R4 Drama 2013

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To make it easier to scan through the entries there is one paragraph per play throughout, with italics for the production details. It is difficult to navigate a page like this with thousands of lines of text, so there are a few multiple headings to assist.

Plays made by independent production companies are indicated by 'Indie'. If I've missed any, please email.

First come Afternoon plays (including Classic Serial and Saturday Drama) and a few of the now-occasional Friday plays; often repeats.

Lower down are the fifteen-minute dramas, late-morning dramas and late-night dramas compiled by Professor Sheila Wigmore; many thanks................... ND


1 Jan: Afternoon Drama - A Monstrous Vitality
By Andy Merriman. June Whitfield stars as the indomitable actress Margaret Rutherford in a tale of chimpanzees, Jordanian Princes, an adoring husband and falling in love with a musician 30 years her junior. Margaret .... June Whitfield, Malcolm .... Ryan McCluskey, Stringer .... Sean Baker, Rumer .... Gabrielle Lloyd, Prince Juan .... Adeel Akhtar, Driver .... Lloyd Thomas, Chimp trainer .... Sally Orrock, Doctor .... Sam Dale. Producer .... David Hunter.

2 Jan: Afternoon Drama - The Reluctant Spy, 1
Trilogy by John Dryden. As the world waits to see what democracy will bring to Egypt, a Coptic art expert becomes embroiled in (what appears to be) corporate espionage when approached by a seductive Canadian student Tara to deliver a letter. But nothing in this tense three-parter from writer/director John Dryden is quite what it appears to be. Casting - Toby Whale, Production Manager - Russell Owen, Script Editor - Mike Walker. Sound design - Steve Bond, Music - Sacha Puttnam. Actors: Duncan .... Nigel Lindsay, Ola .... Aiysha Hart, Tara .... Sarah Goldberg, Al-Basiri .... Philip Arditti, Dr Zacoutte .... Raad Rawi, Amr .... Jonathan Bonnici, Hameed .... Karim Saleh, Randa .... Saba Sirene, Kamal .... Jude Edriss, Karl .... Rufus Wright, Mrs Darwish .... Baris Cerliloglu, Mrs Zacoutte .... Myriam Acharki, Policeman .... Nayef Rashed, with. Zayden Khalaf, Jumaan Short , Albert Welling, Omar Mustafa. Director .... John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk Essential): www.goldhawk.eu

3 Jan: Afternoon Drama - The Reluctant Spy, 2
Details as yesterday.

4 Jan: Afternoon Drama - The Reluctant Spy, 3
Details as on Jan 2.

5 Jan: Saturday Drama - White Snow
Dramatized by Frances Byrnes. The title is as written. A re-imagined version of the Grimms' fairy tale, Snow White. We meet a fun loving and light hearted Queen, who having been wooed by an emotionally arrested king, soon finds that her main rival is his somewhat spooky and unhealthily translucent daughter, Snow White, a child keenly aware of her power over him. Livia .... Lizzy McInnerny, Mirror .... David Horovitch, King .... Richard Dormer, Snow .... Lizzy Watts, Rumour .... Julia Dearden, Maid .... Barri Adair, Hunt .... Chris McHallem, Dwarf 1 .... Patrick Fitzsymons, Producer .... Eoin O'Callaghan.

6 Jan: Classic Serial - The Eustace Diamonds, Episode 3
Rose Tremain's dramatisation of Anthony Trollope's novel. Harpist: Cecilia De Maria. Cellist: Alison Baldwin. Original Music: Lucinda Mason Brown. Cast: Lizzie .... Pippa Nixon, Crabstick .... Alison Pettitt, Frank .... Joseph Kloska, Lord George .... Adrian Scarborough, Mrs Carbuncle .... Lorelei King, Lady Linethgow .... Richenda Carey, Lucinda .... Lydia Leonard, Lady Fawn .... Stella Gonet, Lucy .... Amy Morgan, Lord Fawn .... Jamie Glover, Florian .... Nicholas Boulton, Sir Gryffen .... Nicholas Boulton, Harter .... Sam Kelly, Benjamin .... Stephen Critchlow, Major Mackintosh .... Stephen Critchlow, Camperdown .... Malcolm Sinclair, Augusta .... Laura Hanna, Lydia .... Ellie Butters, Nina .... Ella Dale, Producer .... Gordon House. Indie (Goldhawk Essential).

