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By Hugh Costello (R4, 1415, 2 Nov 18) - an example of what can happen if you spend too much money too rapidly. An accountant whose twins are at an expensive private school has difficulty in keeping pace with the mortgage and the school bills. After a difficult interview with the Principal he meets another parent at the school; an attractive woman who offers him a way to make some extra money. He can't resist the offer or her, and before long he is in a lot deeper than he anticipated. Then there are BBC news reports of money laundering. He gets worried, and his problems increase. Tony was played by John McAndrew, his wife by Jane Slavin, and Xenia by Emma Fielding. Eoin O'Callaghan was the producer. (....ND, Diversity Website review, Dec 2018)

Brexit play no. 3, ANGELA - 7 DAYS TO SAVE EUROPE (R4, 1415, 14 Dec 2016), again by Hugh Costello, looked a few months into the future, to examine the dilemma to be faced by France and Germany when the UK leaves the European Union. It asked whether the EU can, or should, be saved. Perhaps the title should be "Angela - 7 Days to Save the European Union", because there's nothing wrong with Europe itself; it is a wonderful place. There are many who believe that the EU is intent on quietly removing the ability of separate countries to make democratic decisions on key issues such as energy and border controls, and to impose so much regulation on companies that only the bigger outfits can survive. It is not surprising that the British referendum split the country down the middle. Heike Menzel was played by Haydn Gwynne, Angela Merkel by Pamela Miles, Petra Hannah by Bryony Hannah and Jean-Luc Chardy by John McAndrew. The producer was Eoin O'Callaghan. (..........ND, Diversity website review, Dec 2016)

By Hugh Costello. 6 Dec 2016. A middle class couple with marital problems campaign for a child with medical problems, but they find that the child's parents have dipped into the charity fund and spent part of it on themselves. Do they expose the crime? Sarah: Emma Fielding, George: Nick Dunning, DC Moore: Patrick FitzSymons, Judy: Julia Dearden, Simona: Amy McAllister, Pete: Chris McHallem. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

By Hugh Costello, set in WW2. 5 Nov 2014.The drama was inispired by recently discovered documents showing that Hitler intended to invade Ireland. The play imagines how the first few days of such an invasion would have taken place. It also shows the dilemmas faced by Ireland's leaders when choosing between resistance and collaboration. Patrick Fitzsymons, Dawn Bradfield, Owen Roe, Nicholas Grace, Faolan Morgan and Niall Cusack. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

10 Jul 14. By Hugh Costello. Jerusalem, 1947. A Jewish teenager is seen handing out anti-British propaganda; then witnesses see him being forced into a car by English-speaking armed men. He is never seen again. Within hours a British war hero flees the scene, and the subsequent investigation has consequences for Britain's hold on Palestine. This thriller is based on a scandal which blighted the final days of Britain's 30-year control of the Holy Land. John MacKay, Jonathan Firth, Michael Shelford, Frank Laverty, Christian Rodska, Philip Arditti, Russell Boulter, David Collins, Simon Armstrong. Producer Alasdair Cross.

10 Apr 13, afternoon drama. Hugh Costello is well-known for his political and religious plays, he wrote one a couple of years ago about the Vatican conclave after the short reign and mysterious death of Pope John Paul I in 1978. This was another play about the priesthood. Father Richard Mercer has to persuade former priest Father George Lawson to face justice; he has sought sanctuary in an Italian monastery after being accused of child abuse. As he argues and negotiates with Lawson, Mercer is forced to think about his own understanding of compassion and relationship with God, and the way in which he must resolve the affair. Father Richard was played by Declan Conlon, Father George by Andrew Sachs, and Cardinal Vargas by Gerard Murphy; the producer was Eoin O'Callaghan. ....ND, 'Diversity' review, April 2013...

7 Jun 12; afternoon play. A London priest and a Belarus dissident. The priest is a traditionalist; he likes the ideas of the new Pope Benedict. There may be a chance of a secondment to Rome, but this prospect is interrupted when one of his parishioners, a woman from Belarus, tells him about her father, imprisoned in Minsk. He took part in demonstrations in late 2010 against the rigged elections which returned Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko to power. Like hundreds of others, he has been detained without charge or trial. The family have heard nothing of him for months. Shocked both by Max's plight and by his own ignorance of these events going on within Europe, Philip resolves to inform his superiors. If the church can be persuaded to speak out it might shame Lukashenko into releasing some of those held. Fr. Philip Meade was played by Jonathan Firth, with Lia Williams, David Calder, Jane Slavin, Jonathan Tafler, Paul Freeman, Jon Glover. The play was produced in Belfast by Eoin O'Callaghan.

