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3 June: Saturday Play: The Weekend
By Michael Palin, adapted for radio by Richard Stoneman. 60m. Stephen is a middle-aged family man for whom almost everything has gone wrong; he has withdrawn into sarcasm and cynicism, and communication with his family has almost disappeared. His unfortunate wife tells him that their daughter is bringing her family for the weekend and that the neighbours will be joining them. This is the weekend from hell; from Stephen's point of view, it is a nightmare. And to us, looking in, it is extremely funny. Stephen: Michael Palin, his wife, Virginia: Penelope Wilton, Hugh, the most boring man in the world: Patrick Barlow, Alan: Hugh Dennis, Charlotte: Bryony Hannah, Bridget Gardner: Cathy Sara, Duff Gardner: Bill Paterson, Diana: Sophie Thompson. Produced by Marilyn Imrie.

26 May: The 'B' Word
By Alistair McGowan. A play about the opening night of Shaw's 'Pygmalion' in 1913; the first time that the word 'bloody' was used on stage. Shaw: Alistair McGowan, Herbert Beerbohm Tree: Richard McCabe, Mrs. Patrick Campbell: Charlotte Page, George Alexander: David Sturzaker, Charlotte Shaw: Georgie Glen, Merivale: Philip Fox, with Simon Ludders, Charlie Clements and Sarah Ridgeway. Producer: Emma Harding.


8 May: Afternoon Play - Thin Ice
By Amy Rosenthal. The play is based on her own experience of leaving home, and the unwillingness with which she initially embraced university life, in strong contrast to the picture painted in the first two plays of this trilogy. Ben: Richard Lumsden, Edie: Georgis Groome, Tasha: Helen Monks, Julia: Susannah Wise, Anny: Sam Perry, Josh: Charlie Clements, Porter: Sanchia McCormack. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

6 May: Saturday Play - Cold Enough For Snow
By Jack Rosenthal, adapted by Amy Rosenthal (his daughter). A follow-up to last week's Saturday Play. Neil and Pippa are still keen on seeing each other, but their parents are not happy about it. Neil: David Moorst, Pippa: Rosie Day. Neil's parents: Pooky Quesnel and Nicholas Gleaves, Pippa's parents: Lucy Robinson and Ben Miles. Gordon - Ben Jones, Tony Groves: Tom Forreaster, Miss Bodley and Carmela: Sarah Ridgeway, Lingerie assistant: Maeve Bluebell Wells, Lecturer: Emiilio Doorgasingh, Master of Ceremonies: Charlie Clements, invigilator: Philip Fox. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

    Summary of Jane Anderson's remarks in RT:
    ...the two potential graduates are now in love, as only teenagers can be, but the real drama revolves around their parents' relationships.

29 Apr: Saturday Play: Eskimo Day
By Jack Rosenthal, adapted by his daughter Amy for radio. It's set in 1966. Two sixth-form students are heading for Cambridge, with their respective parents, for their University interview - will they get in? Neil: David Moorst, Pippa: Rosie Day. Neil's parents: Pooky Quesnel and Nicholas Gleaves, Pippa's parents: Lucy Robinson and Ben Miles. James Poole: Timothy West, Simon Poole: Samuel West. Other parts played by Georgie Glen, Sarah Ridgeway, Maeve Wells, Simon Ludders, David Sturzaker and Chetna Pandya. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

28 Apr: Where this service will continue
By Katherine Jakeways. A year after they met on a train, David tries to find Suzie. Sequel to yesterday's play. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Lucy: Ashna Rabheru, Cashier: Sarah Ridgeway. Producer: as for play 1 (James Robinson), BBC Wales.

27 Apr: Where this service will terminate
By Katherine Jakeways. Two strangers meet on a long train journey. The woman is travelling to Penzance on a whim. Justin's journey has a purpose. They get to know each other. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Guard: James MacCallum, angry woman: Katherine Jakeways. Produced by James Robinson; BBC Wales.

    These two plays are excellent - Ed.

21 Apr 17: Far Side of the Moore.
By Sean Grundy. Lovely biographical play about the life of the astronomer and eccentric Patrick Moore, which was shortlisted for the Tinniswood award. Repeated from 2015, now five years after Patrick's death at the age of 89. Patrick: Tom Hollander, Lorna: Felicity Duncan, Gertrude Moore: Patricia Hodge, Dr. Henry King: Anton Lesser, Euileen Wilkins: Charlotte Richie, Leonard Miall: David Shaw-Parker, Arthur C Clarke: Simon Treves, Paul Johnstone: Daniel Weyman. Produced by David Morley; directed by Dirk Maggs.

    Summary of remarks by Jane Anderson in RT:
    ....Tom Hollander is completely unrecognizable here; his portrayal of Patrick Moore is absolutely impeccable. With Patricia Hodge as Moore's mother and Dirk Maggs as director, the production has quality running through every line.

17 Feb 17: Romance is Dead
By Ben Lewis; comedy drama about an unwilling psychic: a young woman who sees dead people. Lauren: Alexandra Roach, Jamie: Kieran Hodgson, Tim: Joseph Arkley, Jo: Karen Bartke, Celia: Elizabeth Bennett, Reginald: Dennis Herdman. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

    Jane Anderson liked this - here's a summary of her remarks in RT...
    ...one of the most successfully romantic dramas I have ever heard; no slushiness or forced poignancy. This is a simple story of girl meets boy. The problem is that she keeps seeing dead people, and they all want her to carry out their final requests. After years of turning them down, will a one-night stand with a shy 28-year-old virgin change both their futures?

31 Jan 17: All Mouth and Trousers
By Mark Burgess. A welcome repeat of the play which describes the struggle to create the comedy series "All Gas and Gaiters". Pauline Devaney and Edwin Apps recall what happened. Pauline and Edwin appear as themselves; young Pauline: Lily-Fleur Bradbury, young Edwin: James Joyce, Frank Muir: John Sessions, Stuart Allen: Nicholas Boulton, William Mervyn: Gareth Williams, Robertson Hare: Trevor Littledale, Derek Nimmo: Zeb Soames, John Barron: David Collings. Produced by David Blount.

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