BBC Radio Plays, radio 4, 1970

General notes: The BBC's listings on this page are from the BBC's Genome project, which is constructed from scans of Radio Times using OCR. The version of Genome currently online is far from complete, and it contains reading errors, so this is my 'digest', compiled and corrected by hand, of the drama entries. Whether or not this is a productive use of time remains to be seen ..... anyway, I'm working through the year slowly. Sorry about the mixture of upper-case and lower-case; altering this was a task too large to contemplate.

Nigel Deacon.

1 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre - I Only Want an Answer
By FRED DENGER. English version by BASIL ASHMORE starring Edith Evans as Amy. Amy is 65. She lives on her own. She works as a charwoman in a food shop. It is her birthday. As a present she wants a lobster for her lunch - and she wants to share it. Produced by John Tydeman.

2 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre - Borderline
by COLIN MARES. The administrative director at a large firm tries to prevent a brilliant young scientist spending too much money on research. His task becomes increasingly difficult and has to be fought against a background of family illness. Buxton Orch, Leader: Reginald Leopold Conducted by Eric Wetherell. Play produced by MARTIN JENKINS

3 Jan 70: Saturday Afternoon Theatre: Death Takes a Lifetime
By PETER RUSSELL. Who has murdered Eve Prescott? Her husband, her lover, or a stranger - Inspector Fisher sets out to investigate. His findings are, to say the least, intriguing. Eve Prescott: Barbara Bliss, Mike Prescott: John Ronane, David Waddington: Julian Glover, Bobbie Dobson: Frances Jeater, Mrs Crawford: Margot Boyd, Dr Selby: Godfrey Kenton, Robert Fisher: Lockwood West, Stanley Burrel: Sean Barrett,producer: Martin Jenkins.

4 Jan 70: Classic Serial: War and Peace
By LEO TOLSTOY. A dramatisation in 20 episodes from the translation by LOUISE MAUDE AND AYLMER MAUDE, edited by MICHAEL BAKEWELL. Part 1 .......... St Petersburg, 1805 adapted by MICHAEL BAKEWELL. Tolstoy .......... Denys Hawthorne, Pierre Bezukhov .......... David Buck, Natasha Rostova .......... Kate Binchy, Andrei Bolkonsky .......... Martin Jarvis, Lise Bolkonskaya .......... Anna Cropper, Nicolai Rostov .......... Christopher Guinee, Hippolyte Kuragin .......... Jeremy Clyde, Anna Scherer .......... Maddi Hedd, Vasili Kuragin .......... James Thomason, Princess Drubetskaya .......... Daphne Newton, Fedya Dolokhov .......... Sean Barrett, Countess Rostova .......... Ilona Ference, Count Ilya Rostov .......... David March, Madame Karagina .......... Margot Boyd, Sonya .......... Patricia Gallimore, Boris Drubetskoy .......... John Rye. Producer: Ronald Mason.

5 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre: The Mill on the Floss
By GEORGE ELIOT, adapted as a serial in 12 parts by HOWARD AGG. Ep 2: Maggie's Demons. ' I'd do just the same again.' That was Tom's usual mode of viewing his past actions; whereas Maggie was always wishing she had done something different. Narrator: Sonia Fraser, Mrs Tulliver: Megs Jenkins, Kezia: Sara Coward, Mr Tulliver: Anthony Bate, Mr Glegg: Lockwood West, Mrs Glegg: Alison Leggatt, Mrs Pullet: Cecile Chevreau, Mr Pullet: James Thomason, Maggie: Angela Pleasence, Tom: Martin Jarvis, Old woman: Phyllis Montefiore, Gypsy: David Valla, with Angela Pleasence, Martin Jarvis, Meg Jenkins and Anthony Bate.Producer: Jane Graham.

6 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre - Press Cuttings
by BERNARD SHAW : adapted for radio by JACK WILLIS. 'The Suffragets are a very small body; but they are numerous enough to be troublesome - even dangerous - when they are all concentrated in one place.... But by making a two-mile radius and pushing them beyond it, you scatter their attack over a circular lineW2 miles long. Just what Wellington would have done.' Arthur Lowe, Suzanne Neve. Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY.

7 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre - With Respect, Sir
by W. A. WESTALL. 'I must tell you this, Bland. I've noticed something about the staff; they are watching you; they are circling around like vultures that have spotted a potential carcase.' Production By: Anthony Cornish, Miss Susan Dimble: Pamela Hunter, Mr Cloy: Jeremy Mason, Miss Penn: Pamela Craig, Mr Bland: Simon Carter, Dr Stormer: David King, Dr Charmly: George Woolley.