Afternoon Play, 1 May 12. An accusation about an accusation of child abuse by a Roman Catholic priest in Ireland, and the alleged cover-up by the church hierarchy to protect its reputation. Note that the related play 'The Fewness of his Words' (2013) is based on a different set of characters. The cast... Brid Brennan, Mark Lambert, Patrick Fitzsymons, Peter Gilmore, Kevin Flood, Pat Laffan, Niall Cusack, Gerard Murphy, Des Nealon, producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

Afternoon Play, 24 Feb 11, rpt. 8 Sep 2014. On Feb 24th 2011 (the Eve of the Irish General Election) we flash back to the end of November 2010, when Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, made an announcement that confirmed the nation's spectacular decline from economic miracle to European basket-case. A decade of mismanagement and barefaced corruption had left the economy in freefall. The Bailout chronicles the resignations, the rancour, the public fury and the gradual dissolution of a parliament barely able to ratify the IMF loan before it collapses in disarray at the end of January 2011. And we follow events as they unfold right up to the eve of the general election on 25th February the day after our broadcast.Using an urgent, fast-moving drama-documentary approach, The Bail-Out follows 3 months of tumult - which leaves the British listener thinking, there but for the grace of God..... CAST: Annie Clancy - Karen Ardiff , And Niall Clancy - Patrick Fitzsymons, Colm Keating - Richard Dormer, Lorraine Keating - Ali White, Eamon Cullotty -Mark Lambert , Ger McQuaid - Niall Cusack , The Radio Presenter - Miche Doherty, And a Woman in street - Aine McCartney. Producer - Eoin O'Callaghan.

    RT notes from 2014 repeat: GREED IS GOOD
    8 Sep 2014. Drama-documentary inspired by the recent public inquiry into Ireland's financial crash, exploring the difficulty of leading a virtuous life in a sector which encourages people to make what they can. Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.

      summarised Daily Telegraph comment from Gillian Reynolds....
      .... a writer who specialises in drama drawn from current affairs. He asks here whether, if bankers had a chance to do it again, they would do it differently. The collapse of the Irish banks left every man, woman and child with a 25-year debt of 30,000.

This play concerned the refusal of the wartime Pope Pius to condemn Nazi atrocities in his Xmas speech of 1942.

    29 Jan 11: 14:30 Saturday Drama - My Dear Children of the Whole World
    BBC notes: Vatican City, December 1942. As war rages across the globe, Pope Pius XII prepares to deliver his annual Christmas message. It is perhaps the most important public address he will ever give - and that's why the Pontiff faces the starkest dilemma of his reign. For months beforehand evidence has been growing of a vast, organised genocide of Jews and other races in German-occupied lands. Now the Vatican is coming under increasing pressure to speak out against Nazi atrocities. In private audiences, the British and American ambassadors to the Holy See urge Pius to show moral leadership by explicitly attacking Hitler in his Christmas message. Yet Pius is reluctant to specifically condemn the Holocaust. He is concerned that speaking out risks making things worse. As Pius writes and discards draft after draft of the message, it becomes clear that there are other factors to explain his ambivalence. Europe's future seems to hang in the balance between Nazism and Bolshevism, and it is the latter ideology that he most fears. Pope Pius XII .... Hugh Ross And Sir Francis Osborne by Nick Dunning, Cardinal Maglione .... by Pat Laffan, Monsignor Tardini.... Patrick Fitzsymons, Mother Pasqualina ..... Stella McCusker, Harold Tittman ..... Stuart Milligan, Myron Taylor ..... Colin Stinton, And Sister Teresia Benedicta ..... Christine Kavanagh. Produced in Belfast by Eoin O'Callaghan.

