, Alice: Belinda Stewart-Wilson, Dr. Boynton: Tony Gardner, Dave: Ralph Ineson, Giuletta: Eugenia Caruso, Casting Director: Rupert Slade. producers: Polly Thomas and Russell Finch. Director: Peter Strickland.

9 June: The Len Dimension
By Peter Strickland. Sequel to yesterday's play. Len's first big opportunity is a part in a public information film. Will he be up to the job? To paraphrase Jane Anderson in RT: this is actually a sitcom, but the psychological insights into a man who believes himself to be a failure, despite his outward bravado, puts it into the same league as 'Fawlty Towers or 'Reginald Perrin'. Jane also remarked on the very unusual sound effects. Len: Toby Jones, Alice/Trish: Belinda Stewart-Wilson, Josh: Steve Oram, Miles: Harry Mead, Richard: Ted Tomlin, Mandy: Claudia Duffy, Pericles: Pano Masti, Hamish and the radio presenter: Miranda Hinkley. Producer: Russell Finch, director: Peter Strickland.

10 June: Saturday Play: The Bed Sitting-Room
By John Antrobus and Spike Milligan, ad. Paul Perton and John Antrobus, rpt. Very odd surrealist play: there has been a very short WW3, and it has had a strange effect on Lord Fortnum, who thinks he is turning into a bed-sitting room. Captain Kak: Paul Merton, Lord Fortnum: Derek Jacobi, Mate: Bernard Cribbins, Penelope, Captain Kak's fiancee: Catherine Tate, The BBC: Corrie Corfield, Mrs. Ethel Skroake: Suki Webster, the vicar: John Antrobus, Captain: Sean Baker, Seaman: Richard Pepple. Music and sound effects by Jerry Peal. Produced by Victoria Lloyd; directed by Sam Michell. 60m.

11 June: Classic Serial slot: Those who leave and those who stay, 1
By Elena Ferrante, dram. Timberlake Wertenbaker in three episodes. From a series of novels about the friendship between two girls who grew up together in the slums in Naples after WW2. This is from book 3 in the series, which has the title "The Story of a new name". Elena has escaped to Naples after publishing her first book. She is now a parent and is trying to write again, with very little encouragement from her husband. Lila also tries to improve her circumstances. Elena: Monia Dolan, Lila: Anastasia Hille. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

12 June: Mayday
By Lucy Caldwell. A 19-year-old girl has taken a pill which will begin the abortion process. She has to wait for a day before she takes the second batch which will terminate the existence of the child she carries. The play is set in Northern Ireland, where the 1967 Abortion Act establishing legal abortion does not apply. With Eileen O'Higgins as the girl, along with Anthony Boyle, Sophie Robinson and Imogen Doel. Produced by Heather Larmour.

13 June: Tumanbay, 8 (conclusion)
By John Dryden. General Qulan's rebel army gets ready for combat: its target - the city. Rufus Wright, Hiran Abeysekera, Aiysha Hart, Vincent Ebrahim, Nina Yndis, Tanya Ranljen, Danny Ashok, Gareth Kennerley, Byron Mondahl, Jacob Frichefski, Tia-Lana Chinapyel, Zaqi Ismail, Jonas Khan, Danny Carmel, Lara Sawalha and Ayaan Arya. Music: Sacha Puttnam and Jon Quin. Producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden.

14 June: Tommies,2
By Jonathan Ruffle. 14 Jun 1917. Another day at the Front, exactly one hundred years after the event. Samuel James, Tom Forrister, Indira Varma as narrator, Tyler Read, David Sturzaker, Harry McEntire, Charlie Clements, Simon Ludders, Emilio Doorgasingh. Series producers: Jonathan Ruffle, David Hunter and Jonquil Panting; director for this episode: David Hunter.

15 June: Our Hylda
By Martyn Hesford. Biographical play about Hylda Baker: the part of her life after her appearances in the TV comedy show "Nearest and Dearest" in 1968. Hylda: Alison Steadman, George: Graeme Hawley, Frank: Jason Done, Jimmy: Justin Moorhouse, agent: Lloyd Peters, nurse: Angela Lonsdale, journalist: Hamilton Berstock. Producer: Gary Brown.

16 June: The Incident of the Russian Visitors
By Jonathan Holloway; Carter Mysteries. The Carter warehouse is full of interesting antique stock, assembled over many years. Two men turn up, looking for an ancient Russian table. Lisa: Jeany Spark, Phil: Stephen Greif, Gul: Sharif Dorani, Steven: Harry McEntire, Dmitri: Stephen Critchlow, Viktor: David Hounslow, Dan: Sam Dale. Produced by David Hunter.

17 June: Saturday Play: Occupational Hazards
By Stephen Brown, recorded at the Hampstead Theatre in London. Drama about the attempts of Rory Stewart, a british diplomat, to establish democracy in Iraq in 2003. The task was hindered by the civil war. Ahmed: Nezar Alderazi, Musab: Waj Ali, Karim: Silas Carson, Rifat: Vangelis Christodoulou, JT: Amy Cudden, Abu Rashid: Vincent Ebrahim, Rory Stewart: Henry Lloyd-Hughes, the Colonel and Bremer: John Mackay, Seyyed Hassan: Johndeep More. Produced by Stewart Richards; directed by Carl Prekopp.

18 June: Classic Serial: Italy-Those who leave and those who stay, 2
By Elena Ferrante, ad. T.Wertenbaker. Continued from last Sunday. Anastasia Hille, Monica Dolan, James Joyce, Daniel Ryan, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Jane Whittenshaw, Jayne McKenna, Caroline Gruber, Nicholas Gleaves, Sara Markland, Ferdinand Kingsley, Claudia Jolly and Louise Calf. Producer: Peter Hoare, director: Celia de Wolff.

19 June: Time For One More Question
By Glyn Maxwell; recorded at the Hay Festival. Described in RT as a comedy of festival manners. Melanie: Christine Bottomley, Roland: Ifan Meredith, Gordon/Gareth: Roger Evans, young poets: Ben Butler, Jack Chambers and Tom Fitzwilliams. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

20 June: The Twenty-Year Stretch
By Colin Bytheway. Two art students have an idea: steal a famous painting from a private art collection, then wait twenty years to sell it. Erik de Jong: James D'Arcy, Sophie Visser: Tara Fitzgerald, Hector van Doran: Nicholas Farrell, auctioneer: David Reakes. Producer: Alison Crawford.

