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Mistletoe is often found on old apple trees, but I have noticed over the years that it grows on other trees too. I've seen it on hawthorn, lime (linden) and willow. A recent discussion on facebook about mistletoe has prompted me to compile a page about it. Click Mistletoe to read it.

18 Jan 2019

The family apple tree which we began constructing three years ago now has fruiting wood on eight (or possibly nine) of its varieties. I'll post some more pictures soon.

2 Jan 2019

The tree has been made using the framework of a ten-year-old tree with poor-tasting fruit. It now has twenty varieties of apple, some of them very uncommon, from around the world.

Here are the key stages of tree construction:

Video 1 Cutting back the original tree in January, fairly drastically, before leaving it for a year.
Video 2 Looking at the new shoots where grafting will take place.
Video 3 The new shoots have grown more rapidly than expected...
Video 4 Grafting soon...
Video 5 Grafting the first ten varieties into the framework. <==***KEY STAGE***
Video 6 Grafting finished - we look at the tree.
Video 7 Grafts starting to grow.
Video 8 Grafts growing too rapidly!
Video 9 First blossom.
Video 10 2nd year grafts growing.
Video 11 First fruit.

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