8 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre: You Right in the Smoke
By SAMUEL SELVON with Tommy Eytle , Gordon Woolford Carmen Munroe , Ian Thompson ' You hide something and everybody looking for it, and they get nearer - " You smoking a little? " They get nearer still and " You right in the smoke "... And when they get the spot where you hide the thing- " You right in the fire." With Caroline Nicholson, Evelyn Gibbs, Judith Bumpus.Produced by BETTY DAVIES. A chance to hear again some of the best one-hour plays broadcast in recent years.

9 Jan 70: No Afternoon Play

10 Jan 70: Saturday Afternoon Theatre - The Pushing and the Shoving
By PAM TICKELL. ' I'm 42-all I thought I could look forward to was putting on a grandma's hat - then suddenly out of the blue somebody says would you like to have a go at something a bit more worthwhile. I'd be a daft ha'porth to turn it down.' Mary Pollard: Jean Bolt, Tom Pollard: Leonard Fenton, Julie Pollard: Sylvia Brayshaw, Mr Jessop: David Jackson, Colin Brown: Brian Miller. Produced by ALFRED BRADLEY.

11 Jan 70: (Sun) War and Peace
By LEO TOLSTOY. A dramatisation in 20 episodes. Part 2: Summer 1805. Adapted by MICHAEL BAKEWELL. Directed By: Nesta Pain, Tolstoy: Denys Hawthorne, Pierre Bezukhov: David Buck, Natasha Rostova: Kate Binchy, Andrei Bolkonsky: Martin Jarvis, Lise Bolkonskaya: Anna Cropper, General Kutuzov: Felix Felton, Nicolai Bolkonsky: Stephen Murray, Marya Bolkonskaya: Elizabeth Proud, Ilya Rostov: David March, Petya Rostov: Derek Seaton, Mile Bourienne: Patricia Gallimore, Vasili Kuragin: James Thomason, Marya Dmitrievna: Kathleen Helme, Princess Drubetskaya: Daphne Newton, Julie Karagina: Alexa Romanes.

12 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre: The Last Chapter
By MICHAEL GILBERT. A man is found dead in circumstances which point to suicide; but was it suicide?With Maurice Denham, James Bolam, Anna Cropper. Produced by Nesta Pain.

13 Jan 70: Emma
By JANE AUSTEN dramatised as a 13-part serial with Suzanne Neve as Emma. Part 2.30m.

14 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre - Lady Holloway
By GERALD KELSEY. Addie Lovelace is released from prison after serving a sentence for fraudulently deceiving an elderly gentleman. She goes to live with her sister who is extremely worried when Addie seems to be up to her old tricks again. Addie Lovelace. ..NORA NICHOLSON, Prison Governor .......... Margaret Robertson, Furkin .......... Ronald Herdman, Billings .......... Sean Arnold, Millie Lovelace .......... Noel Hood, PC Briggs .......... Christopher Bidmead, Auctioneer .......... Ian Thompson, Hodges .......... Denys Hawthorne, Charles Holbrook .......... Alan Webb, Haggerty .......... Antony Viccars, Police Inspector .......... Denys Hawthorne, Moggridge .......... Wilfred Babbage, Produced by MARTIN JENKINS.

15 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre: G.B.S.
By Michael Voysey. With Max Adrian.

16 Jan 70: No Afternoon Theatre

17 Jan 70: Saturday Afternoon Theatre - The Caravanners
By COUNTESS VON ARNIM, adapted for radio by JOAN O'CONNOR. The Baron recounts the story of his 'English experience': a caravan holiday he and his wife spent in England in the company of some friends. The attractiveness of one of the friends and the cheapness of the trip persuaded the Baron to risk the English weather and to put up'with the lack of English scenery; but such a man, a Prussian officer and a nobleman, is perhaps not an ideal caravanner. Otto von Ottringel: Bernard Hepton, Edelgard: Patricia Leventon, Betty von Eckthum: Sonia Fraser, Count Flitz von Flitzburg: John Pullen, John Menzies-Legh: John Nettleton, Diana, his wife: Susan Engel, Jellaby: Roger Mutton, Sidge: Geoffrey Collins, The Duke: Garard Green, Produced by JANE GRAHAM.55m.