21 June: Tommies, 3
By Nick Warburton. 21 June 1917. Remote-control german boats, packed with explosives, on the Belgian coast. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, narrator: Indira Varma, with Clare Corbett, Philip Fox, David Sturzaker, Antonio Aakeel, Simon Ludders, Samuel James, Charlie Clements, Robert Blythe, Sarah Ridgeway. Series producers: Jonathan Ruffle, David Hunter and Jonquil Panting; director for this episode: David Hunter.

22 June: The Coming Tide
Written by actor Luke Norris. A girl fleeing from her father meets a man searching for his daughter. The man: Steve Toussaint, the girl: Gwyneth Keyworth, Nia: Siwan Morris, the other man: Sion Pritchard, Millie: Scarlett Hoctor, the waitress: Alexandria Riley. Producer: Helen Terry.

23 June: The Shadow of Dorian Gray
By Stephen Wyatt. The finding of Oscar Wilde guilty of gross indencency in 1895 spells trouble for John Gray, the poet who probably inspired "The Picture of Dorian Gray". Gray is summoned to the Cafe Royal and the evening changes his life. John Gray: Blake Ritson, Lord Henry: Nicholas Farrell, Andre Raffalovich: Joshua McGuire, Waiter: Chris Pavlo, voice of the novel: Mark Edel-Hunt. Producer: Abigail le Fleming.

24 June: Saturday Play: Metamorphosis
A modern version of Kafka's story about a man turning into a giant insect. Adapted by Alan Harris. Gregor: Tom Basden, Grete: Emma Sidi, Father: Kenneth Collard, Mother: Felicity Montague, Pest controller: Tim Key, Juri: Simon Ludders, Mr. Lazarus: Mike Bubbins, Mrs. Dawson: Alison Belbin, Narrator: Peter Marinker. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

25 June: Classic Serial: Those who leave and those who stay, 3
By Elena Ferrante. Lena has left Naples and become a writer. Lila struggles to keep her head above water as she brings up her son. Monica Dolan as Elena, Anastasia Hille as Lila, with Jane Whittenshaw, Simon Scardifield, Ferdinand Kingsley, Richard tate, Nelly Harker, Jayne McKenna, Ben Crowe, Daniel Ryan, Nicholas Armfield, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Claudia Jolly, Daniel Flynn, Phoebe Marshall. Producer: Peter Hoare; director: Celia de Wolff.

26 June: Culture
By Al Smith. "Dangerous Visions" (DV) series. Sky-high prices and difficult choices: a frightening vision of what might happen to our health provision if antibiotics become ineffective against bacteria. All doctors (and patients) should listen to it. Anna: Pippa Nixon, Ned: David Calder, Maria: Olivia Popica, Shireen: Chetna Pandya, Celine: Sarah Ridgeway, Tom: Tom Forrister, Quartermaster: Philip Fox, Bailiff: Emilio Doorgasingh. Producer: Sally Avens.

27 June: Siege, 1
By Adrain Penketh. (DV) Looking into the near future: in 2020, a popular French 'Front Nationale' candidate campaigns to become the next mayor of Grenoble,well-known as a left-wing city. Vincent: Joseph Millsom, Amelia: Mariah Gale, Latifa: Amira Ghazalia, Rashid: Nathan Clarke, Laurent: Charlie Clements, with Sarah Ridgeway, Emilio Doorgasingh, Sanchia McCormack, Philip Fox, Tom Forrister, Robert Blythe, Ashley Kumar, Chetna Pandya, Kerry Gooderson, Simon Ludders and Sam James. Producer: Marc Beeby.

28 June: Siege, 2
Follow his election as the mayor, Vincent faces escalating violence and protests. Details- see 27 Jun.

29 June: Siege, 3
The protests increase, but the mayor will not step down. Concluding episode. Details as 27 Jun.

30 June: Perimeter
By Josie Long and Liam Williams. (DV) Josie and Liam, sister and brother, live in a very odd city. There is a giant and an electric fence; the haves and have-nots live on opposite sides. One day they are all offered the chance of crossing over to see how the other half lives. Comedy. Josie and Liam play the siblings, with Pippa Haywood, Ashna Rabheru, Sam James, John Cording, Sion Pritchard and Simon Ludders. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

1 Jul: Saturday Play: Darkness at Noon
By Arthur Koestler, dramatised by Simon Scardifield. (DV) There's a totalitarian government. A man who used to pull the political levers is now imprisoned. Rubashov, the man: Matthew Marsh, Arlova: Poppy Miller, Ivanov: Stephen Boxer, Gletkin: Samuel James, Bogrov: Simon Ludders, Ulrich: Tom Forrister, Loewry: Charlie Clements, Kieffer: Philip Fox, Michael: David Sturzaker. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

2 Jul: Classic Serial: A Perfect Spy, 1
Robert Forrest's dramatization of Le Carre's well-known spy novel, in three instalments. Magnus: Julian Rind-Tutt, Jack Brotherhood: Bill Paterson, Rick: Michael Maloney, Mary: Ruth Gemmell, Lippsie: Melody Grove, Syd Lemon: Ewan Bailey, Sefton Boyd: Tom Forrister, Nigel: Gerrard McDermott, Georgie: Samara MacLaren, Fergus: Tom Stuart, Peggy Wentworth: Aoife McMahon. Producer: Bruce Young.

3 Jul: Keeping the Wolf Out, 1 - Behind the Wall
By Philip Palmer. Crime series set during the Cold War in Hungary. Special investigator Bertalan investigates a very difficult case. Bertalan: Leo Bill, Franciska: Clare Corbett, Tibor Farkas: Andy Linden, Milton Szilard: Philip Fox, Kristof Szep: Samuel James, Mr. Kiraly: Robert Blythe, Rihard Miklos: Shaun Mason, with Tom Forrister, Simon Ludders and Kerry Gooderson. Producer: Toby Swift.

