Alison Crawford

30 Jan: The Beard
By Timothy X Atack. A film actress's life alters suddenly when a beard grows on her face. She hides, but is eventually tracked down by a fan who wants to know what has happened to her. Thea Collins: Amara Karan, Collette Cibulski, Cerys and Kathy Crane: Amelia Bullmore, Sally Martin: Mandeep Dhillon, beauty therapist: Zara Ramm. Producer: Alison Crawford.

25 Jan 18: Freezing to Death, and How to Avoid It
By Abigail Youngman. This is based on actual events. In 1739, Empress Anna Ivanovna arranged the marriage of two of her jesters. After the ceremony the couple were forced to spend the night in an ice palace. Did they survive? This is the story of what happened. Mikhail, old and young: Karl Theobald, Avdotya: Mandeep Dhillon, Traveller and Grigori Petrovich: John MacKay. Producer: Alison Crawford.

22 Oct 2012: Afternoon Drama - Best Queue
Absurdist, existential drama by Sean Grundy about a family stuck in a queue that never ends. Thousands of people, miles long ...but as the days pass, the Brookers lose track of time... and their lives change from stability and ordinariness to despair and chaos and their commitment to the queue and to each other is sorely tested. Jean ......... Susan Cookson, Mark ......... Simon Armstrong, Sophie ......... Rachel Austin, Bradley ......... Samuel Holland, Doctor Keith ......... Alun Raglan, Other Voices ......... Alun Raglan, Celebrity ......... Tony Marshall, Newsreader ......... Will Glennon, Producer ......... Alison Crawford.

16 Jan 2012: Afternoon Drama - What to Do If Your Husband May Leave
Mel Hudson stars in her surreal comedy about a woman facing a marital breakdown. After 22 years of marriage and three children, Mel discovers that her husband Dick is having an affair. She turns for support and solutions to all the usual sources- friends, the NHS, homeopathy, spiritual healing, wine. None are helpful. Desperate and paranoid, Mel attempts to track down the mistress and events become increasingly bizarre. Cast: Mel - Mel Hudson, Dick / Daan - Richard Laing, Katinka / Auntie Gwen - Mia Soteriou, Dr Bryant - Laura Shavin, Nicky / Big Bird - Kate O'Sullivan, Librarian - Amy Clifton, Joe - Gabriel Kelly. Producer - Alison Crawford.

5 Oct 2011: Afternoon Drama - In the Family
By Sean Grundy. After ten years, Peter leaves Gillian for Laura. Distraught, Gillian goes round to Peter's parents to be consoled. They take her in - then things go a little weird. CAST: GILLIAN Tattersall............ Diane Morgan, PETER Wells............Colin Hoult, BARBARA Wells.............Janine Duvitski, COLIN Wells............John Henshaw, LAURA...........Zoe Gardner, TINA........Zahra Barri, ALAN/Mr. FORESTER............John Biddle, HAPPY JONES.........Tony Marshall, ANN Tattersall...........Christine Hall, BARRY Tattersall...........Sean Grundy. Producer: Alison Crawford.

18 May 2010: Afternoon Drama - The Recordist
By Sean Grundy. Stuart is a freelance surveillance expert who teaches covert 'information gathering' to new Intelligence recruits. As part of his work he 'bugs' friends & family, including his wife, Penny. When he discovers that she's having an affair with a man called Neil, his work colleague, Ren, offers her own skills in 'enhanced interview techniques' to help, but Stuart declines. He realises that the secret affair could make an engaging teaching aid. Rpt. 16 May 2011. Cast: Stuart - John Gordon Sinclair, Penny - Sharon Horgan, Ren - Gemma Jones, Neil - Ed Weeks, Reese - Fergus Craig, Munro - Nick Mohammed, Penny's Mum - Phyllida Nash. Produced by Alison Crawford.

29.01.09: Afternoon Drama - Cavity
By Sean Grundy. Kirsty is having an affair with a married man, Adrian. When his wife Lucy returns unexpectedly from a business conference Kirsty hides in the attic. In a panic, she falls down the back of the attic into the cavity wall. A story then unfolds which combines the domestically mundane with the utterly bizarre. Rpt. 24 Mar 2011. Cast: Kirsty - Ingrid Oliver, Adrian - Julian Rhind-Tutt, Lucy - Kerry Godliman, Sandra - Hayley Doherty, Estate Agent - Jim Howick, Dan the Cavity Man / Matt - Paul Mundell, Jemma - Deirdre Mullins. Producer: Alison Crawford.

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