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2 Aug 18: Where this service will connect(3)
By Katherine Jakeways. Episode 3 of her romantic comedy. Suzie arrives at the office to see David; she is the worse for wear after a party the night before. It's months since they sat next to each other on a train journey; now she needs his help. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Joe: Richard Nicholls, Receptionist: Katherine Jakeways. Producer: James Robinson. For other episodes - see 27-28 Apr 2017.

21 Feb 18: Unfit
By Katherine Jakeways. 'Riot Girls' season. Gemma confides in her new friend Kirsty. Gemma chose to leave her children. Gemma: Rebecca Humphries, Kirsty: Emerald O'Hanrahan, Matt: Rylan Early, Joe: Joe Sims, Emily: Karen Bryson, Gabs: Florence Duncalf, Charlie: Billy Duncalf, Mother: Amber Aga, teacher: Georgie Glenn, Pete: Clive Hayward, Chloe: Lauren Cornelius, Barbara: Belinda Lang. Producer: Emma Harding.

28 Apr 17: Where this service will continue(2)
By Katherine Jakeways. A year after they met on a train, David tries to find Suzie. Sequel to yesterday's play. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Lucy: Ashna Rabheru, Cashier: Sarah Ridgeway. Producer: as for play 1 (James Robinson), BBC Wales.

19 Dec 16: Fairytale of New Malden
By Katherine Jakeways. Comedy drama. Cathy's estranged dad George reluctantly agrees to dress up as Santa for a Christmas Fair. George: Geoffrey Palmer, Cathy: Rosie Cavaliero, Liz Tucker: Katherine Jakeways. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

3 Sep 16: Saturday Play: Fire of London
By Pepys.Dramatization by Hattie Naylor of the relevant parts of Pepys' diary, rpt, to mark the 350th anniversary. Early on 2 Sep 1666, Samuel Pepys and his wife were awoken by the news that there was a serious fire near London Bridge. He soon realised that the city might be destroyed. A great city was rapidly turned into a chaotic inferno. (summarised from Jane Anderson's RT review) 60m. Pepys: Kris Marshall, Elizabeth Pepys: Katherine Jakeways, Will: John Biddle, Charles II: Ewan Bailey, Jane: Rebecca Newman, Mayor Bludworth: Matthew Gravelle, Mr. Howells: Dick Bradnum, Mr. Houblon: Richard Nichols, Mrs. Wood: Siriol Jenkins, Mrs. Batelier: Eiry Thomas. Producer: Kate McAll.

22 Feb: Susan
By Lucy Catherine, in the 'Riot Girls' season. 1/3. It is 1975 and Susan makes the decision to leave her husband and take her two children to join a commune. This is one of three new plays charting UK feminism 1975-2016 through three generations of women. Susan: Sarah Thorn, Derek: Gerard McDermott, Emma: Hermione Lloyd, Tim: Joshua Vaughan, Anne: Susam Jameson, Maggie: Katherine Jakeways, Dave: Ewan Bailey, Charlie: George Watkins, Gina: Kati Redford. Produced by Abigail le Fleming; directed by Emma Harding.

4 Jan 16: Where this service will terminate(1)
By Katherine Jakeways. A relationship develops between two strangers on a train. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Guard: James MacCallum, angry woman: Katherine Jakeways. Produced by James Robinson (BBC Wales).

31 Dec 15: North by Northamptonshire: Full Stop
By Katherine Jakeways: comedy drama. A New Year's Eve which the friends will not forget. Narrator: Sheila Hancock, Esther/DJ: Katherine Jakeways, Jan: Felicity Montague, Keith: John Biggins, Ken/Jonathan: Kevin Eldon, Mary: Penelope Wilton, Norman: Geoffrey Palmer, Orson: Simon Kane. Produced by Julia McKenzie.

25 June 14: Hatch, Match & Dispatch
By Gary Brown. 1/6: Uncle Harry. A series of six comic tales which start in a registry office and end with a birth, marriage or death. In this tale, Mark has a well-ordered life in spite of his dysfunctional family, frightening boss and the fact that he suffers occasional blackouts. This play is continued next Wednesday. Dylan Edwards as Mark, Ewan Bailey as Uncle Harry, with Denise Black, Katherine Jakeways, Christian Patterson, Rachel Redford and David Cann. Producer - Helen Perry.

5 Jan 14: Classic Serial: The World According to Garp
By John Irving, dram. Linda Marshall Griffiths. 1/3 New England, 1942. Garp is born to nurse Jenny Fields, who raises him alone. As Garp becomes a young man he falls in love with wrestling and the wrestling coach's daughter Helen. Helen will only marry a writer - and so begins Garp's journey into becoming a novelist. Narrator Sheila Hancock, with Tim Key, Rufus Wright, Penelope Wilton, Kevin Eldon, Katherine Jakeways, John Biggins, Geoffrey Palmer, Nathaniel Parker, Felicity Montague. Producer Nadia Molinari.

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