4 Jul: Keeping the Wolf Out, 2 - Waiting by the River
Franciska is determined to destroy her husband's boss and thinks she can do it. Bertalan isn't so sure. (production details- see 3 Jul)

5 Jul: Keeping the Wolf Out, 3 - Heroes
Six young men are dead. (production details - see 3 Jul)

6 Jul: Lost in France
By Alice Burden and Harriet Colling; comedy. A career woman changes tack and goes to rural France with her mother and grandmother. Liz: Sophie Thompson, Grandma: Phyllida Law, Helen: Harriet Collings, James: Geoffrey Whitehead, market boy: David Sturzaker. Producer: Bruce Young.

7 Jul: The Archivist
By Kellie Smith. Psychological thriller. Ben starts to film his family, secretly, for his personal archive. He can't spend a day without videoing something and putting it on Facebook. Ben: Adam Nagatis, Clare: Christine Bottomley, John: Henry Devas, Nadia: Fiona Clarke. Producer: Pauline Harris.

8 Jul:Saturday Play: Penny Dreadfuls - Le Carre on Spying
By David Reed. The comedy sketch group give their version of Cold War espionage in Berlin. Miles Jupp, Mark Heap, Humphrey Ker, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, David Reed, Thom Tuck. Produced by Julia McKenzie. 60m

9 Jul: Classic Serial: A Perfect Spy, 2
By John le Carre, dram. Robert Forrest. Julian Rhind-Tutt as Magnus Pym, Bill Paterson as Jack Brotherhood, Anton Lesser as Axel, Rick Pym as Maloney, with Aoife McMahon, Ewan Bailey, Tracey Wiles, Adam Thomas Wright, Sanchia McCormack and Gerrard McDermott. Producer: Bruce Young.

10 Jul: The Crossing
By Tara Hegarty. Set in rural Ireland. The Wards are a farming family heavily in debt. An online contact whom they don't know arrives to sort out their problems (they hope). Kath Ward: Pauline McLynn, Matthew Ward: Owen O'Neill, David: Laurence Dobiesz, Gabriel: Michael Colgan. Producer: Melanie Harris; director J.P.McKeown.

11 Jul: The Music Lesson
By Hannah Silva. Mika is a music student of the recorder. A famous teacher offers to help her. Things don't work out as she planned. With Fiona Shaw, Erin Doherty. Producer: Melanie Harris; director: Susannah Tresilian.

12 Jul: In His Kiss
By Lucy Montague Moffatt. An aspiring stand-up comic, Anna, joins a dating site, looking for excitement but also for material for her comedy routine. George, an undertaker, has also joined the dating site, for more usual reasons. When he meets Anna, things develop in a way neither of them had foreseen. Anna: Niamh McGowan, George: Harry McEntire, Tash / Daisy: Kimberly Hart-Simpson, Will: Ste Johnston. Producer: Melanie Harris, director: Julia Ford.

13 Jul: Road to St. David's
By Douglas Livingstone, repeated from a couple of years ago. The colourful celebrations of ancient myths at the St. David's Day festival are the setting for a story about two pilgrims seeking help from the city's two saints. David: Matt Addis, Sonia: Faye Costelow, Owen: Matthew Morgan, Jean: Grainne Keenan, with Charlotte Worthing and Ioan Meredith. Producer: Jane Morgan.

14 Jul: Girls
By Theresa Ikoko. Story about three teenage girls kidnapped by Boko Haram from a Nigerian school. Tisana: Amaka Okafor, Ruhab: Faith Alabi, Haleema: Joan Iyiola. Producer: Abigail Gonda.

15 Jul: Saturday Play: Marathon Man
By William Goldman, dram. Stephen Keyworth. Marathon Man is a conspiracy thriller, written in 1974. It has been made into a film. It has some seriously nasty scenes; you have been warned. Jack Lowden, Tom Burke, Iam McDiarmid, Karen Bartke, Liam Brennan, Finn den Hertog, Robin Laing, Steven McNicoll. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

16 Jul: Classic Serial - A Perfect Spy, 3
By John le Carre, dram. Robert Forrest. Julian Rhind-Tutt, Anton Lesser, Bill Paterson, Ruth Gemmell, Michael Maloney, Tracy Wiles, Samara MacLaren, Tom Stuart, Gerrard McDermott, Aoife McMahon, Ewan Bailey, Adam Thomas Wright. Producer: Bruce Young.

17 Jul: Human Resources
By Piers Black-Hawkins. A salesman receives a call from a girl calling for help. Dylan: Matthew Baynton, Gina: Katie West, with Ceallach Spellman, Krissi Bohn, Graeme Hawley, Russell Dixon, Ashley Margolis.

18 Jul: Miss Mary's Room
By George Pelecanos. RT: "Two boys fail at school and are hired by a drug dealer". Heidi Armbruster, Zakarias Bryld Aidt, Brandon Wilson, Luke Georgelakos, Andrew Georgelakos, Anwan Glover. Producer: Judith Kampfner.

19 Jul: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, 1
By Alexander McCall-Smith. Two-part story dramatised by the author from his book "Precious and Grace". Part 1: The Fat Cattle Club. Janice Acquaj, Nadine Marshall, Ben Onwukwe, Steve Toussaint, Sarah Niles, Barbara Barnes, Eleanor Crooks, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Jude Akuwudike. Producer: Gaynor MacFarlane.

20 Jul: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, 2
By Alexander McCall-Smith. Part 2: Precious and Grace. The two detectives carefully sort out everyone's problems. Production details as yesterday.

21 Jul: The Dad Who Fell To Earth
By Toby Hadoke; sci-fi comedy. Repeated from 9 Jul 2015. Tom was slowly coming to terms with the death of his father, but then he discovered that he was an alien from a distant planet. Tom found his perspective altering, including saving Earth from imminent destruction. Tom: the author, Russel: Ronald Pickup, Jan: Cherylee Houston, Wendy: Alexandra Mathie, Pate/Steve: Lee Fenwick, Chelsea: Zoe Iqbal. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

22 Jul: Saturday Play: Marathon Man
By William Goldman, dram. Stephen Keyworth. Thriller about a student and aspiring marathon runner who becomes involved in a spy plot. Watch out for the crazy Nazi dentist Szell. Some nasty scenes; you have been warned. Tom Burke as Scylla, with Jack Lowden as the student, Ian McDiarmid as Szell, Liam Brennan, Richard Conlon, Finn den Hertog, Jessica Hardwick, Robert Jack and Robin Laing. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

23 Jul: Classic Serial: DH Lawrence's Gypsy
By Dan Allum, inspired by David Lawrence's "The Virgin and the Gypsy". Joe and his family arrive in a small village looking for work. Joe is attracted to the rector's daughter. Joe: Samuel Edward-Cook, Vina: Candis Nergaard, Yvette: Verity Henry, Lucille: Harriet Judd, Sgt. Eastwood: Toby Hadoke, Granny: Christine Cox, Rector: Paul Stonehouse. Produced by Charlotte Riches.

