Archie Campbell,
Radio Producer

Most of Archie Campbell's plays went out before the days of cheap domestic tape recorders, so the number of recordings surviving is quite small. There are a few in the BBC archive and a larger number in private collections. He was part of a small group of producers catering for an audience of around 10 million people. The names of some of his contemporaries may be familiar: Lance Sieveking, Douglas Cleverdon, E.J.King-Bull, Raymond Raikes.

I don't seem able to find any biographical details for Archie Campbell. If anyone can help, please email... I'd also be interested in information about more of his plays. About thirty are listed below, most of which are known to exist in private collections. About half are in the BBC archive.


15 Apr 1973, R3.By Jean Racine, translated by Samuel Solomon. Percussion sequences composed by James Blades. Produced by Archie Campbell. Cast List : Mithridates.......Marius Goring, Monima........Geraldine McEwan, Pharnaces......Clifford Norgate, Xiphares........Martin Jarvis, Arbates.....William Fox, Phaedima........Joan Haythorne, Arcas.......John Forrest.

01-04-1973, By Robert Emmett Sherwood. Adapted by Cynthia Pughe. With Robert Beatty, June Tobin, John Justin A June day, 216BC. The action takes place in Rome at the house of Fabius Maximus and in Hannibal's camp outside the city walls. ROMANS: Fabius Maximus, a Senator - John Justin, Fabia, his mother - Joan Matheson, Amytis, his wife - June Tobin, Scipio, an officer - John Dearth, Sertorius, an elderly senator - Noel Howlett, Varius, a slave - Brian Hewlett, Meta, another slave - Eva Haddon. CARTHAGINIANS: Hannibal - Robert Beatty, Mago, his younger brother - Anthony Hall, Hasdrubal, his second in command - Russell Napier, Maharbal, a general - Jerry Stovin, Carthalo, another general - Harry Towb, First Guardsman - Barry Lowe, Second Guardsman - Marvin Kane, Sergeant - Jon Farrell, Producer - Archie Campbell(1966).

28 Oct 1972, R4.By Rudolf Besier, produced by Archie Campbell. Cast List: Edward Moulton-Barrett.......Paul Rogers, Alfred....William Eedle, George......John Rowe, Charles.....John Samson, Henry.....Robin Browne, Septimus....David Valla, Octavius.......Christopher Good, Arabel.....Kate Binchy, Henrietta........Jane Knowles, Elizabeth........Dorothy Tutin, Robert Browning.....Jeremy Brett, Capt. Surtees Cook......Michael Kilgarriff, Henry Bevan.....Kenneth Fortescue, Doctor Chambers.....Rolf Lefebvre, Doctor Ford-Waterlow...John Ruddock, Bella Hedley.......Helen Worth, Wilson......Sheila Grant.

06 Sep 1972, R4. By Edward Crowley. Producer: Archie Campbell. Cast List : Arthur Williams.....John Bentley, Joan Williams...Margaret Robertson, Judith.....Helen Worth, Richard Williams.....Paul Gregory, Peggy.....Jane Knowles, Policewoman........Kate Binchy, Det. Insp. Davies.....William Fox, Bingo Caruthers/Station Announcer......Brian Haines.

19/12/71. By Christopher Isherwood. Adapted by Eric Ewens. With Robert Eddison as Arthur Norriss and Tim Seeley as William Bradshaw. The place: Berlin 1930-33. Despite  his questionable credentials and ridiculous pretensionsone could hardle imagine a more engaging or plausible old rogue than 'Arthur Norris - Gent' - certainly none more qualified to guide an impressionable youg Englishman through the underworld of pre-Hitler Berlin. Schmidt, a confidential secretary - Wolfe Morris, Helen Pratt, a journalist - Eva Haddon,  Baron Von Pregnitz, an acquaintance- Geoffrey Wincott, Fraulein Schroder a landlady - Lilly Kann, Ludwig Bayer a communist organiser -George Pravda, German Official &  Waiter -Manfred Morgan, Policeman & Train waiter - Gertan Klauber, Porteress - Martina Mayne, Anni, a cabaret artist - Irene Praedor. Producer -Archie Campbell.