7 Jan: - Afternoon Drama - Sherlock Holmes: The Marlbourne Point Mystery,1
By Bert Coules. A new two-part Sherlock Holmes adventure, inspired by the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Setting: a disused lighthouse on a remote stretch of the Kent coast; the scene of a bizarre double death. In his accounts of the career of his friend Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson often makes passing reference to a mystery which his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, never wrote about in full. Bert Coules, the chief writer behind BBC Radio 4's celebrated dramatisations of the complete Sherlock Holmes canon of fifty-six short stories and four novels, once again takes up his pen. It brings to seventy-five the number of times Clive Merrison has played Sherlock Holmes on BBC Radio 4. Sherlock Holmes .... Clive Merrison, Dr John Watson .... Andrew Sachs, Mycroft Holmes .... James Laurenson, Constable Powell .... Piers Wehner, Sir Charles Steele .... Nigel Hastings, Mrs Chang .... Pik-Sen Lim, Harold Jefferstone .... Joseph Cohen-Cole, Mr Jefferstone .... Bruce Alexander, Mr Lade .... Richard Dillane, Elizabeth .... Tessa Nicholson, Producer .... Patrick Rayner. Violinists: Leonard Friedman and Ian Humphries.

8 Jan: 7 Jan: - Afternoon Drama - Sherlock Holmes: The Marlbourne Point Mystery,2
By Bert Coules. Details - see yesterday.

9 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Second Body
By Trevor Preston, who draws on his own experience as an artist in this thriller. Anna is a painter driven to capture the haunting images of death which fill the twilight world of her dreams. They foretell death. Anna..Tara Fitzgerald, Robert..Raymond Coulthard, Schuman..Kenneth Collard, Munch..Ben Crowe, Jacob..Stephen Greif, Stella..Liza Sadovy, Mr Otis..Patrick Brennan, Zelda..Sarah Thom, Producer..Toby Swift.

10 Jan: Afternoon Drama - January
By Elizabeth Lewis. Daphne and Ben met as teenagers; theirs was a love story of passion and poetry. Now, a generation later, they meet again and return to the coastal cottage where they first found love. But when they arrive there, it is not the same. Daphne..Claire Rushbrook, Benjamin..Alun Raglan, Producer. James Robinson. BBC Wales.

11 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Tom Thumb Redux
By Melissa Murray, rpt. A research biologist is losing his funding, his waistline and his young second wife Val. But his problems are about to get smaller - an awful lot smaller. Tom..Ron Cook, Val..Helen Longworth, Peter..Jonathan Forbes, Macready..Patrick Brennan, Lab Assistant..Sarah Thom, Producer..Marc Beeby.

12 Jan: Saturday Drama - Skios
By Michael Frayn, dram. Archie Scottney. On the Greek island of Skios, guests of a celebrated foundation prepare for the yearly lecture, given by scientific guru Dr Norman Wilfred. He turns out to be surprisingly charismatic. In fact he's not Dr Wilfred but a handsome chancer called Oliver Fox who has allowed himself to be mis-identified. Meanwhile sexy Georgie, awaiting Oliver, is trapped in a remote villa with the real Dr Wilfred; he has lost his luggage and himself. Martin Jarvis says: 'A joy to direct. Much laughter in studio and on location as we recorded Michael Frayn's philosophic farce of pretension, delusion and mislaid identity.' Dr Wilfred..Hugh Bonneville, Oliver Fox..Tom Hollander, Nikki Hook..Lisa Dillon, Georgie..Janie Dee, Mr Friendly..Stacy Keach, Mrs Toppler..Susan Sullivan, Mr Chailey..Ian Ogilvy, Mrs Chailey..Joanne Whalley, Annuka Vos..Amita Dhiri, Elli..Agni Scott, Spiros..Jon Glover, Stavros..Jon Glover, Patrick..Matthew Wolf, Eric..Matthew Wolf, Official..Nigel Anthony, Ditmuss..Kerry Shale, Mrs Friendly..Jennifer Bassey, Suki Brox..Cindy Katz, Papadopoulou..Andre Sogliuzzo, Reg Bolt..Darren Richardson, Mrs Skorbatova..Janine Barris, Harold..Alan Shearman, Bishop..Alan Shearman, Director..Martin Jarvis , Producer..Rosalind Ayres. Sound design: Mark Holden and Wes Dewberry. Indie (Jarvis & Ayres).

13 Jan: Classic Serial -An Angel at My Table, Episode 1
By Janet Frame, novelist, from New Zealand. Her biographer Michael King said, "her family was an anvil on which disasters fell". Frame's mental health generated the most conjecture. To set the record straight about the circumstances of her committal to mental hospitals and being diagnosed with