18 Jan 70: Classic Serial: War and Peace
By LEO TOLSTOY. Part 3: Schon Graben, 1805. Adapted by MICHAEL BAKEWELL. Directed By: John Powell, Tolstoy: Denys Hawthorne, Andrei Bolkonsky: Martin Jarvis, Nicolai Rostov: Christopher Guinee, General Kutuzov: Felix Felton, Prince Bagration: Norman Shelley, Napoleon: Peter Pratt, Denisov: Nigel Lambert, Emperor Francis: Leonard Fenton, TUShin: Michael Kilgarriff, Kirsten: Ronald Herdman.

19 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre: The Summer Queen
The pitiful brief life of Lady Jane Grey who reigned over England for nine days one summer long ago. By ALISON PLOWDEN, with Rosalind Shanks and Mary Wimbush. 90m.

20 Jan 70: Classic Serial: War and Peace
No Afternoon Theatre; this serial at 7pm. Part 4. Cast: more or less the same as for part 3 (18 Jan).

21 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre: The Prime of his Life
By CHARLES HATTON. 1. When you've turned fifty time is going faster and life seems more precious. You feel you ought to be doing something to justify yourself ... ' Peter Gillot .......... Frank Duncan, Hazel Gillot .......... Maddi Hedd, A C Coates .......... Charles Simon, Joy .......... Jenny McCracken, George Hartley .......... Garard Green. Other parts JAN EDWARDS, SEAN ARNOLD, Produced by BETTY DAVIES.

22 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre: The Belle-Bird
by JESSICA HALLSMITH. Lucy Manders is new to the Rag Trade, but there is more to her designs than meets the eye.

23 Jan 70: No Afternoon Theatre

24 Jan 70 (Sat): Afternoon Theatre: Mixed Feelings
by MALCOLM HAZELL.'Damned pigheaded woman! She doesn'miss a chance! Mix the schools, indeed - not while I'm here, she won't! ' Miss Delamare...KATHLEEN HELME, Mr Walters: Peter Pratt, Miss Forsdike: Angela Brooking, Fortescue: Frederick Treves, Vicar: Charles Simon, Mrs Warren: Joan Hickson, Mrs Walters: Aileen Mills, Higgins: Edgar Harrison, Gordon: Norman Tyrrell, John Walters: Nigel Anthony, Brown: John Smith, Stenton: Hubert Tucker, Produced By: Brian Miller.

25 Jan 70: Classic Serial - War and Peace
by LEO TOLSTOY. A dramatisation in 20 episodes. Part 4:Pierre's Marriage. Adapted by CONSTANCE COX. Tolstoy .......... Denys Hawthorne, Count Pierre Bezukhov .......... David Buck, Natasha Rostova .......... Kate Binchy, Prince Andrei Bolkonsky .......... Martin Jarvis, Nicolai Rostov .......... Christopher Guinee, Prince Nicolai Bolkonsky .......... Stephen Murray, General Kutuzov .......... Felix Felton, Prince Vasili Kuragin .......... James Thomason, Anna Pavlovna Scherer .......... Madi Hedd, Helene Kuragina .......... Sonia Fraser, Princess Lise Bolkonskaya .......... Anna Cropper, Princess Marya Bolkonskaya .......... Elizabeth Proud, Anatole Kuragin .......... Sean Arnold, Sonya .......... Patricia Gallimore, Vera Rostova .......... Margaret Wolfit, Princess Drubetskaya .......... Daphne Newton, Denisov .......... Nigel Lambert, Boris Drubetskoy .......... John Rye, Lieut Berg .......... Geoffrey Collins, Prince Bagration .......... Norman Shelley, Directed by .......... Ronald Mason.

26 Jan 70: Nude with Violin
By Noel Coward, I think ... no details in Genome.

27 Jan 70: Emma by JANE AUSTEN dramatised as a 13-part serial, with Suzanne Neve as Emma. Narrated by Rachel Gurney. Part 4. No other details.

28 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre: The End of the Game
by TOM WRIGHT. Two men sit alone playing chess. But the game they're really playing is much more serious. One of them may be, as he says, a retired railway-man. But if he's not, then they are both playing for their lives. Rab: Leonard Maguire, Danny: Paul KermacK, Producer: Gordon Emslie.

29 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre: The Reformer
A comedy by HARRY TAYLOR, with Dorothy Lane.