24 Jul: Fifteen Minutes
By Sarah Wooley. A repeat of Sarah's drama involving Truman Capote and Andy Warhol. Andy: Tobias Menzies, Truman: Adrian Rawlins, Fred Hughes: David Seddon, Bob Colacello: Will Howard. Produced by Gaynor MacFarlane.

25 Jul: The Man with the Hammer
By Phil Porter. Play about cycling, involving a widowed father and his daughter. Jodie: Harriet Slater, Tony: Jonathan McGuinness, Noah: Jonny Holden, Maxine: Chetna Pandya, with Philip Fox, Emilio Doorgasingh and Charlie Clements. Produced by David Hunter.

26 Jul: The Life and Times of Arthur Miller, 1: Beginnings
By Mike Walker, rpt. Play 1 of 4, all based on events in Miller's life. This one looks at the effect of the Wall St. Crash on his well-off family. Narrator: Ed Harris, Arthur: Ben Feldman, Isidore Miller: Gregory Itzin, Augusta Miller: Kate Burton, with Matt Wolf, Andre Sogliuzzo, Devon Sorvari, Michael Kirby and Anna Lyse Erikson. Producer: Susan Loewenberg. Director: Kate McAll.

27 Jul: The Churchill Barriers
By Emma Spurgin Hussey, repeated from a couple of years ago. The play is set in Orkney in 1944 as a clerk and a pianist work on buuilding the sea defences. George, the clerk: David Dawson, Giorgio: Cesare Taurasi, Q: David Hounslow, Captain Swain: Mark Edel-Hunt, Major Buckland: Stephen Critchlow, Italisn: Chris Pavlo. Produced by David Hunter.

28 Jul: Deacon
By Edson Burton. Mack has to deliver a car to an address near Swindon, but on the way he has an accident. Deacon: Don Warrington, Mack: Ashley Thomas, Mary: Leona Walker, Jimmy: John Cording, Price: Simon Ludders, waitress: Claire Cage. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

29 Jul: Saturday Play: Roderick Hudson, 1
By Henry James, dram. Lavinia Murray. This was originally published in the Atlantic Monthly as a serial, then as a novel. It follows the life of a sculptor. Henry James: John Lynch, Roderick: Luke Newberry, Rowland Mallett: Derek Riddell, Christina: Emily Beecham, Mary: Caitlin Thorburn, with Susan Twist, Kate Hudson, Lorelei King and Stephen Marzella. Producer: Pauline Harris.

30 Jul: Classic Serial: The Portrait of a Lady, 1
By Henry James, dram. Linda M Griffiths. This is described in the RT as a story about desire and freedom. Henry James: John Lynch, Isabel: Joanna Vanderham, Ralph: Sacha Dhawan, Lord Warburton: Ifan Meredith, Mr. Touchett: Jonathan Keeble, Mrs. Touchett: Frances Barber, Henrietta: Lara Rossi, Caspar: Samuel Edward-Cook, Madame Merle: Susan Lynch. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

31 Jul: Gibberish
By Christopher Lee. It is 31 July, 2017, and the Prime Minister is about to call another snap election when she is told that Gibralter wants to stay in Europe and is about to declare itself Spanish. PM: Gillian Bevan, Queen: Anne Reid, Charlie: Nelly Harker, Henry: Miles Jupp, Peter: David Robb, George: Nickolas Grace, Rose and Dora: Christine Kavanagh, Winston: Chris Pavlo. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

1 Aug: Metaphor Moses
By Gary Ogin. Comedy. Matthew wakes up to find he has been turned into Moishe, a Hasidic Jew. This branch of Judaism is known for its exuberant worship and distinctive dress. His father is worried because he doesn't want the neighbours to know the family is Jewish. Jeremy: Elliot Levey, Matthew / Moishe: Ashley Margolis, Rabbi: David Fleeshman, Faith: Kate Anthony, Ellie: Verity Henry, Barry: Lloyd Peters, Doctor: Hamilton Berstock. Producer: Gary Brown.

2 Aug: The Life and Times of Arthur Miller, 2: The Lure
By Jonathan Holloway. Opportunities in Hollywood arise for Arthur after the success of 'Death of a Salesman'. He has been married for ten years and has two children, but a chance meeting with Marilyn Monroe changes his life. Narrator: Ed Harris, Arthur: Ben Feldman, Mary Slattery: Devon Sorvari, Dolores: Alexis Jacknow, Elia Kazan: Raphael Sharpe, Marilyn Monroe: Heidi Dippold, Harry Cohn: Hector Elizondo, TWA announcer: Andre Sogliuzzo. Producer: Susan Loewenberg; director: Kate McAll.

3 Aug: The Tiny Problem
By Tamsin Oglesby. Comedy. A man and his wife ignore their own problems, focusing all of their energy on their teenage daughter. Eventually they end up in therapy. El: Tanya Franks, Jim: Paterson Joseph, Tiny: Pearl Chanda, Officials: Sam James, Emilio Doorgasingh, Teen: Tom Forrister. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

4 Aug: Holding back the Tide
By Nick Warburton; comedy. Repeated from 2016. A couple inherits a house in Yorkshire. The man and his wife are drawn into a group fighting against the modernization of the town. Richard: Paul Ritter, Clare: Kate Duchene, John: Ronald Pickup, Lux: Michelle Asante, Penrith: Chris Pavlo, Trafford: Gerard McDermott, Mrs. Cardabbon: Susan Jameson, Estate agent: Caolan McMarthy. Producer: Sally Avens.

5 Aug: Saturday Play - Roderick Hudson, 2
By Henry James, dram. Lavinia Murray from the novel, written in 1870. Social / love story. Narrated by John Lynch, with Luke Newberry in the title role, Derel Riddell, Emily Beecham, Caitlin Thorburn, Susan Twist, Lorelei King, Stephen Marzella. Produced by Pauline Harris.