By Irwin Shaw, 4 Sep 71. Adapted for radio by Howard Rose.

With Vic Wise as Jonah Goodman and George Coulouris as Philip Anagnos. Scene: a pier on Coney Island near New York. There is a breaking point in human endurance when even the mildest man, goaded beyond its limits, will rise to assert his liberties. Woe then, to the Tyrant and the bully!

Harrold Goff - Kerry Francis, Magruder - Patrick Tull, Stella Goodman  - Valerie Colgan, Eli Lieber - Robert Howay, Judge Flaherty  - Harry Towb, Pianist - Arthur Tatler, Producer - Archie Campbell.

R4, 10 May 1971.By Arthur Schnitzler, adopted for radio by Mollie Hardwick from English version by Louis Borell and Ronald Adam. Produced by Archie Campbell.Cast List : Nurse Ludmilla......Dorit Welles, Dr. Pointer......Leslie Heritage, Dr. Oskar Bernhardi...Gabriel Woolf, Professor Bernhardi...John Gabriel, Dr. Kurt Felder.......John Rye, Professor Ebenwald......Jack May, Professor Tugend......John Wyse, Dr. Adler........David Spenser, Professor Cyprian....Victor Lucas, Father Reder......Lewis Stringe,r Professor Filitz....James Thomason, Dr. Lowenstein......Gerald Cross, Dr. Flint......Richard Hurndall, Dr. Schreimann/Servant......Martin Friend, Councillor Winkler....Patrick Tull, Dr. Wenger.....David Hadda.

6 Mar 71. Adventure story, slightly dated in style, 90m, adapted by Diana Morgan and Patrick Hampshire from the novel "Frossau" (sp?) by Anthony Hope. An English Lord decides to buy a small tropical island. He doesn't realise the events which his action will trigger. With Barry Justice, Elizabeth Proud, Sarah Coward, John Gabriel, Gerald Cross, Monica Vasilu, Alec Mango, Nick Hoy, Sean Battatt, John Theocharis, Edward Kelsey, Sean Arnold, Patrick Tull, David Valor. Producer Archie Campbell.

Novel by Rupert Croft, adapted by Giles Cooper. 28 Feb 71. With Marjorie Westbury & Tim Seeley.Time: shortly after the war. £800,000.00 is quite a lot of money. What would you do with it if such a windfall came your way? Katharine Riddle hadn't a clue until she met a strange young man and with him formed the company of Riddle & Rapier, money spenders unlimited! Mr.Riddle - Arthur Ridley, His daughters:Katharine - Marjorie Westbury, Eleanor-Noel Hood, Maud-Olga Dickie, His Sons In-law: Herbert Wylt-Fraser - John Justin, Gordon Milton-Derek Prentice, Tim Seeley, Eric Farmer-Lionel Gamlin, Percival-David Valla, Mr.Spaull- Middleton Woods, Jill-Geraldine Newman, Croupier-Guy DeMonceau, Produced by Archie Campbell.

By W. Somerset Maugham. 23 Dec 70. Adapted for radio by Keith Miles. Producer: Archie Campbell. A programme in the series Maugham: The Storyteller. Cast List : Maugham........Carleton Hobbs, Skipper (Red) as a man....David Bauer, as a young man.....Blain Fairman, Kanaka Mate........Sean Arnold, Kanaka Boy & Native Boy.....Brinsley Forde, Neilson.......Geoffrey Matthews, Sally as a girl...Heather Emmanuel, as a woman.......Golda Casimir, Captain of the whaler......Richard Griffiths.