7 Jan 09, rpt. 31 Mar 11: Afternoon Play. An expert on memory loss, Greg Cooke, is asked to invalidate the testimony of an eyewitness in a high-profile murder trial. He undermines the Prosecution's key witness by convincing the jury that we forget as much within 24 hours as we do over a whole year. As a result, a vicious murderer walks free, but Greg is soon to discover - there's a price to pay. RT....Though Greg's expert testimony is sufficient to acquit a vicious murderer; he little expects that the fallout from the trial will threaten his marriage; and even his life...................

Cast: Greg Cooke ... Michael Glenn Murphy, Isabelle Kavanagh ... Lia Williams, D.I. Baddely..... Chris McHallem, Eve Cooke.....Andrea Irvine, Valerie Ryan.....Karen Ardiff, Brenda.....Annie McCartney, Professor Nolan.....Richard Howard, Kelly.....Hugh Costello, Paul.....Inam Mirza. Recorded in Belfast; producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

20 3 2009 Friday BBC Radio 4 14:15 Afternoon Play; Political thriller about the short-lived Celtic Tiger by Hugh Costello; set in 1997 around the time of Bertie Ahern's election as Taoiseach. Marrying into Dublin's political elite does wonders for Joe Finnerty's personal fortunes; but the unexplained death of his ex-partner casts a shadow which threatens all that Joe holds dear. Joe Finnerty ...... Patrick Fitzsymons, Fintan Sheridan ...... Michael J Murphy, Oliver McQuaid ...... John Kavanagh, Louise Finnerty ...... Amanda Hurwitz, Gemma ...... Cathy White, Murtagh ...... Hugh Costello, DI Glynn ...... Frankie McCafferty, Miriam ...... Nicky Doherty, Conor Finnerty ...... Padraig Dooney. Producer Eoin O'Callaghan. Rpt. 2011.

By Hugh Costello, 60m. 11 Oct 08. This is the sequel to "The Last Confession". Drama about the Vatican conclave after the short reign and mysterious death of Pope John Paul I in 1978. It was decided to break with centuries of tradition and elect the first foreign Pope for nearly 500 years. Producer Sara Davies.

Cast: David Calder, Alison Reid. Nicholas le Prevost, Andrew Hilton (as Karol Wojtyla), Nigel Anthony, Paul Humpoletz, Paul Nicholson, Christian Rodska, Jonathan Nibbs, Bill Wallis, David Collins, Paul Dodgson, Kristian Phillips and John Sandeman. Rpt. 25 Feb 2011.

7 1 2008 Monday 14:15 Slightly Larger than West Virginia By Hugh Costello. Sam Taft's career in the CIA took a turn for the worse when he allowed Osama to vanish from the caves of Tora Bora. Now redeployed in Ireland; Sam has had to alter his view of the world; and he is starting to like it. Taft ...... Colin Stinton Maria ...... Sarah Dillon Olsen ...... Nathan Osgood Pascal ...... Kieran Lagan Paula ...... Katy Gleadhill Inez ...... Annie McCartney McKnight ...... Niall Cusack Producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

ABEL'S LAW....2006
By Hugh Costello. 2 Jan 06. Following a series of deadly smallpox epidemics in the 19th century, the British Government introduced mandatory vaccination for infants under six months. It was only partly successful: in 1871, a smallpox epidemic killed 40,000 people. Moreover, vaccination carried its own agonising risks - not all babies were strong enough to survive the shock to their immune systems. Then in 1874 Bicester, Oxfordshire, Abel Ryder, shopkeeper and pillar of the community, was imprisoned because he refused to submit his newborn son Edward to a compulsory smallpox vaccination. Already two of his sons had died following vaccination, and he decided to take a stand. Abel's Law dramatises the story of his stand, his defiance of the law, the court case and the moral dilemna. The Magistrate ...... James Laurenson, Abel Ryder ...... Mark Meadows, Sophia Ryder ...... Kate Byers, Adelaide Ryder ...... Femke Witney, Daniel Burnham of The Times ...... David Leonard, Doctor Howard ...... Carl Prekopp, Margery Smithson ...... Hayley Doherty, Delane, the Editor of The Times ...... David Collins, Bicester townspeople ...... Kim Hicks, Chris Garner and Amy Clifton. Producer Jeremy Howe. Rpt. 20 Jun 07.

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