6 Aug: Classic Serial: The Portrait of a Lady, 2
By Henry James, dram. Linda M Griffiths. An unexpected windfall gives Isabel some freedom at last. John Lynch as Henry James, with Joanna Vanderham, Sacha Dhawan, Frances Barber, Susan Lynch, Joseph Millson, Amelia Clarkson, Chetna Pandya, Ifan Meredith, Samuel Edward-Cook. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

7 Aug: Frank and The Bear
By Emily Steel. Frank is a baby; a few hours old and very ill. His parents tell him stories whilst they hope for his recovery. Amy: Eve Myles, Joe: Alex Beckett, Linda: Claire Cage, with Jaimi Barbakoff, Lynn Hunter and Samuel Creasey. Producer: Helen Perry.

8 Aug: May there always be sunshine
By Alan Pollock. You may remember the Pioneers; purportedly the Soviet equivalent of the Scouts, but actually more akin to military training for children. Two Manchester youths travel to a Pioneer camp in the late 60s for a week of sun and sea and to broaden their horizons. They learn that all is not as they thought it was. Simon: James Anthony Pearson, Anna: Vasso Georgiadou, Bruce: Stewart Campbell, with Iain Robertson, Belle Jones, Samuel Jameson and Sharon MacKenzie. Produced in Scotland by David Ian Neville.

9 Aug: Life & Times of Arthur Miller, 3: Sin
By Jonathan Holloway. More events in the life of Arthur Miller. In 1955 Marilyn Monroe moved to New York to study acting. She starts to see Arthur Miller again. Narrator: Ed Harris, Arthur: Ben Feldman, Morton Miller: Andre Sogliuzzo, Marilyn Monroe: Heidi Dippold, with Ed Asner, Nick Toren and Alan Shearer. Producer: Susan Loewenberg. Rpt.

10 Aug: Redacted
By Hugh Costello. Political thriller. A senior civil servant notices the name of his wife at the bottom of an incriminating document. Jonathan: Nicholas Murchie, Monica: Greta Scacchi, Fiona: Lauren O'Neill, Shofi: Ashley Kumar, Justin: John Dougall, Derek: Christian Patterson, Lucas: David Reakes, Kitty: Alice Kerriganx. Producer: Alasdair Cross.

11 Aug: Holding Back the Tide: Democracy
New series. Play 1: by Nick Warburton; Comedy. RT: "Richard and Clare inherit a house with a sitting tenant who treats the place as his own and the town as his fiefdom". Richard: Paul Ritter, Clare: Kate Duchene,John Hector: Ronald Pickup, Lux: Michelle Asante, Mrs. Cardabbon: Susan Jameson, Penrith: Chris Pavlo, ticket lady: Kerry Gooderson, guard: Bob Blythe. Producer: Sally Avens.

12 Aug: Saturday Play: Portrait of a Gentleman
By Peter Ansorge. The play is about the relationship between Henry James and a young American woman when he was in Venice completing "The Portrait of a Lady". Henry James: Guy Paul, Fenimore: Katherine Kingsley, Esther, her mother: Liza Ross, John A Symonds: John Guerassio, Angelo Fusato: Yuri Buzzi. Producers: Marilyn Imrie and Eoin O'Callaghan.

13 Aug: Classic Serial - The Portrait of a Lady, 3
By Henry James, dram. Linda Marshall Griffiths. Isabel has endured four years of unhappy marriage. She looks for a way to regain her freedom. John Lynch as Henry James, with Joanna Vanderham, Sacha Dhawan, Susan Lynch, Joseph Millson, Amelia Clarkson, Chetna Pandya, Ifan Meredith, Lara Rossi, Samuel Edward-Cook. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

14 Aug: Pardna
By Pat Cumper. A play about something totally new to me: three lifelong friends consider forming a pardna: a Jamaican tradition where people save collectively for life's emergencies. In this drama, the arrangement tests their relationships. Karena: Jo Martin, Jane: Angela Wynter, Zaza: Aicha Kossoko, Doc: Alexandria Riley. Producer: Helen Perry.

15 Aug: Midnight's Children, ep. 3 of 7
By Salman Rushdie, dram. Ayeesha Menon from the novel, written in 1981. The other six episodes are spread through the day at different times:
1:9am (15m),
2:10.45 (15m),
3:2.15pm (45m),
4:4.45 (15m),
6:9pm (60m) and
7:11pm(60m). Ep. 2 was broadcast the day before as a prologue, from 11.45 until midnight. There was an enormous cast list, with Nikesh Patel as the central character, Saleem, born at midnight on 15 Aug 1947, the exact moment of the Partition of India. Partition was to have a profound influence on his life. Produced by Tracey Neale and Emma Harding.

16 Aug:Life and Times of Arthur Miller: 4 - Dreams
By Mike Walker. Final play of the series. Producer: Susan Loewenberg; directed by Kate McAll. Rpt.

17 Aug: Breaking up with Bradford
By Kamal Kaan. A man returns to his home town after three years at university. He has changed. Kasim: Darren Kuppan, Richard: Luke Newberry, Sid: Abdullah Afzal, Zaynab: Mez Galaria. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

18 Aug: Holding back the Tide, 2
By Nick Warburton; comedy. Clare and Richard visit a famous resident of the town. Paul Ritter, Kate Duchene, Ronald Pickup, Gerard McDermott, Louise Brealey and Chetna Pandya. Producer: Sally Avens.

19 Aug: Saturday Play: Tolkien in Love
By Sean Grundy. Play about Ronald Tolkien and his future wife, Edith Bratt, whom he met when he was 16 and she 19. His guardian was unhappy about their association and prohibited their meeting until he was 21. The play is based on real events, some of which were later incorporated in 'Lord of the Rings'. Ronald: Wilf Merrick, Edith: Claudia Jessie, Fr. Francis: John Duttine, Mrs. Faulkner: Sally Grace, George: Paul Panting, Hilary: Ben Wilby. Producer: Liz Anstee.

20 Aug: Classic Serial: Midnight's Children, 1
By Salman Rushdie, dram. Ayeesha Menon. Rpt. of Tuesday's epic, split into five 60m episodes, broadcast on sunday afternoons. The doctor falls in love with a young woman concealed behind a large sheet with a hole in it. Saleem: Nikesh Patel, with Abhin Galeya, Meera Syal, Silas Carson, Maya Sondhi, Anil Goutam, Anneika Rose, Deeviya Meir, Akbar Kurtha, Sagar Arya (plays two parts), Narinder Samra, Ace Bhatti, Shiven Shankar, Shreya Shan. Producers: Tracey Neale and Emma Harding. Produced in-house by the BBC.