14 Jun 1970. By Marguerite Duras. Translated & adapted by Barbara Bray. Producer: Archie Campbell. Cast List : Suzanna Andler....Vivien Merchant, Michael Cayre.......David Buck, Jean....Richard Hurndall, Monique Combes...Nicolette Bernard, Riviere........Godfrey Kenton, Marie Louise.......Deborah Dallas.

05 Apr 1970. By Isaac Babel. Translated by Michael Glenny and Harold Shukman. Produced by Archie Campbell. Music by Christopher Whelen Cast List : Ludmilla.......Fenella Fielding, General Mukovnin....Austin Trevor, Isaac Dymschitz......Jane Wenham, Isaac Dymschitz.....John Gabriel, Sergei Colitsyn......Ian Lubbock, Nevedovna........Dorothy Lane, Yevstigneyich.......Hector Ross, Bishonkov........Sean Barrett, Philip/Narrator.....David Spenser, Viskovsy........Paul Eddington, Kravchenko/Kuzma...Clifford Norgate, Mme Dora/Nyasha....Hilda Kriseman, Police Insp. Andrei.......Sean Arnold, Sushkin.....Alan Barry, Red Army Soldier....Nigel Lambert, Agasha......Nan Marriott-Watson, Jelena/Kalmykova.......Jan Edwards.

Adapted by Guy Vaesen. Produced by Archie Campbell.26-Jan-1970. Cast List : Eddie......David Bauer, Beatrice........Tucker McGuire, Catherine........Beth Ann Cole, Marco.....Sean Barrett, Rodolpho.......Dennis Waterman, Mr. Alfieri.......Alan Tilvern, Louis.......Bill Nagy, Mike......Brian Haines, 1st Immigration Officer.......John Pullen, 2nd Immigration Officer.....Peter Tuddenham, Women in crowd....Rosalind Slater & Judith Coke.

31 Aug 1968.Play by Enid Bagnold, adapted by Margaret Etall and produced by Archie Campbell. Cast List : Mrs. St. Maugham.....Edith Evans, Miss Madrigal.......Mary Morris, Judge.....Cecil Parker, Laurel........Angela Pleasance, Olivia.......Nicolette Bernard, Maitland....Ian Thompson, Nurse.....Maureen Beck, Narrator......John Pullen.

By G.B.Shaw. 24 Dec 1967 Adapted in a shortened version for radio by Peggy Wells. Producer: Archie Campbell Cast List : Narrator.......Geoffrey Wincott, Androcles, a tailor...Leslie French, Megaera, his wife & a Female Christian...Pauline Letts Centurion........Anthony Baird, A Christian & Menagerie Keeper......Anthony Viccara, Captain........Michael Harbour, Lavinia, a Christian prisoner...Alexa Romanes, Lentulus, a courtier.......Peter Bartlett, Metellus, a courtier.......John Atterbury, Ferrovius, a Christian prisoner......Robert Cawdron, Spintho, a Christian prisoner....John Baker, Ox Driver & Another Christian...Peter Baldwin, Editor of the Gladiators....William Kendrich, Caesar.....Heron Carvic, Lion......John Graham, Female Christians.....Carol Marsk & Sian Davies.

By Christopher Hampton. BBC Third Programme. 4 May 67, rpt. R4(Monday Play) 14 May 82. 90m. Two young men sharing a flat; one is gay. The play deals with homosexual desires at a time when such things still shocked. At that time, homosexuality, in the UK, was illegal. Cast: Victor Henry, Simon Ward, Gwen Watford, Kit Williams, Frances Jeater, Ian Thompson and Dennis McCarthy. Producer Archie Campbell.

1 Apr 63, Home Service. Monday Play, 90m. By Simon Raven. Germ warfare is taking place, and the masters and boys in an English prep school are suddenly cut off from the rest of the country. How will they cope? Cast: Michael Spice, Barry Justice, Roger May, Noel Howlett, Peter Pratt, Nicholas Roylance, Carlo Cura, John Fletcher, Paul Holdaway, Mary Wimbush, John Pullen, Andrew Sachs, Ralph Truman, Austin Trevor, Hilda Kriseman, Will Leighton, Glyn Dearman, John Baddeley, Peter Bartlett, Anthony HallNicolette Bernard, Elizabeth Morgan, David Valla. Produced by Archie Campbell.

