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I have recently completed archiving the radio plays of Catherine Czerkawska (about 90 cassettes) and am now doing the same with a large number of cassettes and reels produced by Peter Windows. A friend (Pete E) is is using his Revox machine to transfer the programmes from the reels (most are from around the mid 80s) onto his computer for me. Many thanks to Catherine and Peter and Pete.

10 Aug 2022

I am sorry to report that Bernard Cribbins has died. He was a remarkable performer over many decades and brought enjoyment to millions. There are numerous obituaries and tributes on Youtube and elsewhere, which his fans may investigate. I was interested by a short note in the Daily Telegraph, from radio playwright David Elstein, who reports that in 2014, as a favour to his friend Martin Jenkins,the radio producer, Bernard agreed to play the Emperor Franz-Joseph of Austria-Hungary in David's radio play "Countdown to War: July 2014". After climbing two flights of stairs to the recording studio in Brighton, Bernard sat down, placed his script on the table, looked across at the control booth and asked "How old is this bloke, anyway?"
"In July 1914, Franz-Joseph was 83", I replied.
"Right", said the 85-year-old Cribbins, "I'll play him young, then".

30 Jul 2022

Latest cut in radio drama. Saturdays - reduced from 12 to 10 per year:
"Commissioning Brief no. 47080 57 Saturday Drama
Schedule slot Saturday 15.02
Number of programmes available 10 maximum
Transmission period April 2023 - March 2024"

(thanks to Mike S in alerting me to this)

4 Jun 2022

A new play from Andy Jordan: Barbeque 69 - The Original Summer of Love, broadcast yesterday as the Afternoon Play. This is a story with music, written by Andy Barrett, about a chance meeting between a young migrant worker and a disaffected widower. It begins a life-changing friendship based on a love of Jimi Hendrix. It's also about the first UK rock festival, which took place in Spalding. It had a line-up including the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Eric Clapton and Cream, Pink Floyd, Roy Wood and The Move, Zoot Money and Geno Washington.

The play also features interviews with people who attended the festival, including journalist Alastair Stewart, Nick Mason from Pink Floyd, Zoot Money and Geno Washington. In the cast are Robert Glenister, Anamaria Marinca, Tom Glenister, Gerard McDermott, Shaq. B. Grant, Timotei Cobeanu, Joe Parker and Roger Alborough. This is an independent production from the International Arts Partnership. It's on the BBC Sounds website. Writer Andy Barrett; director Andy Jordan, producers Jonathan Banatvala and Melanie Nock.

31 May 2022

Harry Turnbull's latest radio drama reviews are now online; see 5-2022 Reviews

25 May 2022

Harry Turnbull has been busy supplying us with more radio reviews (see link under ARTICLES - scroll down on the main radio plays page). I will also be putting a review of recent plays together in the next few days.

25 Apr 2022

A nice version of Macbetth was broadcast on R4, Sat/Sun 23-24 April. Catchup with it on listen-again / BBC Sounds.

24 Apr 2022

In addition to being given a prize for 'best memoir' for her recent book "This Much Is True", Miriam was awarded the 'Lifetime Achievement' Award at the recent BBC Audio Drama Awards eveniing in London. She's also on the cover of this week's Radio Times, and there's an extended interview with her inside. Well worth reading.

23 Jan 2022

One of our plays (from the Radio Circle - aka VRPCC) went out yesterday on Radio 4 Extra; it came from a recording made by the late Penny Fabb. Do not miss it: The Freebooter, by Gregory Lyons. The techies at the BBC cleaned up the recording, which was slightly muffled; now if sounds fine. Enjoy!

26 Jan 2022

For the first time I can remember, there was no drama in the Classic Serial slot yesterday, 16 Jan 2022. Things are afoot at the BBC, clearly.

17 Jan 2022

BBC Radio 4's programme "Quote... Unquote" has entertained audiences since 1976. However, in December 2021, fans learned that the show was to end. Nigel Rees, the show's originator, has decided to finish it. The BBC's diversity quotas for greater representation of women, ethnic minorities and disabled people began to affect the programme and the BBC's political correctness agenda required him to amend his scripts, which prevented the inclusion of familiar quotations, loved by generations. There's a youtube video online where you can hear him talking about this; the url is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QhNDtbmVlM

17 Jan 2022

When I was a college student many years ago I heard a play, by F.J.Bowley. The entry in my student notebook reads "14-1-76 "Who Killed Bertie Beetle?", 10/10, which summarises what I thought about it. Last night I received an email which read as follows:

"If you're still searching for the lost BBC Radio Play "Who Killed Peter's Beetle?" by F.J.Bowley, well that's my father! He had one recording on an old cassette tape, which I converted to mp3. Enjoy!


There followed a download link.

So now, 46 years later to the day, I can hear it again. The beetle in the story is called Bertie, which must be why I got the title wrong. Thanks, Eddie Bowley!

14 Jan 2022

Miriam's autobiography "This Much Is True" is now out. Highly recommended; Miriam has been in about 600 radio dramas and is one of our most experienced radio performers. Order your copy today whilst stocks last! Miriam has also done a series of TV programmes entitled 'Miriam and Alan Lost in Scotland' - interesting and very entertaining. They're on Youtube. ( ..... autobiography now out in paperback too, and high in the bestseller lists - Ed. )

22 Dec 2021

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