21 Aug: Frankie goes to Flensburg
By Jennifer Howarth. Rpt. In spring 1945, major Frankie Howarth, father of the author, was sent with two other soldiers to Germany. The war had ended, and their job was to set up a civilian administration. Based on real events. Frankie: Paul Popplewell, Colonel: Mark Straker, Brigadier: Kim Wall, with Ian Masters, Anthony Howell, Sam Troughton, James Joyce, Anthony Calf and Nelly Harker. Produced by Celia de Wolff. Indie. (Pier Productions).

22 Aug: Test Case: Mr. C
By Philip Palmer, rpt. Drama about a court case from 1993, involving a schizophrenic Broadmoor patient. He had contracted gangrene in the foot and the medical advice was that his leg would have to be amputated. He disagreed, and it went to court. Harold (Mr. C): Louis Mahoney, Peter Rutter: David Seddon, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff: Priyanga Burford, Dr. Nigel Eastman: Michael Bertenshaw, with other medical staff played by Shaheen Khan, Ayesha Antoine, Georgie Fuller, John Norton and Sean Murray. Produced by Jonquil Panting.

23 Aug: The Interrogation, 1
By Roy Williams; rpt. of series 2. Episode title: Marc. A former colleague of Max and Sean is suspected of domestic violence. Sean: Alex Lanipekun, Max: Kenneth Cranham, Marc: Ben Crowe, Lisa: Philippa Stanton, Operator: Hannah Wood. Producer: Jessica Dromgoole.

24 Aug: Reacher's Point
By Andrew Doyle. An elderly lady is taken back to her childhood home by her son. Paul: Harry McEntire, Ruth: Anne Lacey, Marie: Wendy Seager, the bride: Jessica Hardwick. Produced by Kirsty Williams.

25 Aug: Holding Back the Tide, 3: Herring Week
By Nick Warburton. It's decided that Clare will run 'Herring Week' but John doesn't want a southerner put in charge. Richard: Paul Ritter, Clare: Kate Duchene, John: Ronald Pickup, Lux: Michelle Asante,, Headley (sic): Philip Fox, Mrs. Briggs: Sanchia McCormack, herring enthusiast: Simon Ludders. Producer: Sally Avens.

26 Aug: Saturday Play: My Brilliant Friend,
By Elena Ferrante, dram. Timberlake Wertenbaker, trans. Ann Goldstein. Repeat of the 2-part serial from a short while back; 2 x 55m. First part broadcast at 2.30pm; the second at 9pm. Lena: Monica Dolan, Lila: Anastasia Hille, Lila as a child: Grace Wingate, Lila as a teenager: Chloe Harris, Lena as a child: Elisabeth McEvilly, Lena as a teenager: Daisy Tomkinson. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

27 Aug: Classic Serial slot: Midnight's Children
By Salman Rushdie, dram. Ayeesha Menon, rpt. Ep. 2 of 5. Nikesh Patel, Narinder Samra, Anneika Rose, Chetna Pandya, Philip Fox, Ronny Jhutti, Ace Bhatti, Emiliio Doorgasingh, Renu Brindle and Ashley Kumar. Producers: Tracey Neale and Emma Harding.

28 Aug: For The Time Being
By Tony Jones. A man travels back in time and speaks to his younger self. Reminded me of the play Excerpt From a Dog's Ear, by Kavyasiddhi Mulvey (2007) where a man re-enters his childhood landscape. Cast for Tony's play: Old Will: Danny Webb, young Will: Christopher Weeks, Sarah: Molly Chesworth, Fiona: Lizzie McInnerney, Zoe: Lotte Rice, Dr. Stark: Lucy Robinson. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

29 Aug: Test Case 2: Bournewood
By Sasha Hails. The legal case which resulted in the introduction of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards for vulnerable people. "H" ..... Samuel James, "Mr E" ..... Simon Ludders, "Mrs E" ..... Adie Allen, Robert Robinson ..... Peter Hamilton Dyer, Ailsa Flinders ..... Sanchia McCormack, Dr Manjubhashini ..... Sudha Bhuchar, Driver ..... Philip Fox, Careworkers ..... Julie Teal, Kerry Gooderson, Staff ..... Tom Forrister, David Sturzaker, Colleague ..... Sarah Ridgeway. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

30 Aug: The Interrogation
By Roy Williams; crime drama. Max and Sean investigate a case involving a woman who featured prominently in the London riots. Max: Kenneth Cranham, Sean: Alex Lanipekum, Grace: Noma Dumezweni, Stephen: Jerome Holder, Simone: Amaka Okafor. Producer: Jessica Dromgoole.

31 Aug: Quill
By Tom Jones, rpt. A comedy; it is Hunslet Fair in 1851 and Edward Quill has been asked to write a play by the actor-manager at the theatre. It must contain a ghost, a hero, a heroine, a storm and a dog. Edward Quill: Daniel Weyman, Wragg / Sir Jasper: Edward Max, Mrs. Wragg: Susan Brown, Susannah: Jasmine Hyde, Mr. Swann / Lumb: Rob Hudson, Lucinda: Harriet Hare. Produced by Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

1 Sep: Further from Heaven
By James O'Neill; rpt. Described in RT as a black comedy set in rural Ireland. Danny survives a serious car crash; then an old man knocks on his door. The man: Dermot Crowley, Danny: Conor Moloney, Catherine: Fiona Clarke, Narrator: Jonathan Keeble. Producer: Gary Brown.

2 Sep: Saturday Play: All That Fall
By Samuel Beckett; an old woman meets her blind husband off the train. One theatre director has produced this play with the audience wearing blindfolds, so I suggest that if any of Beckett's plays is suitable for radio, it's this one. Mrs. Rooney: Brid Brennan, Tommy: Killian Burke, Miss Fitt: Tara Flynn, Christie: Frank Laverty, Mr. Rooney: Gary Liburn, Mr. Slocumb: Ciaran McIntyre. Producer: Catherine Bailey; director: Max Stafford-Clark.