By John Wyndham. Monday Play. 26 Nov 62. Well-known story about the discovery of a lichen extract which greatly increases the human lifespan. The woman who discovers it founds a health clinic for women where all her clients appear not to age. 90m. Home Service. Adapted by Archie Campbell from the novel. Cast: Hugh Latimer, Janet Burnell, Dorit Welles, Edward Brooks, Rosalie Crutchley, Chirley Cooklin, Geoffrey Matthews, Howieson Culff, Penelope Lee, David Valla, Lewis Stringer, Arthur Gomez, Vanessa Thornton, Michael Spice, Jonathan Scott, Anthony Viccars, Leslie Perrins, Lee Fox, George Curzon, Michael Deacon, Grizelda Hervey, Hilda Kriseman, Joyce Carpenter, Frank Partington, George Hagan, George Merritt. Producer Archie Campbell.

14 Mar 1962 By Ronald Firbank, arranged for broadcasting and produced by Archie Campbell. Incidental music composed by Christopher Whelen (MS) and played by Christopher Whelen (piano & celeste) and Richard Pasquale (barrel-organ). Cast List : Princess Zoubaroff....Edith Evans, Adrian Sheil-Meyer...William Eedle, Eric Tresilian.....Lewis Stringer, Nadine Sheil-Meyer.....Gudrun Ure, Enid Tresilian.......Peggy Butt, Lady Rocktower.....Lydia Sherwood, Glyda....Adrienne Posta, Lord Orkish........David March, Reggie Quintus.....Barry Justice Blanche Negress....Elisabeth Welch, Marchesa Pitti-Conti......Patience Collier, Dante, and other children.....Josefina Ray, Monsignor Vanhove....Rolf Lefebvre, Angelo......Sean Lynch, Mrs. Mangrove...Madeleine Christie, Narrator....Denys Blakelock.

By Julian Symons. A dark and stormy night on the lonely highroad...30m. 30 Sep 63. Cast:Andrew Sachs, Bernard Bresslaw, George Merritt, John Ruddock, Michael Deacon, Ralph Truman, William Fox. Producer: Archie Campbell.

20 Apr 1963.By Patrick Hamilton. Adapted for radio by Mollie Hardwick. Produced by Archie Campbell.The fifteen-year imprisonment of the Duke and his demented secretary, Gribaud, in the Duke of Lamorre's castle, is metaphorically expressed as the claustrophobio relationship of the two men. They discuss their fate over a game of chess and the balance of hope and despair trembles precariously as Gribaud reveals his own torments. The canny Duke still nurtures thoughts of his own torments; but the dream is far from reality.. On the basic level The Duke In Darkness is a gripping adventure story, but behind the action the playwright raises by implication a vital moral issue regarding personal and public loyalties". (Radio Times). Cast List : Gribaud....John Moffatt, The Duke....Alec Clunes, Voulain.......Kenneth Fortescue, Prulart.......Frank Partington, Marteau....Anthony Hall, Duke of Lamorre.....Ralph Truman, Count D'Aublaye.......John Pullen.

By John Hynam; Midweek theatre. 24 Oct 62. 60m. A damaged spaceship needs repairs. It goes into orbit around a planet which has been closed to mankind for hundreds of years. Cast: John Glen, Frank Partington, Rolf Lefebvre, George Hagan, Bandana Das Gupta, Andrew irvine, Lional Ngakane, Anthony Hall, Eric Young, Dorit Welles, Peter Pratt, Arthur Gomez, Peter Bartlett. Produced by Archie Campbell.

