Matthew Broughton Radio Plays

Tracks,1: The Nervus Vagus

A new nine-part conspiracy thriller by Matthew Broughton.
When Dr Helen Ash witnesses the brutal and disturbing crash of the plane carrying her father, the incident sets her on a conspiracy investigation. Florian Chauvin was flying to Wales to tell his daughter something important, but his plane fell out of the sky.
BBC Wales, producer James Robinson.
Helen .... Romola Garai
Michael .... Alex Beckett
Freddy .... Jonathan Forbes
Rosie .... Susan Jameson
Miranda .... Suzanne Packer
The Policeman .... Matthew Gravelle
The Pilot .... Richard Nichols
Mrs Trewin .... Caroline Berry
Susan .... Claire Cage
Florian .... Sean Baker
Music by Stu Barker.

    Tracks,2:The Broca and Wernicke Areas

    What was Florian coming to tell Helen? How is the medical corporation, Mayflower, implicated in the plane crash?

    Tracks,3:The Pineal Gland

    The crash of Flight 259 is declared an accident. As Helen continues investigating Florian's fellow passengers, she uncovers another disturbing medical mystery.

    Tracks,4:The Bridge of Varolius

    When child services become involved, new information points Helen in the direction of the Iraq war.


    Confined to her hospital bed, Helen is desperate to continue her investigation into the plane crash and find her missing father, Florian. But is she safe in the hospital?


    Helen uncovers disturbing details of a dark and illicit industry.

    Tracks,7:The Nucleus Accumbens

    Helen is kidnapped by the organ traffickers she has been investigating. To make matters worse, so is her mother, Rosie.


    When the child, K, wakes from his coma, Helen discovers his identity. And after she finally tracks down the pilot of the crashed plane, the truth of what happened to flight 259 begins to emerge.


    The final episode.

Afternoon Drama - Frank Zappa and Me

By Pauline Butcher, ad. Matthew Broughton. In 1967 Pauline Butcher, an English secretary, was sent to a London hotel on a typing assignment. The client turned out to be the American musician Frank Zappa. Frank asked Pauline to type out the lyrics of his album, Absolutely Free, a task she found extremely baffling. Out of this chance encounter, and unlikely meeting of minds, a friendship quickly grew, and Pauline was invited to go and work for Frank in Los Angeles, where the regular visitors to his log cabin in the Hollywood Hills included Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Captain Beefheart. Pauline wrote about it: 'Freak Out - My Life with Frank Zappa.'
Produced by Kate McAll. BBC Wales.
Frank Zappa ..... Ronan Summers
Young Pauline ..... Lucy Briggs-Owen
Older Pauline ..... Richenda Carey
Herb Cohen ..... Simon Lee Phillips
Christine ..... Samantha Dakin
Eric Clapton ..... Gareth Pierce

Afternoon Drama: Demon Brother,Episode 2

By Matthew Broughton.
When Eddie finds out he has an identical twin brother, Jasper, he sees an opportunity to escape his seedy life of petty crime. He decides to steal Jasper's life. But as Eddie begins to fall in love with Jasper's wife, Caitlin, he discovers a side of himself he never knew existed.
Caitlin ..... Valene Kane
Ricky Paggett ..... Kenneth Cranham
Nancy ..... Vera Filatova
Terry ..... Simon Ludders
Prison Warder ..... John Norton
Waiter ..... John Norton
Producer ..... James Robinson

Afternoon Drama: Demon Brother,Episode 1

By Matthew Broughton
When Jasper finds his father dead, a dark mystery begins to unfold. His dad kept a secret - Jasper has a twin brother, Eddie, whom he's never met. After the funeral the two brothers decide to swap lives. As Jasper escapes the confines of his faltering marriage and attempts to track down his father's killer, he soon discovers that with his new found freedom comes the threat of extreme danger.
A thriller in two parts which reflect each other: The first tells Jasper's story. The second tells Eddie's. Both are played by Shaun Dingwall.
Produced by James Robinson; BBC Wales.
Ricky Paggett ..... Kenneth Cranham
Nancy ..... Vera Filatova
Terry ..... Simon Ludders
Doctor ..... John Norton
Policeman ..... John Norton

Afternoon Drama - White Noise

By Matthew Broughton.
A dark hymn to Dagenham in East London by one of its residents. Freddy wants to be an artist. Danny wants to clean up the streets. And Kath just wants the pictures to come back to her TV. As the Olympics loom large, something world-changing is about to happen to one family. Freddie .. Theo Barklem-Biggs, Danny .. Ricci Harnett, Kath .. Louise Jameson, Astrid .. Ayesha Antoine, Johnny .. Matthew Gravelle.
Directed by James Robinson. BBC Wales.
Rpt. 24 Sep 14.