3 Sep: Classic Serial - Midnight's Children, 3
By Salman Rushdie, rpt. Dram. Ayeesha Menon. Saleem finds that he is telepathic. Nikesh Patel, Narinder Samra, Anneika Rose, Chetna Pandya, Zain Syed, Misha Shah, Ahren Chadha, Rina Mahoney, Emiliio Doorgasingh, Kulvinder Ghir, Akbar Kurtha and Ronny Jhutti. Producers: Tracey Neale and Emma Harding.

4 Sep: Grand Designs of the Third Kind
Hal, a wheelchair user, has his house renovated. It's an old observatory. The renovation, and the workmen doing it, provide some surprises. Hal: Jonjo O'Neill, Penny: Krissi Bohn, Mr. Hobbs: Arthur Bostrom, Donna: Danielle Henry. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

5 Sep: The Red
By Marcus Brigstocke; his first radio play, on the subject of alcoholism. Benedict, a middle-aged man and former alcoholic, has just attended his father's funeral. He is disconcerted by one of the items his father has left to him. Rufus Jones, with David Calder (his father) and Marcus Brigstocke (Peter). Produced by Caroline Raphael. Indie (Pier Productions).

6 Sep: The Interrogation
By Roy Williams. Crime Drama. A male sixth-form student is attacked on the way to college. Max and Sean try to find out why. Max: Kenneth Cranham, Sean: Alex Lanipekun, Simon: Sam Swann, Jason: Michael Shelford, Damien: Will Howard, Wendy: Joanna Brookes, Mr. Renshaw: Nicholas Murchie. Producer: Jessica Dromgoole.

7 Sep: Snake
By Moya O'Shea. An Australian businessman needs a new managing director for his company. He takes four candidates into the bush to test their strength of character. Greg: Richard Dillane, Jarrod: Harry Richardson, Tingting: Elizabeth Tan, Alessia: Sarah Kants, Stephanie: Vivien Carter. Producer: Tracey Neale.

8 Sep: The Lesson
By Virginia Gilbert. James is bringing out a new novel; his wife wants him to refrain from naming the woman upon which the main character is based; a woman from his past, who appears to be dangerous. But who, exactly, is the victim? James: Harry Lloyd, Alice: Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Cara, the woman: Phoebe Fox, Jane/nurse: Julie Teal, radio presenters: Philip Fox. Producer: David Ian Neville.

9 Sep: Saturday Play - The Dragon Man
By Garry Disher, who I think is Australian. Murder story; there's a serial killer on the loose who leaves cryptic clues for the police. Richard Dillane, Penny Downie, Mark Little, Jordan Whyte, Mali Harries, Dan Hunter, Mufrida Hayes, Sam James, Phil MzKenzie, Fiona Marr, Kerry Gooderson. Producer: Alison Hindell.

10 Sep: Classic Serial: Midnight's Children, 4
By Salman Rushdie, rpt. The Indo-Pakistani war of 1965. Nikesh Patel, Deeviya Meir, Zain Syed, Misha Shah, Anneika Rose, Narinder Samra, Sevla Rasalingam, Sagar Arya, Abhin Galeya, Ronni Jhutti, Akbar Kurtha, Silas Carson, Aysha Kala, Nael Ameen, Nikita Mehta. Producer: Emma Harding.

11 Sep: Prime Cut
By Alan Carter, set in Australia. Part 1. Police detective story involving mutilated torsos; the central character is a policeman, Cato, who has blotted his copy book. Cato: Andrew Leung, Tess: Christine Stephen-Daly, with Richard Dillane, Steffan Rhodri, Mark Little, Rio Holland, Philip Fox, Leo Wan, Ethan Rouse and Kerry Gooderson. Producer: Helen Perry.

12 Sep: Prime Cut
Part 2, conclusion. Details as yesterday.

13 Sep: A Question of Judgement
By Ryan Craig. A retired judge from a privileged background has to chair an inquiry into a gas explosion which resulted in the death of some children at a council estate school. The judge: Timothy West, Devereauz: Neil McCaul, Conserdine: Sam James, Annie Lopez: Charlie Clements, with David Reakes, Ellie Darvill, Tayla Kovacevich-Ebong, Abbie Andrewes and Deeivya Meir. Producer: Patrick Kavanagh. school.

14 Sep: The Beard
By Timothy X Atack. A famous film actress is forced into hiding when a beard begins to grow on her face. Then a fan, puzzled by why she has disappeared, attempts to find her. Thea: Amara Karan, with Amelia Bullmore (taking three parts), Mandeep Dhillon and Zara Ramm. Producer: Alison Crawford.

15 Sep: A Book by Lester Tricklebank
By Richard Lumsden, rpt. Lester is a man scarred by something which happened in his childhood. Now he decides to confront his past and write about it. Lester: Stephen Tomkinson, Florence: Rebakah Staton, Stanley: Jack Hollington, Janice: jane Slavin, Bill: Stephen Critchlow, with Jessica Turner, Ayesha Antoine, David Hounslow and Rhiannon Neads. Producer: Sally Avens.

16 Sep: Saturday Play: Trial by Laughter
By Ian Hislop and Nick Newman, who used trial transcripts to explore the life of William Hone. Rpt. He was a publisher and bookseller in the early 1800s. He was an early fighter for free speech in an era where speech was anything but free. He stood trial, on three occasions in three days, for blasphemy and libel because he published material which stood up for the working man rather than the ruling class. He lampooned the Establishment, a despotic British government and the monarchy, with the help of Cruickshank, the cartoonist. Hone: Robert Wilfort, Prince Regent: Arthut Bostrun, Cruickshank: Conrad Nelson, Ellenborough: Jonathan Keeble, Shepherd: David Benson, Abbott: Malcolm Raeburn, Lady Hertford: Melissa Sinden, Sarah: Fiona Clarke, Reporter / Clerk: Graeme Hawley. Produced by Gary Brown. This play had a good review by Jane Anderson in RT when it first went out in 2016 and was an excellent listen.

17 Sep: Classic Serial - Midnight's Children, 5
By Salman Rushdie, dram. Ayeesha Menon, rpt. Nikesh Patel, Aysha Kala, Silas Carson, Nitin Ganatra, Renu Brindle, Anil Goutam, Rina Mahoney, Chetna Pandya. Producers: Emma Harding and Tracey Heale.

