Piano recital: CD 16

Arne, Scarlatti, Dornel, F.Couperin

Numbers in brackets denote track numbers; running time about 60 minutes.

Thomas Arne (1-2): Sonata no. 5

L-A. Dornel (3-8): Suite no. 3

Thomas Arne (9): Sonata no. 6

L-A. Dornel (10-15): Suite no. 4

Domenico Scarlatti (16-20): Sonatas: Longo 7, 14, 17, 19, 24.

F. Couperin (21-34): Ordre 1: Allemande, Courantes 1 & 2, La Majestueuse, Les Abeilles, La Nanette, Les Sentimens, La Pastorelle, Les Nonettes, La Bourbonnoise, La Manon, L'Enchanteresse, La Fleurie.

Played and recorded by Nigel Deacon, Mar-Apr 2016

All of the above music is from the baroque era and was written principally for harpsichord.

Sutton Elms Publications, Midlands, UK. Copyright. http://www.suttonelms.org.uk

CDs available. Email diversity (at) suttonelms.org.uk

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