15 Aug 62. By Emery Bonet. Play involving a recording: two boys get a nightingale on tape, but accidentally record a conversation which they were not meant to hear. It lands them in trouble. Cast: Anthony Reese, Geoffrey Wincott, Pat Gilbert, George Hagan, Will Leighton. Produced by Archie Campbell.

4 Jun 1960. By Andrew Garve; dramatised by Anthony Aspinall. Excellent thriller in which a man is blackmailed. 90m. Tony Britton, Isabelle Dean, Malcolm Butterworth, Laine McNamara, Jennifer Tafler, Rolf Lefebvre, Wilfrid Babbage, George Hagan. Other parts by Bill Horsley and John Brining. Production by Archie Campbell.

By Fred Hoyle. Home Service, Saturday Night Theatre. 90m. Adapted by Stephen Grenfell. IThe earth is threatened by a cloud of gas coming between it and the sun. The play is set 7 years into the future (1964). Cast: Donald Bissett, Brian Colby, Rolf Lefebvre, Denis Goacher, Graydon Gould, Gerik Schjelderup, John Cazabon, Charles Richardson, Arthur Ridley, John Hencher, James Thomason, Andrew Sachs, Ysanne Churchman, Tony Quinn, Geoffrey Matthews, Sonia Windsor, June Tobin. Producer: Archie Campbell.

By William Golding. 28 Aug 55; Third Programme. 2 hours. Adapted for radio by Giles Cooper. The play is set at an undefined time in the future. There is a threat of nuclear war, and boys are being evacuated from England by plane to Australia. The plane crashes near a remote Pacific island killing the adults but not the children; they have to survive on their own. Cast: David Laing as narrator, with Anthony Valentine (Ralph), Robin Willett (Piggy), Oscar Quitack (Jack), Barry Martin, Anthony Adams, Nicky Edmett, John Bull, Vincent Daniels, Bernard Doe, Jonathan Swift, Colin Gibson, Ngaire Thomson, Viola Merrett, Peter Bartlett, Cyril Shaps, Gerald Welch. David Laing also takes a small part as a character in the play. Also features a section of Highgate School Choir, led by choirmaster Edward Chapman. Music and special effects by Christopher Whelan. Producer Archie Campbell.

24 Dec 1951. Play by Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, adapted for broadcasting by Donald B. Edwards and Archie Campbell. Produced by Archie Campbell Cast List : Godfrey Tearle, Ivan Samson, Avice Landone, John Turnbull, Winifred Oughton, Noel Dryden, Violet Coleman, Patrick Waddington, Sidney Monckton, Jeremy Spencer, Ilona Ference, Malcolm Graeme, Alan Reid, Bryan Powley.

31 May 1950. Adapted as a radio play by John Watt from the Twentieth Century Fox film by Sy Bartlett and Beirne Lay, Jnr. Produced by Archie Campbell and Paul O'Loughlin. Cast List : Gregory Peck, Ben Lyon, Robert Beatty, Christopher Kane, Charles Farrell, Alex Gray, Guy Kingsley-Poynter, Reed de Rouan, Lyndon Brook, Helen Backlin, Austin Willis, Ronan O'Casey, Philip Vickers, Hamilton Dyce, Eddie Reed, Stuart Nicholl, Robert Alban, Peter Madden, Guy Standeven, John Bushelle.

22 Aug 1948 Producer Archie Campbell.Written by Jonquil Antony. Typical sample of the series with nearly all the usual characters. Cast List : Ellis Powell, Douglas Burbidge, Virginia Hewett, Thelma Hughes, Hugh Latimer, Grace Allardyce, Valentine Dunn, Sam Kyd, Chris Gil.

By Lucille Fletcher, produced by Archie Campbell, with Flora Robson as Mrs. Stevenson. Cast List : Helen Backlin, James Swann, Arthur Gomez, Tucker McGuire, Bill Harding, Peggy Hassard, Aletha Orr, Jon Farrell.

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