30 Jan 70: No Afternoon Theatre

31 Jan 70: Afternoon Theatre: The Great Balloon Debate
by ALICK ROWE. ' We must contain our emotions. We are, after all, civilised beings. Flying without control at a thousand feet in a renegade balloon we may be. But we must keep calm! ' Produced By .......... Colin Tucker, Vicar .......... Hugh Paddick, Mrs Stottle .......... Mary Wimbush, Colonel .......... Frederick Treves, WHkins .......... James McManus, Pilot .......... David Spenser, Base .......... John Pullen, Wing Commander .......... Godfrey Kenton, Sergeant .......... Hector Ross, Thatcher .......... Sean Arnold, Reginald .......... Peter Tuddenham, Oswald .......... Nigel Lambert, Miss Embry .......... Susan Cox, Corporal .......... Clifford Norgate.

Classic Serial: 1 Feb 70: War and Peace
by LEO TOLSTOY. A dramatisation in 20 parts Part 5: Austerlitz, Nov 1805. Adapted By: Val Gielgud, Directed By: Ronald Mason, Tolstoy: Denys Hawthorne, Pierre Bezukhov: David Buck, Natasha Rostova: Kate Binchy, Prince Andrei Bolkonsky: Martin Jarvis, General Kutuzov: Felix Felton, Nicolai Rostov: Christopher Guinee, Count Ilya Rostov: David March, Nataly Rostova: Ilona Ference, Boris Drubetskoy: John Rye, Prince Bagration: Norman Shelley, Princess Drubetskaya: Daphne Newton, Rostopchin: Heron Carvic, Napoleon: Peter Pratt, Lieut Berg: Geoffrey Collins, Tsar Alexander: John Pullen, Vera Rostova: Margaret Wolfit, Petya Rostov: Derek Seaton, Fedya Dolokhov: Sean Barrett, Sonya: Patricia Gallimore, Denisov: Nigel Lambert, Helene Bezukhova: Sonia Fraser.

2 Feb 70: Afternoon Theatre: Persuasion
by JANE AUSTEN. No other details.

3 Feb 70: No Afternoon Theatre

4 Feb 70: Afternoon Theatre: Separate Tables
By Terence Rattigan. Part 1: Table by the Window, adapted for radio by CYNTHIA PUGHE. with Rachel Gurney, Noel Johnson, Mary Wimbush. Produced By: Norman Wright. Mabel: Brenda Dunrich, Ladv Matheson: Molly Rankin, Mrs Railton-Bell: Dorothy Holmes-Gore, Miss Meacham: Nora Nicholson, Doreen: Angela Piper, Mr Fowler: Howieson Culff, Mrs Shankland: Rachel Gurney, Miss Cooper: Mary Wimbush, Mr Malcolm: Noel Johnson, Mr Stratton: Glyn Dearman, Miss Tanner: Polly Murch.

5 Feb 70: Afternoon Theatre: Basic Bear by SHEILA HODGSON. With Nigel Lambert, Graham Crowden, Sonia Fraser , Denys Blakelock.

6 Feb 70: No Afternoon Theatre

7 Feb 70 (Sat):Afternoon Theatre Terence Rattigan Festival:
Separate Tables Part 2: Table Number Seven adapted for radio bv CYNTHIA PUGHE. Produced By: Norman Wright, Jean Stratton: Polly Murch, Charles Stratton: Glyn Dearman, Major Pollock: Michael Hordern, Mr Fowler: Howieson Culff, Miss Cooper: Mary Wtmbush, Mrs Railton-Bell: Dorothy Holmes-Gore, Sibyl Railton-Bell: Gwen Watford, Lady Matheson: Molly Rankin, Miss Meacham: Nora Nicholson, Mabel: Brenda Dunrich, Doreen: Angela Piper.

8 Feb 70:War and Peace
by LEO TOLSTOY. Part 6: Love and Death. Tolstoy: Denys Hawthorne, PierreBezukhov: David Buck, Natasha Rostova: Kate Binchy, Andrei Bolkonsky: Martin Jarvis, Prince Nicolai Bolkonsky: Stephen Murray, LiseBolkonskaya: Anna Cropper, Marya Bolkonskaya: Elizabeth Proud, Sonya: Patricia Gallimore, Dolokhov: Sean Barrett, Nicolai Rostov: Christopher Guinee, Nataly Rostova: Ilona Ference, Ilya Rostov: David March, Major Denisov: Nigel Lambert, Joseph Bazdeef: Malcolm Hayes. Major Denisov's song composed by ANTONY HOPKINS. Directed by NESTA PAIN.

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