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Drama from Community Radio UK.

Back in 2007, a little known community FM station broadcast no less than 13 drama productions - the station is still on the air but alas no drama. So- UK radio broadcast drama from:

PHOENIX FM 98 in Brentwood

2007 broadcasts at 11.59pm:

June 17: Just a Little Fiddle
By Dennis Rookard

June 24: Sherlock Holmes and the case of The Yellow Face*

July 1: Is that Louise’s Mum
By Vivienne Allen

July 8: Sherlock Holmes and the case of The Three Students*

July 15: She’ll have to Go
By Dennis Rookard

July 22: Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Mazarin Stone*

July 29: Catty Talk
By Anne French

August 5: Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Veiled Lodger*

August 12: A Fair Deal
By Jill Woods.Glad-to-be-alive builder Bernie resolves to share a lottery win withthe person who saved his life following a suicide bid, much to the displeasure of Bernie's wife and family. But a plan to scupper the proposed largesse nearly succeeds, until a most unexpected deal is struck... Directed by Angela Howard, Bernie - Marcus Valentino, Alma - Jean Donald, Darren - Jonathan Blakeley, Samantha - Claire Reeve, Colin - Patrick Seymour, Les - Scott Peters, Geoff - Joshua Sher, Journalist - Angela Neville.

August 19: Bandits at 4 O’clock
By Tony Phillips

August 26: Dastardly Deeds
By Angela Howard

September 2: Myself and Lady M
By Angela Howard
Will Lynne realise her greatest ambition and play Lady Macbeth in the local Am Dram production? Or will svelte, sophisticated rival actress, Serena Vello, return from Kathmandu in time to dash her dreams? And what are husband Les and his twin brother Laurie up to on their mysterious evening excursions? All is finally revealed in this tale of a tortured quest for the glories of stardom. Directed by Angela Howard, Lynne - Pat O’Gorman, Bella - Christina Marshall, Les - Keith Flack, Laurie - Keith Flack, Ambrose - Peter Mayn, Marge - Frona Mannion.

September 9: Waiting for Gordon
By Derek Webb

Recordings are known to exist of A Fair Deal By Jill Woods (45 mins) - and also 2nd September 2007 Myself and Lady M By Angela Howard (46 mins), both in good quality.

The production company was Essex Audio Theatre and the recording, editing, and presentation were by the late Dennis Rookard (decd 2010), who founded Hosiprog to provide drama and features for hospital radio and community radio stations. He was with Phoenix from 1996-2010 and also with Radio Essex and LBC. See http://essexaudiotheatre.co.uk/productions.html for more of their productions which includes those two.

* The four listed SHERLOCK HOLMES stories are not listed on the Essex website but were produced by Dennis Rookard for Hosiprog by Old Court Radio Theatre Co. 13 of their Holmes plays were recorded, directed by Roger Johnson. Phoenix only broadcast some of them, asterisked above and still in existence. The rest were possibly restricted to hospital radio. Also made were a Conan Doyle Holmes story and two non-Conan Doyle Holmes stories- these three from Pig Pen Productions (Teeside). Jim Crozier plays Holmes in all of them. ========================

(...-thanks, Stephen, for another interesting listing - Ed.)


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