Classic Serial - Gulliver's Travels, Episode 3

Ad. Matthew Broughton. Gulliver finds himself on the floating Island of Laputa, where he encounters mad scientists and the terrifying ghosts of the great and the good. He flees from these intellectual and spiritual horrors, only to finally find a kind of Eden with the Houyhnhnms, a race of intelligent and gentle horses. However, in this land, humans - or as they are called, the 'Yahoos' - are considered vermin. The dark and traumatizing experiences Gulliver has in this land change his life (and his wife and family's lives) forever. The satire here is focused on crazy scientific experimentation, superstition, and finally spiritual desolation. Arthur Darvill as Gulliver. Other members of the company are Matthew Gravelle, Sam Dale, Bethan Walker, Judith Faultless, Richard Nicol, Chris Pavlo, Claire Cage, Lynne Seymour, Gareth Pierce, Ewan Bailey and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. BBC Wales, produced by Sam Hoyle.

Classic Serial - Gulliver's Travels, Episode 2

Ad. Matthew Broughton. Gulliver's adventures continue when he finds himself in Brobdingnag - a land where the inhabitants are enormous. Here, Gulliver must fight for survival against rats the size of dogs, a dwarf who is 40 foot high, and the ridicule and humiliation of a scornful court. With his uniquely close-up view, Gulliver sees the people, even the great beauties, as if under a microscope - and they are dirty, stinking and disgusting. He becomes increasingly horrified by mankind, stranded in a frightening land where his only ally is an innocent child. Arthur Darvill plays Gulliver. Other members of the company are Matthew Gravelle, Sam Dale, Bethan Walker, Judith Faultless, Richard Nichols, Chris Pavlo, Claire Cage, Lynne Seymour, Gareth Pierce, Ewan Bailey and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. BBC Wales, produced by Sam Hoyle.

Classic Serial - Gulliver's Travels, Episode 1

Jonathan Swift's classic satire, in a new dramatisation, ad. Matthew Broughton.
Gulliver is shipwrecked on the Island of Lilliput where the natives are tiny people living in a miniature society. With his unique overview of this realm, Gulliver discovers a world of petty politics and small minds. Coerced into a war between two nations who disagree on the best way to eat boiled eggs, Gulliver finds himself betrayed by friends and battered by enemies - escape is his only option if he wants to survive. BBC Wales production, directed by Sam Hoyle, with Arthur Darvill as Gulliver. Other members of the company are Matthew Gravelle, Sam Dale, Bethan Walker, Judith Faultless, Richard Nichols, Chris Pavlo, Claire Cage, Lynne Seymour.

Afternoon Drama - Burning Both Ends: When Oliver Reed Met Keith Moon

The play tells the story of one of the most infamous and unexpected friendships: between Oliver Reed and Keith Moon. In the mid-1970s, Oliver was an international movie star, and Keith was a rock n'roll legend, the drummer for rock band, The Who. Both were famous for their partying and boozing, as well as their talents.
Then they met, on the film set of The Who's epic rock opera, Tommy. What followed was a revelation - in each other they found a kindred spirit. The play is inspired by true events, but scenes and characters have been created for dramatic effect. BBC Wales production, directed by Sam Hoyle. Sean Pertwee as Oliver Reed, and Arthur Darvill as Keith Moon; also stars Matthew Gravelle, Richard Nichols, Bethan Walker and Claire Cage.

Afternoon Drama - The Rain Maker

By Matthew Broughton
When a father takes his son on a trip to a cabin in the woods, he has no idea what terrible horror is to come. (Rpt)
Father ..... Kenneth Cranham, Son ..... Joe Dempsie.
Directed by James Robinson. BBC Wales. Rpt 4 Jul 12.

14:30 - Saturday Drama - Vincent Price and The Horror of The English Blood Beast

In 1967, Vincent Price came to the UK to make the horror movie Witchfinder General. It was the best performance of his career, and the worst few months of his life. This play takes a light-hearted look behind the scenes of the making of this classic British film.
Vincent Price ...... Nickolas Grace, Tony Tenser ...... Kenneth Cranham, Michael Reeves ...... Blake Ritson, Philip Waddilove ...... Richard Nichols, Hilary Dwyer ...... Phoebe Waller, BridgeIan Ogilvy ...... Gareth Pierce.
Other parts played by Simon Ludders and Lynne Seymour.
Produced and directed by Sam Hoyle. Rpt. 8 Mar 13.

Afternoon Drama - The Decoy

Thriller. Daniel is plucked from the factory floor and groomed by the state as a body-double.
Daniel ...... Ifan Meredith, Victor ...... Stephen Hogan, Katrina ......Abigail Hollick, Adam ...... Joseph Cohen Cole, Simon ...... Rhys Jennings.
Other parts played by Kate Layden, Piers Wehner, Rhys Jennings, Emerald O'Hanrahan, Tessa Nicholson and Melissa Advani.
Directed by Faith Collingwood.

21:00 - The Friday Play: Wes Bell

Play about a lonely young man who finds a home amongst eccentric strangers.
Jason ...... Shaun Dooley
Daisy ...... Natalie Press
Wes Bell ...... Jamie Foreman
Lisa Bell ...... Juliet Cowan
Directed by Sam Hoyle.

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