18 Sep: Rumpole, 1: The way through the woods
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. Three more tales, 1. Julian Rhind-Tutt, Jasmine Hyde, Michael Cochrane, Nigel Anthony, Cathy Sara, Ben Crowe, Stephen Critchlow, Hetty Baynes Russell. Producer: Catherine Bailey, director Mirilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

19 Sep: Rumpole, 2: For the Prosecution
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. Julian Rhind-Tutt, Jasmine Hyde, Michael Cochrane, Nigel Anthony, Ewan Bailey, Stephen Critchlow, Deborah Findlay, Amy Morgan, Max Pattison. Other details - as 18 Sep.

20 Sep: Rumpole, 3: The Quacks
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. Julian Rhind-Tutt, Jasmine Hyde, Michael Cochrane, Nigel Anthony, Cathy Sara, Divian Ladwa, Tracy Wiles, Stephen Critchlow. Other details - as 18 Sep.

21 Sep: doyouwishtocontinue (sic)
By Christine Entwistle, rpt. Comedy; a woman in her 40s is at the end of her tether. Debra: Christine Entwhistle, the assessor / girl on the train: Melody Grove, counsellor: Pippa Haywood, Mam: Anne Reid, Dad/Charlie B: Geoffrey Whitehead, chugger / shop assistant: Joseph Arkley. Produced by Kirsty Williams.

22 Sep: Lying Low
By Stephen Wakelam. In 1961, Samuel Beckett had a holiday in Folkestone. Events are revealed from the point of view of the hotel receptionist, narrated some time later. Samuel: Adrian Dunbar, young Janet, the receptionist: Charlotte Beaumont, older Janet: Susan Brown, Billy: Charlie Clements, Miss Adams: Clare Corbett, Suzanne: Caroline Loncq, Roy: Sam James, Timmy: Gary Duncan, librarian: David Sturzaker, registrar: Philip Fox. Producer: Gemma Jenkins.

23 Sep: Saturday Play: That'll Be The Day
By Ray Connolly. Drama about a bright teenager whose future is threatened by his obsession with his absent father. Jack Gordon as Jim, with Emily Pithon, Conrad Nelson, Chris Hannon, Verity Henry, Natalie Grady and Greg Wood. Producer: Gary Brown.

24 Sep: Classic Serial: Human Voices
By Penelope Fitzgerald, dram. Michael Butt. I think this is a repeat ... Annie Asra is a young woman employed by the BBC in the 1940s - she finds friendship and more. Annie played by Helen George; BBC personnel by Toby Jones, Geoffrey Streatfield, Katie Redford, Susan Jameson, Chris Pavlo, Ewan Bailey, George Watkins and Sean Baker. Producer: David Hunter.

25 Sep: Lights, Camera, Kidnap! 1
Fascinating drama by Lucy Catherine. In 1978 a South Korean movie star and her ex-husband were kidnapped by Kim Jong-Il; a story stranger than fiction. The purpose was for them to revive the North Korean film industry. The play is based on true events and is in two episodes. Continued on 26 Sep. Choi Eun-hee: Liz Sutherland; Shin Sang-Ok: Paul Courtney, Kim Jong-Il: Leo Wan, with Sarah Lam, Wendy Kweh, Sam James, Isabella Inchbald, Charlie Clements, Gary Duncan, David Reakes, Adam Fitzgerald, Abbie Andrews, Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, David Yip and Ellie Darvill. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

26 Sep: Lights, Camera, Kidnap! 2
By Lucy Catherine. Conclusion. Details as yesterday.

27 Sep: Synonymous
By D.C.Jackson and David Ireland. Comedy about a reality TV star and an erudite ghost writer who hasn't written a novel for 25 years. Suzi is an actress, footballer's wife and mother; Val has been told to ghost her latest book. A good listen; favourably reviewed by Sarah Carson in RT. Val: Amerlia Bullmore, Suzi: Jaime Winstone, Kate: Alison O'Donnell, Michael: David Ireland. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

28 Sep: Lamanby
By Jacob Polley, and narrated by him. A man returns to the farmhouse where he was brought up and which frightened him as a child. This is part of the "Contains Strong Language" (CSL) season of poetry and performance. Gillian Kearney, Kevin Doyle, Sam Hattersley, Ashley Margolis and Alan Rothwell. Producer: Sue Roberts.

29 Sep: Glue
By Louise Wallwein. Louise tells her life story, which includes not knowing the identity of her birth mother for thirty years. Part of the CSL season. Louise: herself, Social Worker: Julie Hesmondhalgh, with Fiona Clarke and Eileen O'Brien. Producer: Susan Roberts.

30 Sep: Saturday Play: Stardust
By Ray Connolly, adapted for radio from his screenplay for the film "That'll Be The Day". Former tearaway Jim McLaine is now a family man. He is planning to earn his living as a pop musician. Mike: Greg Wood, Jim: Jack Gordon, with Chris Hannon, Fiona Clarke, Verity Henry, Stephen Marzella and Jason Done. Producer: Gary Brown. 60m.

1 Oct: Classic Serial: The Story of a Lost Child, 1
Last novel in Elena Ferante's 4-volume Neopolitan series, trans. Anne Goldstein and broadcast in three episodes. Dram. Timberlake Wertenbaker. Enormous cast: Monica Dolan, Anastasia Hille, Daniel Flynne, Ferdinand Kingsley and 22 other actors. Produced by Celia de Wolff.

2 Oct: Singles Going Steady
By Paul Farley, set in Liverpool in 1961. A love affair between two people who send each other singles made in an automatic voice-recording booth. The title refers to a hits compilation released by the Buzzcocks in 1979. Clarry: Katherine R Morley, George: Robbie O'Neill, Frank: Charlie Clements, Big Pat: James Nelson-Joyce, Bernie: Sarah Ridgeway, Young Bridcutt: Sam James, Telephonists: Kerry Gooderson and Julie Teal. Producer: Emma Harding.

3 Oct: Pulling Faces
By Meic Povey, rpt. RT says this is a repeat, but I can't find the date. As for the play... Before her death, Bill's wife supplied a list of the things he would have to do when she had gone. He followed the instuctions carefully. Now he has to do just one more thing: put a big mirror in the bathroom. Billy: Robert Pugh, Karen: Sara Lloyd-Grregory, Sally: Eiry Thomas, Jan: Sue Roderick; other roles by Rhodri Miller. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

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